Pedophile Fantasies

I don't know know when it started but i have been having fantasies of having s** with 11-15 yr old girls, it bothers me that i think like this but i get ExtremelY turned on by them. I don't know if its normal for other fellas out there but i just needed to get that off my chest.

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  • I'd like to talk to you about your thoughts of s** with older men

  • Hi :)

  • I'm 11 and I think about older guys having s** with me. What's wrong with me?

  • 38, been with a girl at 12, about to be with one that's 11.
    Just be yourself and chat some, yall can carry a conversation.
    It's so damned sexy with your age.

  • Not a single thing

  • There is nothing wrong with you, most girls of your age think of older men such as an uncle or family friend, they get a crush on someone because they treat you different than a boy of your own age.

  • I'm 40 and think about s** with girls around your age ... there's nothing wrong with you ... wish there were more girls like you

  • Thats child abuse!! You need to go to jail!

  • Get a life prude.

  • I have a four year old boy and i like touching him in the bath and when I babysit in my neighbour hood sometimes I make them suck on it ..

  • Are you a guy or a girl?

  • Im a boy. im 12 and i want s** sooooooooooooo badly with older men. i admit when i was 4 my uncle 'molested ' me and went to jail. but i liked it and i want him back. When i was 10 i touched a 2 year old and tried to have s** with a 4 year old. Im obviously a pedophile and i have a plan to film myself now and watch it and get hard when im older. if anyone wants to contact me my email is jakepeterson at gmail. hopefully i get a big p**** in my ass for my birthday!

  • When I was 12 I began talking to an older man we will call 'Steve'. Steve was 29 and I found him attractive. Three months after we had started talking we met up and we went out to eat. I stayed over at his house where we had s**. It was amazing. I took off my clothes and so did he. His phallus was red and erect and his massive testicles were covered in hair. I remember the way he looked at me. My small nipples, hairless genitals and tight ass. We engaged in oral s** first. He put his massive p**** into my mouth and sucked on the tip of it and he sighed with pleasure. He fingered me with so much love and care and slowly rubbed his 29 year old fingers around my 12 year old c******* . He put his warm tongue onto it and I cummed and he licked it. He then put his massive d*** into my tight p****. It was so big and I cried in pain but he took it out. I begged for him to put it back up inside me and he lubed me down. He put it in again and it went in deep. he started of slow and kissed me but then he was rough and fast. He cummed inside of me and his sperm leaked out of my v***** and onto the bed sheets. We wouldn't have to worry about pregnancy because I hadn't started puberty yet. He filmed it and sent it to all of his friends who probably masturbated. I fell asleep with him and when we woke up we did it again. I provided pleasure for him and in return he helped me with my life. i had everything I needed and more. I am a supporter of adult/child love and it should be legal so long as the child consents. My older lover is really nice. he understands me.

  • Bullshit you're a pedophile writing this crap. Get some help.

  • If you wanna tell me the long version I'd like to hear it..its sound like u had a blast and u sound hot and sexy just by how you write id love to hear you break it down for me?!

  • When did all that go down sweetie

  • Did he pop your cherry and did you bleed?

  • Whats ur name

  • Whats yours? I'm only joking! My name is Ella..

  • What school

  • Dped. age 9

  • My daughter. Was dped at same age 9 by 2 grown. guys in their hands twenties. in a dirty sbed bastards

  • Sorry I must be dum, what is dped mean ?

  • Westlake high school

  • I live in Texas too you know.

  • How do you know i live in texas!!!!!

  • I know of your school

  • Go f*** yourself you f****** creep. f****** do oneeee

  • Very sexual . I guess you like me

  • If you c** anywhere near you i will get my dad to destroy you

  • I'll be 'c**'ing all over you. and your beautiful naked body

  • I have my partner for that get lost

  • Your story made my d*** so hard

  • F*** yourself michael. ugh

  • Sounds you'll be making while im inside you . How old are you..

  • 9 year. Old

  • S what's that guy asking. you to do f*** him tell him and your dad hun be safer that. Way

  • Old enough to kick your ass but not old enough to have s** b****.

  • What about steve then

  • Thats different i dont even know u

  • But dont you wanna know me

  • Im reporting you you f****** creepy ass scum

  • Cool

  • Cool. I'm michael

  • I get very hard seeing 10-15 year old girls. Given the chance I would have s** with them

  • Wanna have s** with me? im thirteen

  • Im 28 and i think about having s** with little girls all the time . i have too little girls 11 months and 4yrs old and yes even them i think about f****** so to me it normal but you just cant act on it by law . i wish you could have s** with them but they say no .

