I love kicking guys in their b****

I love kicking boys in their b****. i get away with it because i make the boys think they made me mad and because i am a girly girl but i really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the b****. so funny. makes me laugh when i think of it. i am good at it too. before a boy knows it I get my foot in his b**** and he goes down holding on to them, lol. more girls should try this. it is so much fun and so funny. i am laughing now thinking about it. i kicked a big boy in the b**** today and made him look like a sissy. he wanted to kill me but because i am a sweet girl he did not do nothing.

if you are a girl reading this you should try it to. it makes you feel like the queen of the world and you have power over all those boys just by kicking them where it hurts, lol, lol, lol.

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  • Money money money.
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  • Benjamin_smith0 i could use some girls into that. Add my snapchat

  • In the 6th grade, a boy was jokingly harassing a girl in the class. Nothing big; just calling her names. The teacher, a woman, tells him, in front of the class, "You better watch it. She'll kick you right in your weak little b****." Then she and the girls in the class started laughing. The boy blushed and all the other boys, including myself, sat in shock.

  • I like to watch young girls learn how to kick boys in their weak little b****. I hate to admit it, but it's a girl's right to kick boys' b****.

  • Do you enjoy it yourself?

  • Let's face it, it's a girl's right to kick a boy in his weak little nuts.

  • It is never a girl right to kick a boy in his b*****

  • Technically, it's no one's right to kick a boy, but in reality, a girl can kick a boy in his b**** and there is nothing he can do about it. Girls know it and boys learn it the hard way.

  • Wanna kick mine

  • I think every boy ought to be kicked in his nuts at least once by a girl to show him just how easy it is for a girl to hurt him and to put him down in so much pain he can't do anything about it. I also think every girl should kick a boy in his nuts just to see how easy it is to defeat him or hurt him if she has to.

  • Can we just chat or talk about it??
    If u don't mind then mail me

  • U can not control me through my b****

  • Do me pls?

  • Correction: "I also think every girl should kick a boy in his nuts just to see how easy it is to defeat him or hurt him if she WANTS to."

  • I want a girl to kick my b****
    Email me 0strings4fun@gmail.com

  • Kick me please

  • How about me

  • I always uphold a gentleman behaviour with the ladies, but if any female dares kick me or f*** with me, I will f*** her back ten fold and make her beg me to penetrate her hard as a finale

  • I wish I could get a girl to kick me in the nuts

  • Iknow how you feel

  • Where do u live

  • Ilive on 1007 black creek rd

  • You ever try to kick me like that and your face will be rearranged.

  • When i remember when i was six and my sis was ten we fought and she use to sqeeze my b**** but i didn't know why it hurt so much. My mum as a punishment hits my b****.

  • Smart sister..and good mom..she knows the best way to punish a boy..

  • Will you punish me plz i live on 1007 black creek rd my name is alex eric hilliard

  • Don't you ever allow that. Never again.

  • I report this, for the male community .. L****

  • I like to mutilate pu$$ies with a razor. Watching those women cry because they won't have anymore kids makes me laugh.

  • Email me if you want to kick me in the nuts. rcking59@gmail.com

  • Give me your number and I will let you kicked my b**** as much as you want

  • Alexhilliard95@gmail.com

  • Lowercase a

  • I have a vag, not the other set, but when a guy gets kicked in the b****, aside from the pain, do you c** a little? I'm guessing the fluid has to come out a little.

  • Actually it does. Had a girl get mad she hit me with a knee, when I was on the ground, she reached through the leg of my shorts and squeezed mine. She wouldn't let go I was dying in pain begging her to let go, she wouldn't. I kept begging and told her I'm about to c** (keep in mind I'm literally crippled by the pain at the same time) she still didn't let go. Sure enough, I exploded. She finally let go at that point, walked off kinda giggling and left me there.

  • Love a girl that not only knows how to work a pair of nuts over and gets off on the guys suffering

  • Will u kick me in my b****. Or u to scared

  • Well I'm a guy who loves it too, why can't I find you ladies

  • When I babysit boys and they misbehave, guess where my hand goes to teach them a lesson. I love the look on their face when I reach down in their crotches and squeeze. I gave a few boys a flick with my finger right in their little sacks of marbles. They sure changed their behavior quickly. When one of them would start acting up, I would hold my hand up and give a flicking motion with my finger. He would freeze. I teach all my boys that their b**** belong to me to do as I please. I pointed to one boy's little crotch and ask, "What's in their [his shorts]?" and he responded, "My . . . I mean, your b****" It's so nice to teach boys the power a girl has over them.

  • Well babysit me at 1007 black creek rd

  • Ouch! My b**** also belong to you, dear

  • Hit me please. Or r they my b****.

  • You need to babysit me

  • My mom laughed

  • My sister was cracking nuts and she asked my mom to crack sone nuts. Then she (sister) said to me do u want cracked nut i said yes and my sis kicked me in the nuts

  • How old were you then?

  • And the 2nd story

  • I was with my sister and she kicked my b**** so i hit her t*** then i got in to huge trouble my mom said it was very bad and i said what she did and she said stop being a wimp and go to your room and later my punishment was what she said wasn't as bad as wat i did was a hard kuck in the nuts it was harder than wat my sis did. And it hurts way more getting hit in the b**** than the t***

  • Well im gonna tell a story

  • Wgo R U guys

  • It's unfair 4 boys they have such a painful area girls R so lucky

  • Just kidding

  • I know boys R wimps

  • Then kick me in the nuts little girl at 1007 black creek rd

  • Ur a b****

  • I know you're a tranny.

  • If i get hit in the ball i would fall to the ground and go ahh

  • Yep. But U boys don't

  • So U get not much pain

  • Well nothing bad they dont hurt well not much. It's hard to lay on your front but you dont have any bits down there it's pretty normal not many nerves and hard to hit

  • What's it like to have girls bits

  • Having a d*** is annoying and fun xD. I hurt my b**** and d*** all the time if a girl kick em or i bash into a cormer of a table

  • Thx

  • That was acquick reply

  • Well

  • Hi, What is it like to have a P****?

  • Yes i could and you couldn't fight back

  • Im not gonna say i could fight back cuz i you would beat the lufe out of my b**** (they are very weak

  • It was fun i wish i could sqeeze your b**** and then push

  • You can do it to me at 1007 black creek rd

  • Your mean

  • Sorry for being so mean

  • He can hit me in the vag oh wait it doesn't hurt as much haha

  • Haha

  • He will be in unbearable pain

  • Will u do itto me plz at 5o'clock at1007 blackcreek rd

  • I just hit him up the b**** and he is crying and saying why the b**** girls don't have it's unfair

  • I think your 2 late


  • Ok i will do that right nowto my brother

  • The 4 has tough nuts xD and there small so hard to aim but i good straight punch right Up his b**** is Very painful. Top tip
    Hit right up the b**** and very hard they can't move for 5 mins

  • Of course i aim*

  • Boys need to be kicked and kneed in the b****. Btw push his balks it hurts alot i have 5 brothers and im the only gurl but I'm the oldest so i can fight then 5 v 1 of c2i ain for there b**** and they say how are you so strong abd i say girls are naturally stronger than boys. Age's are me 12 two sets of twins thats rare there 7 and 5 and a 4

  • Fight me at 1007 black creek rd

  • And I'm sure they are thinking once I get bigger I'll get her back but little do they know you will still be able to drop them with one knee or kick.

  • Nice

  • Who R U. Nvm btw i elbowd my Brother in his b**** so hard cuz he stole my clothes haha he was crying like a baby

  • I'm 14

  • Im 11 will you hit me at 5 o'clock in the b**** at 1007 black creek rd

  • Will u hit me in my b****

  • I just read that and i would like to kick your b**** don't try to trick me i will bring a few friend and we will come we are aged 15-16 and wiuld love to kick some b****

  • The boy's better be careful because girl's at that age know how to hurt boy's they can easily smash your ball's up into your throat and once they are done with you they can easily make you do anything they want.

  • Come kick me

  • Bring your friends so you and them can kick my b**** or what you too scared

  • Hi girls you can kick my b**** tie me up and kick knee punch and maybe have a look at my bits you can flick naked b**** i like girls kicking boys girls R stronger and more intelligent so kick my b**** stand on them i am serious tell me if you want to kick my b**** in a normal comment and i will tell you more. A have been tied up before and been kicked in the b**** and i wanted it to stop but now i like the girls being happy and one of my friend got touched in awkward places by a man and kicking b**** makes her happy so please kick mine we can party all night you can fiddle with my p****. But don't cut of do anything like that pushibg is my fave is feels goid but hurts. See you later amd kick as hard as yoy can

  • I play with my little brothers b**** and he lets me. Once he ask me to push he said it felt good but i pushed harder and he went "ahh my nuts make it stop ahh" and hit my b**** it didn't hurt much but i got angry and pushed so hard then left the room. He was in agony but you need to teach boys a lesson that girls are stronger and no where on girls body's hurt as much as the b****. So hit your brother friend or dad in the b**** then they fall but u hit my dad tgere and he hot cross but i laughed. Good bye keep kicking b****

  • Your to scared to hit Me in my b****. I bet

  • Cool

  • Yep

  • Really

  • When a Boy p**** goes hard i kick there B****

  • I love kicking b****, i wish i could meet you and i would bring my brother he is 7 but his b**** are sensitive so we could kick 'em. He likes ppl fiddling with his p****. It can go very hard xD

  • Can anyone kick his b****? Does he like anyone fiddling with his p****? I guess you fiddle with his p**** and kick him in the b****?

  • I do too n I'm a guy hehe

  • I had a Crush on this very hot girl she had a great body shape but she was strong. My p**** was hard and up and my b**** where weak . i went up to her and flirted but she found it funny until she saw my pants and i touched her b**** so she went to get close my p**** got harder then she said don't touch me and i know your hard havibg a erection and kicked me right in the b**** and later a got up and saw her i went to hit her then she grabbed my b**** and said not so tough. And sqeezed then kicked i thought it was over butcshe didn't and held my p**** and she was suprised i guess she had not felt one (it was not my skin i had sport shorts on and kicked me right up the b**** it was so painful more than you could imagine more painful than when i broke my arm.

  • I try to fight back but i can't my b**** R 2 weak. So boy's stop trying to be tough. I kicked a girl in the p**** and they said it didn't hurt and kicjed me back twice as hard straight in my nuts.

  • The more you fight the worse your going to get it because once they have you by the b**** and squeeze the fight out of you and tell you once once I let go and you drop to the floor your going to kiss my feet, trust me you will obey.

  • U can try to control me. I want to see u try

  • This boy is right us giimrls can control you

  • U can try to control me. I like to see u try.

  • And my 11 year old brother eww he masturbates and when he does a kick him from behind we pkay fight alot and i win alot but it does hurt when i get hit in the boibs but not as much as when i sqeeze his b**** until he does what i want. My mother does not get cross but they don't tell much cause it's embarrassing. She somtines give the 11 year old a flick when hes naked masturbating he is disgusting. Bye fellow nut hitters

  • I am the one with the three brothers. And the six year old i kick the most hecasks me to fiddle with them and i do.
    I kick him alot but he like me and thinks i'm Boss and a soft push hurts him. I kick him alit but not that hard i do the hard ones on my 8 year old brother.

