Showing girls my p**** on skype

It started last year, I would always skype with this beautiful girl and our conversations would turn dirty. She would ask questions about my p****. I didn't mind answering them actually. She would ask questions like 'How big is it?' and 'How often do you m*********?'. Then one day she asked the big one... 'Can I see it?'.
Of course I said yes. My d*** was so hard I had to do something. I ended up masturbating for her.
It may sound weird but damn, it felt good. To have someone watch me pleasure myself. I would love to do it more often but my Dad is always home :(

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  • Ur a fuking creep

  • I send pics of my big d*** to girls who want to see it. they never believe when i tell them the size so.sending a.picture backs up the truth.

    i use whatssapp and LiveProfile

  • Do you have an email?

  • Wanna see my c***

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