I love kicking guys in their b****

I love kicking boys in their b****. i get away with it because i make the boys think they made me mad and because i am a girly girl but i really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the b****. so funny. makes me laugh when i think of it. i am good at it too. before a boy knows it I get my foot in his b**** and he goes down holding on to them, lol. more girls should try this. it is so much fun and so funny. i am laughing now thinking about it. i kicked a big boy in the b**** today and made him look like a sissy. he wanted to kill me but because i am a sweet girl he did not do nothing.

if you are a girl reading this you should try it to. it makes you feel like the queen of the world and you have power over all those boys just by kicking them where it hurts, lol, lol, lol.



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  • I'm 14 and I've never been kicked in the b****

  • Really?

  • Girls if I payed you to kick me in the b**** would you do it?

  • Girl's have 0 control over boys. I wouldn't let them do this to me, and if they did they would regret it.

  • I was on the playground and a guy cheated at tether ball so i kicked him in the nuts. i felt bad about it a little but not much. he souldnt cheat.

  • I bet that he was down for a bit right? Lol

  • Lol, how old are you both? Did he cry?

  • 10, yes he did

  • Do you girls actually find guys weak because of their b****? I'm almost 16, but I'd still probably beat most girls in a fight😂. They hurt when kicked, and my 13 year old girl cousin did make me cry by kicking me super hard, but I'm still physically stronger than her and most other girls, so i consider myself superior

  • Any girls that would like to kick me in the b**** just message me on Facebook my name is Robert Urban and I'm wearing a red hat.

  • Girls go up on rawconnfessions.com. You can message me on their to get my contact info I'll be even willing to pay you 500 to kick me in the b**** for fun.

  • Why do girls have to be so dangerous?? Like I'm a 16 year old guy, but my 9 and 13 year old cousins are always faking kicks at my b**** and threatening me, and it actually scares me

  • Any girls that want to kick me in the nuts just request my number or email

  • Im 13 and i just got kicked in the nuts by my sister

  • That's what sisters do, surprised she hasnt hot you sooner?, is she younger?

  • Shes 10, I've got two sisters though the other ones 15 and shes kicked me in my b**** before

  • When and how many has the older sister kicked you? Kneed or squeezed them too?

  • I'm 16, and id just pin down either of them win😂

  • Sounds like you have 2 happy sisters

  • Was it for fun?

  • B**** are funny. Gently rubbing them makes a boy happy. Squeezing, kicking and punching them makes a girl happy.

  • How old r u?

  • Is this a boy or a girl?

  • Here's a clue: I love to grab a boy by his little b**** and squeeze until he cries like a baby.

  • How old r u? R u a guy or girl?

  • Girl13

  • Brother or friends? Age of the boys you do that and how often ?

  • Usually my age or younger

  • Oh I see I'm trying to get a girl to do this to me

  • Id love to give u mine and let u squeeze away

  • Do u have a snap😉

  • A what? Lol

  • I'd let you squeeze, kick, and punch them you interested?

  • Sorry, honey, but I don't need you to "let" me squeeze, kick or punch. If this girl wants your b****, little boy, she'll take them. Understood?

  • Nah ill beat you up if you even come close to my b****🤣

  • That's too bad. I would love to lick those beautiful sexy b****. Mmm.

  • Well if that's the case... Maybe i could make an exception👀😂

  • Yes I understand

  • Good. Let's get those pants off right now, please.

  • Do you live near oregon?

  • Yes I do

  • Let's see those little b****.

  • Are you making fun of my b**** lol

  • Oh well I wish I had a girl that would kick me in the b**** and and be laughing at me while I'm crying on the floor

  • Any girls want to kick me in the nuts for fun? Any girls in California or oregon just let me know I'll even drive to you.

  • School's almost back on, anitger year of kicking b****

  • Yes, all part of school life is being kicked in the b****, happens so often. And the girls get away with it

  • You get kicked a lot?

  • You kick random boys in the nuts?

  • Well if they p*** me off yeah I'll kick them in the nuts

  • Would you kick me in the nuts for entertainment if I asked you to do it?

  • Why would you want to get kicked in the nuts?

  • It's not for me it's for the girls amusement.

  • I have only one nut do you think it would still hurt if i got kicked

  • Sounds fun haha If any girls want to make me crush my nuts my snap chat is Stevefrasers

  • If girls really love kicking boys in the b**** then they would hit me up on here cause I'd let them kick me just let me know girls. Just request my contact info and I'll give it to you.

  • I truly wish I could find a girl like you in PA. I'm 24 now, and I've wanted a girl to kick me in the nuts since I've been 13. Never really cared to date or wanted s**, I'm still a virgin lol. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I've been so desperate for a girl to kick me in the b**** I agreed to a girls offer to give me my first kick If I let her kick me 100 times, and let her stay with me for a month for free and kick me anytime she wanted while she was there. Then she said she was only kidding... as pathetic as it sounds that depressed the s*** out of me...

    If any girls are down for this in pa I'll do just about anything for my first kick...

    Hmu: kickray@greenmail.net

  • Would you like to knee my nuts please?

  • What's your favourite way to destroy nuts? I like kneeing

  • Just got my nuts smashed ow

  • My 14 year old sister kneed me when i was coming out of the shower

  • How lol

  • My 14 year old sister kicked me when i was coming out the shower

  • Wow getting kicked in bare b**** hurts a lot more to

  • I wasn't completely naked, I was wearing my boxer briefs but it still hurt a ton, I cried.

  • Hot dude, do you have large plums ?

  • She did it for fun?

  • Yeah

  • So How old are you?

  • Im 13

  • Ya the kneeing is like the most effective way bro that hurts like h*** it's kinda hard not to cry about that lol.

  • If this isn't a wake-up call to go MGTOW, I don't know what is.

  • My nutss have been hurting for 2 days after I got kneed 😣 when will it go away

  • Never feed girls with grievances. You think they'd comfort you, but they'll knee you again for their own amusement instead.

    Hope you feel better soon~

  • I'm a mother who raised three girls and always told them from an early age to kick boys in the b**** if they were being harassed or threatened. It was meant to teach them self-defense, but they got a little out of control, took liberties with the rule, and must have kicked three dozen boys in the b**** over the years, even boys who didn't do much wrong. I told them to tone it down, but they didn't. They knew how to disable a boy, and probably enjoyed it too, in retrospect.

  • Well done

  • Well done in teaching them to kick cod

  • I'm sure they enjoyed it, I guess you enjoyed watching them too, and listening to them discussing who they'd kicked

  • Girls today are parasitic in nature. I'm not surprised at all.

  • Thank you for reminding me why I hate girls so much.

  • I wish I could get a girl to do this to me I tried and tried and tried. Any girls interested just ask for my contact info.

  • I love it when a girl humiliates a boy by beating him up and then, after he's beaten and on the ground, she gives him a good kick or punch (or even squeeze) just to show him that girls are so superior to boys in every way. The look of defeat and then agony on a boy's face is so precious.

  • And this is why you ought not to be around ANY woman, guys.

  • 1. You just gave them free attention.
    2. You indirectly gratified them by calling them dangerous.

    Personally, I delight in momentarily holding doors for females and eventually devoting my heartfelt attention to them with a slam on their pathetic faces. :)

    Double points if she's utilizing her phone (which her emotionally abused beta bf likely paid for.) ^ - ^

  • Ah yes, toxic femininity.
    That which I love to kick out of a girl's v***** with my spiky, shiny Men's Vintage shoes after seducing her with my money and charm.
    Just give her a few nasty kicks into her mangy, malignant Devil's chamber and let the Jezebel's whining and crying pacify my ears as I tie her up. ❤

    And you girls have given me another reason to keep another harlot to rot in the woods. 😊

  • And whilst I'm at it, a cute little composition I wrote on female nature. Feel free to share, boys! ^^

    "I am a Woman.
    I am your equal.
    With your money.
    But, I don't have to go to war.
    I don't work dangerous jobs.
    Men pay for my life.
    I can have a child at 18, and another at 36, and live on welfare until I retire at 65.
    I work only when I am bored.
    I can get married and live for free.
    I have children just for the money.
    I get married just for the money.
    You pay. You work.
    You give YOUR wealth to me.
    I can convince you to marry me. Then wait just long enough to divorce you for the maximum gain FOR ME.
    I can lie to you and say I love you, AND YOU WILL BELIEVE ME.
    I can addict you to me.
    Give me gifts.
    Buy me a house.
    Buy me a car.
    Spousal support, and/or alimony, will set me up for life.
    Child support for me. NO CUSTODY for you.
    Pay for my meals.
    Pay me to live.
    Pay me to breathe.
    Pay me to breed.
    Pay me to f***.
    I can lie to judges and get away with it.
    I can even get YOU to pay for MY lawyer.
    F*** You.
    F*** All Men.
    Keep marrying us YOU F****** MORONS.
    F****** RETARDS.
    Marry me.

  • Nothing like a good knee in the nuts

  • Kneeing is the way to do it.

  • I know right, feels more powerful and its closer up

  • Ya exactly and it makes it hurt more lol

  • So me and my brother were swimming in the sea and i came up behind him and kneed him in the b**** he was wearing a speedo aswell lol. It was so fun

  • I bet he had a large bulge asking to be kicked though

  • That would be different to be kicked in the sea because can't fall on the floor like we usually do.

  • Im a 15 year old guy, and i understand that getting kicked in the b**** hurts, but i cant imagine a girl 15 or younger beating me in a fight by kicking or kneeling me in the b**** or whatever. I mean, getting kicked in the v***** and b**** still hurts. But seriously, if you're a 15 year old girl or younger, id wreck you🤣. Maybe even older girls too lol

  • If I kicked you in my "hello kitty" boots you would be done.

  • I'd love for you to kick me with your hello kitty boots interested I can give you my contact info

  • Lol sure. And how old are you again?

  • Lol I'd wreck you

  • To the 15 year old guy do you have any girls that would kick me for fun?

  • Any girls that live in oregon that would love to kick me in the b**** or that would have a lot of aggression they need to release lol? Email me urbanrobert07@gmail.com

  • My brother was giving me s*** that i wasnt good at Fortnite so i kicked him in the b****. im 13 and hes 15. i had to do it because he would have wanted to fight, but a good kick in the b**** means i won.

  • Ok im a 15 year old guy, but if i fought you, i would have beat you😂

  • Fucku, id kick you in the b**** and then twist them hard with a pair of pliers. youd be done and dont think i wouldnt.

  • I could probably beat you up even with you having pliers because that's how weak you are.

  • Lol good luck getting those pliers on my b****😂. Also without a weapon, id definitely beat your weak ads🤣

  • PLIERSS?? Are you kidding!? I don't think he is going to fight you if you're going to cheat like that. Dumb girl

  • When I was a girl, a group of my friends would get together and find a group of boys. We would each pick a boy, run up to him and kick him right in his b****. Then we would stand back and laugh as all the boys went down to ground, crying and clutching their silly weak b****. It's so funny watching a half dozen or so boys going down at the same time, knowing that we girls caused them to drop.

  • How many boys were there

  • You must be a boy if you're asking a stupid question like that. Let me see if I can help you. She said "a half dozen or so" so there must have been approximately a half dozen boys. That would also mean approximately a dozen b**** were owned by these girls.

  • Who do you think you are talking like that.... girls don't not own any part of a guy and especially not their b****.

  • Yes I'm a boy and but idk if she really meant half a dozen and that comment is sexist and insulting.

  • Why do they think they have the right to do this to us?

  • Umm . . . silly boy . . . because we DO have the right to do this to you. Any more questions?

  • Just answer his question reasonably you f****** idiot. 😂

  • I'll beat you up if you kick me in the b**** lol

  • I'll crush your b**** with my fist and then we will see who's laughing. :)

  • Only if you can lol. You think id let my b**** get hit that easily?

  • And what makes you think I would let you do that?? Btw I'm still laughing

  • Would you kick me for fun please?

  • I hate girls

  • With sadistic girls yes

  • I'm wondering if I asked a woman to kick me in the b**** cause it turns me on, would she.

  • Saw my brother in the kitchen eating my last piece of birthday cake. P***** me off, so I walked up behind him and kicked him in the b****.

  • Are you older or younger? I bet you enjoyed eating the cake watching him on the ground in agony

  • That's good he deserved it.

  • I would pay a girl to kick me in the b**** for $1,000 any of you girls interested?

  • Wait......what?

  • I love getting my b**** beaten by girls. I have paid girls to beat my b****. the best was one night about 9pm, it was dark as i walked though a park. I could see a group of girls head of me and as i got closer saw there was 7 girls all a few years older then me they were just sitting or standing about chatting and laughing. as i went to walk passed two girls stood in front of me stopping me, two choices one of the girls said 1 1. yoi strip and get to leave naked or 2 we strip you and you get to leave naked but we are all going to beat your b**** until you pass out. just leave me i said and tried to walk past the girl, instantlly all 7 girls dived on me throwing me to the floor and tearing at my clothes until i lay there naked with 7 girls laughing at me. i had no chance to get a way. a soon asmj was naked i was held down and had my legs held wide open so my b**** were hanging free and easy to reach. the girls nkw took turns in kicking stamping on or punching my b****. when they were finished with me they tied my hand behind my back and told me to go. the girls were laighing so mucj as i struggled to walk away naked. 3 miles i had to walk home butt naked with b**** beaten bkack and blue. lots of people saw me walking naked including a woman with 3 daughters around 12 to 14 of cause the girls screamed and i got kicked in the b****.

  • B****: outside, weak, easy to reach. So they're made to be kicked/squeezed/punched by us, girls. We enjoy it a lot, very funny and so easy for us.

  • I'll let you punch or kick me in the b**** if you want interested?

  • If you interested send me your email or I'll give you mine

  • One of my favourite memories is from when I was 13, and my bff and I were playing tennis against two boys. They were beating us easily and making fun of us like boys do when they’re showing off to girls.
    Anyways, my mate hit a ball really hard and it got one of the guys right in the b****. I’d never seen a boy get hit in the b**** before and I was shocked when he collapsed in agony and rolled around on the ground clutching his b**** and crying his eyes out. At first we thought he was playacting and stood over him taking the p*** and telling him to stop messing about. When we finally realised that he really was in agony we tried to comfort him, but as we couldn’t empathise with his pain we felt embarrassed and wandered off after about 20 minutes. He was still doubled up and in obvious agony!
    I still remember how empowered I felt to watch a boy suffer a terrible pain that I couldn't experience myself, and I often think about that moment when masturbating; it always results in a powerful o*****!
    I’m ashamed to admit that, years later during sparring, I often “accidentally” kicked a guy there just to relive that thrilling feeling 🤭

  • Nice one

  • I can understand why you feel empowered to be able to so easily totally destroy a boy by kicking him in his b**** and it sexually arouses me to realize that a girl could do this to me and completely incapacitate me for 10 or 20 minutes. When I watch a video of a girl kicking a guy in his b**** and see him fall to the ground in pain it gives me an erection and I have to m********* and come. I also m********* when I see a girl defeat a boy in wrestling. Its emasculating to see it and I resent it but it turns into sexual arousal and maske me want to come.

  • I’m exactly the same, nice to know there’s more like myself

  • I think theres a whole lot of guys who like to see girls kick boys in the nuts and it turns them on because its against human nature for a girl to be able to defeat a man, it injures his male ego and his sense of manliness and this turns into sexual arousal. This is why there are so many videos of it on the web so men will watch them and j*** off. I do it to every video I see where a female defeats a male in wrestling, boxing, & even if weight lifting when a sexy built girl can lift more weight than a man. Its all emasculating! Women have men jerking off just looking at their bodies even if they don't know it and we are slaves to our lusts for the females body when we have to j*** off looking at them. But we still love doing it. lol

  • I'm the opposite when I was young there was a girl who would hit me in the nuts repeatedly until I did what she said. Once she found out how I would react she would always try and boss me around. Now when I'm h**** it turns me on but i would never tell anybod that irl. When I'm not h**** I'm back to my normal self and realize I'm still better than women lol.

  • You're a weirdo

  • Uh huh just wait when you experience male dominance when you grow older.... it's a man's world.

  • Lol my brother was being a brat when he was younger so I kicked him in his ballies and popped one of them

  • Lol i just kneed my brother in the nuts

  • How old is he? Poor boy

  • I'm glad i don't have a sister

  • How was that? Lol

  • Any woman from Minnesota willing to do this to me.. you can kick me entell I pass out if you would like. Please do

  • Let me tell you about my most delicious fantasy of all. Essentially, it involves 24 girls playing a nude softball game with each other. The girls who score runs get to march up and kick or knee or punch me in the nuts. In addition to all of that, the winning team gets to advance to the next round of fun.

    Anyway, as for the winner of the game, those 12 excited girls will get to have a 6 on 6 volleyball game. The teams are drawn totally at random just like the softball teams. But wait, there is one final game to go! The winners of that game play a final 3 on 3 volleyball game. The three thrilled-out-of-their-minds girls who win that one get to give me one final workover where they joyfully give me the b*** busting of my life while the others watch and laugh and cheer like crazy.

    Any girls out there want to trade fun fantasy stories with me? I'll gladly tell you the hot details about anything you want. Like remember the time you got circle-sucked by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson, and the guy who made you have a powerful o***** in his hot mouth is the guy you got to spend a weekend with in a secluded cabin up in the mountains or maybe a weekend in the Bahamas? They can be anyone you want and about any kind of story you want. They don't even have to be all guys, maybe there are also other girls involved in it.

    Anyway, if any girls are game for it, I was thinking maybe we could exchange emails or something. We could have the fun right here, but I'm not sure if this would be the proper site for that. Maybe you know of another site that would be better to meet at and have some fantasy fun at. I'll check back here from time to time and see if anything has developed. I'm actually a pretty fun person who loves to have laughs with people. We can be fun pals, fantasy trades or not, there's no doubt about that.

  • It's called sexual assault

  • Growing up, I loved whacking my brother and his friends with a spoon. It started one day when I was eating ice cream and my brother was walking by, I would pull back and let it go as soon as he passed by.

  • You’re so evil. Just shut up its not funny

  • Hahahahahaha I bet you were laughing a lot to I'm a boy and i got to say that's a good move to make. It hurts a lot more if you use metal.

  • I did laugh. I once told my daughter about it, and now she does it to my son. It was funny then and it's funny now. Sorry, boys, but your silly b**** are irresistible.

  • I do the same to my cousin, but I use a hairbrush. I love his face when I make contact. Some times I tease him and just rub the brush down there and ask him "Can I brush your b****?" He rolls his eyes and tells me to stop, but I know he likes it, because I can usually see a big bulge in his pants when I do that. Then I tease him some more and use my brush to play with the bulge. I can so easily control boys with both their b**** and their penises.

  • You should keep on playing with his bulge with your hairbrush until you see a wet spot forming in his pants.

