I don't think I'll ever have a healthy s** life.

I don't know if I'm gay or straight. My first (and only) girlfriend pushed me further than I wanted to go and ended up pregnant, only to miscarry. I have fantasies about ending up in prison and being raped by all the inmates. But I don't really think that I would even enjoy s** with a man, and I've always wanted a wife and kids.

I'm actually moderately attractive and I keep myself well-groomed, but my personality is too child-like that I can't attract anyone. I don't know if I'm actually gay/bi, or if I just gave up on finding a woman.

(Also, vaginas look kind of scary to me, but b**** are just fantastic)

Jun 21, 2012

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  • Wouldn't that shoot any chance that I have of a (hypothetical) relationship with her though? Aren't there certain things one should keep to himself?

  • No, you are not giving a loving woman enough credit...wives can be very understanding...they love you and want the best for you...honestly, if you dream of gay s**, then don't ruin a woman's life by marrying her....the humiliation might drive her to suicide...homosexual thoughts can be normal...but, people change over time...your desires might seek a sexual outlet...
    Your wife must know EVERYTHING she can BEFORE you ask her marry you...after marriage, some things that happen to you might have to be hidden...but, you want to keep these things as few as possible...
    You never know..your future fiance may have her own fantasy confessions to tell you...how would you feel if you mistakenly married a d***? Get the picture.

  • You better tell your future wife ALL of these things BEFORE asking her to marry you....she may be understanding, or she may not...don't you ever forget what I am telling you.

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