  • I love you you need to taste them

  • I like baby bj^s toddler f****** preteen cumdumpsters dog s**** if anyone got cp can you send some or just swap stories i done some stuff with young girls

  • If you train them right little toddler girls suck c*** the best, their tiny hands feel so damn good on my b**** as I fantasize about making them pregnant like sexy little 5 year old Lina Medina the world's youngest mother that we know of, meaning that it has happened even younger like at age 3 or maybe even 2 and we just don't know about it. God that would be so damn tight and hot, a full term pregnant 2 year old bouncing her baby bump as I f*** her hard to induce labor!

  • I'm not into getting them prego, but the younger the better. what to chat?

  • H*** yeah I want to chat, not sure how you want to proceed with that but my email is and I love taking the fantasy even further than reality. Hit me up for pedo and nepi s** fantasies.

  • I wish we could talk

  • I would talk to you!

  • Who is we?

  • I'm not attracted to children but preteens. I like the way their fresh skin and undeveloped b**** look. I never look at child p*** but do fantasize about a certain 10-yr old that has been in the news and sometimes look at preteen modelling sites so I can see as much of their lush bodies as possible.

  • Hey dumb a** preteen r children

  • Do you like to sniff young girls dirty panties while you j*** off?

  • F*** yes. Oh u r making me so hard thinking about it fap fap fap !

  • Oh my yes.

  • Yes

  • You need to shoot yourself!!

  • Maybe the kid likes it..? Or begged and asked for it. I did. Traded oral with a buddie at 12 and we had fun for a while even while swimking at the park, underwater. He moved before i got to explore so at 14 i put up an ad online and met a 38 yr old. I exposed myself to him when we met yo talk. Him and i traded oral. And 3 weeks, 3 hookups. He filled me.. i begged for a week. While he tapped me. I shot into my own face and mouth covering me. And him shooting deep inside me that hard... made me empty again.. on him that time

  • Totally man. Just a year ago I accidentally came across some sexualized shots of little boys while on Tumblr and I had the hardest c*** I had ever had in 35 years. A friend told me about shotacon and the 3D stuff had me jerking off until I hurt my p****. I once got to see a pic of one sucking an older dude and he had a little hairless hardon and was grabbing the h*** out of the p**** in his mouth. It didn't look much like abuse to me. But yeah it's just a fantasy to me they are annoying messy and loud to me in real life.

  • I have a 3yr old boy I love getting naked and rubbing his naked body on mine

  • Are you a guy or girl?

  • Momma I love tiny little bald baby girl

  • You are a good and brave person for admitting your love of infant girls.

  • Dreamt me and my 10yo boy neighbor hoped on bed, pulled pants down, said "put your thing against my bum and push till it goes in." Instantly I realize with out thinking it was already fully erect. And, I had taken it out and was walking up to them bent over and looking over their left shoulder at me smiling, to do it.
    Once it popped I'm I pushed fast due to excitement and with only about 2" in they exclaimed it hurt/stung so I stopped and slowly exited.

    Days later though, I got them bent over onto my bed with their feet on floor. Slowly worked it in until u realized I was feeling the amazing word defying extant of moving along their tight bums canal . They reached up to hug my neck and arched their lil rear as to better position my slow rythmic thrusts. Making sure to only go 1/2 but no more than 2/3 in at most.

    *if I dream of them again gonna let them warm up further them really get em wide eyed before the end. All in with their gasps muffled by pillows/covers. God willing boy I love [d] them/it.

  • Damn, I dream about my 14 year old son's friend all time. Wish we lived in ancient Greece where it was normal for adult men to teach young boys about s** and life. To them it wasn't about s** but about teaching preteen boys the skills they'd need later in life. Maybe we can talk more. My email is buigoose at gmail.

  • F*** them! Have kids and you can f*** them.

  • H*** yeah, find a trailer park pedo mom to be your breeder and then make those kids literally pay for their upkeep through s** and find ways of gaining profit off of them.

  • I can't believe this got likes, I'm a pedophile too but brutality p***, amputee p*** , or incest completely turn me off. Also though I'm physically attracted to girls, I don't imagine there is any real girl who would be mature enough mentally to interest me, and like me back over someone closer to her age. That being said I'm also physically attracted to women of my own age, but mentally as well so I will undoubtedly go for them.

  • Kkkll

  • Nothing wrong with that. When more guys start realizing that they too enjoy it, it will become less taboo. We have made an artificial barrier between children and s**. Yet humans are naturally sexual. Why do we deprive one group that pleasure?

  • Because we live in a society built around this false idea that if a thing or action brings physical or emotional harm to even just 10% because of the behavior of 1% then it must be hated and destroyed. Hate stops you from being able to truly know a thing, not knowing means not loving, so blind fanaticism wins out.

  • Oh my god, thats sick. You should go to a psychiatrist, that's a mental disorder and Im not even kidding. Look it up.