  • I kick my brothers there all the time. I am 12 and they are 8 6 and 11. Once a kicked him (8) in the b**** so hard then he manedged to get up and kuck me in the vag and laughed 'cos it did not hurt and said girls are stronger than boys and he left with a angry face. It was so funny.

  • I won't to get a girl to kick me in the nuts hope I get a kick right in the b****

  • This may sound cruel, but I get turned on kicking young boys in their little b****. I suppose I like to teach them about their vulnerability when they're still young. The best part is that there is nothing they can do about it. They learn the hard way that boys are inferior. I used to do that to the neighborhood boys. They would fall down crying and I would smile and leave them there in agony. Poor boys :)

  • Will u kick me please

  • Asl

  • Any girl want to stomp my nuts

  • I love girls like me. :)

  • Growing up, I liked to punch my brother and his friends in their b****. They would be sitting on the couch watching tv, and I would walk up and start punching. I liked the sounds they would make "Oooh! Mmmph! Ahhh!"

  • Did your brother and his friends try to stop you, or did they accept the fact that as a girl, you have the absolute right to punish their weak little boy b****?

  • How old are you and how young are the boys you kick?

  • I'm 32. I've been kicking boys since I was 12. My "victims" have ranged in age from 6 or 7 to 15.

  • Wow. Such young boys falling victim to a girl. After you kick them where it counts, do you force the boys to drop their pants and show you their "damaged" boy parts?

  • Kick me. I'm between those ages

  • Hi , what part of country are you in . Let's hope you are in Yorkshire or on the boarder .


  • Https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hULOJznV2tc/maxresdefault.jpg

  • Hit me in the nuts or what are you too scared chicken

  • I wish I lived in your neighbourhood at the same time that you did.

  • If you did, I would have given you the choice of either stripping naked so I can play with your boy parts, or kicking your little b**** until you cry. You are a weak, inferior boy who needs to have his b**** controlled by a girl.

  • Lol, weak and inferior...not really.
    Submissive, absolutely.
    More an alpha sub.
    I love it when I find a woman who loves ballbusting as much as I do.
    I have met many women who can and have put me to the ground, but never from the first kick...still lookingπŸ˜‰

  • Love to have a Beautiful Lady Cut my B**** OFF or Stop the Blood flow to my Nuts.

  • I kicked a 16 year old boy really really hard with boots on when i was 11 years old. It makes me feel h**** watching boys in agony. It hurt so bad he was crying. I have kicked him there a few times now and it was so hard it could have damaged his privates. I had a fight with my younger brother as well and i kneed him in the b****. I didn't mean to knee him hard because he is my brother but im worried it was to hard because he was crying and i want him to have kids. Even a soft knock really hurts. Ive watched my brother get hit by a tennis ball in the privates and it was a soft knock but it hurt him a lot.

  • Do you hope you damaged the 16 uea old boys privates back then?

  • I would like to be kicked in the b***s and made to wear panties

  • I love getting kicked in the b****. If a girl isn't around, ill find another way. It's all my ex-girlfriends' fault, but I don't mind. I am now addicted & happy with it. I am not ashamed. It is my body, but I give my nuts to all you bittersweet ladies.

  • I would love to kick knee flick sqeeze your b****.

  • Go get a doctor online dater!

  • I love getting kicked in the b**** haha I wish more girls around here enjoyed the fine art of ball kicking haha we should meet up πŸ€”πŸ˜œ

  • Wierdo...

  • Can u kick me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I can

  • Kicking b**** is fun

  • Yes

  • Me pls

  • I wouldv shot u in your v*****,breast then head. ;) IM NOT JOKING EITHER. :)

  • I would sqeeze your b**** you f***** ii know im stronger than you i do kuck boxing gymnastics judo

  • Dom me mommy

  • Not rubbish

  • What would you do if one of them guys hit you in the face or slapped your b****** huh? You'd make a big fuss and report them while the guy just takes it,

  • They don't tho, i kick them so hard they can't get up and sqeeze. And kick me in the vag and punch my b**** it doesn't hurt that much.i could tie youvup and shuv ice down your pants. Ivdid that once with my friemys we did it with one of my friends brothers then played with his p****. Penises are not the same as i thought there higher up and are harder and more sensitive thecbalks aren't the only thing that hurts

  • Was it good fun putting ice down your friends brothers pants and playing with his p****?

  • Will u do this to me

  • Are there girls in central PA that want to kick me in the b****. Would love to meet you.

  • I've never been kicked in the b**** but I really want a woman to kick me.

  • I like it when a girl presses her foot against my d***, or kicks it, but wouldn't like my b**** kicked that would hurt

  • I would LOVE for you to make me look like a sissy by tieing me up, so I couldn't move, with no pants so you could aim better, and then have you,and any of your friends who were interested, all take turns kicking me in my b***s ! I can just hear them all laughing. Of course, if they were too beat up after a few hours of good kicks, I guess you'd just have to cut them off ! Oh well, not a problem !

  • I have tied boys up before but i played with them and did a few punches and sqeezes

  • Tie me up and squeeze my b**** please. U can do it why I'm naked

  • I want a hot girl to kick me in the nuts as hard as she can so bad right now!

  • Is there a hot looking girl over 18 near Norwalk ca that will walk up and punch me in the b****

  • Yes. Me i'm 19

  • Is there any hot girl near Hamilton ca that would walk up to kick my so hard

  • Plz

  • Any hot girl or hot girls who want to hit me in the nuts so hard right now

  • Hamilton ca

  • Can you hit me in the nuts where we can meet

  • Can you kick me plz where can I meet you plz

  • Wow....um ok now im gonna wear some steel

  • You f***

  • I wish I could meet you so you could kick me in the b****, I haven't met a girl that will kick guys in there junk willingly, where can I meet you

  • I really wish I could meet you, or any of the girls you've told to try kicking a guy in the nuts. I would love to make any of you feel like "queen of the world" any time you wanted! I LOVE the way it makes you feel, knowing that even a relatively small hit that barely would make you flinch anywhere else on your body, is capable of putting you in a fair amount of pain if she hits you in the b****! I would gladly offer my b**** for a practice target for any chick who wanted to find out how it made her feel to give a nice hard kick to a guy right in his junk! I once dated a girl who had told me she was abused years earlier, in her early teens. I told her to cover my face with a blanket, and then let her knee fly right into my b****! Although she hesitated at first, after a few light blows, she really let one fly, square in my nuts! I loved it! I peeked from under the cover and saw she had a big smile on her face, just as I had hoped ! She finally had an opportunity to release some of the anger she had bottled up inside her, even if it wasn't against the j*** who originally hurt her. She was just a small chick, about 5'0" and 92 lbs soaking wet. It made me laugh when I asked her pant size once, because it was size 0, which I had never heard of before. It made me hard as h*** knowing that someone as small as her, had the ability to easily put me down, and incapacitate me, with one good kick to my b****! After a while I think I got her hooked on how powerful it made her feel, because I didn't have to ask her to do it anymore, and she would always have a smile on her face. A couple times it brought me within an inch or so of passing out. I LOVED IT, and actually miss the feeling, so I would welcome a nice hard knee to my nuts from any chick who would enjoy doing it! I hope to meet one soon!
    Kick Me, Englewood, Fl.

  • I kicked a 13 year old to see if he'd cry because he was laughing at me on the bus home. I was only 11 but I know where to kick and I had pointy heels. He was wearing shorts and it was sexy when I kicked him really hard coz my shoe went right up his shorts and in his b****. It must have been really painful and I was only 10 years old. He was crying on the floor for ages. It's easy to hurt older boys and it is really painful kicking them with pointy boots and it really hurts them and can stop them having kids.

  • I would f****** kill you

  • You were 11 and 10 at the same time?

  • Were you 10 or 11?

  • Will you kick me in the B**** plz

  • I want to be kicked in the b**** desperatly by a woman. I want her to tease me about the pain.

  • I would dodge and crush your skull like styrofoam b****

  • C***!!!

  • One time I snuck up on a guy and threw a rock at his b****

  • We would get along great then because Im a guy who loves getting his b**** kicked by girls its extremely sexy to c** on your foot knee or thigh when you repeatedly ram it in my b maybe we can hook up for a date

  • I wanna be kicked in the b**** so bad pleaseeeeeeeee tell me where u are so I can come to u and where high heels to kick me right in the B-a-l-l-s please???????

  • I want to be kicked in the b**** with high heels so hard that I pass out or get kneed it does hurt but I want it to happen I keep getting threated to be kicked in the b**** but it never happens I wish it would a lot more then it does some men/boys don't care some like it (me) I just love it wen a girl kicks me in the b**** with high heels/grabs my b****/knees me in the b****/punches me in the b**** or even rides a bike over my b**** I luv wen stuff like that happens

  • I am in the Chicago area of the United States. I will meet any woman that believe she has the nerve to step on my b**** and I will let them do it to their heart's content. This is not a solicitation to women that are professionals that want to charge for this. This is a simple guy, looking for a simple woman to step on my b**** and see for herself that it does not hurt every man.

  • Dont be so pround dummy. Come and try at my country, you would be turn to s*** no one care if u a girl or not :v their parent never do such a thing but u do? Do u think they gonna let u step over their parent head? Nope they beat u too p***

  • My point is... it does not hurt all men and I am one that really enjoys a really hard groin stepping. Problem is, women can talk a good game, but when it is time to really do it, they back out or have excuses as to why the will not do it.

  • Stomp on my b**** please

  • Man you got alot of daddy issues dont you anyone that can get satisfaction from hurting another living should be shot in the head wtf is wrong with you stupid b**** i had one girl kick me in the b**** when i was in high school and she was dumb enough to sit there and taunt and laugh not thinking id recover eventually but i did and i knocked all of her teeth out out of her mouth you wanna talk about seeing fear in some ones eyes come kick me in the b**** id beat you to with in an inch of your life you can kill a man that way you evil hateful w****

  • Someone should stomp ur knee and make the joint bend he wrong way

  • What if a guy whonts u to send pics of ur heels and feet then him deiding he whonts u to kick him?

  • Yeah lets find a way to give them permanent birthing pains in revenge. Ur the type of psychopath who would most likely torture ppl and animals for fun, u disgust me. U shame the human race with ur disgraceful heatless acts. those who have power should never abuse it like u do, and instead use it to help the weak. If all women r like u, i can c y muslims and many other religions think of u as evil.

  • I would not hurt a animal just little boys who are weak and then i strike

  • You mean girls. Darn you. Maybe we should hit your va***. It hurts us really bad,( I recently got kicked in the b****). If you do it to everyone of us maybe you can have baby with your fathers

  • I am surprised how many girls enjoy kicking guy's in the b****. I've been kicked in the b**** a lot by at least 10-15 girls. Only one embarrassed me. Never thought it was possible for a 14 year old could drop a 24 year old and control him so easily.

