I love f****** my ex bf though I am taken.

One night I was out at a party and came home drunk. I invited my ex boyfriend to come over to keep me company so I wouldn't do something crazy/dangerous. (I ended our relationship and we both agreed to be friends.) Anyways, he was taking care of me and I was drunk. The room was very spiny when I went to put my head down on the couch. He carried me upstairs, took my clothes off and laid me in my bed. I closed my eyes for a bit and when I woke up, he was butt ass naked next me. His eyes were closed so I closed mine and tried to sleep. Next thing I realized was that he was fingering my p****. It felt really good because after all..getting drunk turns me on big time. He kept on fingering me and I was forcing myself not to do anything. I told him to stop and he did. I closed my eyes again and woke up to him eating me out. I was so h**** and drunk, I said f*** it. I sucked his d*** and deep throat it. He put a bit of lube in me and on the condom. He f***** me hard and long. It lasted about 2 hours. He kept on c****** and taking a break in between. I cummed about 8-10 times in those 2 hours. We were sleeping butt ass naked in bed together. I woke up and realized that we had s** and it was like the old times. We were dating for 6 years, had s** 3-5 times a day (sometimes), and f***** like animals anytime we got. I think we had s** over 500 times in the 5 years of dating. Thats a lot of condoms and we used a lot of lube too. When I get massively h**** and watch p*** to calm me down, I text him to come over so we can do it. In the last 3 months, we had s** over 65 times (I lost count). I am so addicted to f****** him..I cant stop. I dont want to date him because the only feelings I have for him is his d***. I love how his d*** feels in me every time we f***. Sometimes we f*** in the car as well. We go would have s**, go out to an event or where ever, and have s** again. I dont know why I am so addicted to him but I constantly think about his d*** in me all the time. He works a lot too so it makes it harder for him to see me. He usually comes at nights, sleeps with me and f**** me. I feel like a total s*** f****** and sleeping with my ex but I dont care. I was 14 when he took my v-card. I am now 21 and he is 23.

I just had to write this.. I am addicted to my ex boyfriends d***.

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  • Do you like his big d*** in your tight little p**** f****** u a lot with his huge D***

  • Well, as an experienced Woman, I wonder why do you need lube?! If he turns you on so much you should be dripping wet all over EVERYWHERE! And I am not talking squirting o******. This is just a natural turn-on reaction. Sorry darling, your story is not adding up.

  • Good that you are addicted, i hope he keeps f****** you, even after you get married

  • Yes get your p**** f***** by every second guy you meet

  • He took care of you alright.

  • Don't listen to those retards. You're being a w****. And later in life you'll probably wonder why you end up with a s***** guy wwho cheats on you. Karmas a b**** and he took advantage of you being drunk that night for one. And for two I've been there and I fesses up so fess up and pick a guy. You're boyfriend mag forgive you.

  • Don't stop what you're doing, and don't let anybody tell you that you have to: you don't. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your boyfriend. And enjoy your ex. It's not just coincidence that he makes you feel so good: there's nature at work there, and you should totally let it work. Everybody gets all soupy and judgmental when we talk about l***, but l*** is good. You're discovering just how good, and you shouldn't abandon that discovery process.


  • I agree. You obviously enjoy s**. Have as much of it as you possibly can. With your b/f, with other guys, with your ex. But mostly with your ex, because you are so attuned to one another. F****** GO for it!!

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  • It sounds like your ex might be inlove with u and will take whatever u have on offer. He is there as a friend. He is there as a lover. I can see he us going to get hurt. Don't use him for s**. He deserves someone to love him and it sounds as though he will hold back from meeting anyone because you still offer yourself to him

  • Better take every d*** in ur p****

    It feels good to get f*****

  • It sure does

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