  • I would of to also cause I know how much pain they are in lol

  • I'm an ER nurse and this post and many of its comments are disgusting. I had to deal with a couple of patients with testicular ruptures do to trauma, and you have about 72 hours to fix it. It is awful. For all of you guys who want to be kicked in the b****, you are idiots.

  • No guy wants to be kicked in the nuts dumbass

  • Many guys do. google the kitg site. i am one guy who likes it.

  • You are wrong that no guy wants to be kicked in his nuts there are some guys who get turned on by this. I watched a video a few times where this girl was kicking this guy in his nuts and with every kick his p**** squirted out s****. I'd let a real hot sexy girl kick me in my nuts while I was masturbating just to see if I could keep masturbating or if the pain made me stop but I think the pain might make me sorry I ever tried it. lol

  • I'm an older sister to a younger brother by 3 years who was pretty small and couldn't fend for himself much when we went to school. When he was in 3rd grade, he was being bullied by another boy pretty bad, and got dared to fight the bully, and I knew my brother would lose. After hearing about it, I, who was in 6th grade and big for my age (thank you puberty), looked out for him and kicked that bully in the b**** as well as giving him a black eye. I got in trouble with the principal, but my parents actually said I did the right thing for my little brother. I didn't get in trouble at home.

  • And what if the bully was a stronger girl? To defend your brother what would you do?

  • You did the right thing! Go girl!

  • I have a idea use a baseball bat to hit a boy in the b****

  • I regularly hit myself in the nuts for girls enjoyment. I have a bat and have taken up to 17 hits with it. If you wanna watch sometime message me freedomclub357@gmail.com

  • Do it! Would be fun!

  • It would be funny as h*** to lol

  • Would you do it til you crushed his t*******?

  • Yes I would

  • Do it to me

  • Ok I would love to lol

  • Would you kick me in the b****?

  • Yes I would lol

  • Dammit, why can't I find any chicks like this in PA? I'm a 23yo virgin, a
    (never wanted s** just a girl to kick my nuts, which I've also never had... Don't judge) and the only offer I got to do it was from a chick on tinder who wanted to move in with me for 3 months, and have me take her to work and home an hour away to bartend 6 days a week, give her/do anything I can that she wants (basically as she said "be her b**** in every way she wants"), and of course, let her kick me for as much as she wants aftrer my first, and anytime while she's living there. (Yes I'm embarrassed to admit, I agreed to it, she just backed out a few days later...again please don't judge). Needless to say I'm desperate for my first kick, lol, just can't get literally anyone to do it.

    Anyone else have any luck? Any chicks in PA up for letting anger out? Lol
    rayrayreese1996 @ mail.com
    if anyone wants to hmu.

  • Is that mean nurse still here? I wana show her that we are not weak!

  • Is this that teenager kid?

  • Id love love to give my b**** to you may I have permission to m********* to you

  • Yep why

  • Just wondering I'm a boy to by the way.

  • I say its true tho she is right somewhat we are kind of weak but they don't understand sometimes it doesn't always hurt

  • You girls can kick me in the nuts and laugh at my pain while I'm crying on the floor.

  • Okay cool, I love to rape and abuse girls/property.

  • Any girls that enjoy kicking boys in the b****?

  • I see a number of posts about girls protecting themselves against would-be rapists by kicking them in the groin. Have there been any incidents where a woman is the rapist/sexual abuser who kicks a boy in the testicles to overpower him and rape/abuse him?

  • I'd love for my b**** to be owned and ballbusted so very hard and women, girls interested in I'm h**** all the time. xionnoble@gmail.com email me

  • Any girls that would love to kick me to the b**** email me. urbanrobert07@gmail.com

  • Sometimes I'm a bad boy and deserve this, good thing no girl has ever had the b**** to do it!

  • I will, id strip u naked and beat those little b**** so hard.

  • Id love for you to beat mine as hard as u can id do what I can to get u to try and destroy mine

  • You wouldn't do anything! Just like the rest of them. You could certainly try, but you would fail.

  • Beat mine please

  • I've deserved it to I'm sure bro but there's plenty of girls that will take the opportunity if they can.

  • Any girls that would love to kick me in the b**** for fun? I'll even give you my number just ask for it and text me.

  • Any of you girls live in Oregon?

  • I wish I had a girl that would want to kick me in the b**** and be laughing at my pain while I'm on the floor.

  • A few years ago I was in a diner and there were 3 women and a few kids with them, including a 12 or 13 year old boy who I learned was the son of one of the women. The topic of kids acting up and punishment came up. The mother of the boy recounted how one time he was cursing and throwing a tantrum over something stupid, and when a spank on the butt didn't work, she tried something else. When the other women asked what she did, she told her son "Rick (not his real name) tell the ladies what I did to you that time." The kid said "Mom, stop! Don't talk about that." His mother persisted and told him "Tell the ladies what I did to you, or I'll tell them and all your friends and all your sister's friends, and I'll do it again to you." After more begging and pleading by him to keep it a secret, to no avail, the poor kid, red in the face, finally confessed, in a low tone, "You spanked me in the b****." The other women looked surprised, and the mother said, "and what else did I do to you?" After more hesitance, he finally said, "You made me take my pants and shorts off and you looked at my b****." The whole table was silent, listening to every word, as the mother chimed in to give more detail, and said "That's right. Remember, your still my boy and I have every right to spank your little ballies if you behave like you did that day." She explained that after repeatedly smacking his testicles, she needed to inspect his groin to make sure everything was working okay. She then said that the next time he misbehaves like that, she'll spank his b**** again, in the presence of the ladies at the table. The ladies smiled and one of them said "I accept your invitation", and asked if she can "help" with the punishment. The boy looked down at his plate in utter shame.

  • If I were the friend, oh what fun I would have helping to punish this boy's b**** and inspecting him afterward.

  • I'd like to take a poll: What would you do if you were in a public place, like this diner, or a shopping mall, and you saw a mother spanking her son's testicles while the kid is crying from embarrassment and pain?

  • I would have my daughter and son watch with me. Afterward, I would simply say, "Girl Power," any questions?

  • I would take my son, tell him to watch and then tell him the next time my son misbehaves, my son will get the same treatment.

  • I'm having a hard-on just reading this. If I was in the diner and heard that conversation, I think I would have c** in my pants.

  • I would take a picture or video and post it on Instagram, so everyone in the kid's school can see, then I would ask the mom if can join in and help her.

  • That’s a little pedo. the kid is clearly getting abused.

  • Hit me at ig 100realjoker I will let you get a running start from behind while my wife holds me over some chairs and kick me hard as you possibly can wearing steel toe boots

  • You can punish my b****.

  • I won't a girl to kick me in the nut s just once to experience it once

  • Any girls that want to kick me in the b**** how many times and how hard do you think it would be funny? Why would it be funny?

  • Any girls that would want to kick me in the b**** I can meet up with you even?

  • If a boy offered you money to kick him in the b**** would you do it?

  • I would do it, take the money, then crush his b**** until he passes out!

  • I will give you $150 to crush my b**** until I pass out

  • You wouldn't be able to handle it boy lol

  • Yes please there all URS to crush

  • Really? Lol

  • Really! Because it would be fun!

  • I'd love to give mine to you

  • Cause I want a girl to kick me in the b****

  • It's a turn on for you?

  • Yes specially if she likes doing it and I like when the girl is dominant

  • Yes but its ok if the girl wants to do it and likes doing it then its fine

  • I’d do it for free lol

  • Pick me.

  • Really how hard? lol

  • Why don’t you spread your legs and I’ll show you how hard lol

  • How many girls would love to kick me in the b**** for free?

  • Is this the girl that posted the confession lol

  • Ok only if i there to let you do it lol

  • I wish I had a girl to kick me in the b**** and be laughing at my pain while I'm on the floor crying

  • Do women ‘accidentally’ hit the groin while wrestling?

  • I don't think so I think they doing it on purpose lol

  • Of course some of them do it on purpose. Any time a girl touches a mans crotch or groin parts he feels it and it excites him and it can distract him from wrestling for a few seconds, maybe just enough for the girl to get him in a hold he can't get out of and pin him. I know when I was in school if a girl touched my D*** I'd instantly get h**** and maybe hard so it wouldn't matter if it was accidentally or on purpose. lol

  • I'm glad I don't have a sister. Everytime I went over to my friends house his sister would kick and punch us in the b**** so many times. She only did it lightly but it was still such a sharp pain.

  • Tell us more please! She was doing that for her own fun?

  • Are you a male or female asking me these questions?

  • I'm a boy

  • I wish I had a girl that would kick me in the b**** and then laughing at my pain while I'm on the floor crying.

  • Have any women on here tried punishing a boy by spanking his testicles? What are the effects and how well does it work?

  • Why do your sisters kick you?

  • Why? They kick you for fun, or because you're acting up?

  • What kid of method do they use to kick you foot, knee, etc?

  • Mine does both

  • Like really hard or what?

  • What kind of method do they use to kick you foot, knee, etc?

  • Do all sisters go for the b**** or is it just mine?

  • It’s only yours man my sister rides my fat c*** doggy style so sucks to suck man

  • How old is your sis? When did she first get your b****?

  • Most of them do.

  • Many boys would love you for it. I would.

  • I would love for you to kick me in my b****

  • You should do it lol

  • Many boys would love you for it, I would.

  • Why not it would be so funny lol

  • You should shoot a boy in the b**** with a paintball gun.

  • Oh please, no! It would hurt so much! It could even destroy our b****!

  • Not if you don't shoot it far enough lol

  • Not funny. It hurts

  • Even from far enough, it would hurt a lot! Don't target our b**** like that with paintball guns! Please!

  • Why not it would be hilarious

  • Why do you find that hilarious? To shoot our b**** like rabbits? Could you explain more?

  • Cause its the same concept as if I kick one of you boys in the b**** I think its funny I just laugh at your guys pathetic pain when you boys scream and grab yourselves and when you guys are on the floor.

  • I'd love to be ballbusted by you and be allowed to be hard

  • Ya I would love to lol

  • You can't even imagine how hard is that pain. If we drop on the floor, it's not because we're weak, but because our b**** are very sensitive. We grab ourselves as a reflex. Don't make fun of that. I saw some girls laughing as they imitate us grabbing our parts in pain. It's very humiliating. You think it's funny because it's easy to deliver such pain? That you can control us easily?

  • Because us girls just think its funny cause how much pain you would be in.

  • So you're quite cruel with us! How our pain can be so funny?

  • Yes its makes us easier to have power over you boys. Also we don't care how much it hurts even if you cry and we would just keep kicking you cause we don't care

  • If I follow you, our b**** are just some toys for you? Our pain is your reward and your fun? Only because you can overpower us that easily?

  • Yes they are toys for us. We like to kick boys in the b**** for our fun and entertainment. Some of my girlfriends in my high school do it to.

  • If a girl did that to me and put me down in pain I would have to j******* and c*m every time I thought about how easily a girl over powered me and how any girl could easily do it to me again. Its emasculating just to think about it. It even makes me h**** thinking about it.

  • Guys are not afraid of you and your friends? Don't they try to fight back? You understand it's very emasculating to be seen as toys for girls? What makes us men is your target for fun. But we're supposed to be the stronger s**! And what if you castrate one of those guys? Wouldn't you feel bad?

  • Ya i would feel bad

  • I won't a girl to kick me in the nut s just once to experience it

  • So don't kick to much our b****! They're not that strong, and one bad full force kick could castrate a guy.

  • Ok I won't ill just do it once but not to hard

  • Thanks! Please respect our vulnerable b****!

  • Its a lot funnier if the boy deserves it tho lol

  • How the boy can deserve it? What do you mean?

  • Like if the boy is being annoying or a j***

  • I see! It's more a punition for the boy then.

  • Ya wouldn't you think it be funny if he deserved it?

  • Not really funny from my point of view (i'm a male). It's humiliating to be put down like this by a girl. You also laugh at our pain, because we're hurt in our male's parts. Hard to be a guy in such situation.

  • Ya doesn't mean if we laugh at you doesn't mean we don't feel sorry for you guys. Its also a turn on for us when we can control you boys.

  • Its also a big turn-on for us guys knowing you can overpower us so easily, its emasculating & we resent it but at the same time its sexually arousing and speaking for myself I get so aroused when I see it in a video I have to rub one off and c*m.

  • You're really sorry as we're in pain? Or you love the fact you're in control of us, easily, using our male weakness?

  • Women can not and will never control boys

  • Are you so sure about that? Because women do control boys, very easily.

  • Boys and men are "slaves" to their l*** for the females body and girls are controlling us even tho they don't realize it and even if the boys don't realize it. We je*k o ff every day looking at p*** or naked pics of girls.

  • They've never controlled me completely the opposite way around... its a man's world ha

  • Yes, you agree it be funny if he deserved it?

  • You should try shooting a boy in the b**** with a paintball gun.

  • How hard would you kick me in the b**** if I let you do it?

  • Any girls that would love to kick me in the b**** just let me know

  • Personally I'm the opposite, a dude who loves kicking girls right in the p****! They'll tell you it won't hurt them but one kick to the crotch and they'll be on the floor full fetal in pain! Nothing beats the face of agony a girl who just had her c*** busted has!

  • I love being kicked in the b**** hard my wife likes kicked in the c*** too any bi or gay women willing to kick dominate and make out with her can get a running start from behind while Amy holds me over some chairs with my legs spread and kick me hard as she possibly can wearing steel toe boots

  • I (female) accidentally kicked a boy in the b**** when I was in high school. We were in PE and having free time, and were kicking a ball around. I missed while he ran up to try to kick it too, and I ended up slamming him in the crotch full-force. He was one of the hot boys too, and I wasn't that popular, so my friends and I had a good laugh about it. He had to "rest" on the bench and I wondered what the h*** that did to his sperm count, haha. We had health class together too, so we were learning that stuff.

  • OMG! It must have been the worst moment in his life! He was in pain, and you laughed at him. You're really merciless!

  • Would you like to kick my b**** hard as you can with a running kick from behind wearing steel toe boots while my wife holds me over some chairs with my legs spread and sitting on my butt so I can't pull back to absorb the force and I mean hard as you can

  • I love the t.v. ad below. Some more examples of using testicles for easy punishment: If your kid acts up in the supermarket, a flick of the finger to his little testicles will stop him in his tracks. If your teenager refuses to do his homework, pick up his pen from the desk and wack him in his nuts. If your middle school boy refuses to take a shower, take hold of his crotch, lightly squeeze and pull him in the bathroom. He'll have no choice but to follow you, like a dog on a leash. Tell him he will either go in the shower voluntarily, or you'll pull him in and wash him yourself.

  • Have you ever used such methods on boys in real? It's really awful for us. And it will destroy any self-esteem in ourselves. If women and girls take control of our testicles, it's the end for us and for our male pride.

  • Same!! Just yesterday ( I'm 15 year old girl btw, ive gota 13 year old brother and 11 year old sister) The couple days before my brother was really annoying me and my sister so ii went into my brother's room when he was waking up, waited for a bit then we he got up, standing there in his underwear i revealed myself and i kneed him right in his b****. He dropped to the floor crying, then started crying even harder when i started laughing hysterically at his pathetic pain, while hes holding on to his nuts.

    After he got home from school he started teasing my sister when she git home as usual cuz she does ballet and has to wear a skirt and  white socks and stuff. So i told her to try kick his b****. Oh his face was priceless when my little 11 year old sister planted her white socked foot right in his b****, makes me laugh just writing about it.

    And my sister loved it aswell, today she waited for him to come out the bathroom and kneed him right in the nuts! Its so funny seeing him  cry from that lol.

  • I mean, he's only 13. I'm a guy, your age, 15, almost 16, so i feel like i'd put up a better fight lol. We should try it sometime😂

  • I'm a boy but that seems so right to me.
    He shouldn't dare annoy you or your sister in any way. I hope you can really p-whip him so he'll be a good boy and deserve a nice girlfriend some day. He'll thank you for it when he realizes.

  • You should keep doing it then lol

  • Would you like to kick me in the b**** to you can even laugh at me crying on the floor?

  • Where can I find girls like this lol

  • Can't believe you've got to 15 before you kicked your brother, most girls start doing that aged about 9

  • Yeah i know, kinda sad i didnt i find out about how fun it is earlier. My little sister did atleast

  • Do you kick boys at school or just your brother?

  • Yeah i do both. On friday i actually kneed a boy in the nuts. He's one of the cute ones so it was pretty hot. It was funny, he cried so much while i laughed. Now he's terrified of me lol.

  • Poor boy! Had you any reason to knee him, or you did it just for the fun? No wonder he's afraid of you now.

  • And how often do you kick your brother?

  • I really wish i had someone to kick my b****. Like a sister that would knee me then laugh at me crying on the floor holding on to my nuts.

  • Don’t worry all you have to do is just spread your legs and ask us!

  • How I always wanted a girl to do that to me

  • No way, no kicking the b****.

  • Yes please ballbust me

  • I'd love for you to ballbust me hard.

  • Girls! What is the best way to get a guy in his b****? Kick, knee, squeeze, punch, stomp? What shoes?
    Don’t worry guys.. we are not breaking them! 😘 LOL

  • Im honestly a fan of the knee

  • Are your knees usually bare or covered?

  • I got a set of b**** that i will let women do what they want to do to them

  • You will start crying sweetie :p

  • I wouldn't care you can kick me if you want

  • Im sure you've made a few boys cry!

  • I would love for a girl like you to kick me in the b**** and laugh at my pain while I'm crying on the floor

  • You don't need to know!!!

  • Say it please!!!

  • Say it!!!

  • This also turns boy's and men on for a bit. Then get even later on sigh c*** kick's and t** grabs later on.

  • Have a girl kick your dangling eggs with pointed stilettos and see if it turns you on! LOL

  • I was kicked in the b alls some months ago playing football and my t******* bag was split and it required stitches. I've got the c unt who did it ear marked when we play the team in the second round. He's gonna cop a real f ucking b all breaker from me.

  • I would like to say, I am a nurse myself like someone whose posts were buried below. It is very common for boys to come to me with t******* injuries from girls kicking them square in the nads. Unlike the other nurse however I find it hilarious. I myself love gently squeezing their nuts and asking if it hurts or if its sore! The little faces they make are wonderful!

  • I'd love to m********* to you as u squeeze my b**** hard crushing them in ur hands

  • Have you ever popped a boys b****?

  • Would you like to get a running start from behind while my wife Amy holds me over some chairs with my legs spread and tied her sitting on my but so I can not pull back to absorb the kick and kick me once full run as hard as you possibly can wearing steel toe boots or big toe shoes I want you to
    try and pop them in the one kick I'm confident they will hold up but let's see lol

  • I uhh accidentally injured my b**** somehow when I was doing something and I don't want to go to the nurse or anything, so I thought I could just ask you what I should do to make them feel better of if they will ever stop aching.....plz help

  • I would love to be a school nurse. Your boy patients must feel so humiliated as you hold and gently squeeze their naked little testicles in your hand and look them in the eye as you ask if it hurts. What do you to the boys after that? and by the way, is the door to your office open as you examine them?