  • Doe's it hurt

  • I find nowadays more younger girls are either more into ballbusting or just love having the power of being able to bring a grown man to his knees. I'm seing tenage girls walk up to grown men and just kicking them in the b**** because they can. And they know the guy can't get back up to chase them.

  • I had a friend of mine tell me that a teenage girl for two years was ballbusting him and if he tried fighting back he got it worse. He was to embarrassed to tell anyone and she knew it. She was 15 at the time and he was 28. He said to me imagine being a grown man on the ground holding your ball's begging a 15 year old girl to stop.

  • It happens more than you think because no matter your age your ball's are still going to be your weak spot. And younger girl's know this and will use it. If they want to kick, knee grab your b**** until you beg they know they have you and they know you are embarrassed and humiliated. And now they know they can easily make you do anything and if you resist they will knee your ball's into submission.

  • Mind kicking mine

  • And mine

  • Where can I meet you to get kicked

  • As a boy, I don't see anything wrong with it.

  • This girl kicked me in the b**** at the beach. She nailed me in the stomach and then jabbed her heel right into my left ball. I was in horrible pain, but she didnt care. She was laughing and thought it was funny. She said "Oh sorry. I didnt think you had any." That made me extremely mad, but i couldnt do anything because I was incapacitated and felt like my left ball was gone. After about two hours, i was able to walk so i found her and she tried to swim away, but accidentally kicked me in the b**** again. this time, it was a direct hit to both my tiny little b**** because when she started swimming, she hit me with the back of her heel and it went straight up to my b*******. I had a b**** because the girl i liked was there too. Because i had a b****, my d*** was facing up towards the sky, and my b**** were wide open. i wasin major pain and she didnt care because doesnt know what it feels like to be hit on the b**** because the has a v*****. Never hit a guy in the b****.

  • I want someone to kick me in the b**** please anyone please kick my b****

  • Just the thought of an attractive woman(or a group of women, preferably tall) who would honestly enjoy kicking me in the ballls(as hard as they're able) is a fantasy I've had for many years! Ideally, I'd be restrained so I'd be unable to move and the women would be giggling and laughing, with a big smile on their faces with every blow they landed! One of them even brought a golf club to use on my b****!! I only hope this can be arranged someday soon. If one of them has a desire to castrate a man, I'd be very willing to be her subject. She'd make me watch as she put my detached testes into the blender and cranked it up to high, laughing wildly the whole time ! How hotttt !!!!!!!

  • Me to

  • Me tooooooooo!

  • I know that horrible pain!!!

  • You're an awful human.

  • You sound like a dominatrix.

  • Why not do anything to u not because we scare of hit in the ball. My ball are not for your foot it for product next Generation.
    Only for law and rule . if there no rule or law u be death by over rape for sure

  • .....ummmmm.........what?

  • Ummmm what u don't think I can handle it

  • U didn't understand me I think your all talk and if u kick in the b***s I could handle it

  • I think your all talk and I don't think if u kick me in the b***s you could make me fall to the ground

  • Stop being such a c*** (this is coming from a lesbian)

  • Can I get kicked in my b****?

  • Id like you to try that to me lol

  • The chick who kneed me in the b**** when I was in college had the same attitude. She put me in the hospital and she nearly castrated me. She thought that it was funny. I never did get the chance to give her the knuckle sandwich which she deserved. I let her get away with it so now, knowing her, I'm sure that she's still laughing and bragging about it to her girlfriends at the bar and at Starbucks. That's why I hate ballkicking b******. They always get away with it - unless they try it on a cop.

  • That f***** up I should go and kick girls in their p**** for asking me out

  • B**** suck q d***

  • I love women who love kicking men in the b****.I regularly see a woman to torture my b****, repeatedly grabbing and squeezing, biting, punching, kneeing, and kicking. It really turns me on but really hurts

  • I'm a boy, s**** this

  • At the rate things are going, chivalry will be extinct soon and we'll be able to f****** clock b****** unconscious again.

  • If you only knew the pain it's terrible

  • I wish I was in the same school as you.
    I love being kicked in the b****. It hurts , but at the same time it turns me on.

  • I'm a girl and 11 its funny to me that boys have such weak little nuts between their legs just a little slight tap even hurts.I can't believe how much it hurts it hit my little bro there and was lying on the ground for a long time and than finally got back up and he tried to get me back and he hit me between my legs it didn't even hurt I laughed at him and told I'm a girl I'm not weak down there like you bro he was so upset haha I'm so glad I don't have puny b****

  • Please hit me in my b****

  • I kicked a boy really hard in the b**** with pointy high heels on. He was on the floor crying and he was really cute. I saw right up his shorts as he rolled around on the floor. I kick boys where it hurts all the time. I want to grab a boy there next time and feel him in the b****. It really hurts if you squeeze a boy in the b**** and i saw my friend do it to an older boy

  • I bet you kissed it since you hurt it too, didn't you? Ok, you're a guy! Duh

  • I love you

  • My b**** are not puny I bet you can't get me to the ground with one kick ur only 11 so you have the weak body and I think my nuts are stronger than your v*****.

  • I know it makes you angry but let's face it. Our b**** are weak OK! But we can sure handle the pain though it's terrible, ikr

  • If u like it why don't we meet up an see how much torture I can take

  • Pedophile murderer alert.

  • Wanna hit me in my b**** please?

  • Classic asking 11 yo girls to kick you in the b****.

  • I know you won't kick me the ball

  • I know if this girl knee me In The b**** she couldn't hurt me I know this for a fact

  • All men who are into ballbusting are also pedophiles. Just warning people.

  • All people not into ballbusting are terrorists. Just warning people.

  • All girls should hit, kick and squeeze our b****. That's what they are for. It doesn't injure them, it just makes us easy to deal with.

  • Will you kick my b**** until I'm curled up on the floor and then rape my a******?

  • I want the office milf to kick my b**** before abusing me.

  • B**** are you retarded? It is simlar to rape so end yourself.

  • I'm a girl and I don't like it I tried it on my brother who was 15 at the time I was 12 I liked it because of the Things he did to me all my life but not the look on the face ??

  • You can come and do it to me.

  • You shouldnt do it at all.

  • I wouldve beat your f***** ass

  • I love that all these comments of from masochists wanting nut stompings

  • Yeah idiots who want their b**** stomped, real men slap those people away if they try that s***.

  • Go f*** yourself, "Real Man!"

  • Girls NEED to hurt guy's b****. Guys, men, and boys need to know they are not in control of the world. They need to have their b**** mutilated if that is what it takes to get that all into their head. Their d**** and b**** do not any longer rule the world. For one. For two, their b**** are removable at puberty and can be used for a lifetime after the guy is gone. So reproduction no longer needs the male, the man, nor the boy after puberty. Boys need to get their rocks off by the removal of their d**** and their b**** by the girls so that the world can get on without them. It hurts. YES! But they, the boys, need to learn the hard way and the harder way and even the hardest way that they are not in control of their bodies anymore. Nor do they control the females' bodies at all at any female's age. Boys need to be trained to learn that the removal of their b**** and their c**** no longer endangers, at all, the population!!! Puberty is all that is required of them and their b**** can be stored forevermore. Their c**** and d**** can be cut, or trimmed, as they say, to demonstrate that the extremity of the p**** is no longer the ruler. Boys need to learn that their b**** are no longer theirs, nor is their body nor is their c***.

    Boys need to be controlled from age one!!! And their b**** is one tool to use to do it. Castration and c*** cutting at age 15 or so is another. Then they are either with it or not, or some other.

  • I agree. My brothers are growing up like that my mum tteache them a lesson and i love it i secretly watch. They are allowed to hit me in the vad but it doesn't hurt and i can kick them and knee them. At my school there is this girl who the boys say is hot and when they get clise they get a hard kbee right in the b****. It's awesome being a girl, i kucked my father there once and he fell to the ground it was so funny.

  • Please kick me

  • I will kill you you silly c***

  • That's an interesting idea. Take a 13 or 14 year old boy. Have a woman cut off his b**** and tell him, "little boy, these b**** belong to me now." Then keep them in a lab to produce sperm. Then, any time a woman wants to get pregnant, she can cultivate the sperm for her own use. If she has a girl, as her child grows up, she can tell her daughter, "Mommy made you with her b****." If she has a boy, she can donate his b**** when he grows into puberty.

  • Jewing intensifies.

  • U have a real problem...

  • Stfu you demonic b****. i wish you would try that s***. you would die you weak female.

  • Girls do control guys so easily by there b****. And guy's are stupid to underestimate them no matter the age. I find a lot of girls only hit the guy once and think they learned their lesson but you have to keep nailing him until he is begging for you to stop that's when you know you own him.

  • I hope Trumpriech crucifies you and sells your family to isis

  • You are a terrible terrible person... I really hope your joking

  • I really hope you don't have children. I would feel awful for the little baby you would put into slave labor.

  • Do you plan to get married and control your husband or maybe even have a stable of submissive men

  • You retarded feminazie, go to the real world not to the fantasie world.

  • That's very offensive to all Nazis. God bless Hitler 1488

  • Your f***** up am I the only girl here thats not insane sure there stupid sometimes but we don't have to cut their d**** of realty

  • I have pity for you.....if the only way for you to feel better than a man is removing his b**** and or p**** I'm sorry to tell you that you haven't got anything, and that you don't have anything inside of you that is really value of respect. Tons of woman are better than average man thanks for their sensibility, intelligence and respect for others, that's what bring you over others, been better then them for intelligence and social behaviour.

  • Women are in no way more superior to men, and by the way if a woman was to ever hit me I would beat her just as much as I would with a man.

  • U can kick me

  • Can you kick me in the b.... While barefoot

  • Can you kick me in the b****? I would love for you to do that.

  • Don't kick random guys in the nuts for free. That's stupid and you could end up in jail. Train to be a BDSM domme instead and you could get paid hundreds from each client. You don't have to have s** with them and the men will lick your feet and let you knee them in the crotch. Be smart about this and make serious money before some p***** off guy punches you in the face and break your nose.

  • Hack admin –> http://www.simplyconfess.com/admin

  • Naked, kneeling, hands tied behind my back and then kicked in the b****, perfect way to be dominated by a woman. I'd let you kick me daily in return for licking your feet clean mistress.

  • Cuck beta SUBHUMAN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Idiot

  • This must be consensual, for both sides. Some guys love ballbusting also (sexual game). If the boy agrees, okay.
    But if guy does not agree, then it is sexual assault.

  • Ouch!

  • I want to punch you in the c*** and rape your little a******

  • Can't you have amusement by kicking a dog in the b**** or something and see what happens?

    which is when it recovers your going to have a b***** bitten face when it gets to you and maybe the same we might do to you...or just pinch your b*** or cut it off maybe...

  • Look up Cosmic Karola on Myspace. She'll love you.

