I want s** with older males

I am always been wanting to have s** with older males and when I mean older, I mean 20 years older than me and up. I am 20. I think about having s** with my parents friends who are about mid-40s. It turns me on big time when I see them and hug them.

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  • This is good to hear. I have been curious if younger women would like having s** with older men? Because I am one. My wife lost all interest in having s** with me or anyone but I sure didn't. For looking around the dating, s** or sugar daddy sites seemed to make sense. I noticed the majority of women were about 1/2 my age or I could tell I am as old or older than their parents and would they still be interested or excited to f*ck an older guy? We have much more experience, knowledge, maturity, stability and less drama than young dudes closer to their age. You hear a lot about older female "Cougars" doing very willing younger guys, is there a female equivalent very willing to do older guys? I have no interest in f*ckinf young teenagers or any kids or even skinny baby-face girls that look or are built like that. I am not really looking for any father/daughter situation or even role play except that could be fun with the right participants. But I see a lot of beautiful young ladies from their late-20's to early-40's who like to get dressed up looking sexy & put on makeup looking hot and I wonder if they would actually have interest in about a 60 y/o man who still is excellent in bed, good looking in fairly good shape with white hair that quite a bit has fallen out, who is fun to be with and young at heart and just looking for a satisfying good time with a young lady? Or do they find guys our age old & gross?

    I would sure like to hear about some young ladies who like to get boinked by older men or who think they would like to and what you would enjoy us doing for or too you.

  • Thats nice to know that the're young ladies out there who like to be in a relationship with or just to f*** us mature men, I'm 50 years old myself and way to active for someone my own age the youngest girl I've been with was 18 years, but whats odd is that I've even been approched and propositioned by girls as young as 12. It's amazing the world is changing from the way it was when I was young sexual relationships like this were unheard of, but I guess as time pass's society matures in it's way of thinking and acceptance and I just roll with the flow...

  • As long as you're over 18 there's nothing wrong with it. Older guys are more mature and have more experience at things. I like younger women as long as they're of age.

  • i share the fantasy!! i have always been attracted to much older men! i think it is normal! for me it is an older man with a little gray hair and a full on mountain man beard!! oh so sexy!! ;)

  • It is nice to know that there are such sane and rational women in the world :)

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