Pedophile Fantasies

I don't know know when it started but i have been having fantasies of having s** with 11-15 yr old girls, it bothers me that i think like this but i get ExtremelY turned on by them. I don't know if its normal for other fellas out there but i just needed to get that off my chest.



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  • I’d like to make love to a 9-11 year old girl.

  • I can't stop thinking about it i just want to f*** 5 to 12 year old girls i really want one to suck on my d*** and make me c** can any one help me out

  • I'm a 13 y/o boy. I'm gay and I fantasize about men older than me molesting me , tie me up and f*ck me. I sometimes have wetdreams of men in my neighborhood raping me I'm my bedroom.

    If anybody is intrested my email

  • Are you okay in the head? who asks to be abused by strangers for quick pleasure. go to a therapist

  • This is nothing to kid around about! It's really sick and perverted!

  • You people deserve a bullet in the head

  • Brother who broke in his sister and is still active. Would like to get to know others with active youngr partners and maybe even share...
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  • Im attracted to toddlers.

  • Me to only girls though

  • I want to feel her around my hard c***

  • Nothing wrong with it

  • I am a catholic guy and i love seeing the older girls from arounf 12 to 16 making their First Holy Communions and dressed as little girls in their poofy,white,top of the knees dresses and veil with their lace socks and white shoes!Our parish considers the communion dress as an extension of the baptism outfit the girls wore as babies,so they wear a tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their communion dresses! It is so cute seeing the teen girls in their outfits and so pure and innocent! I saw a 15 year old girl last may who was in the class sneak off with a teen boy before the ceremony and she got on her knees and gave him a b******!

  • Some of those innocent looking young girls get f***** every day.

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  • 27 year old female. Recently, I saw my boyfriend's 8 year old son playing with his d*** in the bathtub. It was only about 4 in long and had a beautiful swollen c********! I want so badly to suck and f*** him and see if I can get him to have an o*****.

  • Go for it. It can be such fun for you and for him as well. Show him how to enjoy his equipment and also finger his *******. He is the right age to learn these things. Let him play with your c***.

  • I want to see you f****** him, sitting on his little c*** and wiggle till you come and flood all over his d***.
    Your a dirty f*** s*** and need to be spanked hard

  • Wish I could chat with u

  • U like little boys?

  • God yes suck him bet u were wet

  • Im 13 if you're into that! wickr is deafgrips

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    Together with the boy

  • Im a 26 year old pedophile, i say it proudly, im not ashamed of what I like. Don't get me wrong a f*** boy over the age of 18, but ever since I was 16 I have this urge to want to f*** kids younger than me. Several times I came pretty close. Once you know the difference between fantasy and reality and having more than just the common sense to not act on your fantasies only that will make you a decent human being. I will say though a little bit of advice to any of you out there who what to do it secretly and not get caught get a prescription for Ambien, Lunesta, any kind of sleep aid that will guaranteed think your partner in a deep sleep. Depending on the age start with half. It has literally worked wonders for me and my babysitting gig that I'm currently still doing.

  • Can you please give me some advice on how to f*** little girls i need some help

  • Yeah, after they are sleeping, you can rub your d*** all over their faces and their can be such fun. YOU can poke with your fingers too.

  • Make sure you are alone when you do it. Where you can get naked with them undisturbed

  • Im so f****** hard for a baby girl

  • Are you getting any nice young tight p****?

  • Yes. I’m f****** my niece right now. We take showers together and she loves sliding against it in the shower. It popped into her a few weeks ago and it fit her 11 yr old hole because I’m very small. I’m thin and 3.5 inches. Huge for her though so she says I have a big one when we play s** games

  • I understand the difference between fantasies and real life. Most people with fantasies understand the difference too. Last year I discovered taboo phone s**. If its with the right person it can be awesome. But it's so hard to find the right phone s** person. Most of em are just college students or bored wife's who fake anything for a buck. But I found this one person who can make you feel like your on Pluto if she wants to! She's the best phone s** person I have ever found. Shes from . I cant explain it. Only a guy like me would understand why this person is so good to call. Somehow she makes me confess my thoughts and my fantasies and then she forces me to... you know. But the way she does it is amazing and I end up feeling purged or something for days and days. I started concentrating better at work and last week I realized shes got me looking forward to calling her instead of feeling lost or depresed. So I call her whenever I need to and this way I stay happy without doing anything crazy or illegal.
    She also deals with all kinds of other fantasies too. One time she told me about a guy who fantasized about being eaten alive by a giantess! So I guess I'm just glad I found her. It's not free but it's not expensive and it def beats the illegal stuff. Just wanted to share. Peace out.

  • Seems like this kind of fantasy is common. I don,t know why. Many years ago I thought I would like to eat a five year old p****. But fear of jail kept me from doing it.

  • I like little boys 5-11. I wish i had a lil d*** to suc. I also like their feet.

  • Lovesucking kidcock

  • The mall is the perfect place to get some. Meet a kid and take him to the movies...once there...start too fool around. I made a boy take off all of his clothes in the movies and I played with his d*** and his a******. I shoved popcorn up his a******. What fun

  • Thats so sweet.did you eat the popcorn? to talk

  • Me to even baby d***

  • Sucking one 3

  • Id like to know where Id see some cause Id like to see or text other guys into young boys

  • Ciao piacciono molto anche a me
    Ho avuto un esperienza molti anni fa ma non sono andato fino in fondo perché avevo paura. Lui invece, che aveva 10 anni si. Con altri.... 😄

  • Email me my 5 kids under age 10 looking to meet someone

  • I’d love to meet one of the girls. Can you send me a pic?

  • Do you control what your kids do?

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  • 22 yes please earth I am not that f****** stupid

  • How many r boys and wat age?

  • I want to start with the youngest

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  • It is very very normal, and you should not fret. Many men want to shove their c**** into fresh smooth young c***. The feel is very different from other kinds of s**. And the t*** of one who is young are just starting to flower. I say go for it and enjoy yourself.

  • Some thoughts should never be allowed to enter your mind. Simply entertaining thoughts about minors is a huge mistake! If you are an adult act like an adult. Get counseling ASAP!


  • I think you are being overly dramatic, he hasn't f***** a child yet so, he'll be ok, you're alright bro.