  • I read your post the other day and decided to get into it with guy at school so i can kick him in the b****. i did, and boy did i let loose on him, and youre right, its really a lot of fun. can't wait to do it again, maybe tomorrow.

  • U can hit my b****?

  • So did you kick another boy

  • No she got raped

  • Lol

  • Makes me laugh so much when girls think they can kick a guy in the nuts and get away with it.. The average boy is physically stronger than the average girl, so f-ck off.

  • I agree, bro. Those kinds of girls are really a pain. Luckily my gf isn't like that. She's fun sexually.

  • Rape the d-mn girl, nig

  • Absolute nignoggery

  • Omg no

  • Your aliens have a point where we can keep your a**** in order lol I will grab on your hair and pull on it then you'll listen to the Supreme s** that killed themself for your protection you f****** idoits

  • Oh did you puny weakling know you have a f****** point where we f*** you up to keep your ass in order called pulling on your alien hair that's f****** everywhere I did it to my GA she acted like I was the god of creation cause she knows I will pull on it

  • Hey girl read this
    this is during i having s** with my bf
    well, he just withdrew his d*** after he was done and without satisfying me.........so i just kneed him right in his b**** and the he all on the floor and then i stomped on his d***

    ha ha ha guys are pigs
    actually wee are meant to rule

  • Burn your daughters c*** off lol 😈

  • Let me guess, he broke up with you?

  • Stupid n***

  • Lol in but you don't have to do that to boys I'm a girl BTW

  • Piece of s**** c unt b itch go die

  • You're a f.uckin oiece of shot c.unt go die b.itch

  • ...well this is just really really really really f***** up I wouldn't want to do that to my boyfriend cause he is a f****** monster of a man he could hurt me more than that and I know he can

  • I wish I knew you. i'm a guy and I fanaticise about a girl kicking me in the b****.

  • You dont deserve them then.

  • You guys are a bunch of p******.
    I've never known a girl who could kick me in the b**** hard enough to hurt.
    Suck it up you p******, take it like a man and stay on your feet.

  • I know right, women are weak.

  • There have been plenty of cases around the world of male or female either "kicking" some male in the b**** OR "squeezing" them and the guy winds up dying. You can DIE that way. In a lot of males it causes a coronary shock and then the female is charged with Murder. Google it. ANY woman messes with my b****, I will meet her again and throw battery Acid on her face. I suggest any other dude that has their b**** (and their lives) messed with, do the same. One lil cup of battery acid on their face and that bittch wont be dooing that EVER again trust me.

  • Why didn't I think of battery acid ? All I thought of was Holocaust

  • Heh. I guess that's the only way left

  • Yea them b****** are c**** they think they over rule us by kicking us in the b**** f*** them we men are much more stronger and dude yea battery acid nice they wont f*** with you or anyof us guys

  • Lol we are equal I only kicked a guy in the nuts once my brother he was bullying me so and woman and men can both rule

  • She'd probably kick you in the b**** and you'd end up with the acid all over yourself.
    Then you'd really cry you little baby.
    And nobody ever dies from a kick in the b****. You'd have to be a real p**** to die from it.

  • Lol these idiotic feminazies should have acid poured all over their face.

  • That's offensive to Nazis 1488

  • F*** you, yes you can. And its not because you are a p****. Da f**? It's a sensative spot and differs with everyone

  • Yeah, I wouldn't hit you, either. However, I WOULD have you arrested for assault and battery, and sue the living s*** out of you and make every moment of the rest of your pitiful existence so horrible you'd wish you were dead. So,yeah, hope you never make the mistake of trying that s*** on me.

    Also, you are the single biggest piece of s*** I have ever seen in my life.

  • I would'nt care if you're a sweet girl or not if you randomly kicked me in the d***, I'd f****** drop kick you and knock you out b****.

  • Don't forget the neck slitting !

  • Ouch

  • We can no longer confess on this website. They have removed naughty posts and if you try to confess something nothing happens.

  • Some guys "like" this.

    I am what is known as a submissive guy. When I upset or disappoint myself or my wife I submit to punishment. For me it is cathartic. Cleansing if that makes sense in any twisted way.

    She gets to choose the punishment. One way is to kick me in the b****. Whatever she chooses, I accept. I stand there and she gets ready and kicks as hard as she can. It hurts like h*** and I double over in pain. Usually she will do at least two time so that it is really painful. I just stand there.

    After though I feel sort of light. Forgiven in a way. Certainly I feel like I am starting afresh.

  • Idiotic thing to do bro

  • Shut the h*** up and stop jerking off to posts on here.. Jesuschrist.

  • Why would you want to better kicked in the b**** that hurts like heck one time some girl walked up to me and just kicked me in the b****

  • The "I'm just a girly girl, you can't hit me!" thing is pretty reliable, I'm sure. But keep it up and one day your going to come across an outlier. A guy who, when he gets kicked in the nuts, sees red and will break your skull like porcelain. It's happened to better for less.

  • Well...getting kicked in your b**** by a girl for no or very little reason is considered sexually assaulting him but I will laugh so hard if he takes it then 180 degree turns and puts a hole through your head lol

  • Well said ! ☺

  • The thing is that it ISNT some "tiney girl" its some freakazoid MAN saying that , who has a ball kicking fetish. Period. He deserves his nutz cut off.. but then he'd prob like that too.

  • Lol
    I love to be busted
    One day my gf invited her friends and that day she squeeze my b**** so hard and invited her frinds to do it and I love that
    She always do it to me and I love it to she control me
    She's hand is always in my pant

  • Fetish

  • To all you sicko perv's on here. Get out of here with your sicko fetish and go to an adult site with that garbage.

  • Good job now you are going to get all the creepy ballbusting fetish/pedophiles who enjoy this sick fetish.

  • Eh it's pretty f***** up. We can't really help it but I will say that they need to get the f*** off this post as it's clearly not for them. See, we're not all f****** pervs.

  • You think it's funny and cute having power over people by taking advantage of their respect for you as a girl and kicking their nuts? I hope you keep doing it then! Because one day a guy is not going to be so amused and he's going to get to stare you in the face and knock you out. Or you will try it on some military or Kung fu like guy who sees it coming and makes quick work of you. Keep being your sexist bigoted itself! Because one day you will meet those guys who really are sexists too (unlike all the guys who shrug it off later because they aren't LIKE YOU) and don't care squat about respecting girls and will pummel you to the ground.

  • Get your spikey heels on and kick me till they pop

  • Idiot idiot

  • Why not ask i would gladly say yes if you wore spikey shoes

  • Stupid

  • Omg I LOVE kicking boys in the b****!!!! as soon as my foot makes contact, I get to see their face contorted and twisted as they lay at my feet writhing and squirming in AGONY!!! It pleases me SO MUCH as I bite my lip and tower over them, and getting to hear them squeal like piglets! So vulernable, pathetic, and holding themselves.

  • Hit me please

  • Lol slit your stomach open Satan

  • Trrl

  • Id love for you to tell me how you would cut my b**** off

  • Hi hottie love 4 you to ballbust me and tell me how you would cut my b**** off

  • Love 4 u to ballbust me and tell me how u would cut my b**** off

  • Kick and destroy my b**** b**** (if you dare)

  • Don't do that. They will end up not being able to make babies...You are destroying them. Never do that again. It's not nice.

  • Please do my b**** as well.

  • I love it when a girl kicks me in the b****. Not sure what it is but it is such a turn on form me.

  • Its called a fetish bro, get some help

  • Kick my b**** please!!!!

  • Weird

  • Will you kick me in the b****? I'll send my address if you do

  • Freak

  • If any girls in atlantawould want to hurt men b**** plzsend me a message in my email at delsinrowe24@gmail.com

  • O im talkng about my b**** but plz contact at delsinrowe24@gmail.com

  • Boys need to have their b****, that is, testicles, hit, smacked, squeezed, or 'pained', to control them. Otherwise they will not learn respect. Especially the best looking guys who figure their cuteness and good looks simply earn them all free play with girls. (The same for their p****, ass, and face. The better looking they are the more frequent the training needs be applied.) This is not 'sexual', however it might also figure that way for so many. Boys need to have their behavior, and sexual behavior, controlled and subject to female permissions. Otherwise, the boys will form armed assaults against women, as in Africa, for example, where 'free' men take whole groups of women for slavery and then for sale.

  • I hope Isis gets you and your family. God can't save you now ! X

  • Cool post

  • You people are sick f**** I'm a girl and I'm not phsycos like you

  • Shut the f*** up b**** that is the stupidest s*** ive ever heard, if i ever met you i would kill you. Thays a threat AND a promise c***.

  • F*** yourself.

  • I will do anything for a woman who abuses my b****. No s**, just kick me hard and make me obey.

  • Idiot stupid

  • All women ought to learn how to control men. The more intelligent they are the easier it is. Get them drunk, tie them up, play with them and deny them climax until they are going out of their minds. Then start laying down conditions. I have been totally controlled by a dominant wife for many years, and I love it. It doesn't take much to hurt sensitive areas, especially if applied constantly. If you have no control over what happens to you, it becomes addictive, and you will look for ways to make it happen. For example, I find a $100 bill to be discovered along with my already helpless form, guarantees a memorable weekend of torment, teasing, torture, and t******* abuse.

  • So rape apply to women? Ok then.

  • I bet if you kick me in the b**** I think I could handle it

  • All I have to say try it for real! Then go to jail for assault then the real control of stupid b****** begins in womens prison where they molest pieces of s*** just exactly like you! Then if its lucky you like it and become another bigger butches w**** for the rest of your days? Talk is cheap have at it asap!

  • It's guys like you that lead to women wanting to do stuff like this. You are obviously a woman-hater, in search of a doormat, and God help any female stupid enough to fall under your control.

  • Shut the f*** up b****, you'r obviously a man hater cuz you agree with this s***, get the f*** out of here. Its dumbasd women like you that are making men beat the f*** out of their wives and gfs. You're f****** pathetic, go kill yourself.

  • Yeah he is the bad guy here and not this girl that sais that all guys should be kicked in the groin by woman just for their pleasure

  • I can't believe the nonsense being told here. I have been zapped a few times in the nuts by girls BUT I retaliated. These girls really thought that they were ultra cool. All in all i was kicked/kneed on 4 different occasions and it is the ONLY time ever that I punched a woman's lights out. I dropped and jumped back up in such a rage I could have totally annihilated those stupid people. Just two punches one in the guts and then an upper cut. Lights out baby and they never ever ever tried this s*** again. DEAD SIMPLE dudes. They were scared shitless after this surprise after having made guys grovel.I can't believe that you stand and cry or whine and let it happen again.

  • Men should never hit women, unless the women hit (kick) them first. A man has a right to defend himself and to prevent any violence against his person. So try it with me, stupid, and see how you go.

  • Nope they deserve everything they get, including rape.

  • Another no-life with a ballbusting fetish. Get off the internet and go get married already.

  • I agree with you.

