Stepdaughter's Panties

I know it is wrong, but I have become obsessed with my stepdaughter's panties. I am constantly sneaking into her room, going through her panty drawer. Going through the laundry, sniffing her worn panties. Having elaborate fantasies of dry humping her, even f****** her, while she still has her panties on.

She is young of course, and has a really big, sexy ass. I know she is sexually active, and thoughts about her letting older men in her panties p***** me off but also makes me so h****.

I am masturbating at least twice a day over her. Of course, my wife doesn't know, since my increased horniness means that I am f****** my wife almost every night (and I have always had a thing for my wife's panties as well).

Jun 22, 2012

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  • I know it's sick but the alluring aroma of fresh young p**** is too much to resist. I did the same thing years ago. I Draped her her recently worn goods over my nose while massaging my member with her rechargable toothbrush. Felt guilty at first but became too much to resist. Glad she's moved out so I'm not as tempted. Did it for years.

  • This happened about 20 years ago. I used to sell carpet and would go to a family’s home to measure the area. I’d ALWAYS steal the wife’s panties but time to time they would have kids and this one family had a 16yr old and a 9yr old. I asked if I could use their bathroom and I was standing next to the kids bathroom. The mother said sure, go ahead, and I knew I was getting ready to complete a mother and daughter set and full access to the family hamper. The 16yo’s were satin floral print with a mention stained and smeared gusset. They smelled and tasted like new, clean fresh p****. I looked for another pair and saw a smaller pair of plain white cotton panties with little tiny pink hearts. The 9yr olds. To that point I had never even thought about anything like that. There was some light to medium vaginal smears but not a whole lot. But there was a nice strong smell of p*** so I put them to my face and inhaled…. O.M.G. I cleaned that hamper out taking more souvenirs and dropping a load on their bathroom towels Awhile later, the girls came in from outside and they were both so cute and flirty, and I was like, “if you only knew both of your and your moms p**** smell is less than 16 inches from you and all over my face.

  • I can see how that'd be hard to resist. I'd do the same thing.

  • Thats so f****** wrong, i hope you get better

  • And you, the moral police, are here to save people with the fewest words possible. Right, cupcake? No way you’re not jerking off and then self loath. Nah..

    Than as she is telling her mother what it is you get off on... hopefully they will both hear you screaming with your mouth FULL OF BUM S***

  • I know the feeling, .I too am infatuated with my stepdaughter, and I can't begin to tell you how precious she makes her panties smell , we flert with each other, she's always missing panties and she knows I'm the one taking than.

  • How old is she

  • I hope one day I can eat her p****.

  • After all of this, I am tempted to check my stepdaughter's laundry. I get excited by her

  • These arousing thoughts make you perform at a high level. Keep it up.

  • My new girlfriend has a 17 year old sexy daughter. I’m always thinking of her when pounding my gf. Her daughter walked in on my running my c*** once. She didn’t walk away. In fact she stared at my bulge as i nervously changed the subject. I have yet to get her panties. But i can’t wait.

  • Sick

  • I've found used condoms in my 14 year old stepdaughters room with c** still in it. I put it on and her BFs c** lubes the inside and j****** til I c** in it too then save it. When it's dark in my room and my wife is horney i get her to play with her p**** and I'll put the c** filled condom on me and rub till I'm hard. I then have my wife suck me off not knowing her daughters p**** juice and her BFs c** is all over me I take the condom and stick in my wifes p**** squeezing our c** in her. She caught me once and asked what's the condom for and I told her my hands are too rough to use so I j****** with the condom and c** in it for you so I can put it in your p****.. she was excited about it lmao.. my wife has sucked me off many times after j********** rubbing my d*** on the crotch of her daughters dirty panties. My biggest fantasy is watching my wife and her daughter in bed naked eating, fingering andrubbing their shaved p****** together til sloshing wet..

  • Ohhh this is sooo hot

  • I have smelled my stepdaughters panties and yoga pants for years starting at 12 and she is 19 now. Been wanking on her bras and panties almost weekly for the same time. I have a collection of over 30 of her panties.

  • Married to woman had a 14 yr old hot daughter I wore stepdaughters everyday playing in them wore mini skirt and top to. Loved it. She walked in on me I was nude she stood an looked at me nude hard

  • Panties bra an hose top mini skirt

  • Send me some plz

  • So hot i love that

  • Just recently I’ve worked up a deal with my step daughter and every morning she gives me her panties from the previous day before she goes to school and if she showers before she goes she lets me take video so I know puberty is playing a role in this because I shoot huge loads on the clean ones she sits out and fold em up for her for morning and as soon as she leaves she will text me and say thanks for taking care of those they feel really good

  • Liar

  • Daddy please im look for you

  • F*** daddy

  • Sav??