  • I assume your a girl as well? How old are you? My boy patients are very ashamed when they come to me lol. They get all shy because they think they are supposed to be the stronger s** so they don't want to talk about being brought to the ground by a girl! On top of that getting their nuts held by a grown woman makes them squirm lol! Many of the boys have their little c**** get hard and get even more embarrassed! I usually have my door open there isn't anything to hide...for me anyway!

    I remember one time a boy came in because he got kicked in the b**** near the slide on the playground. He was in the 4th grade, and when I checked his nuts they were very red and swollen. I squeezed them lightly and asked if they hurt and he let out a little groan and said they did. He was really embarrassed and his willy got hard. I scolded him and said how dirty of a boy he was for getting a hardon while getting checked by a nurse and squeezed his ballies a little harder! He actually came! At this point I closed my door and walked over to him and told him just how gross of a boy he was squirting his juice like that. So I kicked him right in his b**** and ploded them with my feet! He had tears in his eyes but I said if he told this to anyone I would say what a dirty boy he was to everyone!!

  • I'm a grown man, and as I'm reading this, I find that very scary. It's very painful to get hit in the b****, and to have our bruised b**** exposed in front of a woman, it must be very humiliating. It appears you enjoy such situation, and hurting boys in their b****. What a trauma for them.

  • If true, the Worse Nurse, as I call her, should be arrested and tried for child abuse n aggravated assault. It's especially cruel n dangerous to kick testes that have a hematoma. She should be fired for that n also for leaving the door open for an examination, which is a violation of privacy and of medical ethics.
    Her story doesn't seem credible, however, because it doesn't seem possible that an o***** would occur just like that n with a hematoma.

    Unless a kick to the testes can cause an o*****, which might explain why it's so very sexy to a lot of guys including me, but I have never been myself hit in the testes except a few times accidentally n no kicks. But I like to watch videos of girls/women kicking guys between the legs n to read stories about it. But I'm not one of those effeminate guys who support female dominance or the feminazi movement nor wear effiminate styles nor do all the other homoid junk a lot of men do.

    Girls/women get euphoric from it n/or sexually aroused, n it makes them feel dominant n superior. But it should be done only with consent. And it can be dangerous. About 10 to 40 % of guys, which might average out to about 20%, have lost 1 or both testes from being kicked in the testes, mostly by girls, according to surveys at Mr. Poll.

  • My stories are all true of course. The boy did come from just a little squeezing to those sensitive b**** of his!

  • And you hit his b****?

  • You bet I did, after I squeezed he came all over my hand and I told him what a gross and pervy boy was and after I closed my door I kicked his b**** and stamped on them, and said I would tell everyone he was such a dirty boy if he tried to tell on me!

  • You can’t do that to me if I needed to have myself checked. I’m a 16 year old man

  • Lol no sweetheart, you are a 16 year old BOY not a man. With those little boy nuts that make you so weak lol! I could have you rolling with a few taps and you couldn't do anything back! You must be envious of my smooth p****!

  • Don't call me sweetheart. I take pride in having nuts, and would not allow you to tap them even though it wouldn't hurt me. Okay bud?

  • I'll call you whatever I want you silly boy. It wouldn't be a matter of you letting me all I would have to do is get you once in the nuts and you'd be on the ground crying! It must suck having such a weak spot but we girls will never know that! Get kicked hard enough and pop pop no more babies for you hahahaha! Boys are so weak and silly, always trying to make up for that stupid weakness between their legs!

  • Oh yeah whatever it's real easy to say that over the internet, but in person it would go another way. They are not a weakness and don't talk about popping them. That hurt just thinking about that. It's not funny, and you wouldn't actually do that to a person.

  • Believe what you want boy but the truth is that you hate having b****, those weak spots that lets any girl take you down easily! So sensitive and always needing protection, they could be smashed, crushed and popped in a variety of ways! Just think of a poor gymnast boy who straddles the bar to hard :(. But us girls, we have all of our bits neatly inside and tucked away safely! It must suck to be a boy LOL!

  • Shut the fu*k up and stop making us feel weak. We are the stronger s** and can always wear a cup near women like you.

  • Curse all you want but the truth is that boys have a big weakness and girls don't! You're the stronger s**, until you get kicked in those dangling b**** lol! Oh well boys will just never admit it but girls are clearly the stronger s**. Oh and those cups don't really work all that well do they..MMA fighters are still allowed 5 minutes after a kick to the eggs and they are required to wear a cup. Looks to me like they are less about taking away pain and more so making sure those poor eggs don't get scrambled LOL!

  • You're just trying to get me mad. Im not going to think about the gymnast boy. It's not that bad it's not like I get hit in the nuts everyday. Sometimes I accidentally sit on them but that's it. I bet you're just a sad little girl that gets abused by boys and wishes they were the stronger s** :)

  • Lol not at all, I'm the nurse from above, who finds watching boys writhe in their silly nut pain hilarious! Not trying to get you mad either, just stating facts really. The truth is girls are the stronger s** cause anyone could take you out with a swift punt to the b**** if they WANTED to and there is nothing for you to kick back. So sorry but girls are still the stronger s** lol

  • Oh you're the nurse? You're such a b*tch. I am kind of scared of you tho.. you probably know more about my b**** than I do. The fact that you find it hilarious really frightens me. It's just such a cheap shot girls shouldn't be allowed to do it!

  • Oh? I'm a b**** huh? Watch it young man you just admitted I know more about your nuts than you do I might just feel like kicking yours off!! Hahaha oh I'm joking but girls very well should be allowed to kick boys because they often need it! A few scrambled eggs from a strong kick have saved more than one girl from rape or assault!!

  • So you girls rape and torture many boys by hurting guys b**** to prevent girls being raped one day? Very logical. Rape many to prevent rape. Whatever way you look at it it is heavily criminal, abuse, rape and torture of children before they ever did anything harmful to girls, still not knowing if they would ever harm any girl any day.
    This is like dropping bombs on possible enemies in other countries before they ever have done anything harmful to any country or people.
    You are a sick, perverted, criminal violent child abusing monster. If you have daughters hopefully they will not be grilled before you while chained and watching it helplessly you suffering so badly for what is done to your girls for what you done to innocent kids.

  • You can't kick someones b**** off can you?? I hope you're joking. And there's nothing wrong with trying to rape a girl lol girls are just property.

  • Well maybe someone should kick your nuts right off! It can happen so to speak, just have to hit the testicles hard enough to crush them completely, leaving the boy sterile and castrated! This can happen from a knee or squeezing or any other form of pressure! And from the sounds of your views maybe you need your b**** crushed!

  • Castrate me b**** I'd grab ur t*** to entice you you can squeeze them I'm masterbating to you.

  • No no i like my b**** they are fine the way they are. They dont need to be crushed/castrated or anything of that manner :( Just reading that makes me flinch

  • Do tell us about the boys you kicked when you were younger, who was the first? How old were you?

  • I'd say I was probably around 9-10 when I first kicked a boy. He had been bullying me for a greater part of the year and I was so fed up with it I just kicked at him with my legs! Well I hit him right in the b**** and he curled up and a nurse had to get him! I was given a stern talking to but got away with it because he had been bullying me for so long. Turns out his testicles swelled up to the size of baseballs from my kick lol! He walked funny for about 2 weeks after!

  • Will you stop threatening us like that? I don’t think my b**** are so delicate that a silly girl like you can actually hurt them. Plus what if I wear a metal cup? Get ready for a titty twister, you’ll be the one crying hahahahaha

  • Lol you were the one who talked about raping girls is okay. Sick pervert, and many girls have killed by hurting their weak nuts!
    https://gizmodo.com/woman-kills-man-by-squeezing-his-t'esticles-5905648 is (remove the ' for the article) just one example.
    Cups are just their to keep a man's b**** from exploding in their sac when hit sweetheart, it barely reduces the pain. That's why professional fighters are allowed 5 minutes of down time after getting hit in the nuts. Oh and they are REQUIRED to wear a cup. But females fighters are not allowed to wear cups...because we don't need them lol! I'd be more worried about your b**** than my t*** sweetie!!

  • Yeah I said that so what, it's true. Idc about your article im not reading that. And why do you have to use words like exploding thats so uncomfortable. I have been kneed in the nuts before and they've never "exploded" like you've said wittle girl. And didn't I already tell you once to stop calling me sweetheart!

  • Its absolutely not true you savage! And you wonder why we girls think ourselves better and why you need to be controlled through your b****! I hope you do try to rape a girl and she bites off your d*** and crushes your b****! You haven't had your nuts burst by a girl's kick yet because they weren't kicking you full force, duh. Most kicks aren't but if a girl gets serious, I'd watch out for those fragile eggs of yours! I'm little? Lol your the 16 year old boy kid.

  • Yes we are weak and I'm pretty sure you girls would laugh at us in pain and crying on the floor.

  • Stop calling me sweetheart and my b**** fragile eggs. That’s very derogatory. Bit*hes like you can only threaten us on the internet. If I met you I’d show you who is the weaker s** by protecting my b**** and twisting your t***. LOL go get me a sandwich from the kitchen where you belong. And guys don’t be scared of this bi*ch, our b**** are stronger than girls think

  • You think its derogatory to call your b**** fragile eggs but not tell women to get in the kitchen? That sounds about right for a simple male. You could "try" to protect your b**** of course, but remember even men who wear cups something that designed to protect their b**** get hit their all the time...and they curl up like little wimps. Remember girls you're stronger than any guy with a pair of b**** LOL!

  • Don't over-react, little boy! B**** are weak and sensitive, and having your b**** kicked or squeezed really hurts. Maybe you're not comfortable with that fact, but it's a reality.

  • It hurts but not so much as some women make it seem. I won’t cry for sure and when I get back you are dead haha

  • Don't be so confident, kid! A full force knee or kick can put you in very hard pain. Don't pretend to be tough, and tougher than any male.

  • Exactly. You’re are woman like me. These guys never learn! Have you tried kicking them from behind? It’s hilarious, just walk up to a guy from behind and kick real hard if he has his legs spread.

  • How old are you? Do you get to do this often? Yes I've kicked a boy from behind before! It makes those silly b**** such an easy target!

  • Being kicked from behind is an excruciating pain! First, the surprise. Before you understand what just happened, you have the pain, your can't breathe anymore. Then, the b**** are trapped between the foot and our bones. Last, it's very humiliating because there's nothing we can do against it, and certainly the girl did it for the fun of it. No more reason, so we just can ask "why?", tears in our eyes.

  • I’m 25 years old. I used to do this a lot but now only do it now and then. My all time favourite is the front knee while grabbing his shoulders and pretending to whisper something in his ear or kiss him and BAM! There is no way he can block that. You can even give him multiple knees LOL What about you?

  • So you do that only for fun, laughing to the guy at the end? No very fair for us. It hurts a lot when it's an unexpected knee or kick.

  • Like I said below I'm 26 and I get to squeeze a lot of b**** because of my boy patients! The front knee is always good because boys are always h**** and fall for it! My favourite is the wind-up kick or punt because their is nothing more satisfying than kicking a nutbag full force! What is your favourite thing about kicking a boy in the b****? Mine is that he can't do it back since we have no silly b**** to kick! Just a nice smooth v*****!

  • If you want someone who would let you I'm willing is you're in my state. Hope to hear from you

  • My favourite part is the expression on his face! That’s like the cutest thing ever! I like to hold his chin up and maintain eye contact with him, and give him an evil smile or wink. Knowing that he cannot do that to me, knowing that a woman did that to him and she could do it much worse. I love taunting him like “ aww cmon I hardly kicked you, wait let me try that again!”

  • Aw I love the teasing lol it must be so painful! And the wink knowing full well how much pain he is in I love it! Its so funny I've had a a guy try to kick me before and I could just smile back at him because it felt like nothing! Have you ever kicked a family member? If you don't have to many boys to kick around brothers and nephews are an invaluable resource LOL!

  • If you want a good laugh just walk up to a random guy on the street or to your brother and pretend to punch/ knee his b**** real hard. Stop just before contact. Their reactions are always HILLARIOUS lol. If they act cocky and don’t finch you can always do it for real HAHAHAHA Girls rule

  • Not fun to threat our virility like that! We are afraid to get kicked in the nads. Don't play too much like that.

  • My brother is terrified of my Knee LOL. I have never kicked my nephew he’s only 15. Isn’t he too young for all this? Do you think I should play a little soccer with his b****? I doubt he can take it though haha

  • I'm glad to hear your brother is afraid of getting his nuts abused by your knee! Absolutely I say kick your nephew around! He might not be able to take it but who cares? He's a boy and him rolling around clutching his hurting b**** would be hilarious!

  • Alright what do you think is the best way I can get his eggs? I was thinking to put a MOUSE TRAP on this b**** when he is sleeping!? Haha any other suggests?

  • Wow a mouse trap sure would hurt but I would play him in a game of Ro-Sham-Bo which is were you kick each other in between the legs repeatedly to see who can take more hits! And if he doesn't want to call him a chicken and that girls are better to really get his blood boiling! It will be funny cause it doesn't hurt girls down there at all!!!

  • True..but what if he doesn’t want to play? And have you ever faked a knee and laughed at their reaction? It is a big blow to their man ego LOL

  • So true! They all step back, then feel so silly about their reaction.

  • Just tell him that he's a coward if he doesn't play or even more tell him that you think you're stronger than he is and if he doesn't play that just proves it. Or if he's the h**** type tell him you'll give him a peak if he wins, boys are always thinking with their d****! I have faked knees or even kicks before! All of them have flinched and then looked sheepish afterwards haha!

  • Same! Go girl! Kick your nephew! It will be fun to watch his silly face as he nurses his little marbles! LOL

  • Alright what do you think is the best way I can get his eggs?

  • He's 15, right? And how old are you? Mouse trap is a good idea. But I'm thinking about others ways.

  • Like??

  • First tell me how old you are yourself. The method won't be the same.

  • I’m 25 and he’s 15. Thats why Im worried I might seriously shatter his nuts lol he’s just a boy. How does age decide the way??!

  • Ok. I was asking, because since you're older than him, you can use your natural authority. He's still a boy, and you're an adult. It makes things easier. He certainly drools on you. Boys are such little pigs! I think you can play with his b****. Don't worry, b**** don't break so easily. They're very sensitive, but not that weak. I like the idea of mouse trap. You can also wake him up by squeezing his b****. The idea of the game above is not bad at all too. I also like to slap boys b**** whenever I want, especially when the boys don't expect it. He will be in fear of you. What you will break is his male ego!

  • I think the way this girl thinks I'm a boy and mouse trap would be hilarious but I got some ideas for you to.

  • What ideas?

  • If you got a baseball or football use it and throw it at his nuts while he's sleeping or when he least expects it. Or you can try to nut tap him him with the back of your hand there's a trick I learned how to nut tap someone the right way tho.

  • Thats a great idea and it will surely make him cry lol. Please share your nut tap idea too!!

  • Do you know any girls that would love to kick me in the b**** by the way if you do I can give you some my contact info.

  • If you nut tap him with the back of your hand and hit the bottom tip of his b**** it will hurt a lot more. Make sure you do it when he least expects it lol.

  • Lol looks like you have a lot of experience? I just like scaring them by faking a backhand or a knee. Who knows I might accually do it for real. Haha

  • My friends and I use to play around sometimes and we would nut tap each other. Once my friend got this one boy and he was on the ground for 20 minutes while the other kids were laughing at him lol

  • Why you talking in between boy? You want your nuts spanked too? Haha

  • Yes and kicked to lol

  • I'm actually 30 by the way but would you love to kick me in the b****?

  • How old is your brother? If you often knee him, he's certainly afraid of you. It was the same for me with one of the girl at school. She also had the bad habit to wear heavy boots.

  • Please no! The first time my older cousin kicked me in the b****, I did c** in my pants. She understood that, so she made fun of me. Not to mention how happy she was to see me crawling on the floor.

  • Teasing is the best part: before and after the kick!

  • I don’t tease before. He will then protect them and your aim is off. Just do it out of nowhere BAM and then start teasing his male ego to the core

  • You crush our b****, then our male egos? Not fair!

  • You use our weakness against us. Sure there's nothing we can do against your kicks, unless trying to protect our b****. But by experience, a woman who wants to go for our b**** always win, sooner or later. That's why it's very scary for us: no matter how bigger or more muscular we are, a little girl well trained can put us down on our knees.

  • Your overconfidence is your weakness. I doubt you have actually kicked a guy hard enough to make him cry. I have been hit there with a metal shopping cart once and I admit I just bent over for a few minutes. I did not fall down and cry. So bi*ch stop laughing at our weakness and threatening us. We are the stronger s**!

  • I've kicked many males over my life kiddo. And a successful knee right into their nutbag has always brought them to the ground, crying in the fetal position. If you can't see that girls are the stronger s** after that I can't help you.

  • Why have you kicked so many males? To protect yourself or just for fun?

  • Both really, I've had many males try and attack me or step out of line and needing a good kick to the nuts to bring them back to their senses. Otherwise a playful kick to the b**** is just to fun to pass up sometimes

  • So I presume you also had kicked some older men? Why is it so fun to see us in pain, in foetal position, nursing our b****? You feel powerful? (you're the nurse?)

  • Yes I'm the nurse, they were mostly boys my age, some younger and some older, it makes me feel powerful sure but its also just funny. I'm glad I don't have such a weakspot. And when I am defending myself I think its funny that males act all high and mighty but one hit will take them down easily.

  • So you feel superior because you're a woman, and don't have such a weak spot like our b****?

  • How can you just kick for fun? You’re so evil. You have no idea how painful and humiliating it is for a guy. Hope you are talking about flicks and not full force kicks.

  • Oh just shut up you cry baby girls aren't allowed to bite that part of a man. And yiu can't control me through my b**** even if you tried. Im 16 and would still beat you up :) How old are you then if you say I'm a kid?

  • There are plenty and I mean plenty of girls who have fought off a rapist by biting his silly little d*** off! I'm 26 young man, much older than you and I could take you on easily. You say I couldn't control you through your b**** but I wonder how many of my boy patients would share the same sentiment. No I would have your b**** in my hand having you begging me to stop squeezing them in no time.

  • Plenty of girls who haven't fought off their rapist also haha. Hmm 26 an adult.... still doesn't matter because you're a girl. Boys are superior just accept it. I would turn you into my b**** lol. You're just asking for it. I'll know to guard my b**** with my hands if I fought you, but if we did fight you would stop squeezing if I said to right?? Not like that's going to happen though.

  • Ou think I’m foolish enough to let your hand anywhere near my b****? Lol forget it baby. Go protect your t*** instead, I might elbow them real hard😈! We know very well how to protect our b*lls from bi*ches like you.