  • Me second

  • Your comment(s) would lead a person to believe that you've been through some abuse and that this sadistic behavior is in reality only a retaliation for past hurt done to you.
    I'd be careful if I were you. Some of these people might have violent tendencies towards you in the very near future. God forbid you end up with some serious injuries in retaliation for pain you inflicted.
    Also, if one of these boys has a sister who's a serious soccer player and she decides to return the favor by kicking you in the p**** like she would a soccer ball, I guarantee you'll be on the ground in pain as well...
    When you finally grow up, you'll cherish other people and even guys' b**** (unless you're already a rape victim, which might explain some of this behavior, or if you're already a professed lesbian}.
    Oh and proofread your material before submitting it. There's no reason for you to misspell simple words.

  • When we go to a wrestling match or movie my girl friend always loves to see guys in wrestling or boxing bleed or in
    mixed s** wrestling a guy get hit in the nuts. She then puts a sweater or coat over my lap and unzips my pants and plays with my d*** or squeezes my nuts for quite a while.
    in the car she always holds my d*** or b**** and sometimes
    makes me c** by j********** or squeezing my b**** until I c**. She calls me her s** s*** and this gal cannot leave my d*** and b**** alone ever one lucky guy

  • Damn your girl friend sounds like the 35 year old teacher I am dating. There is no where we go she doesn't hold my d*** or b**** and in the car suck and licks on me all the time. Same thing in movies, resturants, sports events, always holds my d*** and squeezes the b****. on several times I have c** in her hand and she will right then and there take her hand out of my pants and lick it clean then laugh. In movies or sports when she sees a guy get hit in the nuts she goes crazy, and when we get home she wants to have s** for hours and tell me how wet and sexy she feels seeing a guy in pain from a hit in the nuts. Down side she hits, kicks, knees, or squeezes my nuts all the time. favoriate is kicking me in the nuts then making me eat p**** while she squeezes or hits my nuts time and time again until I finally c** from getting hit in the b****.

  • I'd love you to kick my b**** HARD over and over, only stopping if I suck c**** for you. Lots of c****. Rent out my mouth - kicking my b**** if I don't do as you demand.

  • STOP WITH THE F***** *'s I'm 11 so idk what the h*** your talking about w/ all those damn thinges

  • They are freaks man dont worry, they will end up in jail eventually.

  • Wow dude, I remembered one time me and my wife were f****** at the climax she squeezed my b**** and the freaking s**** shot out like a watergun

  • My gf invited her friends over and said that she was going to do a trick, she made me lie down and STOMPED MY F****** B****. And then she took it out in front of her friends and invited them to SQEEZE it. The funny thing is that I enjoyed it a lot. And when I tell my girlfriend that, she invited her friends again.

  • F****** idiot, end yourself.

  • Try getting them to tie you up first. They may not be quite so brutal, if they have total control, and find out how much fun it is to deny a h**** male satisfaction, for hours on end, while making him do exactly what they want!

  • Me n my friend went to the movies and then he saw his ex n then started flirting when she get annoyed she push him to the ground n stomp his b****. I call her a feisty b**** n she almost pulverized my b**** too but I guess she like me so she let me go. That was a close call and a terrifying one, man.

  • Punch her lights out.

  • My gf stood on my b**** and freaking jumped on them. Which one is meaner, tha jumping part or that she was wearing high heels

  • Both

  • One time a girl squeezed my b**** but I didn't go down instead I busted her b**** I wonder why so many of us guys can't fight back like me

  • If u are very hot and sexy can you squeeze my b****, and play, punch, kick, or anything. I love it when girls do that to me and I love watching it. But no girl do that to me cos they like me too much

  • My girlfriend took my b**** out of my pants and in front of ALL HER FRIENDS she squeezed my b**** really hard. And then when we were
    f****** she grabbed my b**** really hard 2. She also like to bite my d*** during b******

  • Knock her out.

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    really funny post!!

    if any girl want to chat about this please let me know. i also can busted my own b****.

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  • You can punch,kick,slap,stomp,elbow,whatever to my b**** as many times as you want,for as long as u want;u can even hang me by my b**** for 10-30mins.

  • Are you freakin mental?

  • Get out off here you perv's what part of there are kids on here don't you understand?

  • Wow troll much? This was obviously written by a guy with mental issues. Get some professional help.

  • Email me if u really want to make me your foot boy I can take lots of pain

  • I would let u kick an stomp an step on my b**** as hard and how ever bad you want I would love to b your foot boy being under your control at an under your feet I'd even kiss an lick the bottom of your shoes when u take brakes from kicking and stomping the h*** outta my b****

  • A******.

  • I would let Brenda and any woman do that to me anytime

  • D******* freak

  • When I was in the 8th grade some girls were in the school yard playing handball this dude named John went over to the girls and took the ball and ran off with it. This girl named Brenda chased him and caught up to him and pushed him against the fence, she was trying to get the ball from him so he raised the ball over his head and held with both hands to keep it from her. While he had his back against the fence, his legs wide open and his hands above his head, she slammed her knee under and up right into his b****. He said β€œOh S***, my b****” and dropped the ball. The he walked a couple of feet forward and laid on the ground with his legs bent wide apart, feet flat on the ground and his knees up. He unbuckled and unzipped his pants and reached in and held his b**** while he was groaning, moaning, and rolling from side to side. I could tell that he was really in a lot of pain. I said to my friend Craig β€˜why is he laying there like that, she only hit his d*** with her knee. Craig said NO, she got his b****! and he’s lucky she walked away because she could have stomped him in his b**** too.

  • Brenda is now a w****.

  • Heck. Brenda is very mean.

  • I love Brenda. My kind of woman.

  • Go Brenda!!!

  • You go girl! Nail a few for me!

  • You know what I like? I like watching UFC fights when one of the fighters gets kicked in the nuts. That always cracks me up, lol. I like seeing big, strong guys act like little b****** when they get a good one right in the nuts. I love it. Somehow it appeals to the woman in me and inspires me to kick more doofus guys in the nuts, lol.

  • Who hired you?

  • It's fake, r*****.

  • Please, please, kick that little f***** Meow in the b****.

  • Freakazoids

  • Yes! Do that! He sucks!

  • I love it too! I love how they get this WTF pained looked on their faces and fall down holding their boys, lol. It always cracks me up when I bust their arrogant b****. I love it!!!

  • B****

  • You have inspired me! I just found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me with some s****. Next time I see him I am going to kick him in the b****, that p****!

  • Yeah and kick the other w**** in the cooch too.

  • And you girls can get away with it!!! If we hit you we go to jail!!! If you knee or kick us in the b**** society says we must have done something to deserve it anyway!!! We are supposed to be the stronger s** and we are actually the weaker inferior s** because of our unprotected vulnerable sensitive b****. You can exert power over us by using this weakness to your advantage to make you the superior s**!!! You are right it is fun and funny for you and does make you feel like a queen of the world with all of the power, because when you kick us in the b**** it is the worst pain we have ever felt in our life and it renders us unable to fight back at all!!!

  • Nope not me, knocked the b****** lights out.

  • If girls hit boys, no problem, but if boy hit girls then, te boy goes to jail, very very unfair.

  • You are so right. After a boyfriend broke my heart and I kicked him in the b****, I loved it. I have a big body bag I practice kicking in the b**** so I will not lose my skill. I painted a d*** and b**** on it. That way I can hit the target easily when I have to put a jerky guy in his place. I even taught my girlfriends how to do it. All of them have kicked the crap out of a guy's b**** who deserved it. We call ourselves The Ball Busters. And we rule!

  • So afterwards you got raped, good story.

  • Wow come and take me on my b**** need a good busting.

  • Can u kick myne? Ad pay u

  • Youre a b****, i hope you get a severe case of herpes, and you lips look like two burnt pieces of bacon from it, then you die a slow death......

  • Whoa, there superstar. Flattery will get you nowhere. Now STFU and go play with that teensy thingy of yours. You know what? You are just the kind of j*** a kick in the b**** would be a life changing event for. That's what you need to knock that meanness out of you.

  • Well your an Angel btw i wear a cup so kick me and Ill kick you down there.

  • Hey, f*** you, dumbass p****. Stop bullying this guy, she does deserve it. What are you a r***** or something?

  • This is really f***** up that girls like to kick guys in there b**** for fun cause u can make it so guys cant have kids or a familly. how would u like it if u couldnt have kids with the one u luv cause this girl kept kicking u in the b**** just for fun. i see why so many of my ass hole guy friends r so rude n treat girls like s*** cause u thank its funny to just f*** a guys life of just for a life. u girls r all f***** in the head if u thing f****** a guys life up just for ur laugh n fun is right.

  • F*** you I'm not f***** up in the head my brothe . Got hit there by me but he was bullying me and I kicked some girl in the p**** cuz she kicked my other brother there I'm against ballbusting unless its in self defense or bullying

  • Bullying deserves pain

  • Heh, heh. When I see a guy looking at me with l*** or if he says inappropriate stuff, I open my arms like I'm going to give him a hug and say come here Baby. Because all guys are pervs and want to feel my t*** against them, they always fall for this. Once I get my arms around a guy I knee him in the b**** and laugh my ass off watching the sucker squirming on the ground in pain. I love teaching guys lessons like that. Guys are soooo easy to mess with lol.

  • F*** u ur an alien now go f*** ur self u b****

  • Stop pretending to be a girl. You're obviously a guy who is mentally ill.

  • U can hurt my b**** all u want, jason29.jj@gmail.com

  • Get off troll

  • Do to me if you dere

  • Oh man that is so damn unfair that you women can use your feminine ways to exert and exercise great power over us men!!! I know because I had this happen to me!!! I kept staring at this hot girl and making comments to her about her great body!!! She started acting all sexy and flirting and then she started rubbing up against me and smiling. I thought oh man this is great I am going to get some loving!!! She wrapped her arms around me and I thought she was going to kiss me and it turned my brain to mush and I was so unaware and offguard and she kneed me really hard right in the b****!!! I fell to my knees at her feet and as I looked up at her towering above me in power, she took my face in her hands and laughed at me and said now you behave!!! It taught me a real lesson and yes you girls have it over us guys because you really can mess with our minds so easily by using your sexual powers over us to take control of our weak minds, it does not just happen in the movies it happens in real life!!!

  • Its wrong bro

  • I was at a neighborhood association meeting when a single neighbor woman pretended she twisted her ankle wearing thongs and fell into my lap elbowing me in the nuts. Then she put her hand in my crotch and squeezed my b**** hard while getting up. She whispered in my ear while she was getting up for me to stay after the meeting so she could f*** me and squeeze the c** out of me while f****** me. She did and wow I could not believe how much you can c** if a gal squeezes your b**** when you climax. She drained me dry. We now meet at least several times a week for my ball milking treatment and she wants to do it more. She also has a ball kicking, hitting and squeezing fetish.