  • I hope you find me daddy

  • Good evening peados! I hope you'll die horrible deaths soon

  • How old is your stepdaughter?

  • 3 and 6

  • Do you have any thoughts on them?

  • Same ones you have.

  • Mine is 15 goin on 16

  • Mine is 15

  • I would secretly c** all over her bed and clothes.

  • Mines 13 I'm wearing hers now

  • Feels sexy huh

  • Feel sexy huh

  • Hot what kind of panties

  • You there and we have four daughters...

  • I love to lick smell my stepdaughter panties

  • Love my daughters panties and bras

  • My daughter dont live with me but spends the night sometimes. I love when she goes to bed because she wears a long shirt and panties. One night she was sleeping and her blanket was off and her shirt was up. I can see her crotch. I dont know why but it got me h****. I put my nose to her crotch and started sniffing. It smelled so good. She wore those oanties for two days so i was waiting for her to shower so i can sniff her panties. At night I went in her dirty clothes and found the panties. I went to the restroom and looked at the crothch. It had a lot of dried p**** juice. I smelled it and it smelled so good. It smelled like p**** and a littke hint of pee. I sucked the juice off her panties and jacked off. I want her to wear thongs so I can smell her butt too.

  • Let her see ur c**

  • I sniff and lick my mums, grandmas and all of my mates Mrs mmmmmm

  • Nothing better than a nice wet pair of knickers to smell and hump

  • Yeah I do the same thing. I'm going to f*** my 12 year old pregnant. She is going to have my kids and we will get married. I'm going to wear her little p**** out. And I'm going to f*** her annal as well. Give her a gaping ass.

  • Nice and tight..

  • My daughters sitting on my knee and ready for bed. Her little short nightie and no panties. Im stareing right at her hairless little p**** and her little p**** lips are open. What a sweet view her little punk folds and little c*** is begging to be sucked. Going to bring her to bed soon. That tight little ass with little rectrum is drive me crazy also..

  • Sweet..

  • I bet she has a tight hairless little p****. Yous ever spank her as punishment when she misbehaves. Bought my wife yous spanking as part of discipline in our preteen daughter and im always rock hard when spanking her or watch my wife spank her. Alot off times i bring her to park or mall and tell her to leave her panties off. Shes the sweetest little girl ever. I realy engoy teaching her lots of new things to make her feel the pleasures off her littke body. She truely loves haveing her little hairless p**** licked and fingerd. I love puttung my c*** in her just copil inches and feeling my cumm squirt deep in her. She realy does love sucking my c*** and giveing me hand jobs. Her little mouth and hands look so small around my 8 half inch c***. Love also c****** over her bald p**** and tiny breast buds. She loves to pose for me also in diffrent poses with her legs spread and smileing at camera pulling her littke p**** lips open..

  • Gee! Can you share her pics, with me? I have a lot of nude pics of wife to trade. Hippy6944@gmail. com

  • I have pics if u have pics of stepdaughter

  • What she look like. Our daughters a real little sweetie..

  • Okay this all about confession how many of you are like me he love to go to the mall and watch hot young teen girls walk around with tight jeans on and pantys all up in their ass and panty lines or when you see them 12 year old in panty shop buying pantys it drives me crazy because you no they going home to put them on and run them all up in their ass I want to hear others fantasy.

  • I was with my daughters and these to young girls came in and bought little sexy knickers I was shocked but it turned me on.

  • Sweet preteen p**** is hot..

  • When I'm walking in the mall I love looking for 12 to 15 year old white girls that's dressed sexy especially short denim shorts..I follow them around and fantasie about them looking up at me with those innocent eyes and pretty face and saying 'daddy please will eat my p**** for me..please daddy'..i also watch girls walking to school they look so hot in school uniformm.I sit in my car and watch them while I m*********..

  • My daughters just gone to school with a spanked bum. I admit it always makes me hard watching my wife spank her bare bottim. Shes only gone 11 and shes got a sweet little hairless p****. She does a cute little dance after words. Love the evenings when shes ready for bed and cuddles with me. She either wares loose pj shorts or nightie and always leaves iff her panties. Love her straddleing my knee and get to see her little pink folds and tiny c***. Have seeing her few times lyeing naked on her bed spread eagled rubbing and fingering her little p****. Her little breast buds ate only about size of eggs with pink little nipples..

  • Hey i enjoy bed time my 12 year old wears a long tee shirt that covers her pantys and bra so she sleeps in a shirt and she very often comes in and snuggles in bed my wife bought her some victory secrets string bikini pantys for teens and they ride up her ass so I have increased her sleeping meds and she is out like a light so the other night I could not control my self I slowly pulled her pantys off and spread her legs and p**** lips and went to town it was amazing so yea i no the felling.

