I love kicking guys in their balls

I love kicking boys in their balls. i get away with it because i make the boys think they made me mad and because i am a girly girl but i really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the balls. so funny. makes me laugh when i think of it. i am good at it too. before a boy knows it I get my foot in his balls and he goes down holding on to them, lol. more girls should try this. it is so much fun and so funny. i am laughing now thinking about it. i kicked a big boy in the balls today and made him look like a sissy. he wanted to kill me but because i am a sweet girl he did not do nothing.

if you are a girl reading this you should try it to. it makes you feel like the queen of the world and you have power over all those boys just by kicking them where it hurts, lol, lol, lol.


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