The Evil B****

My step mom is an evil b****. She wants my sister and I out of the picture. Oh, I live with my mom and step dad, by the way. Anyways, I was talking to her last night and the b**** said this through skype:
So I guess you have no problem having parental rights abolished and signed over to (my step dad) then?

I really f****** hate this stupid b****.

Jun 16, 2012

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  • Trust me when I say it could be worse. My mother has told me stories about her abusive father and psychotic evil stepmom. The best thing you can do right now is separated into a few options.
    -take it and keep getting up like a nerd fighting a thug
    -cut off contact with her or at least limit it
    -if your parents aren't involved then involve them

    if your parents don't care then remember this:
    You must go through a little h*** to get to heaven

    But don't overstep your bounds, don't over exaggerate an insult or abusive action, and don't bite the hand that feeds you until you're sure you can handle yourself.

    If your father cares about you, get his attention by doing what she says, just make him think your giving in to her pressure, tell him what she's doing wrong. Just start that dang process if your absolutely sure your dad will get p***** off at her. No one messes with another MAN'S child like that.

    The last minute add in is you could try to bond with her. Perhaps she's had a bad mother, perhaps she's never seen stepkids bond with stepmothers. Psychologically it couldve Been that. Or you just got of on the wrong foot and need to reconcile some grievances with her, come up with a way to work together. If she can't understand what love within a family is, your dad needs to understand and take action.

  • My dad actually told me that I need to respect her. -_-
    After the big fight I had with her and my dad, he called THREE days later... Yeah, my life sucks.

  • Sounds like she really sucks. Next time you should record the conversation and then play it for both your dad, step dad and mom. Things will be really uncomfortable in the house she shares with your dad. But maybe he'll open his eyes to how she treats you...If you can't get her to repeat it in skype, see if you can ask her questions about what she said in an email.

  • My dad won't see reason when it comes to her. Every time she starts crap, he sides with her. He cheated on my mom with her, so, if he really cared, then he wouldn't have EVER been with her.

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