  • Anything else happen. What she look like..

  • What she look like did you give her preteen p**** a licking. My preteen daughter loves me licking her hairless p****. I also get her to finger herself infront of me. Love looking at her little pink folds and c*** as she spreads her bald p**** lips open. I have cumm in her many times and love sucking those little breast buds. She gives me amazing bjs and wanks..

  • Mmm bonner time

  • Yes gyoung girls in schook uniforms are so hot..

  • Yea i like the ones hew walk around with their shorts very short up their ass

  • Omg yes

  • Any experience.

  • I loce positioning myself on a lower level so i can look up under young skirts and see those young wet spots

  • F*** yes their legs all open

  • Ever get to see any young girls not wareing panties. I was as mall other day and there was two little girls no older than 11 or 12 sit in cafe accrosse from me. One of them was wareing those shorts shorts and i sware her little ass checks ware sticking out and the other one was wareing a loose little skirt and kept open and closeing her legs. I nearly came on spot. The little mynx was not wareing panties and i could see her little bald p****. I pretended to tie my lace and got a great little video of her hairless p****. Also managed to get some little shots of their cute faces and her little pals ass cheeks in them shorts..

  • Would you share any. Pics you have gotten of them?

  • I bet yummy

  • My daughters a little tease..

  • So whats your fantay. Would you like to take them preteen and teen girls home and let them model them for you and help them in and out off them..

  • I love to look at little girls in tight shorts and leggings or little skirts. I have two daughters. Their ten and twelve and i have seeing them naked many times. I feel guilty looking at them when they walk around in just panties ans sometimes their panties slip up their tiny a**** and p***** and see their cameltoes. Their bought still hairless and oldest one is starting to ger little breast buds. My wife uses spanking as part off discipline on them and i feel guilty because it makes me rock hard..

  • You want to mess with them iam sure I would give her 9 inchs and watch her eyes go back in her head as I pop that cherry

  • And your right. I would love to just have them bought naked and spread eagle in our bed and have my fantasy with them bought. But i take what i can as ger to see lots of their nude little bodys. Have caught then few times playing with their bald little p*****. Youngest one will sometimes sit on sofa in lounge and have her skirt up around her waist and panties on sofa or on floor and be rubbing her little p****. Bought my wife and i spoke to them bought and said its ok to do it around mommy or daddy. But not when we have company..

  • Yes i love the look in their eyes as you slide your c*** slowley inside their tight hairless p***** and shoot my cumm in them and suck their little nipples and tiny breast buds..

  • Oh yes. The tiny pink breast buds on a pre teen just does it for me..what I would give to lick a 12 year old white girls nipples

  • Nice and ever done it..

  • I have always sniffed my daughters panties. Start when she was 12 she is now 24 but still love the smell of her I have c** in them a few times. The othet day while painting her room I found a d**** in her room the one that has the fake c** in it. I have added my c** to the mix now so every time she uses it she is getting my seed in her

  • I caught my 11yr old naked on her bed with my wifes vibrator. I watched her for few minutes and almost came looking at her. She could not put it in all the way. But she was so horney and i used her panties to shoot my load in..

  • Just found a vibrator in my stepdaughters knicker drawer she is 16 i went to her room to w*** in her panties. I wrapped her lace thong around my c*** and wanked into the lace and gusset i then rubbed the spunked up panties allover her vibrator so when she uses it my s**** will go into her sweet p****.

  • I would have shot that load deep into her

  • Mmm so hot

  • Do little girls never learn. Groundings'early bed times' loss of allowance and other privliges and last resort spankings. Our little daughter got second spanking in copil days and not even two weeks back in school. I truley beleave a spanking is a direct message to clear the air. My wife was at work so was up to me to bare our daughters little bottom and give our little princess her second spanking as said in september. But trust me im not as soft as my wife. I dont want to do it but i gave her 10 mins warm up with my hand and finished with 20 solid hard spanks with her hairbrush and got her into her pjs and straight to bed. Went in hour later to check on her and her pj bottoms were on floor and covers kicked of and lie on her tummy with one hand on her red little bottom.. Kinda cute..

  • Did you do more

  • Will you send me a pair of her dirty smelly panties

  • I say spank away..

  • I have some realy hot stories If anybody wants to trade. No bull s*******.. Just 100p'cent..

  • Love to swap stories with you ,panty sniffing ect. Email me.

  • So what stories you have and what age group you like..

  • Dont want any nastey comments. Just advicce on if grounding and spanking her was to much Punishment..

  • Give her some d***

  • I so want to..

  • You got any stories yourself..

  • Im a father of two girls and we spank them as part of punishment. My oldesd i sware presses her little v***** h****** my lap and can almost see her getting wet. I wont lie and admit it makes me so hard spanking them..

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