I want my wife to be a s***

Typical married couple, 8 years married, two kids, a dog, two cats...S** life is lacking... My wife dated a couple of black guys before she got with me,(she used to be kind of a s*** from what her friends tell me)and the thought of her acting like this really turns me on. I don't know why, maybe because we don't have s** very often (I always initiate). I want her to be happy so I asked her if she ever thought about her past boyfriends. She was of course embarrassed and said NO. I mustered up the courage (after about 3-4 months) and told her the thought of her being with other guys kinda turned me on. She was again embarrassed, and uninterested. I asked if she was attracted to black men, she said no (she is only attracted to Johnny Depp?)but she was holding back. I could tell there was something there so i prodded a little. She eventually admitted that she thought some black guys were hot, and but she never thought about until i brought it up... BS... I asked her if she wanted to get a black d**** and she said yes. When we got it, she let me use it on her, but she acted like she didn't like it. She kept saying things like "I just want you inside me" and "I wanna feel your d*** in me". We used it a couple times in a 6 month period, not more than 3 times. Recently though, she has began to show more interest and it turns me on sooo much. I want her to let loose and just go wild. She has opened up more and will suck it while she rides me and visa/virsa. I want her to be comfortable and unashamed and unleash her inner s***!

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  • Bring home a bbc one night for drinks. She will enjoy

  • I'm sorry. I don't see a problem here. Only fun times. lol.

  • The process is simple or difficult depending on how you want to do it. All women are s**** , i dont care who says different. My wife when we met was a mousey brunette and shy. She would not talk during s** or about s** after. I set out on a plan to get this Alabama racist girl to f*** and love f****** black guys. I did what you did , I bought black d***** but i took it further. We would not have s** unless it involved the d***** and p***, but not just any p*** i would only play black on white interracial s** and only the ones where the guy had a huge c***. The whitest girls i could find (mostly red heads) doing the blackest guys and would ask her to watch the video while i used the d****. Gradually the d***** got bigger and she began to ask for interracial p***. at first it was one on one then she shocked me and asked for gang bang p*** with all black men that's when i knew my work was done. After eating her out when and while she was charged up i asked her if she wanted to go on Craig's list and see if we could find a "human d****" and she agreed but i had to insure her that i would not think bad of her and that i wanted her to do it more than she did. she went through with it and now she will f*** and suck anyone i tell her to at any time. Tonight in fact she told me that she wants to start having a*** s** for money.

  • My wife acted as if she didn't like s**, but always flirted with athere men, never made the 1St move on ne only if she wanted something. When ever I tryed to instigated s**, love making or just cuddle she would say I know Wt ur after. On a night out with her friends one of them told me that she had s** with 2 different men, one in the toilets in the club, and with anthere guy out side in his car in the car park!!! When I asked of course she dinide it, ( side) later she still says she hasn't and her friend is just joules of Wat we have. Anyway no longer with her

  • My wife is sllut i often check her panties on returning from market she is alway wet p**** and have big white spote of her dry juices on pantees .she got wet on seing large dic pics and desires to be torn her p**** by big d**** during s**.she even desires or say yes to be torn apart by horse d***.a real sluty nature she has

  • Dude, white spots can just be a result of discharge....

  • My wife f**** blacks only - she is a true s*** wife

  • I am the same and my wife has told me she would be too shy to do it. i asked her a few times but get the same answer. And when i do get her to tell me about old bf's i get so turned on. She was also a s*** before i met her,,acted all innocent when we met. I dream, wish she would be a s*** again.

  • I have the exact same feelings as you. I dream of my wife with other guys. I have asked her to but she says she is too shy. Before I met her she was a s***. Over the years I have got her to tell me stories and I get so turned on. Now she will tease me about places and guys she had s** with before I met her. She acts like she doesn't want another guy but then will make comments about bigger c****.

  • Enjoy your divorce, the herpes, the HIV, and a f*****-up life! YOU are trying to tread where few have gone successfully.

  • Actually, I wish my husband was as open as you. I wish he desired me and wanted to please me as much as u do your wife. I have the opposite trouble. My husband is not interested in pleasing me, and it is me with these fantasies. Would love my man to want to satisfy me that way

  • Marry me

  • I want my wife to be a s***,-- would love for her to f*** other men and then come home with her p**** full of c** and tell me about it all while I lick her c** drooling p**** and then get sloopy seconds or thirds!

  • Yea same feelings i got.i wana see my s**** p**** driping and a big d*** inside her p**** while i lickind that coming juices

  • Thats what it's all about, I want her to be completly satisfied. I wish she was as open minded and brave as you.

  • Why don't you start off by using a larger prosthetic p****.
    Like a strap on or a sleeve.
    check out these two

  • That will lead to a divorce. I have seen it happen to several of my friends. Be careful what you wish for.

  • My GF used to work in a all-nude strip club, and she quite openly told me she use to f*** her black boss. They both closed the place on Mondays, she walked in nude to his office one night and asked him, " Do you want to have fun?" He said, "Get over here!!" "Come bend over my desk." She tells me she bent forward, and she hears his belt clink, and the sound of his zipper. He begins to f*** her, and she says he wasn't so long as thick. Her parents would of freaked out, seeing she was white girl from the burbs, getting f***** every Monday night by an inner city black man. She quit after about 6 months, he wanted her to start f****** his friends too. I make her tell me the stories of her f****** him, and it makes so f****** hard.

  • Enjoy your divorce...

  • I have enjoyed sharing my wife for 32 years with another man.
    I love to see that she is totally satisfied.It is a turn on today as it was the first time for both of us.You know life is simply all you have to do is communicate with each other & show love to want another & couple can be open & free to enjoy the pleasure of life. We as people make life complicated. So take your fantasy or any thing else & open up
    honestly to each other share your love your fantasy your life & enjoy each other, quit making life complicated,its natural to have thoughts as these.

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