  • I seriously hope you all get catfished and raped in jail.

  • Shame on every single one of you.

  • What the f*** are you doing in have to search for rooms like this so you wanted to find it.why?

  • Because we like p****?

  • I am asking the person who said "shame on all of you".i like boy c***!

  • Love boy c*** as long as it is young

  • Especially very yung p****

  • Hi I need to chat with girls 5-10

  • I want to chat with girls 9-12 who are highly sexualized, who want a good looking, healthy fit, 50 year old with an average sized 5 inch d*** to make love to them. I love tween girls sooooo much.

  • Forget chatting I want them in bed

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  • I started watching cp in the 90s. I met many women online in America who fuelled my desires.

    In 2000 a woman in NZ gave her young toddler a b*******. She also got him to fetch her vibrator.

    In 2002 a Woman I met face sat the boy she was looking after on cam. She also put her b****** in his face. She sent me pictures and videos of Women abusing kids.

    In 2003 I got the knock and had to do 3 year probation and 5 years on the reg.

    In 2007 my Wife at the time left me. I also met a new Woman who got pregnant. Social Services took her off me despite me doing extensive SOTP work.

    In 2010 the same thing happened and in 2011 I Graduated from images to real life with my Girlfriend and her Daughter. This lead to 4 years Prison.

    She became my Wife, but left me after being told we could never be together.

    Just think on as I have no job and visits from Police and no chance of coming off the reg.

  • What state are you from? I can relate to a lot of what you said.

  • Dude I'm so sorry, my heart goes out to you man

  • Sounds like you did have fun though.

  • What the f*** is wrong with you?! I want to kill you 20 times over!

  • Great s** with the kiddies though

  • I am 8 and want to be trained

  • We double penatrate a 8 year old step sisters freind


  • How fun for all of you. I hope you also spit roast and change places.

  • Females under15 hml

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  • Are you a boy out a girl?

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  • Let me I f***** my step dau at 8 best p**** ever

  • Lucky guy wish I had someone that young!

  • You a boy or a girl sweetie?whats your e-mail?

  • My 5 and 9 yr old sons I have no babysitter a d my 10 yr old daughter do crystal meth and I'm perverted as f***

  • I suggest getting a baby sitter for them who is just out of prison for child molestation. You need to build trust and he needs someone who believes in him. Let him alone with your kids to foster that trust. Tell you kids they must obey him. Also to encourage freedom have them all be naked. then go out.

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  • Sounds like a perfect family to me

  • Perfect for s**

  • Your 9 n 10 yr old would join me in bed and the 5 yr old can suck my c*** then watch his older siblings getting f*****

  • I would love to help you with that ten year old

  • That's a fun night if I ever heard it!!!

  • I'd babysit

  • Let me babysit them for free, I will feed them too

  • Yummm wanna talk?

  • God you ain’t alone. Daughter is 8 and she is so well trained.

  • I would do anything to have my 5 year old back. she was so tight

  • I would love an 8 to p****

  • P**** is so nice at her age

  • How do you chat privately on here?

  • Ooh do tell more

  • Hi im a 14 year old bi boy who wants to be f***** email me at

  • Wanna get yourself killed kid? Why the f*** are you here anyway?

  • Ill do it

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  • I love young boys, prefer them younger than that

  • My 10 year old girl has been such a good little c*** crazed s*** ever since she started masturbating at age 3 and my wife gave her a remote control bullet vibe for us to play with.

    Of course we were responsible parents and started shoving her mouth and ass down on my pedo c*** the day she was born. Got to do our civic duty and get them ready for community service, now that it is legal for pedos to f*** kids without parental consent.

    Our sweet young w**** has so many boyfriends now, some of them even pay her! Mommy and I are both so proud, such a good little cocksleeve!

    Our only regret with her is that it took so long for her to get pregnant, 10 is such a late age for having a first child, we are afraid her t*** won't grow very big now. If her chest doesn't fill out by the start of her 3rd trimester we are considering getting her implants so she will be ready for her first birthing g*******.

    There is a new and still experimental injection we are thinking about for her daughter but treatments have to start at birth and the results are still all over the place. Most girls become hyper fertile and are giving birth to twins no later than age 2, but the breast growth is often off the charts and she might never be able to walk for how busty she could get.

    My wife thinks we should do it but I am not so sure, what do you fellas think?

    *Request for others to write the next part of the story and pass the torch, also request for real life or fantasy stories of groping huge t*** or having huge heavy udders and getting groped and molested by strangers in public*

  • If i could stay with you guys for a week i promise to give you a baby. starting early is a good idea. more p**** to f***

  • I want to see her masturbating.
    Rubbing her p**** on the arm of a couch or the corner of a matress...........
    And spurt on her back

  • Would have loved to have you 3 yr old play with my c***

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  • You mean to say it's legal ? Like seriously or you just kidding ?

  • It is more normal than you might think. It stands to reason since the c**** of girls of that age are so nice and tight and smooth and silky as are their a*******. And those sweet cute faces with those natural c********* mouths. We know it is taboo, but one cannot help the natural attraction. Historically and in classic literature and painting this is well expressed.

  • I'm 26 years old and I have been attracted to little girls from age 6 to 13 since I was in high school ... I wish I had some friends who would let me f**k their little angels. I would gladly show some love to them if anyone would let me.

  • Awe,I wish I had my daughter, if let you f*** her

  • They are so ready for it at that age. No reason to wait. Historically this has been the age range for girls to have their first f***.

  • I share your feelings for them to.Be nice to meet parents who would share the sexy little things

  • I like you would f*** them any age.

  • Oh how wonderful it is to feel there soft smooth body.I've been pleasured by 3 sweet young beautiful girls 8,7 and 10 in that order.loved them all so much.

  • I can f*** them with you?

  • Would love to chat, share stories and trade with parents. Our daughter is so sexy and loves being a little s***.

  • May i get some stories i would love to hear of your adventures my email

  • I want to slit your throat in front of your family

  • What ap party killer!!!

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  • How do you chat privately on here? I would love to chat with some of you guys, if I could find a way to private chat.

  • Gave me a hardonjust thinking about it.

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  • I love you nasty mommy. you make sick daddys proud.

