I want my wife to f*** me with a d****, while i wear her panties

I want my wife to dominate me, make me wear her panties and have her way with me...Just am mortified to say something to her about my fantasy.

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  • Be honest

  • Would be so hot to be used by a women wearing panties.

  • When I was wearing my mother in law's panties I dreamed of her f****** my ass with a d****. I w*** about my wife's friends strapon f****** me while I'm in panties. I want to be her sissy b****.

  • Better if you wear panties all day. Have wife buy some just for you. My wife bought me my first panties and now I wear them 24/7.

  • That is so hot. Nice wife I have to admit.

  • I love when I kiss my husband with a strapon. My lovers too f****** he same time as me. When my lovers end f*** me he eat their sperm. It is I who forced him to swallow my sperm lovers. It was difficult to convince but now it does everything I ask.

  • I would love for this to happen. I told my wife that I would wear her panties a few years ago and she is cool with it but, it is far more my thing than hers. I wouldn't know how to ask for a*** play. I guess the worst that could happen is a no.

  • Ok, so I said what the h***, if she doesn't understand, at least I am being honest with her. We had a few drinks and I brought up the concept, Shane she seemed interested. A few more drinks later and she was in her pantie drawer picking me out a "cute pair". I put them on and she told me she loved me. She pulled out a d**** I didn't even know she had (bigger than me) and said what about this? I hesitated, I was kinda in shock. I eventually said ok, she lubed it up, and tried to put it my ass, but could only get the tip in slightly (it wasn't happening) so it ended up being kinda sexy, kinda awkward. At least I know she is willing to entertain the fantasy, just have to get a smaller d****...

  • Quit being a p**** and let her f*** you with a strap-on. GEEZ its not that big of deal.

  • I have similar fantasies too. I'm not married and don't have a girlfriend at the moment but I fantasize that if I did I would want her to wear a double sided d**** and tear my ass up. I would want her to put it on and make me get on my knees and suck it first. Then she turns it around and makes me suck her juices off the end that was inside her as I lick it and gag it as she shoves it down my throat. Then I'd want her to push me up against the wall and ram it up my ass as I scream like a little girl. Then she takes f**** me as I lay on my back and put my legs over her shoulders. Then she turns me around while I'm on my stomach she slaps my ass hard and rams it until I cry like a baby. Then to finsh me off she has me get on my knees and rams the d**** up my ass as I sqeual like a pig. Then she slaps my ass more and sticks a pig tail d**** up my ass ordering me to squeal and snort like a pig. But off course all this would be while I'm wearing her bra, panties and wig and lipstick. I'm not gay. I don't want a guy anywhere near me. I just want a woman to dominate me, feminize me, emasculate me, humiliate me, degrade me and dehumanize me. I want her to turn me into her b****.

    Does this sound familiar?

  • Sounds hot to me.

  • If your wife hasn't done it already...this is what to do...buy some of the dirtiest kinkiest DVDs and leave them on the TV set...tell her that you are not gay, but that you do have a feminine side...tell her that you like to watch them because you are a curious guy...if she doesn't want to have an open mind, then at least you don't have to keep it a secret...asking her straight up to put on a strap-on would be quite difficult for ANY husband to do.

  • Your wife is gonna p*** herself when u pluck up the courage to ask her....oh to be a fly on the wall when that one comes out! lol

  • a little weird for me but hey to each his own so i say go for it baby!! :)

  • My GF has f***** me in the ass with a strap-on, make sure to use ALOT of lube or you will hate it!

  • Aint nothing wrong with that!

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