Photos of nude Girlfriend

I was putting some things away in my Girlfriends closet, and saw a box marked "Fotos". I was curious and opened the box, and could not believe my eyes. There were nude photos of her, and pornographic pictures of her with a black man. She had several photos with a black mans very large c*** in her mouth, as well as in her p****. She was smiling at the camera, so it wasn't like she was high, or drunk. The worst ones were of c** dripping down her chin and she is winking at the camera, and even some photos with c** dripping out her p****.
We just recently moved in together, so I am freaked out about the pictures. I thought she might be the one I could get married to and be the mother to my children. She has never been wild sexually, pretty middle of the road. I even quit going to strip clubs because she hates them.
The photos do look old, it appears to be when she was in college. Do I confront her with the pictures? I really love this woman, so breaking up would suck.

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  • It's not that she made a little money on the side doing p*** that should freak you out.. It's the fact she kept the pictures.. You & I both know that you will never get over this.. Dump her c** guzzling ass & move on...

    You see?.. I wrote that sound advice above as if any of this s*** was real, & not the sad mental diarrhoea of a lonely d*** obsessed 14 year old boy..

  • Judging someone for living their life before you is just not on. She is with you now, and what she did before you shouldnt be on the table... but serisouly - you didn't think to talk about this kinda thing BEFORE you moved in togehter?

  • People make mistakes in their lives, if you can take what she tells you about the photos go ahead and confront her. Otherwise let the past stay in the past.

  • Sounds like you two need to have a little talk.

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