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  • I like pedo moms that help me rape their baby's a*shole. Are you that kind of pedo mom?

  • I want to take a baby girl deep in the woods and f*** her for days.


  • If you meet one let me know

  • I love girls who are 7-13. But I'm a a f****** videogame developer, and I'm otherwise so damn capable of doing what I want, get my success but... Girls just distract me too much

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  • What game developer are you? I could help you out

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  • I've had several encounters with young girls.
    My wife and I used to do foster care so I always had access to children from newborns up to 9yo olds.
    I never messed with the boys they never did anything for me, I did however allow them to watch while I played with the girls which usually ended up with one of the girls sitting on my lap while I rubbed their coochies or slid a vibrator up and down their slits every now and then I would lay them down and have a snack or lay them on the bed and straddle them so the could watch me jack my meat until I eventually nutted on their faces or in their mouths or on other bodily orifices always making sure I used my meat to smear it around..
    One little girl who was 4 when she was brought to us absolutely loved to have her slit licked and would lay there and hold it open for me without me even asking she always knew when my wife left for work we would go downstairs and get naked she would strip off her clothes and lay on the couch with her legs open as wide as they could and reach down and pull it open once in awhile I could get her to put my meat in her mouth while I held onto her hair and used it to guide her mouth up and down..
    God I have so many other adventures to write about

  • You live mu f****** dream. but i would of pushed it down her throat. i love making these little s**** choke.

  • For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to have a 12yo f*** toy.
    My neice once gave me a hand job and spurted all over her...........
    It was an amazing, and she became soo h**** she couldn't stop masturbating.

  • Hope you got a few fingers in her as she jacked you off

  • I would love to hear them any movies.

  • Please tell me your adventures

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  • I would love to hear more of your stories. I bet you have had a lot of fun over the years

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  • God I want to lick a tiny p**** like that. lucky

  • I lick my 5yo granddaughters p**** almost everytime she comes over to spend the night. We play for hours.

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  • Are you well hung enough to truly satisfy a five year old? They don't want some dude with a five inch d***.

  • You find one for me to f*** then we can ask her if she enjoyed taking my c*** in her c***

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  • How about inviting her uncle C over to join in on some of the fun she might like a couple of old p***** eating on her

  • You are one lucky guy to have enjoyed that

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  • What the f*** is a sicos?

  • They're great wished I could hear more

  • I would love to hear some stories. email me

  • I would love to be a foster parent! I love the idea of a little girl being taken away from her loving parents due to a misunderstanding, then placed in my care so I could tear her panties off and r*pe her little bottom with my hard c*ck!
    Foster care is such a beautiful system for us peds. 🙂

  • I bought a 2 year old one time for a night. the foster dad helped me bust all over her. i love throw away baby girls.

  • I was a foster father and it was so simple to use your foster daughters for pleasure. I had several from age 5 to 9

  • I word rape my five year old every night

  • When you say you mean you did or you would like to?

  • How did it start and would you like some company

  • Not really you have to be very careful with what you do if they suspect anything they'll take the child for a medical exam or to a forensic interviewer and the parents aren't so loving otherwise the kids wouldn't have been taken away

  • Only if there is a suspicion of abuse are the kids examined

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  • You are al evil and sickening, and i reported this page to the authorities

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  • I finally got to babysit Molly this last weekend for a few hours. I started dated her mom about a year ago, specifically to get to her baby daughter. It's taken this long to gain her trust.
    The minute her car pulled out of the driveway, I took Molly by the hand and led her to my bedroom. I sat her on the bed and told her mommy made a big mistake today, because she left you with a pedophile. I told her a pedophile is an adult who likes to have s** with little kids. I asked her if she knew what s** was. She said no (of course, most three year old girls don't know about s**.🙂). I told her she was about to find out.
    I said we're going to play a little game called "Naked Movie star." I showed her some kiddie p*rn with girls her age with men my age. She seemed fascinated by it.
    I took both our clothes off and proceeded to introduce her to my pen*s.
    Her bald cu*t and as*hole got thoroughly licked. She protested when I tried to put my c*ck in her mouth. I popped it in when she opened her mouth to say no. I pulled her little head in and made her gag. It wasn't working too well like that, so I decided to go for the b*tthole. I've seen it so many times with little ones on video, I went ahead and tried it. That was the tightest hole my d*ck has ever been in! I got the head and maybe another inch in. She kicked and screamed and cried for mommy. At one point she peed. I pulled out and got down and drank it right from the source. Delicious!
    I decided to return the favor and pee on her face and in her crying mouth. Then I finished out little c*ck and but*hole session. I ended up blowing my load in her. When I pulled out, my sp*rm shot out of her as*hole like a fountain.
    The beauty of this experience is she's autistic and practically non-verbal. We took a bath together, then I gave her some ice cream.
    The only evidence of our play was a sore little red b*tthole.
    Oh, and I got the whole experience on video!
    Hail pedo c*ck!!!

  • You are a pedo king. f*** a video can we set up a f*** date? i would love to help you keep her quiet as you forced it in her p****.

  • Any copies available.

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  • You sick horrible human being, i sincerely hope that was just fantasy. Have you ni empathy you sick b******, how could you do that to another human being, one so defenseless and vulnerable. I hope you are beaten to a b***** pulp in prison you sibastard.

  • I'm the original poster and I can assure you it's no fantasy. Molly's as*hole has been thoroughly explored by my sh*t-stained pedophile c*ck! She's just turned 5 and still screams like a banshee when I ream out her bottom. I'm always on the lookout for more pieces of sh*t to rape. Got any kids? 🙂

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  • Single mum and mine is 2

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  • Excuse me, hi I'm a a mom as well and I just want to know....WHY IN THE F****** H*** WOULD YOU P*** YOUR LITTLE GIRL OUT YOU SICK VILE DISGUSTING SUB HUMAN

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    Is she available for play?

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    I have a daughter, 2 years old. She needs a daddy like you.
    I want to marry you and worship your dck!

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  • Lucky guy wish I could do that. Love boys the younger the better. I was raped by my uncle when I was young so Im intrigued

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  • Hi. Im 46 male and iv always loved young girls age 6-11. I was born this way.

