And this, is actual H***.

I am almost seventeen years old. I have lived in a poor family my entire life, and my Dad is currently unemployed. We are losing things bit by bit. My mother is getting angrier day by day, and my family is falling apart. I have a boyfriend whom I love, and who I am afraid of. I'll explain that in a second. My bestfriend/childhood friend told me I wasn't worth it. He put me down for 16 years, hit me and told me how worthless and stupid I was. I miss him, because I'm so used to the abuse. You see, my boyfriend treats me well. But I'm not used to that, so I'm scared. I only remember the bullies and the beatings. My head bashing into the wall, the brain damage and mental trauma. Everything that has currently f***** me over. So tell me, how do you expect me to go on, without knowing who "me" actually is and being afraid of the only good thing in my life? When you get an answer, maybe I'll stop thinking of suicide.

Jun 18, 2012

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  • Nobody knows who they are at 17. You will figure it out- don't worry

  • it may seem like suicide is an easy way out but then your so called "friend" wins control over you!! and you may not be able to control the finance part of your family but you will get through it! i am a young mother in a poor family as well my husband just found a job after 2 years of being unemployed and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter!! we lost our truck and almost was homeless but then things started to turn around! they will get better sweetie!! it may take a while but you can survive this!!

  • Find jesus. I have been through that before, and god has watched over me and blessed me. Please find jesus. I am praying for you

  • Dont think about suicide. Not worth it, life can honestly mean so much. Thats the first thing I would like to say. Secondly your boyfriend sounds like the one person in your life you NEED to hold on to! Dont be scared. Talk to him about how you feel, about your family, your friend and him. Also stay away from your friend.


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