  • Don't do this just for your information let's say yo kicked a boys b**** in 9 th grade 7 years later he can't have kids he could sue you for every thing you have

  • Kicking, punching, stomping, or kneeing a guy's b**** will almost never stop him from having kids. A guy's b**** are very sensitive but they can also withstand lots of trauma. Guys punch and kick other guys in their b**** all the time without causing any permanent damage, just a lot of pain. Women and girls kick and knee guys in their b**** and guys get hit, punched and kicked during sports but very few get any real damage, just intense pain. This guy I used to live with had beautiful, big floppy b****. I would get him naked in bed or in the shower and I used to pull the sac and squeeze his nuts real hard over and over until he couldn't move. I used to punch him in his b**** all the time and a couple of times I slammed my knee right into his dangling sac and smashed both his b**** real good , I even made one of his b**** swell up twice. Most of the time he would wait for most of the pain to go away and grudge bang me real long and hard. His b**** never got any permanent damage. Most of these stories about permanent ball damage aren't true. It's just a lot of hype and very rarely happens.

  • I need to get busted message me dbaker seven zero four at yaho

  • I want to be kicked In the b**** by a girl as she walks off and laughs. How do u get a girl to kick you in the b****?

  • You dont not in civilised worlds.

  • Lol, we are talking about my favorite fetish here! I've been kicked in the nuts by 219 chicks and upwards of 10,000 times in total. And I'm still fertile so throw that stereotype out the window. Been active for 7 years and just like Lay's chips, no girl can kick just once. Ive rarely been denied when I've asked, and I am very capable of taking multiple kicks. there is a post on youtube of me getting kicked 212 times str8 in under 5 mins with timberland boots. Any girl looking to find a willing human soccer ball in the MD/PA area, feel free to let me know. I pay on occasion, usually only for soccer players/track runners or martial arts girls.

  • Just kick the dog's b**** n see wht will happen?

  • I am ur dog

  • Why dont u try it on ur dad or ur grandpa?...xD

  • I love it when a woman repeatedly punches, knees and kicks me in the b**** really hard. Hurts like h***, but I really enjoy it! Any women out there interested, message me at lloydmark57 at yahoo dot com.

  • Odd boy

  • Whenever my brother used to annoy me I'd grab his b**** and make him kneel down so he could beg for me to stop. I used to squeeze them so hard that he'd begin to cry in pain. The funny thing is that he was far bigger and stronger than me but luckily, like every other guy out there, he had that one weakness that I was happy to exploit. I guess he just had to be taught his place.I prefer squeezing a guys b**** in my hand because I can easily control the pain and he pretty much can't defend himself. Once I ACTUALLY started masturbating secretly just thinking about squeezing my bothers b**** haha

  • Do you also m********* while secretly thinking of squeezing your dad's b****, your grandpa's b**** or your cousin's b****?...or any other family member's jewels? Seriously, thinking of your brother like that is just weird! You might want to get some professional help... very soon! Don't even think of jerking any of them off or worse sucking them off!

  • Once you have got us by the b**** it is all over for us!!! There is just no way we can fight back against that!!! You are now in total control and can get us to do anything that you want!!!

  • Nope punch her in the t***.

  • I had two younger sisters that used to do the same thing to me - grab my b****. It started when I was maybe 9, and the last couple times I was 16. Such a feeling of helplessness! There's nothing you can do but beg.

  • He is an idiot, no one should do this s***.

  • Is your sack long? If it is, did they pull your b****, twist an squeeze real hard? Tell us how it felt when they grabbed your b****.

  • Wonderful! Best way to do this as described. It is important, from time to time, to remind men that their weakest link is their b****. Whether via pleasure or pain. It is the heart to their control. Thank you for the post!

  • Well this is a bit twee here without a lot of disclaimers called 1 in 100 die from this animalisticness of kicking, punching, squeezing, crushing any form of abusing a male's genitals is a sexual assault, so any of you, anywhere, whomever, if you have been a little b**** and have been exploiting the rule of girl hit boy, no problem boy hit girl, jail for boy because girls have the strength of a twig.

    also this is just f***ed up overall so yeah... so we can't punch you in the b*** so hard that it will expload?

  • TRUE! But you have to get the b**** good! Grab, pull, twist, and squeeze the b**** hard is best, or you can uppercut a punch under the p**** and right into the b****. If you don't want to get too close you should power kick your foot right up into his dangling sac and smash his hanging b**** good.

  • F****** die in a hole b**** and it also apply to the b**** who made this s***** comment.

  • The very best Way is to get a Guy that is Not remotely expecting it , Dress Nice , Cute , Feminime , then Flirt with Him a Little ..Come up Close , make sure Its a Clear Area in the B**** , Try and get him right in the Middle of the Two B**** . Be Super Quick , and Go as hard as you Can with the Knee or the Flat foot ( you need more Clearance for This ) ..

    Its Great Fun , and Just So Funny ..Dont make an Excuse , just tell him he's been a " General Pest " when he is Lying on the Ground , Enjoy your Moment , Laugh and Smile a Lot .

    Its all is the Set - Up ..It seems like it Really Hurts . :)

  • That is so true if you are dressed sexy and show some b**** and legs and act sexy and feminine, our brains turn to mush and you can easily knee or kick us in the b****!!! We let our guard down and our vulnerable balss go unprotected!!!

  • Disgusting. All of you are perv. This site should be shut down et all of you should be in jail. Stories of pedophilia and child abuse. Beurk!

  • It Really is Great Fun to Give Guys a " Wack in their Sack " I would also encourage more Girls to Give It a Try . Dont worry about needing reason , the Best Ever BallBust is always completely Unexpected , line them up and Give them a Good Knee while you Pull Down on the Shoulders .

    The Best way is to Present at your Most Very Feminine , then you will get away with much more . As they are Screaming on the Ground , they will always Scream " Why " ?? ..Just always Giggle and Laugh , and tell them they Annoyed you , Its extremely empowering .

    Go and Try some Random guy Today :) ..and please report back ..Go Girls ! ha ha ha ha . Its Real FUN .

  • Also your giving them the 2nd most painful feeling on the planet the only thing that hurts more is...well kidney stones

    also you weaklings would not be able to handle the 2nd most painful thing on the planet so I approve this message to all poor ones who had to have one for doing either nothing or just plain old perverts you can do it to pervs but don't just do it because of nothing

  • Oh so your attempting to kill boys because you think your better than them?also you can kill someone just by doing that if you give the poor guy a heavy one he will throw up blood and then after 30 minutes he will be on the floor in a pool of blood you murderers!cause one of my friends died cause he was walking down the street then found that a very hot girl... or alein was following him he dismissed the thought until he got a solid smash in the sack from behind then the alien...I mean girl stomped and stomped 15 to 25 times on his sack while he was petrified on the ground then the alien left him throwing up blood with two busted b**** on the ground nearly 5 minutes later...dead on the ground *sob* I will miss Johnny...he was an nice guy but then murdered by a girl for fun...*sniff*

  • That is so true you do not even need a reason to kick us guys in the b****!!! You girls can just kick us in the b**** and when we ask why you did that you say just because we can!!! Why did you kick me in the b****... because they were there!!! The best thing to do and we fall for it every time is to go to a bar and wear a real sexy short skirt and garter stockings and sit on a real high bar stool and cross your legs. Sooner or later a guy will come up to you and start feeling our leg and put your foot under his b**** and start to rub them with your foot. He will be in such a state of ecstacy and euphoria you can catch him off guard and then pull your foot down and then bring it up fast and hard with a kcik to his b****!!!

  • You idiots need to get checkups from the mental institution.

  • How do u get a girl to do that I want to be kicked in the b**** how do you make a girl do that?

  • All you freaks need to go to the hospitals to get your mental state checked up. F****** idiots.

  • I kicked my 16 year old boyfriend in the b**** and he was like "OWW F*** F*** F*** MY F****** B****!!!!!!! "

  • Kicking is lame and weak and easy to guard against. It's much better to walk up close to your boyfriend or guy and casually slide your hand down into his pants. then gently rub his d*** once or twice, this will cause him to relax and become more vulnerable, he'll even spread his legs wider apart. that's when you feel for his ball sac and if his sac is loose and hanging, you get one of his b**** firmly in your hand and yank it down (stretch his ball cords)and squeeze his nut like you squeeze a sponge as hard as you can, only get ONE of his b**** (preferably the left nut, it's usually the smaller and weaker nut)If you try to grab both b**** they may slip out of your hand and squeezing one hurts much more. He'll be so totally weak and nearly paralysed while you squeeze his nut, and his other nut will just be hanging there so you can easily do the same to that ball. Both of his b**** will be swollen and he'll be walking funny for about a week. Now, if his ball sac is tight don't try the yanking and squeezing. Gently slide your hand out of his pants and he will still be vulnerable with his legs spread apart, so drive your knee upward (not forward)full force directly into his shriviled tight ball sac. The tight sac will hold his nuts in place so your knee will likely slam into both b**** at once, but slam your knee up into his sac TWICE quickly to be sure you hit each nut. Either way, you'll be able to just walk away while he's either doubled over in pain or curled up on the ground in agony holding his sore swollen b****, that's unless you want to hang around to do a little more damage. In that case, if he's doubled over from the squeezing you can push his shoulders back, push his hands aside and slam you knee right in his nuts. If he's curled up on the ground from the kneeing, you can grab both of his legs lift the up and apart, kick his hands way from your target,and stomp on his b**** as many times as you want He won't be able to move.

  • Also I'd rape you when I recovered if u managed to succeed which probably a 1% chance you f****** kokot yeah you heard me b****

  • It alway f****** puts two there f***!

  • You all will die in h*** for you fetishes.

  • That's really f***** up most would falcon punch your face if you slide your weird ass hand down his pants and if you rubbed his d*** he would have a very likelyness to push you on the ground and and if you were feeling for his b**** he'd knock you out so unless he thinks that you want to have s** so that isn't a good way to torture the poor guy so no that won't work on most of them...and that's really f***** up just thinking about that so your retarded

  • Is it really the left nut? I squeezed my bf's left n right one and asked himwhich one hurt more he said that it was the right one.

  • If you do this to some annoying j***, you can be sure that he will never bother you again. If you do this to your boyfriend, he will probably love and cherish you for the rest of his life because he'll know that he can respect you and he had to look up to you while you was kneeing him doubled over or while he was on the ground looking up at you and seeing that you can be powerful also by stomping on his b****. The main thing he'll know is that now the most precious things on his body and the symbols of his manliness not only belongs to him but they belong to you also. When the swelling goes down and his b**** are back to normal he's going to want to make fierce love to you to show you that he's still a man and just how strong everything about his manhood is. Very sensitive but tough and not easily destroyed. He's even going to tell his friends what happened. He'll say,I was messing over my girl and guess what she did. His friend will say,I know she started crying and broke up with you, then he'll say, no, she busted my b**** big time, the friend will say ,how did she do that? he'll say she actually did, man she beat the s*** out of my b****,She f***** my nuts up! First she played with my d*** and I thonght she wanted s** to hold on to me but then she smashed both of my nuts with her right knee. Man that s*** was so painful I fell down holding these bad boys. Then my gir walked over to where I was laying and I looked up at her and she reached down, so I thought she was going to try to help me up but she grabbed both of my legs and lifted them up like spread eagle then she kicked both of hands away from my nuts and she stomped me right in my b**** real hard, 4 times. My b**** were in pain & bruised, and these bad boys were swollen for over a week. I know she wanted me to know what it feels like to have your weak spot exploited like I exploited hers when by mistreating her. Now these nuts belong to me and her for always.So I told her, "my b**** are your b**** forever".