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  • Babies and toddlers are the best c*****ckers. Their butth*les are fun to fu*k. I like it when they scream and cry for mommy! 🙂

  • Listening to them cry as i push it in makes me so f****** hard.

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  • I prefer boys between 0-5yrs but have never been with one....never had the opportunity. Would love to chat with someone since I never have. I can say this though, ever since I can remember (4yrs old or so) I have wanted to be naked with a mature man and play with his c***...didn't get that chance until I was 13. But ever since I was 5 or 6 my cousin and I would grab his mother's Playgirls, strip naked and play with each other as our little pp's got hard as a rock.....🙃 Also had constant fantasies about playing with my dad....and still do.

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  • Join the discussion


    Posted byu/lmatrading
    6 months ago
    TUTA.IO Email account Hacked Now cannot get access. HELP
    So like an idiot I entered my email address into an online survey about cryptocurrency.

    Within 48 hours my email had been hacked and password changed.

    So I am really on the s*** because I cannot do anything or change any of my details because everything is linked to this email address.

    I have contacted support yesterday and they were helpful to start and asked my a few questions which I replied to but that was it I've not heard anything from them since, I have emailed them many times but nothing.


    Any advice would be very much appreciated.



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  • Chris Hansen is it?????


    -Billy Woods

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  • Chris Hansen blows dogs.All the time!!!

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    Posted byu/vakhio
    10 months ago
    Vimeo does not allow email address – Shows as it's invalid.


    Look Hard-Ons!!!!!!!


    If THEY wanted us to know THEY would have done better.

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    And for those here who wanna b****,go away.We did noty invite you.WE are going to go and do your mother for a bit.

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  • It IS?????What is that and can Billy Woods get him one at the store?????

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

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  • Awsome I have a 10 year old girl we play with each other

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  • I bet she's sexy. It's the responsibility of Daddy to teach his little girl to be a good c*********. :)

  • Again,it is HER FATHER!!!!!!!

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  • Hopefully Daddy taught you to be a good little d*** locker while you were still in diapers. :)

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    You may mean the GMail bit.ALL Billy did was ASK Google!!!!!!!

    Those who don't last for ONLY so long.

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    To GMail even.

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  • Hello. I'm attracted to younger girls as well as older, about 7-35.
    I'm 29, bi, and I have twin girls. I have never done anything with them, nor do I have pictures of them. They have been semi-sexual with me, and it was very tempting for me to become sexually active with them. My wife and mother found out about my fantasies and now they aren't coming over to the house I'm at, although I can be with them with supervision.

    I've been suicidal about this since I highly value morality and not violating kids or doing incest. I read this post, and also found this post that we're on.

    I want to talk about this with people. I feel so alone.
    I made an email for this:

    I've emailed just about everyone who provided their email here.
    I'm not looking for child p***.
    I'm looking to discuss sexual proclivity and feelings.
    I'm tired of being alone with my thoughts about touching my kids.

  • You didn't e-mail Billy Wood.No,no e-mail to

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  • Do your guilty feelings come from a religious doctrine, perhaps? If they do, dump the religion. It's not worth the agony and shame.
    Please embrace your true self. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to children. I'm convinced that it's completely normal and healthy. Be proud of who you are.
    It's anathema in our culture because of a few bad people giving us a bad reputation. It's such a hot button issue in general, that we're forced to stay underground. This makes me very sad. I envision a day when pedophiles can have normal sexual relationships with children and it's completely accepted, even in religious circles.
    In the meantime, keep that beautiful pedophile light shining, but be very careful who you tell.
    How old are your girls?

  • Totaly agree

  • We NEVER feel guilty!!!!!!!We see stuff and s**** the h*** out of it!!!!!!!Age be damned.


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  • Hi lov3d your story. Wish I had some video.

  • You guys are pretty f***** up but mostly naïve how stupid are you guys giving out email addresses. Do you know who Chris Hansen is?

  • I s**** Chris Hansen!!!!!He wants to CATCH a predator?!?!!I DO him often and he has that twelve million bucks but I do him anyway!!!!!

    My name is Billy Woods.All the time it is!!!!!

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  • I don't know if i could drink p... or eat s... but thanks for the suggestion sir.i would try bigger c.... in me though.

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  • Nice, the p**** is lovely at her age

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  • Bullshit

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  • You lucky man thatsy best fantasy. Even sucking her panties.

  • Would love to see pics or video of that

  • I wish i was there to watch

  • How wonderful that she can learn to love the taste of c../

  • I wanna see

  • 50s man, who is oddly attracted to women and men in their 50s who are turned on by s** with very very young. Odd, right? I was only 5 or 6 when I was first touched sexually. I never thought about s** between young and adult until I reached the age of the man who first touched me. Kids don't turn me on, but the thought of being able to view my first encounter now as an adult, or the thought of seeing something similar really gets me going. Anyone else?

  • I am 21 and have been feeling an attraction to underage girls. Is something wrong with me? I have no history of abuse and have no idea where this feeling came from.

  • Yes your a pedofile

  • It's fun to be a pedophile! Embrace it. 🙂
    I've been a pedo for over 40 years, and while all sorts of activities interest me, it's the bald cun*y that gets my full attention, with priority given to toddlers.
    There are more of us than people think, but nearly all are afraid to come out. And for good reason: merciless persecution.
    Hopefully we'll be accepted one day, and child/adult relationships will be normalized.
    In the meantime, embrace who you are and let your sexual desires c** to the surface.
    Get that c*** out and let it look for opportunities for some kinky fun time. Trust me, it will know where to look. 😍
    Just be careful.

  • I agree I prefer baby +, to me nothing is nicer than seeing her suck her toes naked with her lovely bald puffy cunnie in full view while I stroke looking at it wanting to blow on it

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  • It's natural. Don't fight it. Be proud!

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  • Lye ur email don't work

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  • Love to hear more.

  • I would love to hear all about it

  • Do you really have videos? #ImAGemaleWentThruTheSameThing
    Email me my name is Nena

  • I let my girlfriend daughter play with my d***

  • Would you send pic and video

  • Hope your ding her

  • Nena, is there a safe way for us to communicate and talk about our past experiences as children?


  • I tried to email u but did not go through.

  • Id love to see those vids do u trade young?


