Pedophile Fantasies

I don't know know when it started but i have been having fantasies of having s** with 11-15 yr old girls, it bothers me that i think like this but i get ExtremelY turned on by them. I don't know if its normal for other fellas out there but i just needed to get that off my chest.

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  • Dreamt me and my 10yo boy neighbor hoped on bed, pulled pants down, said "put your thing against my bum and push till it goes in." Instantly I realize with out thinking it was already fully erect. And, I had taken it out and was walking up to them bent over and looking over their left shoulder at me smiling, to do it.
    Once it popped I'm I pushed fast due to excitement and with only about 2" in they exclaimed it hurt/stung so I stopped and slowly exited.

    Days later though, I got them bent over onto my bed with their feet on floor. Slowly worked it in until u realized I was feeling the amazing word defying extant of moving along their tight bums canal . They reached up to hug my neck and arched their lil rear as to better position my slow rythmic thrusts. Making sure to only go 1/2 but no more than 2/3 in at most.

    *if I dream of them again gonna let them warm up further them really get em wide eyed before the end. All in with their gasps muffled by pillows/covers. God willing boy I love [d] them/it.

  • F*** them! Have kids and you can f*** them.

  • Kkkll

  • Nothing wrong with that. When more guys start realizing that they too enjoy it, it will become less taboo. We have made an artificial barrier between children and s**. Yet humans are naturally sexual. Why do we deprive one group that pleasure?

  • Oh my god, thats sick. You should go to a psychiatrist, that's a mental disorder and Im not even kidding. Look it up.

  • I am a 50 year old man and I have the same fantasies and often m********* whilst I think about little girls. I just make sure that I never act on it in the real world.

  • I am a 34 year old man, and the older i become, the younger I like my boys. I've recently gotten into 8-12 yr olds...and honestly, I wouldn't mind havin g a child of my own to experiment with. I knew I was sexual at a VERY young age. By five, I was trying to play with my Grandfathers p**** while he slept. A couple times, he let me go pretty far....and once, I even made him c**(the first time). I feel like I was born this/that way, to be a release for the men that I was sexually active with as a young boy. This kept them from searching for and taking it. I honestly feel that some are born to be that for others. As with everything else in's always situational.

  • Don't worry about it you are perfectly normal there are many men who have thoughts or feelings just as we do but are afraid to admit it because society has conditioned us to believe it is wrong when in reality it is as natural and normal as being attracted to a female your own age or older. or for that matter a young girl or woman being attracted to an older man or young boy. I alway believe that you can't really be true to society until you are first true to yourself. Just so you know, you are definitely not alone.

  • Ditto to the first two comments...

    I'm not "defending" what you are fantasizing about, but what you are talking about isn't really pedophilia.

    Pedophelia is attraction to pre-pubescent children. It sounds like you have more of a case of "hebephilia" which is attraction to girls (or boys) in early to middle adolesence.

    More common is what I think (not 100% sure) is called ephetophilia, which is attraction to girls (or boys) in middle to late adolsence (usually defined at 14 or 15 thru 17).

  • yea its just girls, but I'm not like an overly old guy I'm actually 19. I just don't want to think like this when i do progress in age.

  • You are wise for being honest enough with yourself to see that your thought process may one day cause trouble for you. It might not hurt to speak to someone if you feel yourself drifting toward acting on these feelings.

  • Fantasizing and acting upon are two seperate things. If you ever feel one is about to turn into the other, stop and get help immediately.

  • Very normal lol

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