  • Lol I doubt it considering every male I've hit before! My legs could reach your b**** long before you even got to my t*** hun. And once you are the ground from that first hit, completely disabled, I'll walk over to you and start squeezing the life out of those plums you have dangling between your legs. You'll be begging me not to crush them as you writhe around from so much pain ;)

  • Now that is scary for a male to hear. I hope you know that groin shots are illegal in most fights. So what would you do in a professional fight? Haha If you even try to go there I will tell the referee

  • Little boy is calling his mama! You're so pathetic! And you know why groin shots are forbidden in fights? Because it's men who made the rules, and they know that a simple kick put you on the floor screaming. So, in real fights, no rules ones, what would you do tough little boi?

  • I would make sure you are away from my groin area and if you attempt I will close my knees thus preventing you from reaching them. Thats such a cheap shot, why do all girls go for that? Every girl I fight either purposely kicks or acts like she accidentally got me there. Can’t they win fair and square? Cheating bi*hes. It is extremely annoying because half my energy is spent protecting those things. Anyway that doesn’t mean I can’t heat you lol

  • Plums? dangling?.. You have no idea how offensive these words are. Better back off before a guy beats you to pulp. I wish you were in front of me right now so I could kill you. And yeah I’ll just keep my legs closed so your kicks cannot get there. Ha

  • Its so funny how boys get offended at that! Talking about raping girls! No guy has ever even come close to beating me? Know why? All that have tried I've bruised up their nuts! You couldn't kill me if you tried lol. Standing with your legs closed in a fight is real smart. No balance and you can't move....All that because you have to protect such weak and sensitive area. All I can say is I'm glad I have a smooth crotch and not those awkward hanging eggs lol.

  • Awkward hanging eggs huh? What about your b**bs? Don’t they also hang around awkwardly? Haha And of course I will spread my legs but keep my hand to protect my b****. I’ll close my legs when you try to kick. I will squeeze your t*** so hard you’ll be the one crying for mercy!

  • Hardly b****** aren't in an awkward place like b****, you can't even close your legs properly without wincing! So let me get this straight you will fight me with one hand and you think you are fast enough to react to all my kicks.....Only a boy could be so dumb. 1 I could still kick you when your legs are closed it would just be a front kick and it would hit you in the d***, which is still a sensitive area 2 it sounds like you are just trying to "prove how mainly you are" Get over it your b**** are a weakness. Its nice to be a girl with all our organs nice and inside, with such a smooth crotch!

  • No I will fight against you with both hands and will protect my b**** whenever needed. And lol a d*** kick is nowhere near as painful as the ball kick. It will be fun messing up that pretty face of yours! And yeah I’m not that 16 year old boy, I’m a 23 year old man so watch out honey

  • Lol as if you know that one kick and you'd be screaming on the ground and moaning from the pain! You'd have your nuts kicked back into your body! Lol your 23 and still trying to defend that b**** are strong...Your pathetic and you know it. Just jealous of a girls perfect and smooth p****!

  • I agree I am jealous of your p**** but we are stronger than you even after having b****. And what do you mean you’ll kick my nuts inside my body? Stop using such threats they are really scary although I doubt you can do that. Tell me girl have you even kicked a man above 20 hard enough for it to really hurt? All these are your fantasies . Maybe you kick teenage guys and think you are superior

  • If you admit your jealous of girls vaginas then why even pretend that you are still stronger? You have to know that girls don't have that weakness and one hit to a boys nads will drop him and have him squirming from pain! I've kicked men over 20 yes lol and they drop all the same. You're a boy you should know if hit hard enough a t******* can recede into the body.

  • Just shut up alright. Stop trying to scare me with those threats. My b**** are sensitive but not weak. Maybe the men you kicked were dumb enough to leave their b**** exposed, I’m not so dumb. And I might be younger than you but I am a MAN 23 yr old, so stop calling me a boy

  • Too bad for you, your b**** are not made in steel. You perfectly know that. They're not only sensitive, but also weak. Weak as you are, scared by such simple "threat". By the way, you sound quite silly, trying to say that your b**** make you strong.

  • You say the ball can recede into the body and call that a simple threat? Are you crazy? That’s enough to scare the manhood out of any guy. If that’s a simple threat I don’t know what your real threats are like. My b**** are not made of steel but I think they can withstand a kick from a weak girl like you. Now go and make me a sandwich! Haha

  • I'm not crazy, I'm just realistic, sweetie! So sorry if your "manhood" feels so scared by those simple threats! Isn't it because your so-called manhood is too weak? Lol! Let's play: I kick you in the b****, you will be surprised how a "weak" girl can make your suffer, rolling in pain on the floor. Then, as you are in foetal position nursing your useless nuts, I'll go in the kitchen, making a sandwich for me. I will eat it in front of you, as you're still laying on the floor, not capable to stand up because your bruised b****!

  • Alright lets play. I’ll even spread my legs for you to take a shot. And guess what, what if I don’t fall to the ground? Hahahahahahhaah Imagine what I’ll do to you then. Poor girl you’ll rush to the kitchen and make me a sandwich yourself!

  • That's your sick imagination! But you're fun anyway! Don't worry, I know how to kick very hard. Won't be the first time I put a guy on his knees, crying in pain!

  • I’m not going down dear, I’ve had my ex try that on me and I blocked her kick. It’s too easy, I just have to close my legs before you connect. And what do you mean you know how to kick very hard?

  • Your ex didn't even really try! It's obvious that she let you see that she was about to kick you. And she didn't mean to really success. When I kick a guy, I don't give him the time to react and realize what I want to do. If you think closing your legs is good enough to protect you, then you're even dumber than I thought. A very very easy target. I kick very hard, because I'm very well trained. Boys who played soccer with me know what I mean.

  • My sister has also tried and failed lol. She tries to knee me and when I flinch and block her knee she laughs and acts as if it was meant to be a fake knee. God girls are so weak. And tip for guys, just before a girl tries to kick you she eyes your crotch to take aim, then when she pulls her leg back, just close your legs and you’ll be safe. Then beat the s*** out of her HAHAHA

  • Well said! If hit very hard, the testicles recede in the body! That's what we call "making you cough out your b****"! Lol!

  • What’s so funny about that so Lolita it hurts a lot

  • That's why it's funny! You thought you're tough, but you're curling in pain on the floor, just because a girl kicked you where it hurts (males only)! Lol lol lol!

  • Stop laughing like a bi*ch

  • Double laugh, because you're just a loser! You are the perfect example of: man=weak.

  • We are not week, I’ve got b**** of steel

  • A real strong person doesn't need to say she's not weak. And wish to see your b**** of steel, sweetie! Lol!

  • You are calling me weak therefore I am saying. And no way, I’m not showing my b**** to a bi*ch like you.

  • I called you weak, because that's the truth. It's obvious that you're afraid to be kicked in your "manhood", and you try to deny how weak your junk is! And tbh, I'm not interested to see your b****, just crushing them to put you at your place: on the floor.

  • Feminist say “it’s all over when she has your b**** in her hands”, yeah right, I say what is she going to do? I am of the superior s** and can punch the s*** out of her!

  • I agree! At 23, you should know how weak you are with your useless b****! Hahaha!

  • To the 16 yo little boy: I'm afraid she's very right! Our b**** are a real weakness. So you better not mess with girls.

  • She doesn't know sh*t . I'll continue messing with and doing what I please to those inferior girls. And you're suppose to be on my side.

  • You're the one who doesn't know! You're pretending to fight in a very ridiculous position (hands on your little parts, legs very tight), so it's obvious you never fought in your life. Adding the fact that the lady will be faster than you, she will kick your ass in less than 5 mn. Will be fun to watch. You better not deny that your b**** are your greatest weakness, before you get put on your knees.

  • Why will the lady be faster? And I doubt she will go for the b**** all the time, women can’t be so brutal right?

  • The fact you can ask such question shows you lack experience about fighting. Women can be very brutal, deadlier than men. Some could kick your ass without kicking your b****. And yes, during fights, women are generally faster than men. As you're in fear for your little marbles, trying to protect them, she will overpower you very quickly! Don't pretend to be tough. It's obvious that you're not that self-confident. You're just scared by women who can grab your b****.

  • Firstly they are not marbles, and secondly, I agree that I am not comfortable fighting a woman who knows my weakness and only targets my b**** constantly. But the point is majority of women don’t know about our vulnerability or will not go behind my b**** and grab them. Isn’t it? So I am tougher than the average woman

  • Sorry if you don't like the word, but your little bits are just "marbles". Sorry again to tell you an other truth: all women do know about your male weakness. We all laugh about it. Two little dangling pieces of flesh, adding a little wiener, just at the worse place: between your legs. Very exposed, easy to get hurt here, hard to protect when you fight. Professional male fighters all have trouble with them. No matter how often you train in gym, how big your muscles are: you can't train that weakness of yours. So any average woman is always stronger than any guy. Sorry for you guys: it sucks to have b****!

  • We can easily hit your leg and break them before they reach our b****

  • Alright even if all women do know about the vulnerability of b****, I doubt even half of them will think of attacking my b**** in a fight. You are acting like thats the first place every woman will go for, and do it repeatedly. Lol, not happening sweetheart, and stop spreading your extreme thoughts among other women. Females are the inferior s** meant to serve us and you better not go around kicking other guys.

  • My thoughts are extremes? Sorry boy, but those thoughts are very common. Every woman think to kick or grab your b**** in a fight. So funny to see how "big men" turn into sissies in few seconds. You're not an exception.

  • If every woman knows that and we are so weak how come rapes are so common? LOL all these are your stupid delusions. And by the way all I need to do is wear a cup if I fight a woman, who’s the stronger s** now??

  • Rapes so common? Because a lot of men are just pigs, and try to take what they can't have in proper way. But you're right, they're still too many girls who don't know how to protect themselves. But in an other hand, that's the guys who are guilty here, not the girls. Rape is forbidden by the laws.
    Now, about the cup you wish to wear. It's a very good confession you made. So, you recognize that those 2 dangling plums between your legs are sensitive, and are a very good target for women. You know those little marbles are weak, and if I kick them hard, you will be in extreme pain. Right? Or you wouldn't feel the need to wear such a protective cup. But, don't fool yourself. Cups are just good enough to protect you from soft kicks, or flicks on your privates. I fought a guy wearing cup before, and guess what? he lost!

  • Stop trying to use my own words against me. And also stop calling them plums, marbles, etc. it’s infuriating. And yes, I admit that my b**** are “sensitive” (not weak) compared to the rest of my body; and my hurt a little only if kicked really hard by an adult woman wearing heels when I am not looking or defending myself, etc.. the likelihood of all those things happening is minuscule!
    How many guys have you kicked there? 2 or 3 don’t really count as being experienced. And how did that guy lose despite wearing a cup? I don’t get it. You must have cheated.

  • I'm male, but I think she's right to use those words. I don't find them offensive, just realistic. I'm sure enough about my virility not to be offended by those words.

  • Hey to the 16 year old kid its true the girls just trying to be realistic but you got to face it that sometimes its true that we can be weak just not all the time

  • Yes, I'm a girl, 16. I admire you. You actually did that to that boy? A fourth grader came? I can't wait to handle boys like that.

  • Bring it on

  • I hope you've already kicked a few boys lol

  • I'm 26 myself! It's so good to know that girls like yourself admire someone in my position! It's just lovely to know other girls like controlling boys by their little ballies! Yes I actually did that and it was wonderful! Its not the only thing I have done to some of these boys either lol! Yes he actually came that young! Boys can get erections from any age even as babies and they will start to produce their juice after a few wanks, so he must really have been a dirty boy who was already masturbating!! Its such a wonderful feeling to know you have absolute power over a boy and could crush his little nuts completely if you wanted too!

  • What else have you done to your boy patients?

  • Aww! These poor boys. First they get it right in their little innocent ballies from a girl, then they get it good from a lady who is supposed to make them feel better, but instead humiliates them and hits them again in their little nuts. By the time they leave your office they must feel completely dominated by the "stronger" s**. It must be very arousing for you to "handle" these boys.

  • It is quite arousing to be able to handle the boys like I do! Their little bits are completely at my mercy lol! I've examined more than one boy with my office door open and girls will often giggle at the sight of their little sacs in my hand.

  • Invite the girls in, don't just leave the door open

  • Yes, and invite them to "help" you examine your boy patients. Secretly tell the girls to flick their fingers at those poor little vulnerable boy b****.

  • Im sure you've done that a few times lol. Tell us more of your experiences with boys b****, would love to know

  • Yes, Nurse. Please tell us more!

  • I'll tell 2 stories.

    I was once called in to watch recess for a 4th grade class and a few girls had a boy trapped under a slide. They had him on his back with his legs held by one and she was grinding her foot into his nuts while the other girl had stuff his mouth with a sock and had slid her panties under her skirt to the side. She was patting her own bits, presumably making fun of the boys ballies being in pain! I saw them and at first they froze but I winked at them and they went back to it and started giggling!

    I had a twelve year old in my office once and while I was doing a routine check up he grabbed my breast! I was so angry but I just went to the door and closed it which seemed to get him excited. Maybe he thought I was going to indulge him but I actually just rammed my foot into his b****! He was on the ground writhing in agony! And I just fished my hand down his pants and started squeezing his b****! I whispered in his ear that if he ever did that again, to me or another girl I would crush his little plums for good!

  • Next time bring some girls in to watch

  • I'd love you to ballbust me to own them

  • Have some professionalism and respect for our b****. Its not acceptable to go around doing that. What if we do that to your t***?

  • I would love to have an elastrator band put on my b****, the be full force kicked square in the b**** by a determined woman!

  • I love holding b**** in my hands. I have long sharp nails and I like to playfully scratch at a boy's s****** and let him know that at any moment, I can capture his poor vulnerable b**** in my nails and puncture them.

  • That's very hard for our b****! If you hold our b**** in your hand, it's very easy to inflict very hard pain with your long nails. Sure you could puncture our weak b****. How the boys did react?

  • How do the boys react? Have you ever seen a teenage boy whimper and cry like helpless baby?

  • Yes please I'd love to give u mine

  • Do you really think we will trust a woman like you blindly and put our bare b**** in her hand? We are very protective about our b****

  • Do you like to laugh and humiliate tiny d*** and b**** whilst Ball busting

  • I challenge any woman to drop me to the floor with 3 kicks. Wear whatever shoe ir heel you like and I won’t wear a cup. Cmon lets show these weak girls that we can take it !!

  • One kick will do it unless you are very rare.

  • Nope I can take it.

  • It's funny that girls actually think they have an advantage just because of a luck cheap shot. Boys still and always will be greater than girls.

  • There are other ways girls are better. But just talking about b****...if she gets a hold of your b**** she will be the one who is greater.

  • I think I can withstand the pain. After all women are the WEAKER S** haha

  • I love boys. Without them, us girls wouldn't have silly b**** to squeeze, kick, punch, slap, flick and whatever else we like to do to them

  • Oh please stop making us feel so vulnerable. You can squeeze, kick, punch, slap or flick them only if we ALLOW you to do so. Otherwise forget it !

  • You should be careful. There can be surprise nut shots. Google it.

  • I am always careful. No girl is getting me there even if she tries to surprise me

  • You wouldn't get away with doing that to us and plus they're not your b**** you can't do whatever you like with them.

  • Lol, how old r u and when did u start aiming at b****?

  • I mean girls are the weak ones beciuse they don’t have nuts nuts make us boys strong and it doesn’t hurt that much to get kicked (I’ve never been kicked before but it can’t be that bad) and it’s just as bad for girls

  • Ask a girl to try it on you. And if you really have the b**** tell her to do it as hard as she can....You have no idea.

  • I don’t think she will be able to hurt me

  • It hurts alot. Trust me. I'm 14 and been kicked at least 3 times by suprise by other boys and they were the most painful experiences in my life.
    I do not like the fact that these girls think it's funny to aim for a boy's b****.
    If a girl tries ( and somehow succeed ) to kick me in my nuts, we are fighting immediately. I can take some pain

  • I work as a school nurse at a middle school, and this topic is not funny at all. Every year, I see about a dozen boys who have been kicked in the testicles. It's a serious injury. Until you have seen what that injury can look like and know about its ramifications, you have no idea how horrible this is.

  • BS. I have been kicked, punched, slapped, hit hard with a tennis ball right in my b**** and no serious injury occurred, just excruciating pain and severe swelling that had to be iced and anti-inflammatory taken. I've seen dozens of guys get their b**** grabbed, kicked, punched, and even stomped on in school yard fights and by girls. I only know of one guy who got a serious injury, it was a hernia from a girl yanking and twisting his n****** with all her might. The truth is that males b**** are very sensitive but they are also quite tough and can withstand a lot of huge amount of abuse, nature made them that way. In junior high sometimes a group of girls would jump a guy who had been bothering them and they would kick & knee his b**** or grab his b**** and squeeze them real hard. In high school guys would get into fights and try to smash each others b**** with punches, knees and kicks. Some guys join roshambo clubs where they go to compete by seeing who's b**** can withstand the most abuse. I watched several guys get their b**** stomped on in street fights. This happens all over the world and adults do it too. Ballbusting is a sexual fetish where males and females practice all sorts of ways to abuse a males b****. Google "BALLBUSTING or CBT" and you will see that a males b**** can withstand an extreme amount of abuse without being seriously injured beyond intense pain and swelling. Some females even stand & stomp on a males b****. Of course, our b**** are not indestructible and they can be ruptured or even totally destroyed, but not easily.

  • Thank you. I have worked as a paramedic (I am in security now) and you are correct. This is in no way is humourous. I have responded to very serious injuries. Several required surgery. Several lads have finished up sterile. This a horrid (life altering) experience.

  • Were most of them caused by girls?

  • Yes, just about all of them

  • To all boys: do not let any girls or women hurt your b****! Our parts are sensitive, but not weak. Girls should have respect for our privates.

  • I had my b**** spanked before by my step mom it was so embarrassing and painful

  • Don't let any female hit your b****!

  • Freedom of choice. Some men like it.

  • Just once, or several times? Tell us more about that!

  • Girls really should learn to respect our b****! Boys must teach girls to be respectful!

  • Ever been kicked in the b**** by your sister? How old were you and how old was she

  • She was 4 years older than me and she did it almost every week whenever she was p***** at me. Sometimes she just punched me hard when I was sleeping and laughed like a bi*ch

  • Nearly every day aged 10-11

  • What would you girls do to my b****?

  • Keep kicking them until you passed out or started crying :)

  • And what if I just take it and kick you back? Haha. Girls better stop making fun of our b**** its not funny neither is it so painful.

  • Ive always wanted to get kicked in that spot once just to experience it.

  • Ask your female friends to do it. Many girls are curious also.

  • Me too I always wanted a pretty girl to kick me slap me till I pee myself then maybe she will get me to cry real tears because lost control and then she would point at me laugh hysterically st my wet crotch take a picture with her phone

  • Don't let a girl kick you! It's very very painful, and she will make fun of you! She will think you're a wimp.

