Just Because I'm A Rich B**** Everybody Thinks I Have It Made

Everybody thinks I have it made because my father is rich. Duh. Think again. I'm sixteen and I only get an allowance of $200 a week. My friend Amy whose father doesn't make as much money as mine gets twice as much and even more if she wants. Makes me so mad I am deprived.

I had my heart set on a Lamborghini for my first car. You think my cheapskate father would give me one? Noooo. He is only giving me a cheapo Corvette because he knows a car dealer who will give him a new one at a low price. I can't drive around in a stupid Corvette. I'll look like a loser. My friend Amy has a Lamborghini. I should have one too. Not a stupid cheapo car.

I was so mad about this I begged my mother to let me go to the doctor to get bigger b**** to calm my nerves. At least I'm getting those. Amy, of course, already got hers. I wish I had it made like Amy. She gets anything she wants. It sucks being me.

Jun 15, 2012

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  • All I can say is...Reality is going to hit you like a fkn ton of bricks...When daddy warbucks either cuts you off or loses it all, you're going to be screwed. Start checking Craigslist ads for used cars now, because that's where your next one will come from.

    Guys can pick off a rich, daddy's girl b**** in a heartbeat. We may use you for some open-legged action, but. toss you back into daddy's cash afterwards. We'll never want you just for you. Too vain and shallow.

  • Your f****** retarted.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! im sorry...i had to get that out...are you serious? you made my day. i dont even make £200(about $309)a week...working a full time job. and you complain that you ONLY get $200 a week? life is a b**** right? seriously grow up...and WORK for your money. im not in the greatest financial state and despite all the payments i have to make, im happy.

  • Well it looks like amy is a daddy's little girl. Don't whine dumbass being a little girl crying to your parents to get a b*** job and wanting a car. Really? You're sixteen get a job, there's other girls who barley make a living working hard while your here whining and all sad that you don't get the car that toy wanted. GROW UP

  • AMEN.




  • You aren't rich, honey. You're just a b****.

  • well I'm poor and I don't get any allowence at all so just be glad u have what u have it could be worse... u need to apprecitate what u have cuz one day u might lose it...

  • this is right. pay attention to this because this person is totally right. its amazing how immature and stupid and egotistical and selfish you are. really really really amazing. you will never make it in the world without your daddy, and when he figures out that you only care about him for what he buys you, he'll cut you off. then we won't have to listen to you anymore because you'll be too busy working a minimum wage job. at burger king. order up!

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