17 year old girl & addicted to p***

I've been secretly watching p*** since my early teens, perhaps even earlier. It is an addiction that I was initially disgusted of, but over time I've become so desensitized to it that it no longer bothers me.
I've always been a very sexual being; I'm very in tune with that side of myself. Ironically enough, I've never had s** before, or any other sort of experience that comes close. Believe it or not, I'm yet to have my first kiss.
I feel horribly caught in between two opposite worlds - one of naivety and childish innocence, and the other of ravenous l*** and intense craving. It's a very lonely place to be, and there's no one I feel comfortable explaining it to. Some of my friends actually seem repulsed by the idea of masturbation, while I do it several times a week (sometimes daily). I embrace it.
The sexual tension that has been building up for years is almost becoming too much to bear. I'm sick of stifling the passion; it takes effort, and there have been moments where my obsession with s** has almost dangerously reached the surface for others to see.
I honestly don't know what to do about it. I want to feel liberated, but I'm not the type to mess around with strangers.


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  • I want to help you but I doubt you'd except it.

  • It's all part of growning up this feeling you feel caught between two worlds, eventually as your mind and experience mature and grow(mental responsablity and Physical
    sexual contact.) you'll come to understand and cope with these feelings of trying to establish your own self identity, in you world of passing from child to adult mantality, don't worry about what your friends think they may not be as mature(simply because of the fact that you viewed p*** you have a visual experience of what s** is about.) in their thought process as far as being able to decide on their own to break though the old societal ideas of what is and isn't acceptable sexually, this may be the reason some of your friends seem repulsed by the idea of masturbation, Just now that your normal and masturbation, sexual tension and desires are all naturally a part of the growth process and that your not alone.

  • p*** is okay...it's just a big time waster if overdone...however, you BETTER tell any fiance about it...because if you get married to a guy who thinks it is immoral, then you are in for a h*** trip.

  • Get layed

  • You know, you sound almost -exactly- like me. Except I'm 18.
    I, too, have never had any sexual experience or even kissed. Yet I m********* daily and love watching/reading p***.

    I didn't know how to explain it but yes, I feel the same-- like stuck b/w two worlds. I don't know how to help you but maybe just knowing that you're not alone will comfort you? It sure has comforted me haha.

  • aye i feel you and im a dude, im only 14 tho. this kept me from being really social, but i still do just that less. I stay in the house and masterbuate daily. I think the best thing you can do is hang with people that keep you away from it. It not really healthy for me, because i feel depress sometimes i dont know why. Start small like 5 times a week, then keep making it less until probably once a month. Your life would be better guratnee.

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