Gonna F*** Up My Social Studes Teacher

I hate my f***** Social Studes teacher. Because his curse sucks he says he is going to give me a f***** F. If he does I will have to stay back. He is f****** d*** who went to privete schools and has no business teaching poor kids like me. You can tell he hates us and belives he is too good to teach kids like me who don't have s***. I heard him tell anothr teacher that he should be teaching kids who want to learn in a privete school.

My parents do not got the money to buy me a computar. I have to go to librares to do some of my lousie homework. This teacher looks at me like I was garbage. P***** me off.

Just because I was fooling around in his class yesterday, he called me a clown and sent me to the principle office. I got kicked out of school for a week because of some other s*** I did in another class. Nobody calls me a clown and gets away with it.

I saw my teacher when I was leaving the principle office and he smiled like he loved getting me kicked out of school. I'm getting the f***** last laugh. I know where he lives and I am going to be waitin for him with a mask on so he wont recognize me and I am going to f*** him up so bad he will be in the hospital.

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  • Kill the p****!

  • You sound like you read and write on about a 1st or 2nd grade level, and you are a lazy s**** off to boot. It's not his fault you got kicked out. Try taking some responsibility for your own self. Imagine how much it sucks for a teacher give up his career to be stuck babysitting ignorant, ungrateful s**** that woudn't learn anything to save their lives and are dead set on ending up in prison or on welfare.

  • I hope he blows your face off with a shotgun before I and other hard working people have to support another lifelong inmate. OMDN.

  • yeah f*** him up break tone of his arms and one of his legs f***** a******

  • *one

  • With an attitude like that what do you expect to get an A?

  • put flaming s*** at his step his house may burn down , good luck. Emily

  • Wow looks like you are on the road to being a deliquent adult. If you really wanted to get your teacher why not get him in trouble for something like a cigarette he sneaks on school grounds or something? If he's that big of a d*** I bet he does crap like that. Have a camera phone ready if you can or something like that. Also be anonymous when you report it.

    It's better than an assualt charge. You might think you won't get caught kicking his ass but I think you will.

  • Your problem isn't with your social studies teacher, or any teacher for that matter. Your problem is you. By one's actions and speech we teach people how to treat us. If you act like trash, you will be treated like trash. And, I do not mean trash as a euphemism for being poor. If you act like you want to pass social studies and pass school in general teachers will treat you as such and may even help you in extra ways. Don't take your anger (anger at yourself) out on anyone, especially with violence. First of all you will succeed in putting yourself in the criminal system and second of all you will never, and I mean never, have a chance at becoming anything more than you are right now; and that is an uneducated person with low self esteem and entitlement issues with no future. As it has been said, "the best revenge is living well." If you really want to get back at those who call you a clown, then change your circumstances and become someone who they will say changed his attitude and made a great life for himself. I wish you only the best of luck.

  • you are a f****** clown. pay more attention in class and maybe he won't look at you like the piece of s*** you're behaving like.

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