  • Then what are you doing o this page you c***. Just because people are different from your small minded self doesn't mean we can't express our fellings. You're the one who needs to see a psychiatrist you are displaying symptoms of BPD look it up f*******-
    Jake P.s- I got pounded by this guy i met online! he was a little fat but s*** he f***** me hard. And this is to the haters who say don't go to strangers houses sometimes they're nice and if you give them what they want they won't hurt unwilling kids.

  • I am a 50 year old man and I have the same fantasies and often m********* whilst I think about little girls. I just make sure that I never act on it in the real world.

  • I am a 34 year old man, and the older i become, the younger I like my boys. I've recently gotten into 8-12 yr olds...and honestly, I wouldn't mind havin g a child of my own to experiment with. I knew I was sexual at a VERY young age. By five, I was trying to play with my Grandfathers p**** while he slept. A couple times, he let me go pretty far....and once, I even made him c**(the first time). I feel like I was born this/that way, to be a release for the men that I was sexually active with as a young boy. This kept them from searching for and taking it. I honestly feel that some are born to be that for others. As with everything else in's always situational.

  • Tight and tiny is best

  • Oh hells yeah the tighter and tinier the better!

  • Yes I am the same

  • I agree I like to put a nice tiny on top of me and just kiss and get hot!!!

  • Yes!

  • F*** yeah dude

  • Don't worry about it you are perfectly normal there are many men who have thoughts or feelings just as we do but are afraid to admit it because society has conditioned us to believe it is wrong when in reality it is as natural and normal as being attracted to a female your own age or older. or for that matter a young girl or woman being attracted to an older man or young boy. I alway believe that you can't really be true to society until you are first true to yourself. Just so you know, you are definitely not alone.

  • This is just so much truth, if they taught this stuff in s** ed, how to have safe and proper s** with young children without hurting them, it could be as normal as anything else. But it needs to be more than just that, they need to help young children determine sexual orientation and then help facilitate getting them with compatible lovers both their own age, younger and older. But really STDs are probably the main reason it's not accepted at this point.

  • This really does make sense. Maybe one day it will be accepted.

  • Ditto to the first two comments...

    I'm not "defending" what you are fantasizing about, but what you are talking about isn't really pedophilia.

    Pedophelia is attraction to pre-pubescent children. It sounds like you have more of a case of "hebephilia" which is attraction to girls (or boys) in early to middle adolesence.

    More common is what I think (not 100% sure) is called ephetophilia, which is attraction to girls (or boys) in middle to late adolsence (usually defined at 14 or 15 thru 17).

  • yea its just girls, but I'm not like an overly old guy I'm actually 19. I just don't want to think like this when i do progress in age.

  • You are wise for being honest enough with yourself to see that your thought process may one day cause trouble for you. It might not hurt to speak to someone if you feel yourself drifting toward acting on these feelings.

  • By definition all MEN (not all women) are pedophiles, since a pedophile is "a person who is sexually attracted to children." and arousal, as controlled by hormones can be measured. We can test that s***! (:

  • That has actually been debunked, body reaction and mind reaction are 2 totally separate things. It's like saying all women have a foot fetish simply because they get so obsessed and excited about shoes, smooth skin and polished toes.

    Am I a pedophile, yes, does a part of me hate myself for it, yes, can I see how and why many men raised in my society would be repulsed at the idea, yes, so no while I am a pedophile, who also likes women with huge t*** btw, I can safely say that no, all men are not pedophiles.

    Our male biological response is a remnant of a time before the rise of society, when males had to be strong and had to enforce their will upon the world to spread their genes. Exchange of sexual stimulus, not s**, helped overcome the male desire to kill the children of rival males, behavior which can still be observed in some primates, the one with the long nose I'm bad with names.

    S** play in exchange for safety also resulted in gene coding for homosexuality which later became a useful tool for weaker males and females to promote their genetic transfer by helping their sisters raise their children, such a useful trait in terms of family bloodline survival that many strong people now have it as well.

    It's more complicated than all of that of course but there it is in a nutshell.

  • Fantasizing and acting upon are two seperate things. If you ever feel one is about to turn into the other, stop and get help immediately.

  • Very normal lol

  • I fantasis bout f****** the s*** out of my goddaughter doing her hard. When her parents go out

  • How old are your god daughters?

  • Goddaughters are hot little bundles of fun yeah, how can you not at least fantasize when they want to climb all over you like a monkey in a tree looking for a big juicy banana?

  • We dped. my 9year old neighbour. last week in her school. uniform

  • Her parents want you to

  • Her parents want me to, oh don't I wish! Pedo mom enablers are so f****** hot, especially when they want to participate and make sure their baby girls learn how to enjoy themselves!

  • Go for and bust a nut down her throat. she'll love ya 4 it!!!!

  • C** all over then

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