I have no b****

I was born with a genetic disorder and my nads didn't drop down to where they were supposed to be. I didn't have surgery until I was 15 to bring them down. They don't work anyway. They're so tiny because they never grew. They kind of just hang there. It looks like I have no b****. I really don't. I'm a natural eunuch. I'm an adult but much of my body looks like a childs. My hands and feet are child size. My voice is high pitched even though I take medication. I'm a freak.

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  • ur not a freak many people have the same condition stay strong hugs to u may god bless you to have a good life

  • Take heart my friend...
    I had almost your same condition. Now I'm 50, and have 14 children by 11 different women. Just find the right doctor.


  • LMAO i know right it aint like he is a he anyway how cud he be he with no b**** he shud just becume a woman lmao

  • You are not a freak, don't ever let people put you down. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • Of course you are a freak... but that is kewl. We are all unique and special, and it is the things that make us different that make us kewl. You are a freak, and you should be proud of it, some of us live our whole lives wanting to be different but being to afraid to try... you are already there, so just enjoy it, and love the fact that you arent made from the same mold that we all are.

  • Id still hit that.

  • Hey, that doesnt mean you're a freak. Don't call yourself that and don't let anyone ever call you that. I know it probably feels like you're the only person in the world with that problem but there are so many people that have genetic disorders that are even worse.


  • you're god creation, so nothing's wrong with that. So there's nothing for you to be shame of. I hope by saying this will chill you. to let you know, you are not alone. For what you are, people only see you on the inside not the outside. Takecare, may your life be bliss by god.

  • Dude why don't you grow a set LMAO

  • :< *hugs* ur not a freak

  • You'd be surprised about how many guys don't have b****. I'm not using a metaphor, either. DNA is a funky thing.

  • Theres plenty of other people like you, one girl in a different country had something that hadnt been discovered and every one treated her like a freak. Even Im a freak, I have aging disorder, even though Im still young, I have the face of an old man.

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