I'm 24 want to see my 25 year old wife getting f*****

I want to see my 25 year old wife with another guy or 2 or 3! Before we got together she slept with 80 people in a couple years but now she lost her naughty side, how do I suggest it to her? HELP!

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  • My husband is the same way with me. He gets off hearing me talk about my naughty past. He wants me to do that stuff again. I like thinking and talking about it but the new risks are not worth it to me anymore. I might do what he wants if everything lines up just right but I'm not looking for any of that anymore

  • He has s legitimate fantasy I share it myself. In the past 22 years, I've seen my wife f*** and Blow about a dozen different guys. I am a contentded husband, am I'm faithful to her. Nice!

  • You want to see her being f***** by other guy because of your curiosity and fantasy, then after, eventually you will see her as being a s***. You are putting a bullet inside your own head. Think!

  • You've been watching to much p***, come back to reality dude.

  • come on dude! She changed! stop being a j*** and respect your wife! If you do it, you will regret. Take care!

  • You will be divorced in one year...are you crazy?

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