  • This is the FBI child s** and exploitation investigations task force. We’ve logged your IP address and have full communication with google and have subpoenaed all your Sent, received and deleted emails. C.S.E.T.F

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  • Lucky God..but you should've gotten that p**** at 4 when it was ripe

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  • How do you safely chat with someone on here if you want to trade pics?

  • I use wicker me app do you have any good photos to share

  • Let us no how it goes be nice to hear about it

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  • This is the FBI child s** and exploitation investigations task force. We’ve logged your IP address and have full communication with google and have subpoenaed all your Sent, received and deleted emails. C.S.E.T.F

  • Nit isn't!!!YOU are a fuckstick who wishes he could play this game!!!!!

    It is LEGAL for police officers to lie folks!!!!!It is when they lie UNDER OATH that notice is taken!!!!!A federal crime has been committed then.

    No,everyone who murders 38 people comes and confesses as HE is just a good guy!!!!!The police never lied to him and scared the b**** offa him!!!!!

    (The word is COP,it is from Great Britain and stands for Constable On Patrol)

    The FBI are Federal,they have power and say so,but they MUST follow the law!!!!!They don't come to public boards and announce themselves!!!!!That would be beyond stupid!!!!!

    We like s** with adults,but kids are cute and innocent and we wanna shove our faces in their c****.


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  • I sent you an email. I loved my mom's too.

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  • Don't have any to send Can I get a few?

  • I'm 15, male and I've always have fantasies of older men having s** with me. I would love to trade dickpics with older people.


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  • I would if i could~

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  • I understand that and I'm a 14-year-old girl.

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  • This is the FBI child s** and exploitation investigations task force. We’ve logged your IP address and have full communication with google and have subpoenaed all your Sent, received and deleted emails. C.S.E.T.F FBI

  • LETTERS???????NOW WHAT WILL WE DO?????????


  • Would like to get pics of you if icould

  • Hi how u doin im wealthy dad with 2 girls ... need your advice pls ..

  • Hope they will do what you tell them to do how does mom feel about this and how old are they

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  • There is nothing wrong. You should go out and have s.. with an older man so that you can fulfill your dream and move on. Boys your age should experiment. It is healthy and will expand your mind and body. Many boys your age are f.....ed and s... four or five times a week. Boys today are having s.. at much younger ages. You don't want to fall behind most boys, do you? And s.. with an older man who knows the ropes is a perfect way to start.

  • Nothing babe i would enjoy meeting you I think you would be Hot

  • I have 2 girls round ur age.. pls wana contact

  • Would you like to send me some pic

  • Hi there

  • There is nothing wrong hun. It’s completely normal and natural for you to think about that. I did when I was your age

  • Nothing wrong with you

  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to have s** with an older guy as long as he doesn't hurt you or force you. I want to find a little girl like you to have s** with. If you live close to me we can enjoy all the s** you want

  • I agree kids today are very sexual. If they want an older man good. I wouldn't say no. I am 47

  • I like to see that

  • Chat with me

  • There is nothing wrong with you. It's all about human nature. We are all born as sexual beings. At age 11, you are curious like every one else. I myself was with a neighbor man when I was 9 to 12 years old and it was a great experience. He never tried to force me to do anything I didn't want to do, he treated me very well and I learned a lot.

  • Sweet. Nothing wrong with young willing kids. I am 47 and sexually attracted to under aged kids. Always have been.

  • Yeah me too I love seeing them in the locker rooms bathrooms parks etc when they are in the locker rooms them and their dad or whoever they are with are usually naked three different times this dude was in the locker room with a 5yr old boy and 9yr old boy all naked and the 2 little boys little d**** were standing straight up and oh I had fun several times plus I still do

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  • Me to.46 yo and always love little boys! its hard for me to beleive more people aren't attrached to children.there so pretty,sexy,and so smooth!

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    Id love to see that get high and have pedo s** with toddlers or young boys where can I find it on the net

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  • Sucked a 3 yr old I loved it

  • H*** yea

  • Had him in bed a few times

  • Yes i was moleslested and loved it..

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  • Got it was so good the first time I ever came I had my legs over his shoulder and he had his finger in my ass he hit my G-spot and I squirted in his mouth oh my God it was like electricity I wish I could feel that way again. I loved it so much. I was 13 I was molested from the time I was 9 until 15 and I loved every minute thanks guys!

  • Sure.

  • No he didn't.We are hard and want to s**** some stuff but we ALL aren't dummies!!!!!There is no G-Spot or Billy Woods would have found it as he has tried over the years.It is not there!!!!!The Creator would not DO something like that!!!!!!!

    "I'm gonna put the gashole somewhere they will NEVER find it!!!!!"-God

    No,we are not ALL idiots!!!!!

  • Good for you perv! after all we need to satestfie our urges just like anyone eles,and kids get over percieved trama real keep on making your self happy my friend!

  • I have enjoyed s** with more than one underage boy and girl I really do not see anything wrong with it at all and I am 49 in the uk just to mention

  • Nope not a damn thing wrong with it at all

  • 18 DAYS AGO?????????

  • I was pictures don't have any hook me up email is looking for underage photos

  • Email me 34 uk

  • 38, been with a girl at 12, about to be with one that's 11.
    Just be yourself and chat some, yall can carry a conversation.
    It's so damned sexy with your age.

  • Sounds like a perfect fit. These can be really fun relationships once the little girl relaxes into the relationship. You have to be a bit demanding sometimes to get her to accept, but then the relationship can blossom into ever and ever more exotic things.

  • sweet im I'm so jealous that would be my dream

  • You are a 2month old f***** is what that is all about.Q****!!!

  • Very sweet of you.

  • I agree I am 47 and wouldn't say no. They are so hot.

  • I agree

  • Not a single thing

  • There is nothing wrong with you, most girls of your age think of older men such as an uncle or family friend, they get a crush on someone because they treat you different than a boy of your own age.

  • I'm 40 and think about s** with girls around your age ... there's nothing wrong with you ... wish there were more girls like you

  • Me to.

  • Thats child abuse!! You need to go to jail!

  • A jail with little kids in it is what WE were thinking!!!!!