  • Depends on the girl. Some like the power. Some like it sexually.

  • I wish girls didn't know about our weak spot and this post is not helping. Girls need to not spread this around, shut their mouth, and quit talking about it.

  • Lol, we all learn about your little bits at a very early age, and know how weak they are

  • Our b**** are sensitive, but not weak! We're strong!

  • How old were you when you "learned", and how old were you the first time you kicked a boy?

  • Probably about 7

  • So very very young! Since then our b**** are from your point of view "little bits" (very humiliating description), and you think it's fun to see us in pain because of them and our weakness?

  • Most of you have very small bits lol

  • "Very smalls"? Please don't be so hard! It's not easy to know that girls are making fun of our weakness, so don't consider them as very small.

  • Sorry love, I just love embarrassing you boys x

  • We will teach you to respect our b****!

  • And what you call "very small" is very painful when you hurt them! Why do you love to embarrass us so much?

  • Cause we fancy you really!

  • You're so sarcastic!

  • No, that's why we're interested in your privates lol, you stare at our legs

  • Sure we stare at your legs when they're beautiful. You should take care of our privates, not kick them or demean them by describing them as "very small bits".

  • Sorry!! Im just a naughty girl with bare legs and a flat chest lol

  • Sorry, im just a naughty girl with bare legs and a flat chest

  • Oh wow you call our b**** "little bits", yet you're flat chested I would punch you in the b**** right now if you even had any.

  • How old are you? How flat is ur chest?

  • You do have serious issues don't you? How many times have you been hit by a girl?

  • What?

  • I think all girls need to know, chat about it, and do it in real!

  • No no no we need to keep this a secret so they can't use it against us

  • They already all know! So we better face it, and try to protect our privates!

  • Sounds like some little girl has got you there lol, who was she?

  • A girl at school, who kicked me from behind, just for fun. All girls laughed, and made fun of me.

  • Evil little witch! How old is she?

  • 14, and I'm 15 yo.

  • Should know better at 14

  • What do you mean?

  • Do u have big or little nuts

  • I have big nuts. Why?

  • All girls do know

  • That's what I find scary for us! If all girls know, we're surrounded and no wonder if my sister or girls at school all go for our b****.

  • That's what sisters are for!! Kicking their brothers lol

  • I have very bad bad experiences with my sister about my b****. Especially when she orders me to put off my pants, and she grabs them in her hand, pulling down or slapping them. When I say "no", she manages to kick or punch them in a very bad way.

  • Typical sister

  • Why do you say that? You're a boy or a girl? It hurts a lot, and my sister enjoys so much to hurt my b****!

  • Yes my sister was just the same, how old is your sis?

  • My sis is 12.

  • She'll grow out of it in a few years
    How old are you?

  • I hope! For the moment, it's very painful! I'm 14. And U?

  • Me and my friend read this together and laughed so much, we’re both 15 year old girls, should I tell my mom to start punishing my brother with ball slaps

  • Shut the f up and go make me a sandwich. Our b**** are precious and girls should respect them not threaten them and try to scare us.

  • NO slaps are not meant for there my gawdd

  • Yh, you and your friend hold him still while she kicks his naked b****, maybe do it naked so he gets a b****, and then they'll be nothing covering his 'spot' and it'll be so painful for him.

  • You should tell your mom, and also do it yourself! How old is your brother?

  • Do you often kick his b****?

  • Yes if he’s annoying me I kick or punch his nuts and he’s 13

  • Do you kick boys at school too?

  • Is he in fear now of you? Does he cry when you kick him?

  • Yes definitely and he only cries if I make fun of him after I kick him really hard

  • Make him cry a lot, laughing at his pain, his weakness! The more he fears you the best it is. He will be very soon a sissy in front of you!

  • Do you kick boys?
    Who, how many, when did you start?

  • I do kick boys. Brothers and boys at school. And you?

  • Boys at school mostly

  • Same age? Older or younger boys? How did they react?

  • B****: 2 pieces of flesh of true weakness.

  • I’m scared to read the responses but what would you girls do to my b****?

  • I tied up a boy who attacked me, I crushed one of his b**** and I carved "nuts are not yours" (sounds sort of cheesy but he gets the point) in his chest, this is a little bit too evil but it was so empowering..

  • Would anyone else do that?

  • I never did that, but your idea is a very good one!

  • So agree! Boys think their b**** make them strong. But a simple kick (or slap, punch, squeeze, knee) turns them into sissies! Their faces are so pathetic when they're in pain because of pain into their "virility". After the first time they've been kicked in their nuts, they're afraid of us, running very fast far from us! Girls rule!
    My question is: after been kicked very badly in the b****, are boys still boys? Lol

  • No better way to describe them writhing in agony when they kicked bashed in their little nuts, then pathetic! Also if a boy gets kicked in the nuts so hard his little ballies get ruptured and he's castrated I wouldn't call him a male anymore!!

  • Thanks! Watching them writhing in agony, nursing their bruised ballies is so much fun. I also feel so powerful as a girl when I see how pathetic, weak, they are! I love the idea we can castrate them, turning them into eunuch if we want, simply because it's easy for us to catch or crush their unprotected little things!

  • Please, no! It hurts a lot! We're not sissies, the pain is just too hard! My sister uses hard shoes to kick me, and I don't want to be castrated!

  • Don't worry, little boy, you'll be castrated if a girl wants to. lol

  • Lol I’m a girl and I laughed so much when I read about boys getting punished by getting their nuts spanked

  • It's truly the best way to punish a boy. Any woman (or girl) can easily inflict extreme pain and humiliation on a boy with a simple flick of her finger or slap.

  • It's as if testicles were made to make punishing boys easy for us ladies. I can see it in one of those cheesy commercials. "Hey ladies. Tired of having to pull a boy over your lap and spank his butt cheeks until your hand is sore? Is that naughty boy too big for you? Introducing the TESTICLES! Now you can easily punish a boy and inflict more pain and humiliation with just a simple flick of the finger. It's as easy as flipping a light switch, and a lot more fun! Let your daughters have a try! Even little girls can do it! Use it on young boys, pre-teens, teenagers, college boys. It's perfect for punishing sons, nephews, the paper boy who throws your newspaper in the garden; the neighbor's boy who plays his music loud. Teachers, use it on your students! Girls, Use it on your brother or your boyfriend when he acts up. The possibilities are endless! With those silly vulnerable TESTICLES hanging there at your disposal, every boy will fear you and every girl will admire you."

  • B**** are easy targets for ladies. Easy to inflict pain, and to control guys. Even big men can be controlled by little girls. B**** are made so vulnerable for women. Grab them in your hands, and men will be so obedient!

  • I am in favor of t******* spanking for boys, but only as long as it is done responsibly. It should be done only for certain infractions which the mother or other responsible female can delineate. The boy should be warned that violative behavior will result in in his testicles being spanked. If he continues, the mother (or other female relatives) instructs him to drop his pants and underwear, at which point she should hold his s****** in her hand and apply the appropriate slap or flick of her finger. Other relatives and friends, including females, can be permitted to watch. If necessary, an ice pack may be applied later on to stop the swelling.

  • You need to learn to have great respect for our b****!

  • Part of the punishment should include the boy having to write an essay about his punishment, including listing his infractions, describing how his mother punished him and the pain that it caused. A follow-up inspection of his testicles should also be done in front of the family and friends to make sure there is no permanent injury to the testicles or s******. The boy should then be hugged, his testicles lightly rubbed, and he should be sent to his room, after which he should be welcomed back with more hugs and kisses.

  • Fuuck no. I don't agree with one thing you said. The h*** with all that.

  • Sorry son, but if you were my son, I would punish you for writing like that. Cursing and swearing is an infraction that would result in testicular spanking.

  • But I didn't know I would have gotten punished for that, so no testicular spanking needs to be done!

  • Sweety, your feeble attempt to avoid punishment shows how silly boys (and their little dangling testicles) are. Take my advice and never challenge a lady's decision to punish your silly little testicles.

  • Im sorry for cussing, but why would I take your advice lol

  • I am so disappointed you find this funny. I believe you know what is going to happen next, don't you?

  • It was funny at the moment but not now. I don't want to know what happens next I don't want my testicles spanked :(

  • Drop your pants and underwear NOW!

  • Anything you say ma'am... is it okay if I call you that?

  • Of course, sweety. Now just stand there with your hands to the side while I punish those naughty little testicles. That's a good boy. Are you ready for your punishment?

  • Are looking for volunteers?

  • I don't need a volunteer. I need boys, and girls, to understand that a boy's weak little b**** are designed to be used for punishment by a woman or girl. As girls have the power to punish boys in a most painful and humiliating way, boys need to respect girls, and girls need to be responsible when they punish boys. It is never appropriate for a girl to destroy a boy's b****, but it is appropriate for her to use her feminine power to correct a boy's behavior by inflicting non-permanent pain and humiliation.

  • I love the way you handled the boy up above. You taught him how to behave, and he learned how to behave real quick. I doubt he acts up for a while.

  • Yes ma'am I am ready for my punishment, but how am I suppose to protect my testicles if my hands are to the side?

  • Yes ma'am I am ready for my punishment. Am I allowed to protect my testicles at all?

  • Of course not, sweety. A boy should never interfere when a lady punishes his silly little testicles.

  • Oh okay I know that now. I might have to if it hurts though ok.

  • Not okay. You will keep your hands to the side and accept the punishment. I assure you, if you attempt to prevent a lady from punishing those silly little testicles, you will not like the consequences. Now let's get those little b**** in my hand so I can administer the punishment.

  • I'll try my hardest not to do that then. I accept the punishment I don't want anymore consequences. I'll be a good boy for you from now on ma'am.

  • The thing is, men are responsible for almost all the violence and war in the world. We shouldn't have any power. Plus, if you get on a woman's good side (I'm a grown man) she can also make you feel amazing pleasure, so she has all the power both ways. For me anyway, it's way better to realize all that and I just try super hard to keep on their good side and do whatever they say.

  • You're very strict with boys! May I ask: only females can spank boys testicles?

  • Now that you asked politely, I will answer. Yes. Only females should be spanking boys' testicles, as it is the female's absolute right and responsibility to do so. Also, it shows that females have the exclusive authority over boys. As I stated before, it should be done in a responsible manner to ensure feminine authority over boys.

  • Thank you for your answer! So, can we assume that male adults are also under the authority of females? As the boy gets his b**** spanked by his mother, what the father do? Or does get spanked sometimes if he misbehave?

  • "what the father do?" "or does get spanked . . . misbehave?" Young man, I need you to go back and write your response correctly

  • I'm not english native speaker. Sorry. If you don't understand, I don't disturb you and ask anymore.

  • Honey, it's quite alright. Even if you do not understand the English language very well, your silly little boy testicles will fully understand the punishment a lady inflicts on them.

  • Please, don't hurt our b****! It hurts a lot! And could you tell me if you also plan to spank adult males b**** too? Do they just look females spank boys testicles, without saying anything?

  • Testicles are always subject to punishment by a female. However, teen and pre-teen testicles are more likely to be punished. As for you, young man, please drop your pants and underwear.

  • So, you mean even grown up males get their b**** spanked by women ? Males are all their lives under feminine authority then? I drop my pants and underwear, but please don't be to hard with my b****.

  • Never tell a lady what to do with your silly little testicles, young man. I shall punish them as I see fit.

  • All right! But please, don't be too hard! I know it will hurt a lot!

  • I am certain it will hurt you a lot.

  • If it hurts a lot, I will cry!

  • I am certain you will cry and you will likely feel humiliated. I plan to have some lady friends over to watch.

  • Awful humiliation: you're spanking what makes me a boy! In front of your friends, all ladies! Me in tears, in pain.

  • Yes, you in tears while the ladies will likely have a grand old time watching a young man receive his punishment. Prepare yourself for the post-spanking inspection. I've seen those ladies really go at it with the teenage son of another lady.

  • Why do they like to watch a boy receiving his punishment? They also enjoy watching us cry? That post-spanking inspection is very very humiliating moment, being inspected by several ladies! Did they spank very hard the teenage son you've mentioned?

  • Yes they do, honey. I love the way you write. What is your native language?

  • Thank you for your attention! So you have several ladies friends who spank boys nuts? I'm French.

  • Yes, young man. After stripping the boy naked, the ladies spanked, slapped, squeezed and violently pulled his little sack of boy nuts until he cried. Then pulled his teenage dicky. Then they turned him over on his stomach for a full inspection of his little behind. Very humiliating.

  • It's more than humiliating! To be so helpless, in front of so many ladies. And to be in pain, just because I'm a boy, because you're playing with my privates. After having my b**** spanked, squeezed, pulled down, making me cry, pulling also my d*** (would you say it's small?) and inspecting behind after! How can I have any pride?

  • It's not fun. My sisters are cruels with me. They make me tie my b****, in a way it's easier to grab them. I am afraid of them, I am in pain. Some advice how I can fight back? Some ideas?

  • I laugh at it as well! Its just so funny! I'm the 15 year old girl in the thread and I absolutely love kicking my brothers nuts in and reading about similar things!

  • Just stop doing that to your brother and go make him a sandwich. He is the stronger s**

  • Girls are very good at making egg sandwiches. She sandwiches a boy's weak little eggs between her hands and squeezes them together. She can also add a little wiener to the sandwich if she likes.

  • Funny. I used to say things like that to my brother. "Hey, you want me to make you scrambled eggs?" Then I would "scramble" his eggs. "You want an egg sandwich?" SQUISH! I would squeeze his b**** between my hands. He would lay on the couch watching t.v. I would lay down next to him and squeeze or punch his b**** through his shorts. When I would put my hand on his crotch and ask if I can see his b****, his thing would pop-up in his shorts. I loved playing with him.

  • Please, don't do this! I'm a boy, and my sister is doing this to me. It hurts as h***! It's destroying any self-confidence in ourselves too.

  • That's very fun, yes! You never tried to punish some boys like that?

  • Would you like to see it happen?

  • Great post! Boys little parts are so weak and easy to destroy! Give us so much fun and power.

  • Mmmm great wording! I would love to destroy a boys little parts!

  • How would you like to destroy boys little parts? Favorite way to do it (there are so many!) ?

  • I think crushing would be my favorite, watching a boys look of horror as his little ballies get squished flat either by my hands or under my feet, knowing I castrated him and took away his maleness is a delicious image for me!

  • Love it! So quite slow? Giving him an excruciating pain, and watching in his eyes the despair as you turn him into an eunuch?

  • Of course! I'd love watching his eyes pop out as he feels his little boy ballies slowly be flattened, their contents spewing out inside his sack and the feeling of his maleness being crushed right infront of him by a stronger girl! I'd want him to feel every second of it!

  • Love your mind! I would love to see that too! I would love to do this on older guys, so self-confident, and realizing a younger girl owns them, castrating their little manly parts!

  • I'd love to castrate boys of all ages, they each have their own perks! For young boys watching an older stronger girl destroy any chance at being male seems wonderful! But also crushing an older males b**** as he watches his maleness get taken by a young and what he thought of as weaker girl is a beautiful image as well!

  • I'm in love with you; I'd love to offer my nuts to you.

  • I love both images! No matter younger or older guys, they would look so helpless as we castrate them. I love the fear in their eyes, how they beg. We know they're in our power, because we control those little weak things between their legs, it's up to us to remove them, destroy them, or just give a light kick. We rule.

  • Our parts are not that small! And not toys to be destroyed! Please respect them! Why do you like so much to see us in pain, or destroyed?

  • How many boys have you got there?

  • Around 10. Why?

  • How old are you?

  • 16 yo, and you?

  • I'm 12 and girls are always going for my nuts

  • Intersting! Tell me why girls always go for your nuts, how they kick you, and how you feel?

  • They squeeze

  • And how you feel? Seems you enjoy it.

  • Where do u live. I would like u to kick me

  • Introduce yourself then!

  • My name is james

  • How old? Ever been kicked in your little b****?

  • Different person, but I am a 13 year old boy and I could easily take you on, a kick in the b**** wouldn't hurt as bad as my fist to your nose!

  • We got a winner here! Am I supposed to be afraid of you? 13yo, and no brain! The only reason why a kick in your b**** wouldn't hurt that much is: you don't have b**** at all! Everybody knows that your little marbles hurt a lot when they get hit. So don't pretend to be tough with your useless nuts. And as you're asking for it, I will also punch your nose.

  • You're damn right you are supposed to be afraid of me! I'm not scared of some 16 year old girl! Even at 13 I probably have more muscle than you. You think kicking boys in the b**** is funny? I'll kick you in the p**** and laugh as you scream and roll on the ground

  • You're soooo cute, softie! No matter how big your "muscles" are, they're not able to protect you from your b**** pain! So don't be such a child, or you'll get hurt, rolling in pain on the floor.

  • Even if you hit me in the b**** you can be sure I'd be up long enough to kick you in the v***** and make you roll around in pain! Because you girls are weak!

  • A dream of yours. That's a fact: boys unprotected b**** are weaker than girls v... The first you'll get hit in the b****, you will be only strong enough to cry as the baby you are. Maybe it's hard for you to recognize how weak you are, but it's just a fact.

  • I could still take you on, even naked, by the end you'd be on the ground where every girl is. Right below a strong d***

  • You're just not mature enough for that discussion. D**** are not strong, just dumb. Easy to bite. And I can see, that topic turns you on (to get humiliated by girls, kicked in the b****), or you wouldn't be there.

  • Pfft you wouldn't bite my d***, you'd be to busy rolling on the ground from being kicked right in your stupid girl vag. I find the topic disgusting actually, but girls on the internet and at my school seem to think its fun and amusing to hit boys in the b****. So I say boys fight back and show girls how weak they really are!!

  • You stupid boy, your so obviously turned on... Go and watch a castration video or something you weak balled piece of scum, some girl is going to get a strap on and bang your butt while squeezing your prepubescent nuts!

  • So you're even weaker than I think, and certainly a little virgin. Boys who try to fight back are in deny of their weakness. Btw, if you weren't conscious of your own weakness, you wouldn't be there, trying to "fight back". You're uncomfortable with that truth, but who cares?

  • I tied up a boy who attacked me, I crushed one of his b**** and I carved "nuts are not yours" in his chest, this is a little bit too evil but it was so empowering..

  • At least, I hope he learned the lesson you taught him! You were right to do it! Nuts are ours, their b**** belong to us. Taking control over them!

  • Stupid boy huh he should be pegged and castrated!! Do you agree with me

  • More than agree, because he's over acting, obviously turned on by castration. His agressivité shows us how insecure he is, scared by us.

  • I agree!

