Sexual things please help...i'm 12.(and a girl)

Well first off, i am a 12 year old girl. I have been really depressed for the past 2 years about these same reasons and things i'm about to tell you right now.
I mean, sometimes i feel like, i'm biosexual. You know, i like guys, but sometimes...... i don't know. People say i'm young and i'm curious but, i don't know.
I'm a christian. So, i am afraid that i will go to h***. Like i said, i'm only 12. I can't even tell my parents. Another thing is that, well please don't think i'm weird but,
i watch p***. And play sexual or p*** games. I feel terrible. I don't know whats wrong with me when i do it. I always feel like i'm a loser and a freak because of what i do.
And, some of the videos i watch are rape videos. I cry all the time because, i feel so bad. I feel that i'm a sick person. I know you guys may feel that too but, please tell me...Is this normal.
Please, i've been crying about it for 2hours. Help me. I'm begging you. I also m********* sometimes. And...think of people raping me....i know i sound weird, but please tell me if this is normal.

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  • U wil go 2 h*** if u dont change repent

  • I have the same problem, I'm just a guy and there is no turning back, well at least for me anyways you still have a chance so just try to stop, and every time you even think about it "punish" your self and not s*******.

  • I am exactly the same but I'm afraid if I say something everyone with turn on me for being bi but it's who I am and got won't send me too h*** for it!But I don't watch that stuff nothing is wrong with you for it but people will judge you sometimes you have to learn too except it!;)

  • M********* to your hearts content. Don't tell anyone. Masturbation is harmless and a good sexual release. I'm a boy and I was masturbating at age 10 or 11. If god exists he understands.

  • First off, you are TWELVE. When I was twelve I was into m************ Pokemon, not p***.
    Second, since when are people BIOsexual. Clearly it's BIsexual. This isn't nuclear reactors we are dealing with here.
    Third, YOU ARE M************ T W E L V E. Stop it. It isn't normal. You are going to hurt yourself, physically and probably physiologically.

    I suggest you just wait and play some Mario Kart or something.

  • Don't hate yourself for it.
    I was just like you around 13. (I'm 18 now-- a girl).
    I was raised in a Christian family and am still a Christian but a bit more open-minded then most Christians.
    And yet still at this age I do the same thing that I did back then. I don't know why I do it but at least you know that you're not alone.
    It's confusing but it's normal to have sexual desires and such. I don't understand my obsession with p*** even rape p*** and I'm not sure if I'm bisexual or not, but either way God's not going to send you to H*** for it.

    At least, the God I know won't. You're not doing anything bad. Don't let it get you down. God made us all for a different purpose, and he made you too. So you're like this for a reason. "Everything happens for a reason". :)

  • This is normal and it is okay to be bi! If God thought it was bad to be who you are we would all be going to h***. I had something like that when I was 11, I watched p*** and played p*** games, you get addicted and it is so hard to stop. You're not a freak because the people who are the freaks are the ones who sleep with family... I know it is hard to hear people say ' oh i know how you feel' cause they don't. I was depressed for the same reasons but I'm not saying I am in your situation. Hope I helped! Avril x'

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