  • I love the daycare across from me

  • What ever. We can't control being sexually attracted to under aged kids. So don't judge. We don't choose to be pedophiles

  • Ain't that the truth

  • Get a life prude.

  • What is a "prude"?!?!!Can Billy Woods have one to play with for a bit???

  • I have a four year old boy and i like touching him in the bath and when I babysit in my neighbour hood sometimes I make them suck on it ..

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  • I would be finding all the very young little boys to bring you

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  • Lucky you

  • Love when the c*** grows hard in the mouth

  • Are you a guy or a girl?

  • No a man. I love little girls to.

  • Im a boy. im 12 and i want s** sooooooooooooo badly with older men. i admit when i was 4 my uncle 'molested ' me and went to jail. but i liked it and i want him back. When i was 10 i touched a 2 year old and tried to have s** with a 4 year old. Im obviously a pedophile and i have a plan to film myself now and watch it and get hard when im older. if anyone wants to contact me my email is jakepeterson at gmail. hopefully i get a big p**** in my ass for my birthday!


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  • A very creative and inventive boy. Go for it. Yes, video yourself doing more and more creative things. You can play games with things like bottles, magic markers, even thumb tacks.

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  • Sweet I just posted what me and my 5 year old did. together. He wanted me to teach him about s**. I was 19 at the time I am 45 now. And love young c***

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  • Very hot. keep going after the other kids now that you know what you are. teach them how to have s.. with older guys sweetie!

  • When I was 12 I began talking to an older man we will call 'Steve'. Steve was 29 and I found him attractive. Three months after we had started talking we met up and we went out to eat. I stayed over at his house where we had s**. It was amazing. I took off my clothes and so did he. His phallus was red and erect and his massive testicles were covered in hair. I remember the way he looked at me. My small nipples, hairless genitals and tight ass. We engaged in oral s** first. He put his massive p**** into my mouth and sucked on the tip of it and he sighed with pleasure. He fingered me with so much love and care and slowly rubbed his 29 year old fingers around my 12 year old c******* . He put his warm tongue onto it and I cummed and he licked it. He then put his massive d*** into my tight p****. It was so big and I cried in pain but he took it out. I begged for him to put it back up inside me and he lubed me down. He put it in again and it went in deep. he started of slow and kissed me but then he was rough and fast. He cummed inside of me and his sperm leaked out of my v***** and onto the bed sheets. We wouldn't have to worry about pregnancy because I hadn't started puberty yet. He filmed it and sent it to all of his friends who probably masturbated. I fell asleep with him and when we woke up we did it again. I provided pleasure for him and in return he helped me with my life. i had everything I needed and more. I am a supporter of adult/child love and it should be legal so long as the child consents. My older lover is really nice. he understands me.

  • Yes, and let's change that age of consent thing down to zero, or 4yo at least

  • Sure.Send Billy Woods777 something or I will.....

  • Sure.Then send Billy Woods something or I will assfuck you into the land of.......

    Nevermind.Just send me stuff.

  • Nothing beats taking off the knickers and finding the p**** still hairless

  • Bullshit you're a pedophile writing this crap. Get some help.

  • If you wanna tell me the long version I'd like to hear it..its sound like u had a blast and u sound hot and sexy just by how you write id love to hear you break it down for me?!

  • When did all that go down sweetie

  • Did he pop your cherry and did you bleed?

  • Whats ur name

  • Whats yours? I'm only joking! My name is Ella..

  • What school

  • Dped. age 9

  • Same my stepdad and a mate took me out of school and then home where they took all my uniform of and was saying were Gina both DP molly your gona like it hard in both your child holes hard

  • I bet they fked you for days!

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  • Whos gona DP her with you

  • Sorry I must be dum, what is dped mean ?

  • Double penetrated, e.g 2 men 1 girl

  • I've been dped twice age 9 x

  • My girls were 7

  • *I*'m being double-penetrated right now AND eating me a pile of s*** and getting p***** on!!!!!!!It is sweet.

  • Westlake high school

  • I live in Texas too you know.

  • How do you know i live in texas!!!!!

  • I know of your school

  • Go f*** yourself you f****** creep. f****** do oneeee

  • Very sexual . I guess you like me

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  • Your story made my d*** so hard

  • F*** yourself michael. ugh

  • Sounds you'll be making while im inside you . How old are you..

  • 9 year. Old

  • S what's that guy asking. you to do f*** him tell him and your dad hun be safer that. Way

  • Old enough to kick your ass but not old enough to have s** b****.

  • Dped step sister

  • What about steve then

  • Thats different i dont even know u

  • But dont you wanna know me

  • Im reporting you you f****** creepy ass scum

  • Cool

  • Cool. I'm michael

  • Some prevert send stuff to Billy Woods!!!!!

  • I get very hard seeing 10-15 year old girls. Given the chance I would have s** with them

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  • Yes i do
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  • Im 13 and i have a big ass and an average d***. im a boy.
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  • Im 28 and i think about having s** with little girls all the time . i have too little girls 11 months and 4yrs old and yes even them i think about f****** so to me it normal but you just cant act on it by law . i wish you could have s** with them but they say no .

  • 11 mths and 4 is too yung to f--k but nothing wrong with getting sucked off and licking their p****'s , taking off a baby's nappy is really hot when you think about that lil bald c--t waiting for you but remember.....just no force

  • You just want to see if strange little peepee tastes like your daughters

  • It gets me so hard looking at pics of very young (6 months to 4 or 5 yrs)

  • Love looking at tiny baby c****

  • Yes baby c--t is really hot

  • It is a baby.Look at the one in the mirror!!!!!

  • Doesn't have a p**** I like seeing their p****

  • Embrace your Depravity go younger

  • I love you you need to taste them

  • I would do it. They enjoy it

  • I like baby bj^s toddler f****** preteen cumdumpsters dog s**** if anyone got cp can you send some or just swap stories i done some stuff with young girls

  • Me to that turns me on. I did oral with a 3 year old girl she loved it me to soft flesh. Train them young


  • Would love to hear more email me.

  • If you train them right little toddler girls suck c*** the best, their tiny hands feel so damn good on my b**** as I fantasize about making them pregnant like sexy little 5 year old Lina Medina the world's youngest mother that we know of, meaning that it has happened even younger like at age 3 or maybe even 2 and we just don't know about it. God that would be so damn tight and hot, a full term pregnant 2 year old bouncing her baby bump as I f*** her hard to induce labor!