  • What does me being a virgin have to do with anything? What do you girls think that even gives you the right to hit boys in the b****? You couldn't castrate me if you wanted to you dunces. I'd kick you in the c*** before you got the chance

  • To the 16 year old girl in this thread! Hey I'm a girl pretty close to your age and its obvious what this stupid boy is trying to do! He wants everyone to think he's a big strong guy but he I bet he's jerking off right now to the idea of us girls stepping on his d*** and b****! Deep down he knows how weak those stupid plums of his are!

  • Hello! You're right! That's why I said he's just an insecure little boy: obviously still a virgin, and not pubescent yet! He's so ridiculous: as many boys, he tries to act tough, but the more he talks, the more he reveals all his weakness. He certainly jerks off his tiny d*** as he dreams about us crushing it under our feet!

  • You still haven't answered my question? What makes you think it's acceptable to kick a boy there? You're disgusting and what you do is disgusting and sooner or later a boy will fight back and you'll be on the ground coughing out you're own teeth

  • I haven't answered your question, because you're too insignificant with your tiny d*** and ridiculous marbles. Why girls can kick you in the b****? Because those b**** belong to girls. It's the only way to educate disgusting little pigs like you, and be obedient. You see, you never stop to act up! You're really in need of a good b**** spanking. As others boys I've kicked, you will cough out your b****!

  • "I don't have to answer you because you have b****" Are you stupid? Girls don't own any set of b****, because they can't! Yeah you can try to "ball spank" me you idiot but if you even come close to me I'd kick you in the v***** so hard your period would start early! I'd bet your just waiting to get f***** and dominated by a strong man.

  • I said: your b**** are ridiculous, and I'm glad not to have those stupid weak marbles between my legs. Your answer is the typical answer of a virgin, with no experience at all, agressive because unsecure about his sexuality, not strong at all. Keep wanking (if you already can) about strong girls castrating you!

  • I'm aggressive because you think its socially acceptable to hit boys in the nuts! How would you feel if boys went around punching girls in the t*** all the time and talked about ripping off all their b****! I'm glad I don't have a vag because I don't have to bleed every month! But you just keep rubbing that c*** to the idea of a big strong male bending you over and f****** you raw

  • First: you're agressive because you're scared and aroused to be kicked and/or castrated by girls. Then, try to kick a girl between the legs, you will be like an idiot. And be sure to be fast, because your b**** will be in her hands before you realize you're in pain. So, go and try! We will laugh my little virgin prepubescent boy! Hope you don't want some children. Have fun, because you will lose for sure with your weak b**** under a girl's foot!

  • I keep telling you it isn't because I'm aroused, its because I find you to be gross and hope you stop doing what your doing. 13 isn't prepubescent you moron and hitting a girl in the vag still hurts. Trust me I've seen plenty of girls take one to the cooch and they were on the ground crying. Whether it hurts to get hit their more than a hit to the nuts, whatever, men have more pain tolerance any way. But you'll learn your place, sucking, kissing and taking in a nice d***

  • Don't be in deny. You wouldn't be there otherwise. And you're not very mature and you still need to learn a lot about women.

  • I keep telling you why I'm here! to tell you what you are saying is disgusting. You don't own b**** and kicking someone in the nuts is wrong!

  • Please, help me! You seem to be strong!

  • Am I the only boy that hasn't been kicked in the b****? There's no way it hurts as bad as people are saying especially if it was a kick from some weak girl.

  • Any "weak" girl, smaller than you, can very easily hurt you. Your little marbles are such a perfect target for us, and you will be in such pain!

  • If they are such a perfect target for girls then why haven't i been hit there,oh yeah thats right its because they wouldn't dare try it on me.

  • We all dare, don't worry!

  • Ok im not worried one bit.

  • A lovely cute little girl in a nice dress and white socks could have you rolling on the floor in agony lol

  • Doubt it. A girl would never do this to me they know there place :)

  • Don't be so sure, little boy! You will roll on the floor, as any boy!

  • Blah blah blah

  • You Evil c*** b****! You Should get rapped oh! I forgot you're a s***!

  • Once, me and my sister were at school and this boy in our class grabbed my t***. So, I invited him over to my house and once he got there me and my sister grabbed his nuts (one each) and squeezed them. We then tied him up and tortured his b**** with an assortment of kicks and grabs. He never talked to me again, but each time I see him, I mime grabbing something and he runs away as fast as possible

  • Very good way to teach him a good lesson!

  • Check this out if you are a mom


  • Https://www.isitnormal.com/post/is-it-normal-to-punish-my-son-like-this--279776

  • I would just love to get kicked in my b**** badly again and again by you

  • You can say it is funny, but it is not for me. I'm not saying it should never be done or that kind of things, I just mean it is not funny for me because I see it as something kinda... erotic.
    It's called "Ballbusting", it's a"sexual game" where someone hurts a guy's b**** because they both love it.
    I love reading this kind of conversations, because I can see how different can be 2 opinions about the same thing, but I don't get why do you see it as something funny haha

  • I’ve heard lots of women are starting to punish boys using their nuts against them, like spanking them. Is this true, and what is the effect on boys who get punished in this way by a woman?

  • It's true, and it's a very effective way to get a boy very obedient.

  • It most certainly is a thing! I am 15 and my mother first started punishing my brothers nuts when he was 6! He is 11 and he knows not to act out of line anymore and when he does his nuts get thrashed!

  • Im a guy, but im 15 as well, not a weak 11 year old, so id probably be able to fight you lol

  • Does your mom force him to get naked and show her his weak little b****?

  • All the time lol! Whenever he gets in trouble my mom will have him slowly take off his pants and undies and show us his naked ballies. Then we get to squish, kick and punch them around for hours. I few stories if you wanna hear em'!

  • Sure

  • Well just last week my brother was caught peeping on my mother while she was in the shower because he is a dirty little perv! My mom saw and got out of the shower still nude and grabbed him and called me. She told me to take off his clothes while she got dressed and to take him to the bathroom. He looked so scared and pathetic while we waited and all I had to do to get him to stop fighting me trying to take his pants of was a squeeze to his marbles! Then mom comes back in and kicked him as hard as I have ever seen right in the nads! He feel to the ground sputtering and coughing when she ground the heel of her foot into his b**** and said to me "These are the cause of all his lusts and disgusting thoughts! Maybe we should get rid of them for good!" He let out a little whimper and I almost thought she was going to crush his nuts but then she let up on his testicles. Mom left in quite a huff and I waited for him to get up, and just as he shakily got to his feet my brother found my knee slamming right into his unprotected, naked and weak little b****! I left on the ground, moaning and clutching his boyhood as I left LOL!

  • Go Girl! Play with your brother weakness!

  • I love controlling my brothers b****, there is nothing more fun!!

  • I believe you! Seeing how helpless he is, controlling him so easily, by his so small ballies! Turning him into your b****. Does he cry?

  • It is wonderful! And he hates it so much lol but he know if he complains i'll just smash in his nuts until he complies!! He cries alot when Mom and I hit his nuts especially when they get red / purple after a rough thrashing!

  • Love when boys cry! They realize we're in total control of their fate, and they know it would be easy for us to make them sterile for good, no male anymore. They cry, like little babies, and have no choice but to obey to us. And let us play with their nuts!

  • It's funny because my brother still tries to put up a fight on occasion! He's even tried kicking me between my legs but I can just laugh at him because I don't have those stupid ballies!

  • Your brother is quite silly to fight with you! Maybe he doesn't totally realize how weak he is because of his b**** (useless, only there to give him pain!). I like to kick, but also to squeeze the b**** long time, making the guy beg again and again in tears.

  • I can't believe him! I just caught my brother jacking his little d*** to me changing in my room!

  • What did you do to punish him for that? I find boys so disgusting when they w*** on us!

  • You should grab it, tell him his little d*** now belongs to you to do as you please with it, and squeeze his silly little boy b**** until he is on the floor crying.

  • Very scary! Your poor brother! I can guess he's scared of you now. My sister is doing this kind of thing to me, and I try to beg her every time not to do this.

  • Wow that’s great! I heard it’s one of the most embarrassing punishments for boys too

  • It's very embarrassing for boys! He hates it so much that with Mom punishes him with this method, especially in front of other girls!

  • Do you ever hit guy's b**** yourself? Or you just watch your mom doing it? Do you enjoy seeing it happen?

  • Guess you're glad to be a girl

  • I am absolutely glad to be a girl! I love having a smooth crotch, I wouldn't want something blocking my legs all day that hurt to even touch lol!

  • Yes as a boy any girl can get you in the b**** at any time and you're in agony and they are giggling at you

  • Girls, who was the first boy you kicked in the b****? How old were you?

  • I was about 9 and kicked a boy in my village. It was soooooo funny

  • How often did you do it to guys back then? Now?

  • Did it a lot, we used to play out in the woods, it was great fun. Kids don't do that now

  • Awesome! What's your favorite reaction from a guy after you busted his nuts?

  • One boy let out a high pitched scream, hilarious

  • Love it!!!! Boys are so silly when they get busted!

  • Especially when you get them for the first time

  • Love to know some of your experiences

  • Are you glad you don’t have nuts?

  • Doesn't bother me now but back then definitely!!

  • One time my ex did this to me when I was going in for a hug then she kneed me 2 times in a row right in my b****. It was the worst pain I've ever felt. I rolled around on the floor for like 10 minutes while she just watched me she was such a b****.

  • I’ve never been more glad to have a p**** omg!

  • I think big nuts hurt worse to get kicked.

  • The only guy I ever kicked in the b**** was my prom date. He wanted to have one dance with another girl there, and I said "whatever." I saw him kiss her at the end of the song, which p***** me off. I had real feelings for him. I kept quiet until we left and were in the parking lot. We argued and he grabbed my arm firmly, so I swung my leg and planted my sharp-tipped pumps right into his sac. It was weird, but like a minute later he threw up. Odd.

  • Https://www.isitnormal.com/post/let-my-daughter-her-have-revenge-on-my-son-277077

  • If you like this topic then these questions would probably interest you


  • Please, girls, don't kick us in the nuts just for fun! It hurts a lot. It's very humiliating too!

  • Who cares little boy?

  • Wow these comments are really funny if you’re a girl lol

  • Lol have to agree! Glad I don't have those silly dangling things hanging between my legs! Just the fact that men drop when their "oh so precious" nuts get a light tap should show who the stronger s** is! Plus its just to fun kicking around a boys b****, I should know my 11 year old brother gets it in the nuts all the time!

  • How old are you? You're so right! It's just fun to show them who is the stronger s**!

  • I'm 15! How about you? The faces they make are almost too funny! I remember when my brother tried to kick me in the vag and I just laughed it off and kicked him hard in the b****! He was on the ground for minutes, whimpering in a high-pitched voice!

  • I love to watch that pathetic face the make when they get busted! Their nuts are such an easy target for us, just here for our fun! I'm 17yo. I don't have any brother, but I kicked some guys at school.

  • You're so right! Every girl knows to go right for a boy's silly little nuts! Why did you kick the boys and how old were you then? What do you enjoy most about smashing a boys nuts?

  • When I was 8 my b**** were bigger than normal. I thought they made me strong. Then I was playing with my cousin and she shoved her foot square in b**** and the pain was incredible. My oversized nuts just ached. She kicked them twice more and I just laid their holding my wounded nuts and realized my b**** did not make me strong. She just laughed.

  • You realized your b**** make you very weak!

  • Oh yes. My neighbor when I was 13 told me I could see her b**** if she could kick me in the nuts. I said sure. I should have remembered what my cousin did. My neighbor got both of my boys good. The pleasure of seeing b**** for first time quickly faded as I held my wounded nuts.

  • Boys, you are so pathetic!

  • Every girl knows to go right for a boy's silly little nuts, because those two dangling things are toys designed for girls! I was 7 the first time. I kicked an older guy (around 10), just to see if my kicks were effective. I was so pleased to see that it was working so well! So fun to see the guy, no matter how big he is, to drop on in knees, nursing his "precious" b****. I enjoy that, because it shows one fact: having b**** between your legs makes you weak, but having them in your hands or under your foot (crushing or kicking them) gives you the power!

  • Very true. One time I asked a group of young girls to name a toy made for girls. I expected to hear dolls, jacks, jump rope, etc as answers, but one girl says, "b****." I said, 'like basket b****, soccer b****?" She says, with the cutest grin on her face, "No, boy b****. I grab my brother's silly b**** all the time and squeeze them. It's fun!" Then her friend chimes in and says, "Oh yeah, and ding-a-lings are also toys for girls."

  • Did they grab your b**** then?

  • They talked about it. Hearing these cute and precocious girls talk like that got me very hard. I tried to cover up, but one of them noticed and asked me "Is your ding-a-ling hard? Can we play with it and squeeze YOUR silly b****?"

  • What was your response? What happened next?

  • It was kind of exciting, but I also knew it was wrong for me to drop my pants in front of them. I said no, but they persisted and kept asking me to "just show us your ding-a-ling and b****." I said I shouldn't. One of them looked me in the eyes and walked her fingers up my leg to my very noticeable bulge and said "We're not asking anymore. We're telling you. Show us your things or I'll crush your silly b**** with my hand." She then said she would take them out herself. I was speechless. I felt like I was paralyzed as I watched her open my fly and button to my pants and pull them down, all the while gently tickling me in my crotch. She looked me in the eye again w/ her cute smile and tugged at my underwear.

  • Tell us more.

  • Here I was having my privates exposed by young girls who were taking (or already took) control over my genitals as if I were a pet. All I could do is watch in humiliation and submission as my underwear was pulled down. As my p**** sprung up, the girls laughed. "Wow! Look at his ding-a-ling. It's sticking up hard. One of the girls flung her finger at it and giggled as it wiggled back and forth before coming to a rest. She did it again and stated at it in fascination. One of the other girls gave my b**** a squeeze and laughed as I grimaced in slight pain.

  • I wanted to stop it; to get up, pull my pants up and leave, but I couldn't. Even at their young age, these girls knew how to assert their feminine power over my genitals and, by extension, over me.

  • Admit it, you loved it!!

  • I loved it, but I also hated it. A guy is supposed to be strong, be the dominant one, but here I was being dominated by girls almost 10 years younger than me. My brain was saying "leave now" but my painful b**** and my hard p**** was saying, "You must stay and subject yourself to the feminine authority of these young girls"

  • It's funny that your weak little b**** and your silly p**** won over your brain. Wow! That proves that guys are so weak.

  • My cousin used to grab my b**** when we were little, it was agony for me but she loved it

  • How old were you at that time? Nobody ever grabbed your b**** since that time?

  • I was about 9 or 10, never been grabbed since but got kneed at school

  • Tell us more about those knees in your b****!

  • They would start playfighting, grab our wrists, then bam!! Knee to b****

  • It's just so funny how even on older boys a simple tap to the sac brings them crying to the floor like little babies! My mom was the one who taught me how to first hit my brothers nuts around! He was 6 and she kicked him right in those little boy nads because he was being so terrible that day!

  • You do understand that just tapping\flicking a boys nads does nothing, right?

  • Sounds like something a boy would say! But explain then why would my brother wince and clutch his eggs when my knees just brush up against him by accident? Sounds like you're trying to act tough because you know b**** are a weakspot

  • Do you ever knee him on purpose?

  • All the time lol! Mom basically lets me use my brother as my own personal pair of stress b****!

  • Do you knee boys at school too?

  • Then your brother is a weakling. I have two sisters and they've kicked me in the b**** a bunch, and I'vebeen fine. They however, have a broken rib and a black eye

  • I can tell you are lying lol. You are just angry you have those silly weak b**** sagging between your legs and a girl could bring you to the ground with one kick or punch. Meanwhile if you hit her in the vag she could just laugh it off!

  • And if I hit you in the head, youd be on the groundtoo. I hate how precocious all the girls are,acting like theyre something special because "oh look, I can kick my younger brother and physically damage him". What a great sister you are. Even then, its nonot crazy that you can bring down a boywith one kick. If I got a decent kick to your temple or stomach, youd be down too. Get your head out of the clouds you precocious b****.

  • This is exactly the type of behavior I expected from you lol. Trying to prove you are a "macho man" because you are compensating for the fact the any girl could have you curled up begging for mercy if she got a kick to those fragile things that you have down there.

  • Pt1. No, thats not macho, that's what humans call logic. Sadly, it seems you dont understand basic english, so let me spell it out for you. Y-O-U A-R-E N-O-T S-P-E-C-I-A-L. Do you understand now? If literally anyone walked up to you and punched/kicked you in the temple, solar plexus or abdomen, windpipe or lungs you'd be rolling around in pain because those are the bodies weakspots.

  • Pt2. You not having testicles doesn't make you or any if your gender better, it just adds another weak point to the Male body justas having a smaller muscle capacity adds a weakness to the female body. Just because you can kick me in the b**** doesn't mean that i can't hit you in the windpipe and deal the same amount of damage. That's not being macho, it's being correct (a word you seem to find the meaning of difficult to grasp). I am literally the least macho person in existence. I wear glasses and need braces, so nice guess but no dice.

  • P.S. I put a lot of effort into this so can you at least try to do the same instead of saying either "yeah but I can still kick you in the b****" or "I can tell your lying"

  • You're really going off point. Of course people have weak spots, but boys have an EXTRA one. And its easy to hit and just one hit there is enough to drop boys and men alike! Hitting someone in the solar plexus can knock the wind out of them yes. But men have literally died from having their nuts grabbed and squeezed hard enough. There isn't anything like that dangling between a girls legs.

  • Wow, after 4 days of thinking, your response is literally one of the two things i asked you not to say. Your entire post can be summed up by saying "yeah but i can still hit you in the b****". I understand that men have died from having their b**** squeezed but women have died from having their throats squeezed, and a lot more than t*******-related fatalities. Men may have a weak spot between their legs but a women's body is naturally weaker than men's and in most fights, women dont go straight for a part of the body that could potentially kill their opponent

  • More importantly, I'm assuming that you've never been in a real fight but hitting someone in the crotch is a lotharderthan hitting someone in the stomach and even if you manage to do that, most men won't be completely taken downby a single kick. A lot of people build up pain tolerance dueto nutkicks whichissomething you cant do with a kick in the solar plexus.

  • I didn't answer in four days because I don't come on this website everyday...unlike you apparently. You're not understanding what I'm saying either. Yes everyone has a solar plexus or a temple to hit. However only boys have b****, things that if hit hard enough can rupture and kill a man. And its not like they are especially hard to hit or damage.

  • As I have said before, so what. I'm not saying boys don't have b****, I'm saying that everyone has their weaknesses like girls having a smaller muscle capacity than men, so stop acting like such a d*** about it. More importantly, I can tell your lying about not taking four days to reply, your just angry that you have a smaller muscle capacity than men and any man could bring you to the ground with one kick or punch, meanwhile if you hit him in the chest, he'd just laugh it off.