  • Stupid people with weird fetishes, love to see you all being hanged.

  • I'd arrest you if I could but the law says for a ass worth reason you can't hit a b**** cause you'll be arrested for trying to defend yourself and also if you want to hit me in the sack then you'lol have a nice broken foot because I won't budge from your weak ass not like any of us has thought of getting a steel f****** plate to protect your weak point so when they try they either break their foot or f*** their puny "fist" up you f****** perverts kicking them in their point just to feel powerful and a son of a b****

  • P.S You are weakling

  • Also P.S try another thing than kicking us the sack a approve that they will f*** your ass harder than anyone has before you a****** weird looking aliens of "human beings"

  • Actually, no. If my Girl friend did this to me I would punch her in the b*** eight times harder than she kicked me. But I would do it when she doesn't expect it so I can be an ass hole like all of you.

  • I'm sure you are still with your boyfriend.

  • I have kicked a guy in the nuts so hard he started crying ( i am sixteen ( did it yesterday ) and he was 15 ) i did it at high school and yeah , he started screaming and crying , I loooooooooooooved it!! , he was so cute when he was curling up in a ball on the ground. :DD

  • Ur cute u f****** kokot

  • Go fuc yourself your an alien now go give up and die in a fire you Nigerian a******

  • Did you kick him barefoot

  • Kill yourself b**** seriously.

  • When I moved to the country seems like every gal in the 12 to 16 year old bracket loved to kick guys in the nuts. Seems like almost every day for some reason at school, on the bus, or back home in the neighborhood some gal would squeeze, hit, or kick me in the b****. One gal bragged she had kick almost 150 guys in the nuts and most times at least 4-6 times before she would quit. She always wanted you on the ground begging to die while she stood above you and giggled. Well grown up time now she is a dom on the net and makes her living doing what. You guessed it kicking and torturing guys in the nuts.

  • Kick that guys b**** up somewhere near his throut.then kick him in the pecker soooooo hard,he will say,i now have a v*****.

  • Soon your going to be raped in the corner b**** u deserve it for 1. being a parasite like a b**** do it oh also if you don't know what that means it's called using a well good man to your advantage and using all HIS stuff and ask for things then your gonna want more and more and more until he can't handle you and he turns into a homeless man which was once a very respectable gentleman until you,the parasite comes along and turns him into a hobo that's very nice of you to do to him 2. Just plain kicking unsuspecting guys in the sack for your amusement, wow...that's just sad... your devilish ways have been exposed now you ass now go to the deep flames of h*** where you came from you unholy spirit of the devil

  • YOU SADISTIC W****! What's wrong with you? Why do you do that? One day your gonna kick the wrong guy and he's gonna kick your v***** so hard that your cervix would fall right out. Or perhaps Getting punched in the b**** so hard your nipples pop off. Either way you deserve it. BURN IN

  • Thank-You for that. Yes some day all the girls that think this is O/K by god that Man will punch those girls in the B****,, stomach, face even or maybe use a knife on her face..

  • My husband has admitted to me that he likes me to hurt his testicles. It is something I would never have done before we had children but now we are both in our forties and have had our family, I am not so worried about damaging him and we can indulge his fetish.
    I thought I would hate it, but in fact I have grown to love doing it and find that I am now the one that instigates it.
    It has totally transformed our relationship! Before, I was always submissive to him, and in awe of his strength.
    Now, I find it tremendously empowering to hurt his testicles; the source of his superior strength, and the very symbol of his masculinity.
    I regularly double him up in agony with punches, kicks and knees and stand over him holding my own crotch, pretending to be in pain then laughing and ridiculing him. What I really love though is holding his testicles in my hand and making him beg me to stop squeezing! This actually gets me sexually excited and I often have a powerful o***** rubbing my c*** as I do this.
    To be honest I think he regrets getting me into it so any guys that share this fetish should be careful what they wish for!

  • Your totally right

  • I've heard other women say that they wouldn't mind injuring their husband's testicles since they are through having children. I guess this means they wouldn't mind actually destroying his testicles and forever depriving him of penetrative s**. This really is hot - that wives figure they can get sexual pleasure anywhere and only need their husbands for reproduction.

  • This is TOTALLY HOT and your a hot wife! I get busted too. My b**** are about the size of large walnuts and already hang pretty low but I will take a hot shower so that my nut sac gets really long and loose, then I will stand totally naked or with just a t-shirt on so she can grab my floppy sac and get a good grip on one of my b**** and pull and squeeze it until I can't stand it anymore. After she eases up for a few minutes, then she gets the other ball and squeezes it even harder. Finally, she says, I want to get both of your testicles together (she calls my b**** testicles), are you ready? I say they still hurt but I can take it. Then she gets one ball in each hand and squeezes both of them real hard until I beg her to stop squeezing. She gets me to tell her that I love her before she'll loosen her grip. I refuse to go down from the pain but I bend over some and my knees bend a little when the pain spreads from my b**** into my stomach. I always end up standing there watery eyed, my legs spread with my b**** just hanging there in pain. That's when she hugs me, starts kissing me and tells me how much she loves me and that leads to us doing what I really like to do, bone hard. And the thing is I know she really does love me and she just gets off on working my b**** over and me being vulnerable and in her control. It really hurts like h*** but my b**** are strong and for some strange reason it makes me love her and I like it. Sometimes when I call home from work to ask what's for dinner, after she tells me what we're having, I say by the way, are you going to get my b**** tonight? She always says yeah, I'm gonna get them really good tonight. I never think about being with anybody but her. Maybe that's because my b**** are usually sore! :)

  • That is absolutely moronic bro, your wife will end up in jail and you will end up in a mental hospital.

  • I think that is so absolutely awesome!!! I would love to have a girlfriend or wife like you!!! I could lay on the ground and you could stand on my b**** in power!!!

  • Can you kick a teenager in the b****? I really want to know how it feels

  • Feels terrible now go away.

  • It's usually overly exaggerated, but depending on how hard you get kicked or hit and the pain can be intense. The pain usually stays in your b**** and stomach and if one or both your b**** take a hard direct hit, the pain can last for quite awhile 15-30 minutes or more. Kicks are often less direct because your p**** will block some of the impact and if your ball sack hangs loose your b**** will swing away from a lot of the impact. If your sack isn't loose your b**** will get a lot more impact and more pain because they won't be able to move as much. If you decide that your going to try it,ask a friend to do it not too hard. Don't ask a strangeer to do it because they might use excessive force and rupture (burst) one or both of your b****.

  • Lol I crushed my bf b**** with my thigh n he curled up so fast lol!

  • Haha I did that too. He was down for like 15 minutes. Then when he got up I kneed him really hard. That face lol!!!

  • These two b****** need to die.

  • If u ever tried to kick me there u would be sorry for your now crunched up nose...

  • U r an assshole to the 10th degree. i am a doctor. u can not do that.it is sexual assault. thats the place we guys have babies. it hurts like s***. u want to be queen, make a sandwhich. be queen of the f****** sandwich. i dont care. if u did that to me u wouldn't be walking away unforgived. whats your email.

  • I love to do it to my brother when he really annoys me.to be honest i like doing it cause its his weak spot ,just like every other mans!!!!!

  • Oh ok then, hope someone will rape you later on.

  • I remember and love the opening scene to the movie "Little Darlings" where teen actress Kristy McNichol smiles then kicks a guy who is trying to hit on her really hard square in b**** and down he goes. There's something so cute, powerful and sexy about that scene.
    Well I am a male and would have to agree that when it comes to a guys testicles...females definitely have an advantage and are always much more dominate over strong males.
    Once a girl successfully kicks or gets hold of a mans nuts it's all over for him, she does indeed have the whole world and universe right by the "b****"!

  • I love that scene from that movie!!! It is one of my favorite best alltime ball busting moves!!! He thinks he is going to get some loving... and she absolutely breaks his b****!!!

  • Freak feminazies, end yourselves



  • Same here. I'll be willing to PAY YOU to kick my b****

  • You guys deserve it for being stupid and weird.

  • How do you get kicked in the b****................ PLZ kick my b****

  • How do u plz want to know!!

  • I want to get kicked in the b****

  • Nope dont its stupid.

  • How do u get kicked in the b**** I want in

  • Ur f****** insane or don't ask unless u want to not have babies or die because you threw up too much blood that your systems in ur body either malfunction or they turn off then u have a broken organ

  • Honestly I don't get why both men and women have to be so stupid sometimes. comments like you have to show them who's boss and makes me feel like a queen only show the side of women that is generally known as a stereotype just as much can be said of men' a lot of guys can do/say hurtful things but its a stereotype that guys are the root of all problems. When you finally grow up and realize it, men and women are more alike than you think. one is not more or less capable of doing harmful or compassionate things.

    Now with that out of the way, just stand there for a moment and have a guy nail you in the c*** with their boot and we'll see how you feel. Don't go thinking your invulnerable just because you are a female it hurts all the same and will have you writhing in pain on the floor just as much. Don't believe me look it up or have someone kick you real good right in the crotch.

  • If you touched me there I wonder what i gonna done to you

  • When I tirn 40 my wife is going to pop my b****

  • And then are you going to pop her T*** ??

  • That's funny I like shoving my fist up girls p**** 's and hearing them scream, if you ever kicked me in the b**** I would donkey punch your p**** so hard your uterus would fall out.

  • It doesn't hurt when i get hit in the p**** sobgoid luck eith that a would pin you to the group and punch your b**** so many times i hope you can imagine the pain i would take your clothes of and flick pull and sqeeze. I am black belt and kick box

  • I will take off that black belt of yours and tie you up naked and hurt your p**** with my giant d*** and remind you how good it feels to be f***** over by a man just like what I did to every other alpha woman wannabe

  • I love it too! (I'm a guy) Its absolutely exhilarating having a sweet, cute girl cause pain to your precious little testicles (especially by accident!) Not sure what I like more, the "Ooooh, SOOO sorry! Are they OK?" or the laughing and pointing. Women are just SO darn sexy; they can do no wrong! XO

  • Ya your totally right

  • I absolutely love being kneed or especially love being kicked really hard in the b**** by young beautiful girls!!!
    It is such a rush of excitement for both the girl and for me!!! The exchange of power from me to her is so exilerating you have to experience it to believe it!!!

  • I believe it without seeing it

  • You sir are an idiot then.

  • You would get hurt if you tried doing that to me. Im a soldier and I would react before you madd contact.

  • Gotta do what makes you happy girls.

  • I would love a woman or a girl to kick me in the nuts.johncarty120@gmail.com

  • Me too

  • Stupid people removed from the gene pool? Awesome.