  • I love the thought of them getting knocked up so young....sooo hot!

  • Can't get them pregnant if you f*** their tight little a*******..

  • Now that's a full story there!

  • I'm not into getting them prego, but the younger the better. what to chat?

  • H*** yeah I want to chat, not sure how you want to proceed with that but my email is and I love taking the fantasy even further than reality. Hit me up for pedo and nepi s** fantasies.

  • I wish we could talk

  • I would talk to you!

  • Who is we?

  • I'm not attracted to children but preteens. I like the way their fresh skin and undeveloped b**** look. I never look at child p*** but do fantasize about a certain 10-yr old that has been in the news and sometimes look at preteen modelling sites so I can see as much of their lush bodies as possible.

  • Hey dumb a** preteen r children

  • Do you like to sniff young girls dirty panties while you j*** off?

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes I do it all the time, I have them from 2yrs up, love wearing them too

  • My girlfriend had a really nice young girl who had a hot sexy ass body from the time she was 11 until the time she was 16 I would sneak in to the dirty clothes hamper and into her bedroom and sniff her panties her dirty panties I would j*** off and fantasize about eating her sweet p**** and f****** her oh my God she was so damn hot and I came so hard doing that

  • Very much

  • Wear my daughters

  • I would love to wear hers too, I wear 24/7

  • F*** yes. Oh u r making me so hard thinking about it fap fap fap !

  • Oh I love it fap fap fap

  • Stroke it

  • Oh my yes.

  • Yes

  • You need to shoot yourself!!

  • Maybe the kid likes it..? Or begged and asked for it. I did. Traded oral with a buddie at 12 and we had fun for a while even while swimking at the park, underwater. He moved before i got to explore so at 14 i put up an ad online and met a 38 yr old. I exposed myself to him when we met yo talk. Him and i traded oral. And 3 weeks, 3 hookups. He filled me.. i begged for a week. While he tapped me. I shot into my own face and mouth covering me. And him shooting deep inside me that hard... made me empty again.. on him that time

  • Totally man. Just a year ago I accidentally came across some sexualized shots of little boys while on Tumblr and I had the hardest c*** I had ever had in 35 years. A friend told me about shotacon and the 3D stuff had me jerking off until I hurt my p****. I once got to see a pic of one sucking an older dude and he had a little hairless hardon and was grabbing the h*** out of the p**** in his mouth. It didn't look much like abuse to me. But yeah it's just a fantasy to me they are annoying messy and loud to me in real life.

  • I would love to chat with you about other dudes who are into little boys I have over 300GB of pics and vids to trade

  • Some of those sites are hot, wow

  • I have a 3yr old boy I love getting naked and rubbing his naked body on mine

  • I think about yng naked little boys and rubbing them all over my naked body I have a few times and it's so hot

  • F*** yea man

  • I would love to watch you do that and I join in

  • So hot heck yes

  • Are you a guy or girl?

  • Momma I love tiny little bald baby girl

  • Baby is the best, love wanking looking at the tiny, puffy, hairless p****

  • You are a good and brave person for admitting your love of infant girls.

  • Dreamt me and my 10yo boy neighbor hoped on bed, pulled pants down, said "put your thing against my bum and push till it goes in." Instantly I realize with out thinking it was already fully erect. And, I had taken it out and was walking up to them bent over and looking over their left shoulder at me smiling, to do it.
    Once it popped I'm I pushed fast due to excitement and with only about 2" in they exclaimed it hurt/stung so I stopped and slowly exited.

    Days later though, I got them bent over onto my bed with their feet on floor. Slowly worked it in until u realized I was feeling the amazing word defying extant of moving along their tight bums canal . They reached up to hug my neck and arched their lil rear as to better position my slow rythmic thrusts. Making sure to only go 1/2 but no more than 2/3 in at most.

    *if I dream of them again gonna let them warm up further them really get em wide eyed before the end. All in with their gasps muffled by pillows/covers. God willing boy I love [d] them/it.

  • Damn, I dream about my 14 year old son's friend all time. Wish we lived in ancient Greece where it was normal for adult men to teach young boys about s** and life. To them it wasn't about s** but about teaching preteen boys the skills they'd need later in life. Maybe we can talk more. My email is buigoose at gmail.

  • F*** them! Have kids and you can f*** them.

  • Or even better get together with a woman or man who already has older kids like 6-13 yo.then just take some time to groom them weather boy or girl that you like. i love the young little boys my self!

  • H*** yeah, find a trailer park pedo mom to be your breeder and then make those kids literally pay for their upkeep through s** and find ways of gaining profit off of them.

  • I know exactly what you mean man... Once I was out driving naked at night looking for dudes to flash and pick up for fun and I came across this one hot dude... He loves getting high and so we got high so bad and I shot him up and that was a totally different high for him and all of a sudden he got really perv'ed and talking about his 1yr old and 3yr old boys and all of a sudden my d*** was hard as a rock and throbbing so I pulled up some pictures and videos of naked little boys and we have fun to this day and his buddies rent out their little boys and girls for drugs

  • I can't believe this got likes, I'm a pedophile too but brutality p***, amputee p*** , or incest completely turn me off. Also though I'm physically attracted to girls, I don't imagine there is any real girl who would be mature enough mentally to interest me, and like me back over someone closer to her age. That being said I'm also physically attracted to women of my own age, but mentally as well so I will undoubtedly go for them.

  • Kkkll

  • Nothing wrong with that. When more guys start realizing that they too enjoy it, it will become less taboo. We have made an artificial barrier between children and s**. Yet humans are naturally sexual. Why do we deprive one group that pleasure?

  • Because we live in a society built around this false idea that if a thing or action brings physical or emotional harm to even just 10% because of the behavior of 1% then it must be hated and destroyed. Hate stops you from being able to truly know a thing, not knowing means not loving, so blind fanaticism wins out.

  • Oh my god, thats sick. You should go to a psychiatrist, that's a mental disorder and Im not even kidding. Look it up.