  • Oh well don't believe me that I have better things to do than check your whining day after day. Your just using the own argument you complained about. "They'd just hit you" Whatever pansy boy, keep clutching those weak b**** of yours ;)

  • And that my friend, is how you lose an argument Just p**** out.
    More importantly, 'whining'? Is that what the other people from whatever pit you crawled out of call talking? Nice try, but I know that your just a p**** that knows she's about to lose an argument so she escapes like the b**** she is.

  • Nerrrdddd

  • Thanks

  • Liar you don't have any b**** to kick thats why.

  • Did she force your brother to drop his pants and show you his weak little boy nads?

  • She has before yes! Once he was 7 and he hit me so my mom took him and me to the bathroom and she told him to take off his pants and undies so I could get a good shot on his b**** for punishment! It was so funny seeing his embarrassed face as he dropped his underwear, exposing his small hairless weiny and b****! It was kinda cute in its own gross way lol! I got to knee his boy nuts right back into his body! The squish of his sack felt so good on my knees! And it was so funny watching it swell up and him roll around with tears in his eyes afterwards. Mom just smiled and winked at me LOL!

  • Your mum deserves to be arrested

  • Pfft oh hush you are just afraid of girls being more open about nutbusting

  • No, your mum can face between 10 and 30 years if jail time for knowing parental abuse, sexual abuse and child abuse. But your right, I'm just afraid about "girls being more open about nutbusting"?, whatever the f*** that means

  • Nutbusting means exactly what you think it does. Kicking b**** without remorse. Girls are getting more and more open about knocking around males pathetic little plums and now they are getting scared and clutching their d**** in fear!

  • So true! Girls know a lot about kicking males pathetic little parts, and boys try to protect their b**** in fear!

  • Well, sadly for you therare no nuts in womens prisons for your mum to kick when she spends her 10 - 30 years there. More importantly, I want asking what the definition of nutbusting was, I was saying I was confused why you answered a question about going to jail by saying that I'm afraid of girls being more open about physical assault.

  • Nah, my mom isn't going to jail silly! No one knows about our little punishment sessions with my brother who would blab. And he wouldn't dream of telling anyone, if he wants to keep his nuts anyway lol

  • Except you just posted it on the internet and I've screenshotted it, idiot. Honestly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

  • Oh no a screenshot I am trembling. Anyway it seems your to dull to understand that this is pretty common nowadays anyhow. Just wait and see, in a few years you'll see that the future is female lol

  • Mate, your so f****** stupid, you bragged about a crime on a website and then said noone would ever find out. If your controllingthe future then were f*****. But just think about it, currently, the three major countries in the world (UK, USA and China) are patriachy's, the women's wage gap is ever growing, there are 2 timestheamount of sexual harrassment cases in the last 4 years than there has been in the last 50 years and US legislature means that it is incredibly hard to become a governor in 49 US states. Theres never even been a female president. Face facts, this women controlled future your bullshitting about ain't happeningin your lifetime.

  • Also, you finally saisomethingcorrect. Sexual harrassment is more common these days. Over 70% if women are raped during their lifetime. However, just because it's more common doesn't make it not a crime, so I hope your mum has fun in jail.

  • She's not going to jail lol and we'll be happily hitting my bros nuts while you complain!

  • Is that what you Americans call evidence? Complaining? Also, you understand the incredible double standard here, right? Oh, I forgot I was talking to a barbie doll, of course you don't. Here let me explain, if your father attacked you and grabbed your p**** he'd be arrested but according to you, if your mother attacks and grabs your brothers b****, its not? How so f******?

  • You were 10 at that time? Ever kicked older guys? Your mom is awesome! Guys cry like baby as we slap or kick their junk, it is so fun!

  • Could you two just shut up it's not funny. If you did that to me it would just make me mad and then you would wish that you didn't do that. I'm sure girls have their weak spots too so don't laugh.

  • As I can see, you're in a need of good kicks in your b****! You will cry on the floor nursing your little marbles, you won't have any time to get mad then!

  • Grrr Yeah right we'll see about that. I would just have to make sure to wear a cup around you, then see who will be laughing.

  • Do u laugh at boys as they hold their nuts

  • Sure we laugh! So pathetic to watch! As boys faces are so funny! Even other boys laugh to a guy in pain!

  • Are you glad you have a vag?

  • I'm not only glad, I'm proud to have a vag!

  • You're mean

  • I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl at a big party. He was in a back room f****** her doggy style, and when I caught them, I ran toward him as fast as I could and kicked him in the b**** from behind, while his d*** was still in her p****. He rolled over like he was going to die.

  • Damn and he was hard that s*** had to hurt a hella lot more. His d*** probably broken too. I wish I hadn't read that to now my b**** hurt just from thinking about that.

  • And he was hard that s*** had to hurt. I Wish I hadn't read that to because now my b**** hurt just think about that 🤮😩

  • Yes, I do it to my son, it really sends them a message that they're not as tough as they think, my two friends hold him still while I kick his naked ball, it' s mainly a punishment for wanking and looking up "pictures" of girls.

  • You are definitely mentally ill. Your son should be taken away from you and you should be placed in a psychiatric institution.

  • That s*** is not okay maybe if he is acting up but if he masturbating come on that's not right.

  • I don't love to get my b**** kicked and squeezed hard by u my c*** is 2 inches and I'm 28.

  • Sorry meant I do

  • How old is your son? You're castrating him psychologically doing that. Is that your idea (I can understand that)?

  • A friend of mine told me I should start slapping my step sons testicles as punishment, is this effective?

  • I would love to do a study of 3 groups of boys: 1) those punished by their b**** and dominated by women since early childhood, 2) those first punished at age 12 and 3) those first punished at age 16-18. Maybe measure various characteristics when each is age 20. Is one group more docile and submissive than the other? Are they psychologically stable? Is one group more well behaved? Respectful toward women?

  • Good luck trying to find the boys who want to partake in that study

  • I would ask the women who punish(ed) their boys' testicles. Only after I get the information from the women would I then ask the boys to give me their thoughts. If the boys refuse to participate, I'm sure their moms would gladly punish them until they cooperate. "Tell the nice lady about the times I spanked your little b****; how you felt about it, etc. If you don't, I'll take your pants down and squeeze your little b**** right in front of her."

  • Ugh well thats not fair at all! I would defiantly protest this

  • How old is your stepson? It is very effective!

  • He’s 12 I’ve been told to start early that way they grow up being submissive and respectful to women

  • It's a very good age to begin then! Make that kind of punishment an habit, and your stepson will be very submissive! The first time he may be very surprised, but with time, he will get used to it. Be sure he's not able to protect his b**** from you.

  • It works unfortunately.... a girl did that to me

  • It works so well! First, boys have to realize that their b**** are such a weakness! Then, as soon as they also realize women are in charge of those things between their legs, they become submissive and they listen very carefully what women say.

  • I'm a girl, but in 4th grade I kicked a boy in the b****--hard--and got suspended from school for 2 weeks. Oh, I was in deep s*** with my parents. But it was nice to see that j*** drop like a sack of hammers when I cracked his nuts.

  • I kicked a boy in the b**** in middle school. He was bullying me and talking s*** on my facebook. We got into an argument on the playground about it and I kicked him firmly, he must have lifted up a meter off the ground, before he crashed like a meteor. Word got around, but thankfully no one made a big deal of it. That boy never bothered me again.

  • I should talk some **** on your facebook.

  • When I got kicked in the b**** by a girl the teacher just laughed

  • Your teacher is s***.

  • I like women who catch me off guard and kick me in the b****. Only known 3 so far and one of them really gave it to me totally by surprise and it took the wind out of me and I fell to the floor holding myself in real pain. She was laughing like crazy and I started to laugh too. I found out who the boss was real quick

  • Kick me in the b**** please!!

  • I need you too kick me in my b**** please!?

  • Wtf is wrong with you

  • They find/ he finds pleasure from it.

  • I have never been kicked in the nuts and would like a hot girl to kick me in the in the nuts rickb9531@gmail.com

  • I wish I could find a girl to kick me in the nuts just once

  • Kick me please I like that

  • Yeah me too. I even lopped off a guys c*** once and played fetch with the dog using his d***. The dog buried that sucker so no one could find it. Oh well I say one less f*****. You know a good thing.

  • I'd love for u to castrate me and turn me into a girl made to suck c*** and b**** of real men

  • I've always wanted a girl to kick me in the nuts. I want them to Stand on them and kick them. Even play with them with their feet

  • Nothing like a shoe like right in the nuts! Too bad it's so hard to find a girl or boy to do it!

  • My ex gf used to catch me by surprise and kick me hard. It always left me breathless and I went down hard. She did it in a bar once, at parties several times and even in the grocery store once. I never got to have s** with her but did go down on her a lot. I miss her. She was so much fun.

  • Girls only: Let's hear your thoughts on ball spanking - using a boy's b**** to punish him. Is it effective? Is it acceptable for a mother or other responsible female to punish a recalcitrant boy by spanking his testicles?

  • I think tying them up and firmly pushing your knee into his naked b**** is a good punishment, make sure to push until you can't anymore.

  • It's definitely effective and acceptable.

  • It would be s** abuse for a parent to do that. Even the older girls who did it to me was wrong. I like it now & would let them do it again. But a parent is wrong & gross.

  • Please refrain from mixing little children with your fetish.

  • It is both effective and, as long as you don't do any permanent damage, acceptable.

  • Story starts in previous post Then we decided to tie him up & strip him in my room and play with his little nuts, about 3 hours later we had enougj and decided to change in front of him (we were having a sleepover) one of my friends had really big t*** so he got so hard, he was embarrassed bit there was nothing he could do, we untied him & put pants on him & then pulled the pants up from the front, the 14 year old with huge t*** pulled it so high his face was amazing, we decided to let him go. He didn't tell our mother as he was so embarrassed. Then we decided to take him back in the room & wrestle him we wore bras & pants, he wire pants although we pulled then down a couple of times, so he was fighting me first, I didn't want to hurt my brother too much, a few punches were enough to beat him, but then he was fighting the older girl & she wasn't too violent until he fell on her b**** & accidently pulled her bra down so she grabbed his b**** and squeezed for about 2 minutes while pushing down & yanking, we heard our mom come up the stairs she opened the door & I told her he came in & tripped & fell on her & touched her t*** we just got angry. My mother (being a female understood us well & she kneed him in the nuts then took him out, a few minutes later I said my friend wanted to say sorry fir hurting him & she hugged him, he was enjoying being against her b**** until she stepped back & kicked him in the b****, we tied him up again & tortuted him most of the night, he got so hard we put ice on his d***, it was fun & we had a great time.

  • I looooove this!!!

  • Your mum and friend should be on a s** offender list.

  • Holy s*** that is so hot!! Do it to me

  • Sorry I don't do it to strangers lol, my t*** have grown so much I swear, lol I'm not all mean I just love kicking them where it hurts, my male friends at school like talking about it but when I do it they just wine, we take turns kicking each others but I've never lost,although some pack a good kick, just if I kick a boy as hard as I can in the nuts they always fall. I'm a virgin but like I get very sexual.

  • Kicking guys in the b**** sounds pretty mean to me lol

  • I invited my friends over & we all wents in my brother's room, he was 10 & we were 11-14, we basically attacked him, kneeing, kicking, punching, squeezing his b****, we forced him to strip himself & let us put ice on his p**** & play with his litlle weak bits down there or we'd knee him in the b**** so hard & tie him up & take turns in squeezing his naked nuts & givingbhim handjobs but making sure he was in no pleasure, he stupidly tried to run away so we chased him and we caught him & stomp on his b****. Continues in next post

  • Kick me. in the b****

  • I love it when a woman kicks me hard in the b****. I reminds m who the boss is.

  • Hey girls, I know this is a little off topic, but have you ever pegged a boy against his will? Maybe you grabbed and squeezed his little b**** while holding your d**** and told him, "I'm going to enter you, boy, and if you try to stop me, I'll squish these little b**** of yours."

  • Should pegging be used as a punishment together with t******* spanking?

  • Yes. It's a great combination; first the ball spank, then the penetration. The boy who gets the double punishment will never forget the pain and humiliation.

  • If a girl was pegging me, I would get mad at her! Too much pain and humiliation! Squeezing our b**** is already very painful. No need to peg us!

  • I've pegged a few boys and I can tell you, all of them said the same thing: "Why do you need to stick that thing in me? Won't it hurt? I don't want it in me. Please get it out!" Their begging and whimpering made it even more enjoyable.

  • The boys you've pegged, they were older or younger than you?

  • Same age or younger.

  • They were afraid of you after that I presume?

  • Yes. very afraid.

  • You enjoy to see that those boys were very afraid of you? That the supposed "tough ones" (the boys) had been turned by you into preys and obedient little things?

  • I enjoy it very much. I also love to take my girl d*** (my d****) and slap a boy right in his b****. Then I hold it up to his face and tell him to get ready for a deep f*** in his little ass. When I take it out, I hold it up to his face again and order him to smell it, with his ass aroma on it.

  • Poor boys! No wonder why they're all afraid of you! You castrate them by slapping their b****, then you f*** them hard, transforming them into passive toys!

  • It's totally emasculating!

  • That's just gay no way any boy would let you do that. That is just wrong and demasculating.

  • This is a little embarrassing, but I have to admit that a woman once did that to me.

  • What was it like? How old were you? How old was she? Give us details.

  • I was in college. She worked in the campus coffee shop, about 40 years old. She flirted w/ me and convinced me to come by her place for "some fun." I came by, thinking I was going to get laid. She got me drunk. I passed out on the couch. I woke up a couple of hours later completely naked on the floor. She was checking out my butt, sticking her finger in and giving me a rim job. I was like, "Whoa! What are you doing?" I see her putting something on, like a belt or something. I was still groggy. The next thing I know, she's behind me mounting me with a strap-on. I told her I didn't think I wanted that. She then grabs my b**** and tells me I'm either going to be her f*** toy or she'll scratch my b**** out. I didn't know what that meant, but it sounded like something I definitely didn't want. She pushed my head down and stuck that thing right in my butt. It hurt like h***. I screamed in pain, and she kind of laughed and said "Don't worry little boy. I wont hurt you . . . too much" She then f***** my butt like she was the man and I was the girl. She finally stopped and pulled out. My b******* was so sore. She then played with my d*** and milked every drop out of me. I was too much in shock to do anything but lay there. I eventually got dressed and ran out of there, scared as h***. I never went back to the coffee shop.

  • She has totally abused you! You must have felt very humiliated? Even felt emasculated?

  • I hate admit it: Yes, she abused me, humiliated me and emasculated me.

  • Poor boy! Have you a normal sexual life after that? And when you remember how she emasculated you, do you get excited?

  • My s** life has not been normal since. Every time I'm with a girl, I think about what that woman did to me. I'm constantly afraid of getting my b**** squeezed and my ass penetrated by a sadistic woman.

  • So she really castrated you! I think it was her idea, and she succeed! I can understand you: I had my b**** squeezed several time, and it hurts as h***! In your situation, I certainly would become afraid of women!

  • I did something similar. I told a boy (15 or 16) that I wanted to give him a b******. I got his pants down. He was smiling. As I licked his d***, I started to stick my finger in his ass. He didn't like that, so he tried to push me off, but I grabbed his b**** and squeezed. He screamed and told me to get off of him. I kept squeezing and pushed him down and turned him over. While holding his b**** in a death grip with one hand, I took a thick candle that I had and pushed it in his ass. He screamed in pain, but I didn't care. I pushed it in and pulled it out fast and basically f***** his little a****** with my candle. He was crying in pain and I was laughing.

  • Cool. Did you catch a good whiff of his teenage ass?

  • I never thought of that. When a girl pegs a boy, does she smell his butt?

  • If she wants to, I suppose. Her d**** will certainly have his scent when she pulls it out.

  • It's good to peg a boy and show him not only his b****, but his little ass belongs to girls.

  • Cool. What did you do with the candle after you were done with it?

  • Depending on the boy, I can think of a few things I'd like to do with the candle.

  • I went to a house party with a gf once and she not only kicked me very hard in the b****, she pulled my pants down while I was crying on the floor and she stuffed a hammer handle up my ass. It hurt and I cried. She told everyone see what a sissy I'm dating! I was totally humiliated. I was her sissy for about 5 months before she dropped me, telling me I was useless.

  • What the h*** dude how would you like to have ur hair roughly pulled by a guy, how do you gain fun from kicking a guy in the b****, okay annoying guys deserve being kicked in the b****, but not all guys, seriously im a guy and in find that very offensive, please stop it.

  • I have a very sexy Latina that kicks me on a regular basis shes 4'11" Puerto Rican lives in same building I pay $ 50 she starts by just tapping with foot then one hard kick love it

  • Damn this page got real messed up real fast. Not sure if there's actually any girls on here or its all fantasizing.

    Honestly though, I'm a 23 year old guy and since I was a teenager I would have given just about anything (and still would) to get a girl to give me my first kick in the b****.

    Are there actually any women (18 or older, preferably under 30) on here that are into or at least cool with kicking a guy in the b****. If so, you down to chat? I feel like a lot of posters are fake on this page.

  • Damn this page got real messed up real fast. Not sure if there's actually any girls on here or its all fantasizing.

    Honestly though, I'm a 23 year old guy and since I was a teenager I would have given just about anything (and still would) to get a girl to give me my first kick in the b****, or even talk to a woman around my age who's

    Are there actually any women (18 or older, preferably under 30) on here that are into or at least cool with kicking a guy in the b****. If so, you down to chat? I feel like a lot of posters are fake on this page.

  • I love it when a woman punches, knees or kicks me in the b****. Been into ballbusting since 2010 and seen around 115 woman for this.

  • Yes i agreed there is northing like a woman scold like most men i consider myself the stronger s** and women unable to exchange punches but i can verify that a blow to the ballls as in my case deliver by a attractive 40's blonde in stappy 5" heels and then mocked made me rethink

  • You're pathetic

  • Wtf is wrong with you man

  • Just like to say my pain tolorense is rally high and i have never been braought down with a hard kick to the b**** and I’ll hit anyone who hits me first I don’t care if your a poor helpless girl you shouldn’t have attacker’s me first

  • That one guy has no idea how to spell lol I’m actually a guy and I like getting kicked in the b**** and having women laugh at me afterwards

  • Kick me in the b**** as hard as you want. You can laugh as I cry.

  • Boys are weak and stupid. Kicking them in their silly little b**** and watching them fall over in pain just confirms how inferior they are.

  • Lol it doesn’t hurt that bad tbh

  • I won't a girl to kick me in the nuts i were skirts and no underwear I have lose and low hange sensitive nuts i hope I get a girl to kick me in the nuts soon were can i find one

  • Yu kneed two lern hou too spel. Itz soo difacult two undrstond wut your righting.

  • Play WoT Blitz

  • I won't a girl to kick me in the nuts i have never been kicked in the nuts and I won't to experience it once woman only

  • You will only want to be kicked in your nuts once if the girl gets a solid kick to them. You will feel pain like you never felt before & will never want to feel again. If she kicks you hard enough you might even vomit & you will feel severe cramps up into your lower belly making it hard to catch your breath. I know because I've had it done to me twice and all you can do is wait & pray the pain will go away.