  • Crush those nuts

  • Crush that vag

  • Boys and men have the most amazing and facinating body parts hanging between their legs. Their b**** is where their strength and stamina comes from and they are the things that makes a boy become a man. Those same b**** sensitive and strong at the same time. They can be punched, kicked, squeezed,and stomped on often and pretty hard without getting any permanent damage but their sensitivity makes them cause excruciating pain. A guys b**** can give him the worst pain ever when hit or the best feeling he can have when they c**. Their b**** also hold the seeds of human life. When a guy is standing his b**** just hang dangling and vunerable, waiting to deliver intense pain or incedibly good feelings. Females have the power to make a guys b**** do whatever they want. A female can try to crush a guys nuts and cause extreme pain or she can make him c** and cause intense pleasure. Guys walk aroung with those fantastic testicles hanging between their legs but females can totally control those testicles. Females need to remind their guys of their control of his b**** by making him C** and by slamming him right in his sac. don't forget that his b**** are just hanging there waiting for your next move. So yeah, go ahead and CRUSH THOSE NUTS nuts sometime. Just OWN HIS B**** in every way and he will get into you so deep that he will be fascinated everytime he sees you.

  • Well...if your looking for more fake s*** then read articles that say women are better than men for s*** knows what reason...maybe women are stronger than men...well I don't know what the h*** your talking about everyone knows that a man is physically stronger than any women even if he never works out and the woman always does it does not mean that your body is stronger your still weak and kicking them in a very sensitive part of their body so f*** off with your lies u weaklings

  • One tried I f***** her face hard too

  • You are so right you rule and are superior and powerful and trully have us guys by the b**** in more ways than one!!!

  • For you maybe, i will knock the b**** out, HARD.

  • I can't believe how many people fapp to this! :D I'm not alone!

  • Naughty boy
    Put it back in your pants

  • Freaks who have ball fetishes.

  • This reminds me back when I was in primary school.
    There was this guy who called me a cow for some reason I actually don't know why. I had a crush on him at the time so I don't think I did anything to hurt him for him to call me that!
    But we were out doing a P.E lesson playing cricket one time and I was batting. The ball came towards me I whacked it and managed to hit the guy in the b****! Hahaha.
    I didn't intend to. But I remember it being worth it seeing as he called me a cow for no reason.

  • Excellent, same happened when a girl called me a detard for no reason. Kicked the football so hard towards ber that it smashed into her b**** XD

  • As a rule, I would never hit a female. But that does not give them the right to exploit that rule.

    There are many medical complications that can come from getting kicked in the testicles. One example is the inability to have children. That is a pretty serious thing.

    With that said, I believe I could make an exception to my rule for you, or anyone like you, who would do something like that without a legitamate reason. I would punch your titty so f****** hard it would make a permanent dent. And believe me, I would be able to do it.

    Is it still as much fun if you are not able to hide behind the "don't hit me, I'm a girl" clause? Keep it up and you may find out. Pretty sure I am not the only person who feels this way.


  • I agree with u that just because "you can't hit a girl because we're useless" no like seriously so some of them have poor ones or mental ones by they're testicles and can kick squeeze hit or pull on a extremely sensitive body part that most don't want to get hit in so we should have the right to defend our testicles at all costs from those...yeti's or was it...aleins?...or bleeding muppets that aren't fast enough to catch me...or normal muppets...

  • Your so right

  • Also I would falcon punch one of their b**** so hard that it will explode with blood everywhere and I will lap it up real fast like a cat and leave u there on the ground

  • MAN.. Here, you are so correct, some man will punch the girls Face, Stomach, T***, all that.. :)

  • You're right, you're not the only person who feels this way. I agree with you completely. Someone needs to get this crap out of all these females' heads. Seriously, what do they expect? That they can just injure our most sensitive parts (after our eyes, obviously) and get away with it? F*** that! I'd kick 'em right back in the same spot.

  • I love your attitude. Keep kickin' 'em in their sacks. You go, girl!

  • f*** off you c***

  • Ballbusting is a popular fetish. Look it up on youtube. A lot of boys are getting kicked in the b****!

  • Mmmm. makes me so wet thinking about it.


  • Yeah idiots do that not real men.

  • I just came in my pants fantasizing about getting kicked in the b****. If any girls need a willing volunteer to let their aggression out on please let me know. I won't let you down. You can laugh as I lay on the floor screaming & crying.

  • I-um-that's pretty horrific.

  • Yeah they are all f***** up in the head.

  • lolololol

  • I love this! I must start doing it. I know at least six jerky guys who could use a good old fashioned kick in the nuts!

  • Darn it so bad. Our testicles are really weak down there

  • I love ballbusting, used to get a professional woman to knee and kick me in the b****, now I've met a woman who does boxercise and brutally punches, knees and kicks me in the b**** regularly, such a turn on! She is pretty hot aswell, which makes it so much better!

  • U can pop my nuts if u want

  • I'll be happy to get in line and be your first.


  • No I'm first in line. Kick me hard baby. Over and over!

  • Poor guy will have punctured b****

  • I do this too. I do it all the time to my boyfriend when he acts like a j***. It shuts him up and let's him know who is the boss. You have to keep men in line or they will walk all over you. A good kick in the b**** does the trick.

  • Yeah you know the way

  • You can do it to me.

  • So does rape if you utilise it correctly against women.

  • Try it b**** I have b**** of steel you'll break yo puny foot on one I have had I kick I didn't fall down or cry what I did was turn around and f*** that bitchs face up then I said do it to someone else you b***** yeti when she was flat on the ground that proves man are better than...aleins?...yeti's or was it muppets?who cares what those... THINGS are they suck the maximum amount of b**** and d*** and ass on the planet!

  • Also you...aliens have a f****** thing we can pull on I'll give you a buck if you guess right even though your too dumb to know you'll follow OUR commands and we'll keep your a**** in order instead if you don't then you'll either be ass raped or have all your...something pulled out then you'll cry on the floor that you look normal now you aliens

  • A good kick in the b**** is the only thing that works to keep us men in line and you win every time...

  • Idiot try doing that in real life not fantasy.

  • That is so true!!! When a girl knees me or kicks me in the b****, whenever I see her after that I act differently around her. I will treat her like a goddess because I know know what she can do to me. She can bring me the worst pain imaginable!!!

  • D*******

  • AlThere was a time when i usrd to love and respect women.now.i see them as a bunch of sadistic maggot infested a******* .i have more respect for a piece of s*** in the road.you think youre better cuz you kick men there and the fights over.uh its called cheating ang and it makes you a coward.anyone can win by cheating.since you have resorted to this ive heard all i can take.im keeping my gun ony at alk times and the next c*** who tries to grab me there im sooting and i have m remorse cuz you all deserve to die and burn in helhat reall y makes me go into rage is that ALL WOMEN LOVE KICKING MEN IN THE BALL AND THEN stand there LaughiNg!!!!!! FUCKI G LAUGHING.LETS S kill all women now.

  • I agree that girls are not what they used to be,now they're really really really f***** up psychopaths that just cheat to win fights,but I'm no human rights expert but I'm pretty sure your not allowed to exploit the men can't hit woman rule and if one exploits the rule they should be allowed to be f***** up by another man that sees it happen which I approve to all real people not physcopaths that were sexually assaulted then laughed at then maybe had their b**** stomped on and few have died from it so your sexually assaulting a man and maybe killing them...so that leaves you as a murderer lol

  • Destroy these wicked sadistic slimmy c**** and the pathetic guys who let c**** hurt their b**** should have their nuts smashed and crushed on cement with a sledge hammer and then their entire ball sack sliced off. Any dude who's that pathetic doesn't deserve his b****. A stick of dynamite should explode inside these sadistic c**** vaginas and blow their a**** to h*** where they belong.

  • I like you man

  • Also most or all don't know when it will happen to them so they're left clueless that it might happen any second now though some have avoided it and falcon punched the c**** b*** so it might pop lol

  • F*** it posted twice

  • F*** does it like to post it twice for f*** sakes

  • Wow, I'm sure your boyfriend loves you.

  • Obvious sarcasm.

  • You can do that to me anyime every girl ive dated has done this it keep me in line i love it

  • Crazy man u are.

  • This is very true. My wife kicks my b**** all the time.

  • She should be in jail then.

  • looool i know riiight? i dont go around kicking them tho..the thought makes me laf! i dont have the guts to just randomly kick guys in the b****...i feel too bad. but when it happens to them i find it the funniest thing also XD

  • Who,wants to kick my,for,your entertainment

  • No one a******

  • Wtf that sruff hurts idiot. Im gonna laugh if one actually punches you

  • Wud you please please please kick me in the b****? I want to be on the ground in agany lik a sissy. I love gettin kicked in the b****. My sisters and bros do it to me all the time. I think theres sumthin wrong with me. If I knew u and asked u to kick me wud u please kick me?

  • Idiota

  • I love being kicked in the b****. Maybe u should try to find a boy who enjoys it.

  • No one truely enjoys it.

  • Rubbish

  • I pity all the s***** girls in the world. You are so much in need of power that you will hurt your boyfriends, brothers, fathers, male relatives and strangers to get that. Thats not power. No wonder world is coming to end because of you F****** Psychos who uses forums like these fill the innocent girl's minds with crap and then there are those girls who pretend to write anonymously as boys.
    Men are awesome and only awesome women know that. Not you psycho B******. You girls are like this because your families made u like this. Wake up and realize that its time to love not to hurt people. How cruel could u be? Ever saw men making new forums where they encourage people about B*** punching and c*** busting?? i bet you did not see that. Even if u did, it would have been created by the girl pretending to be a boy. See. You girls have a disease and If you don't know how to LOVE people around you then you are mistaken for a girl. Girls are girls when they are loving.

  • I enjoy being tied up and tortured. Really tortured. It hurts like h***, actually I hate it, but it feels good afterwards, and begore.
    I mean being punched as hard as she can in the b****, face, stomach. Bitten on the head of the d***, on my tongue if it is forced out. Having my eyeballs scratched, poked and pushed in. Needles in d*** and b****, then whipped with a broken broomstick. I have a huge rusty nail for pushing up the urethra, and twisting. It burns for werks, badly lol.
    I like having my b**** squeezed until c** is forced out.
    But kicking them and hitting them is best. Followed by biting them, and my d***, until b***** and scarred.
    I cry. Faint. Wake up to the nightmare continuing.
    Try it :D

  • Everyone just shut up let the b**** that wrote this got kicked in the face and by the way they can die from that I know I'm a Doctor.

  • Someone hit her in her c*** o wait she is a c***

  • No She is not a c***. It is a man posing as one to make himself write out his own fantasy. His grammar is pathetic too. Most men who knew of a girl who kicking guys nuts would seek her out and hand her a fist full of cash to kick his own. Men love to be kicked in the b**** by girls. It is a fact of life. When I get kicked I never feel a lot of pain. I get hot. I will spread and ask her to keep it coming. And I am a real man not a "girly girl" fake guy.

  • She is XD

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