  • Then what are you doing o this page you c***. Just because people are different from your small minded self doesn't mean we can't express our fellings. You're the one who needs to see a psychiatrist you are displaying symptoms of BPD look it up f*******-
    Jake P.s- I got pounded by this guy i met online! he was a little fat but s*** he f***** me hard. And this is to the haters who say don't go to strangers houses sometimes they're nice and if you give them what they want they won't hurt unwilling kids.

  • Shut the f*** up you mental patient. Get help. Children aren’t f****** s** toys. You f****** r*****. Smh, you’re family must be proud.

  • Sure they are!!!!!They were BORN to hsve their c**** sniffed and licked!!!!!That is WHAT they are for.

  • I am a 50 year old man and I have the same fantasies and often m********* whilst I think about little girls. I just make sure that I never act on it in the real world.

  • I am a 34 year old man, and the older i become, the younger I like my boys. I've recently gotten into 8-12 yr olds...and honestly, I wouldn't mind havin g a child of my own to experiment with. I knew I was sexual at a VERY young age. By five, I was trying to play with my Grandfathers p**** while he slept. A couple times, he let me go pretty far....and once, I even made him c**(the first time). I feel like I was born this/that way, to be a release for the men that I was sexually active with as a young boy. This kept them from searching for and taking it. I honestly feel that some are born to be that for others. As with everything else in's always situational.

  • I remember when my little d*** would get a stiffy especially in public bathrooms, pools etc and I would see men I wanted to get naked with my first time was 4 years old at the park and this guy pulled his shorts off and was stroking his huge f****** d*** I walked by and he saw me and my little d*** got a b**** and he said c** here boy look at my d*** it is hard like yours and he pulled my shorts off and took off my shirt and I kept staring at his d*** he finally said let's go to my house and we walked to his place he lived a few houses down, he carried me the whole way and kept playing with my pee pee and was asking me questions. We played for a long time and until we moved about 3 years later he would even find another little boy for me to play with and he ended up sticking our little pee pees in some yng little girls p**** and she kept screaming... Now I love to make yng little toddler boys cry. It makes my d*** f****** harder

  • Tight and tiny is best

  • Oh hells yeah the tighter and tinier the better!

  • Yes I am the same

  • I agree I like to put a nice tiny on top of me and just kiss and get hot!!!

  • Yes!

  • F*** yeah dude

  • Don't worry about it you are perfectly normal there are many men who have thoughts or feelings just as we do but are afraid to admit it because society has conditioned us to believe it is wrong when in reality it is as natural and normal as being attracted to a female your own age or older. or for that matter a young girl or woman being attracted to an older man or young boy. I alway believe that you can't really be true to society until you are first true to yourself. Just so you know, you are definitely not alone.

  • I agree!!

  • This is just so much truth, if they taught this stuff in s** ed, how to have safe and proper s** with young children without hurting them, it could be as normal as anything else. But it needs to be more than just that, they need to help young children determine sexual orientation and then help facilitate getting them with compatible lovers both their own age, younger and older. But really STDs are probably the main reason it's not accepted at this point.

  • This really does make sense. Maybe one day it will be accepted.

  • Ditto to the first two comments...

    I'm not "defending" what you are fantasizing about, but what you are talking about isn't really pedophilia.

    Pedophelia is attraction to pre-pubescent children. It sounds like you have more of a case of "hebephilia" which is attraction to girls (or boys) in early to middle adolesence.

    More common is what I think (not 100% sure) is called ephetophilia, which is attraction to girls (or boys) in middle to late adolsence (usually defined at 14 or 15 thru 17).

  • yea its just girls, but I'm not like an overly old guy I'm actually 19. I just don't want to think like this when i do progress in age.

  • You are wise for being honest enough with yourself to see that your thought process may one day cause trouble for you. It might not hurt to speak to someone if you feel yourself drifting toward acting on these feelings.

  • By definition all MEN (not all women) are pedophiles, since a pedophile is "a person who is sexually attracted to children." and arousal, as controlled by hormones can be measured. We can test that s***! (:

  • By definition you are AN A******!EVERYTHING YOU SAY IT'S JUST [LAIN BULLSHIT!No,AL MEN AREN'T PEDOPHILES "by definition",since THE HUGE MAJORITY OR MEN(and of women) AREN'T AT ALL "sexually attracted to children"!And we can test that ANYTIME!So,GO SHOOT YOURSELF,you F****** MORON!



  • That has actually been debunked, body reaction and mind reaction are 2 totally separate things. It's like saying all women have a foot fetish simply because they get so obsessed and excited about shoes, smooth skin and polished toes.

    Am I a pedophile, yes, does a part of me hate myself for it, yes, can I see how and why many men raised in my society would be repulsed at the idea, yes, so no while I am a pedophile, who also likes women with huge t*** btw, I can safely say that no, all men are not pedophiles.

    Our male biological response is a remnant of a time before the rise of society, when males had to be strong and had to enforce their will upon the world to spread their genes. Exchange of sexual stimulus, not s**, helped overcome the male desire to kill the children of rival males, behavior which can still be observed in some primates, the one with the long nose I'm bad with names.

    S** play in exchange for safety also resulted in gene coding for homosexuality which later became a useful tool for weaker males and females to promote their genetic transfer by helping their sisters raise their children, such a useful trait in terms of family bloodline survival that many strong people now have it as well.

    It's more complicated than all of that of course but there it is in a nutshell.

  • Fantasizing and acting upon are two seperate things. If you ever feel one is about to turn into the other, stop and get help immediately.

  • Very normal lol

  • I fantasis bout f****** the s*** out of my goddaughter doing her hard. When her parents go out

  • You’re f****** disgusting. Get help you sick dog.

  • And YOU are here because?????

  • How old are your god daughters?

  • Goddaughters are hot little bundles of fun yeah, how can you not at least fantasize when they want to climb all over you like a monkey in a tree looking for a big juicy banana?

  • We dped. my 9year old neighbour. last week in her school. uniform

  • Her parents want you to

  • Her parents want me to, oh don't I wish! Pedo mom enablers are so f****** hot, especially when they want to participate and make sure their baby girls learn how to enjoy themselves!

  • Go for and bust a nut down her throat. she'll love ya 4 it!!!!

  • C** all over then

  • Sick twisted perverted individuals.

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