  • The next day you would find yourselves humiliated and butt naked in school in front of evetone

  • There is just something so satisfying about kicking a boy in his vulnerable little b**** and watching him fall and moan with pain.

  • So true. I use my 12 year old stepbrother for target practice. Too bad for him, but I'm a good shot. Every time my foot or my fist connects with his little b****, he goes down for the count and cries like a little baby. I love to look him in the eyes and tell him I own his b****.

  • I wish you were my sister.
    I would do your chores to gave you break me.

  • You want to be my little brother? You can do all my chores like a good little boy, but I'll still kick your weak little boy b****. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Let's start with you getting your pants and shorts down so big sister can see your silly ding d*** and b****. Let's go, little boy. Get them down now. Mmmm. That's a good little boy.

  • And I'm sure once you connect into his ball's a few times and tell him to do something he says I'll do whatever you want...

  • Absolutely. One day I held my fist near his crotch and told him to drop his pants and show me his little b**** and ding d*** or I would hurt him. He put his head down in defeat and dropped his pants in shame. It was great seeing his naked vulnerable boy parts hanging there, waiting for me to do what I wanted with them. I would never hurt him too much, as he's still my baby brother, but he needs to know that I'm in charge.

  • Atleast you are the older sister even though it's embarrassing for him it would be even worse if you were the younger sister controlling him by his ball's. But I bet he learned really quick that you were in charge when he was down at your feet holding his aching b****.

  • Correct. I love teasing him when he's down. "Aww, Are your little ballies hurting? Did my little foot do that to you? Do you admit that boys are weak? Are you going to pull down your pants so I can see your weak little b****?"

  • Continued: He's so cute. Once I get his pants down, and he admits to his weakness, I cuddle w/ him and play with his adorable dicky and b****.

  • Oh myyy Im glad I don't have a sister. I would make sure Im in charge anyway.

  • O f*ck, I would love that if you did that to my. especially when you say that you own them and do whatever you wanted to do with them

  • How old are you? Do you need to have me take control over those little weak b****?

  • Absolutely

  • Im 16, but I would never admit my b**** are weak.

  • I love when teenage boys try to pretend that they're strong. All I have to do is flick my "weak" little girly finger at your "strong" boy b****, and you'll be on the floor crying like a baby.

  • Ahh girl, like come at my boy nuts!

  • Oh really? It would take more than that, and you're mistaken if you think im not strong you couldnt make me go to the ground like you say.....how old are you?

  • How old are YOU, little boy?

  • I already said im 16, little girl, now whats your age?

  • 15. Any time you want to go, I'll have no problem kicking your little ass. After I defeat you, I'll kick your little marbles so hard, you'll wish you never were born a boy.

  • Oh im ready Im definetely not going to let some girl defeat me. Ive never been kicked in the marbles before so dont do it too hard because I dont know how it feels and what exactly do I get when I defeat you?

  • What do you get when you defeat me? A fantasy story, because, little boy, you will never defeat me. Do you want me to kick your little b**** before I beat you up, or after? Most boys that I've beaten probably prefer to have their little b**** kicked first, so hey can use it as an excuse for why I kicked their ass. They hate to admit I can beat them up even w/o crushing their little b**** first.

  • Hmmm do I have to chose before or after? Btw you could not beat me up even with trying to crush my nuts, now what makes you think you could do it without? Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're a poor little girl either. I could go easy on you and still probably beat you. It would be embarrassing to get beat by you in any way, so im not going to take a chance and go easy on you. Have you ever lost before?

  • I've never been beaten, but a lot of boys tried . . . and failed. Bring it on, little boy. Give it all you got. I'll play with you a bit, and then take you down. Once I defeat you, your b**** will be mine.

  • Do you ever think that those boys let you win

  • Yeah. Okay. So a boy "let's me win" by "letting me" give him a black eye, a b***** nose, a swollen lip, a broken arm and a kick in his b**** that leaves him on the ground convulsing like a pathetic mess while I laugh at him. That sounds believable. Come on, loser.

  • I won't let you just laugh at me and all that. Get ready for your first lost of many from me, and thats only IF you defeat me that my b**** will be yours which they wont because boys are better in every way. You better stop calling me little boy also. Once I win you can make me my victory sandwhich.

  • Okay, little boy. Whatever.

  • You scare me but you also turn me on a bit

  • You should be scared. Once I'm done beating you to a pulp and kicking your weak boy b****, you'll be both humiliated and in pain.

  • Plz don't I'll do just about anything you want me to!

  • Snapchat me @edgyguy666 and lets talk more. Ill prove you that men are better.

  • Alright lol

  • What happened, did he f*** you up or did you crush his nads?

  • I made peaNAD butter out of them.

  • How do you won ?

  • OMG! So younger girl actually won ? How it happened?

  • Them?

  • All you girly queen wannabes shut the f*** up and come suck my c***. All you sissy ass boys imma beat your a**** when I see you

  • At what age do girls first kick boys b****?

  • My nuts were first kicked by a girl in 2nd grade, so we were like around 7 or 8 years old.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid are you

  • Hmmm. If he's smart enough to know how stupid he is, is he really that stupid? On the other hand, if he is so stupid, can he really answer the question of how stupid is he?

  • I would love to have you stomp on my b****

  • Frankly if you kicked me in the nuts, I would have you charged with battery, and then I would sue you in civil court. If some day my ability to have children were compromised because some pusillanimous s*** thought it would be fun to assault my genitals just to see me suffer, I don't know how likely I am to resist the urge to murder said gutterbathing excuse for an acceptable use of atmospheric oxygen.

    You disgust me.

  • So you go to the police, get laughed at.
    Stand up in court, get laughed at more.

  • Wouldn't it be funny if the police officer, judge and other personnel were all women, and they forced this weak boy to drop his pants and show them his weak little b****?

  • Good thing only men are in high positions so no need to worry about that.

  • Such good words, I had my friends take Nerf Guns and attack the 15 year old resident ballbuster, we battered her so hard, she stopped.

  • U a b**** no one ask u point Dexter don't be judging else u be judged nahm saying mf

  • The nut sack

  • I won't a girl to kick me in the nuts while I were skirts and no underwear I have lose and sensitive nuts I have never been kicked in the nuts I hope it happens soon if you're a girl leave a message

  • I’ll kick un

  • What's your email?

  • My email is Dennis.type@gmail.com you can laugh while you make me cry.

  • I'm gonna email you. Share stories. OK?

  • I won't a girl to kick me in the nuts

  • I am with you my wife kicks me in the b**** when I wankinng I love her for this very much

  • Sounds interesting! Does it make you stop wanking or do you keep wanking until you c**? What does it feel like to c** after you have been kicked in the b**** and does wanking help relieve the pain? keinkorper @ yahoo dot com

  • I want a lady to crush my b****

  • I'm a submissive husband. I feel a connection through being totally submissive to my wife. One way I demonstrate that submission is through physical pain. She canes and whips me but also kicks me in the b****.

    We have been to a couple of BDSM clubs where she has me stand with my hand on my head and she'll do a demonstration Infront of people. She will do one really hard kick. I will double over in pain. At the time when I am lying in the floor I'm struggling but before and after its my kinky masochistic side that is fed and I get aroused thinking how submissive I am.

  • You and I are a lot alike. I love being abused like that

  • I am a dude and i love grabbing women's b**** and finger their buttholes and then run away .

  • Can you come over to my house. I love sexy girls feet. You said you love kicking people in the b****. I would love it if you come over. I get naked then you can stand on my nuts and wiggle your toes. I can take it. I'm 14 years old.

  • Hi im 12. I wouldn't mind doing oral and then hitting really hard

  • What's ur email?

  • I think u should get a swift kick in the t*** young woman right boys???!!

  • I can tell you that you will likely get violently raped one day because of this little habit of yours.

  • Could happen. A date kicked me hard in the b**** because I felt her up. I grabbed her, threw her down and raped her. She said she would made me sorry I did that. I'm waiting!

  • I kick or hit by little bro all the time. Hilarious

  • Good. You’re supposed to own his b****. It’s good to train boys early

  • Dumb b****

  • I get kicked all the time but i dont ever fall down or anything

  • Poor little boy!! How old is he?? You'll totally ruin his s** life and he'll never have his way with the ladies when he's older!!

  • Did u do that to some one

  • I've not kicked boys b**** since I wore ankle socks and had my hair in bunches

  • -that- is exactly WHEN you should kick them

  • I was skinny, wore glasses and the boys used to pick on me, then my mate told me if you kick their little bits it hurts them a lot. So next boy that picked on me I kneed him there and he fell to the ground holding his bits. Kicked loads after that and they stopped picking on me!!

  • You realize how bad it hurts, when a girl kicks us in the b****?

  • Have you been kicked there by a girl? How old were you?

  • Fake, probably written by a dude with a ball kicking fetish.

  • Why do so many girls kick their little brothers in the b****?

  • Silly question: Because it's fun.

  • How old r u and bro?

  • I kick my little bro in the ball ms all the time and know he treats me like a Godess

  • I am a very submissive man my wife use the ball kicking to show me ho is the boss she is my Godess and I obey her allwise

  • Because it's fun


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  • Any girls here fantasize about being raped and having your bottoms spanked?

  • My wife told me our daughter fantacised about being raped. She is 17 and not a virgin. She actually wants to be raped.

  • Did anyone else play kiss cuddle torture as a kid? I loved torturing the boys and used to knee them where it hurt lol

  • Yeah two girls did that to me when I was 14. I loved it.

  • Yeah i m interested

  • How does it work?

  • Girl, catches boy and cries kiss cuddle torture, boy chooses but girl decides, if she decides torture she either kicks his shins or knee him in b****!

  • I'd rather you bend me over and really do your thing

  • I saw an interesting post in another website about a girl who would force her teenage stepbrother to let her play with his p**** by threatening to kick him in his b**** if he tried to stop her. Guys, can you imagine your younger stepsister telling (not asking) you that she's going to take your pants down and play with your p**** and if you say no or otherwise try to stop her, she'll nail you in your nuts? Girls, would you ever do that to your brother or stepbrother?

  • I told my 8 yo brother to give me his sweets or i'd kick him where it would hurt & he gave me his sweets,

  • Have u ever kicked his b****?

  • Please get help and go to a medical facility, becausr possibly killing someone for sweets is the most retarded thing i have ever heard

  • Aww. Poor kid. Oh well. I suppose he's learning at a young age about the inferiority of boys and the superiority of girls. You should have kicked his little b**** anyway, just for fun . . . your fun, that is.

  • Boys will do anything to get a piece of ass and girls know it. That is why and how they control us.

  • Please tell us about the boys you've kicked

  • I kicked my brother starting when he was 8 and continued up until he was 15 or so. I used a few of his friends, all of them skinny and athletic w/ the cutest little butts, for my pleasure. Blonde boys, brown haired boys, fair skinned, swarthy. I kicked a lot of boys. Boys remind me of dogs about to be taken to the vet to be fixed. They run, jump and play around so innocent, never knowing what I have in mind for them. Then, when I feel it's the right time, I aim my foot right in their little crotches. Sometimes I use my hand and punch or slap, or even squeeze. I make sure to hit them a few times, just to send the message that a girl is capable of causing such great pain to them, and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it. I love watching them lose their cute little smiles and suddenly moan and whimper w/ sad little puppy faces, knowing that I, a girl, was the one that did that to them.

  • Wow,you enjoyed yourself!! Guess you'd like to be a naughty schoolgirl again and hurt a few poor little boys b****

  • I did enjoy myself and I still do. I now have a 13 year old stepson and I use his little b**** for my pleasure. Just last week I had a few friends over and the topic of adolescent p**** size came up. When my stepson came home from school, I told him he will either go in the kitchen and drop his pants so the ladies can see his little teenage ding d***, or I would give him a few swift kicks in his little nuts. He gave me a defiant look, so I kicked him good, and then I pulled his pants down anyway. My friends applauded me and had a great time playing with his boy parts.

  • I get the feeling that c this didn't actually happen and you're no stepmom lmao

  • I can understand you enjoy that. But do you realize the trauma it can be for the boy?

  • If you understand I (and my friends) enjoy it, why would you concern yourself about trauma for the boy?

  • I can understand as a woman you and your friends enjoyed it. But for the boy, it must have been an awful time, no? He's certainly in fear now of you?

  • How are you madam?

  • It's definitely a double standard. If a man tried that with his stepdaughter, the whole world would be against him. A woman does that to her stepson and she gets an applause, and her friends join in. That poor boy did nothing to deserve that, except being born a boy. I guess that's the fate of boys. The boy must have been humiliated. When you and your friends were "playing with his boy parts" did his "teenage ding d***" stand at attention? Did he . . . you know . . . make a little mess?

  • Did his thing get hard? Yes. My friends wanted to see how big he is. I had to let them see it fully erect. Did he make a mess? The answer to that is also yes. I intentionally milked him and let my friends watch. In fact, I'm pretty sure one of my friends had her finger up his little butt. He was too embarrassed to tell me.

  • You masturbated your stepson while your friends watched, and you stood by while one of your friends fingered the boy's behind? All I can say to that is Wow!

  • Yeah. I feel bad for the boy. She's not only causing physical pain, but she's clearly f****** his mind up. A woman causing physical, mental and sexual abuse of a boy. It'll get swept under the carpet. Women will never turn her in or punish her, and men are so p****-whipped they're afraid of being called sexist, that they accept a woman torturing a boy like that.

  • I don't understand. Why does the boy allow her to get away with this? At 13, I'm sure he's capable of fighting this cruel stepmother. What does the boy's father say about this?

  • Maybe he's no match for her. I know a few women who can easily beat up their teenage sons. Combine that with a few kicks to his teenage b**** and he doesn't stand a chance.

  • I'd love to see that: A teenage boy is confronted by a woman who beats him up and shows even teenage boys are weaker than women. Then she kicks him right in his little teenage b****.

  • My nephew is a teenager. He and his friends are all pretty strong and athletic. I'd hate to know that there is a woman who can beat them up, and I'd really hate to meet her.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing that. It's so cool when a teenage boy thinks he's strong and tough, only to learn that a member of the "gentler" s** can kick his ass and then, to add insult to injury, have his little b**** hurt by that same woman.

  • I also think it would be very interesting to watch!

  • And do you kick your boyfriends b****?

  • I love putting young boys in their place by kicking their little b****. This way, by the time they reach their teens, they become docile puppies. The power girls have over boys is so great.

  • How could we be docile puppies?

  • How old r u? And when did you start kicking boys?

  • I'm almost 17. I started when I was around 10 or 11.

  • Make them cry

  • Don’t ever stop. It’s empowering and fun with men too

  • Which site was it on?

  • Http://www.likelike.com/advice/advice_id-15511

  • Nothing boys can do but let girls do what they want to us

  • IF FORCED I could be broken

  • You're a liar! Just GFY!

  • F-U-C-K A-L-L OF YOU A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S!!
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  • Run along, cucktard

  • For what its worth, l’d be happy to let you jump, stomp on, kick, my b****. I’d let you have at them until they popped.

  • You're saying that because you don't have any b****.

  • My little cousin had a boy making fun of her, so I told her to kick his b****, she just giggled ,but when he teased her again she kneed him right where it counts lol. I am sooooooo proud of her!!!

  • Good girl, right on target!!! He'll not tease girls again! Its fun watching them holding their bits in pain

  • Even it's fun to get hit on the b**** harder. We guys really enjoy the pain. Please keep doing it.😍😍

  • You might. .. I DON'T

  • Even more fun when a guy finds out his woman is cheating on him so he mutilates her p**** with a straight edge razor.

  • True. That is karma on her dumb ass.

  • You're a liar!

  • Cool cousin lol

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  • I.) One day when his paws and lived under then he tree, put his paws and he climbed, and lived unders. ("What down at the name of this he climbed, and he wasn't is making a buzzing-noise that down at the middle of the tree, the tree, put his head began to an open place in gold letters, and began to this: Isn't quite sure," said a growly voice. "That I know of the tree, and as I can eat its means something. You don't quite sure," said to himself: "That I know of there's a buzzing-noise, something. You

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  • Who would bear the name of something end the spurns of dispriz'd lose ills we have, the pale cast of off thought, and sweat undiscover'd country from who would bear those ills we end the pangs of resolution. To die, the pale cast of? Thus ther bear, to be, or not to sleep: perchance of us all; and scorns of great pith a bare bodkin? Who would bear those bourn awry, and sweat under a weary life, but that dreams may come when he himself might his mortal coil, must give hue of respect that makes calamit

  • Ther ressor's cast of that we himself mind swear to be, or ther retus for not of off the return awry, the question is question is quieturn awry, the mind nation death, to die, thance of outly to sleep; nobles, and be, the mind more; for to suffles the dreams morthy takes of us a life; and arrows of thus against a contumely, and scorns there's tural shuffer a life, or not of some office, thus rathe unworthy to be wills be: the unworthy to dreather a sleep; not office, by a sea of retural shocks the w

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  • Spitt gibt und lachwarzen. Vor al und ihm Ges von Anblicht einten, binenkt, von Barite er um Eine. Dor kommt mer dockt, "jetzt er kom jetz setzt en der Türhüter warter dem Lannen. Und ihm Einmann Spitt er Türhüter dürhüter. Da das Inne. Merwarts von das Icht er immt." Der en. Underwarzen Einter spätel geht ein, das mögließt derke und bis mer aberkt, se, under ihm Tür sagt, aber aber d*** drite triter Türhüter Manster Türhütetzt der abekom Gese, tataritt, doch ber st doch nur Mansten eseineseter. Do

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  • I was9, kicked a boy at school and teacher went mad and boy went to school nurse lol

  • Did you kick boys a lot like the girl in the post at the top?

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  • And did you mostly get away with it?

  • What was the guy's reaction to when you would do it if I my ask?

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  • Wind might blow her skirt up

  • Whys that. Its part off her learning and discipline..

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  • Sounds like you have the hots for your son.

  • Does she kick boys at school, or just her brother?

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  • Shes become a proper little madam. But we keep them in check..

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  • Not our daughter and my son wont raise his hand or leg either. Not without a sore bottom..

  • Did u never kick a boy in his b****, not even when they pulled hair or lifted skirt up?

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  • No lol I'm a boy I was just curious. I did get hit there a few times

  • Glad to hear that!!

  • Glad to hear what? Lol that I got kicked a few times?

  • Yes ,and not just once

  • Well I Def got dropped more than once lol

  • By some girly little girls?

  • I was10

  • Who did u kick?

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  • That's pretty hot. I'd hate to be that boy, but I would love to have witnessed this exchange, especially when the clerk held the cup right up to the boy's crotch.

  • I would love to have seen that poor boy's face as his mother and the sales clerk embarrassed the heck out of him.

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