Gay p*** and other stuff(Girl)

I'm a bisexual girl and nineteen years old and I find gay p*** and transexual p*** really hot. I can't help but watch it every night to every other night. I also want to have s** with a woman who has a d***. I can't help it...I feel like I can't really tell anyone I know in real I decided to let it out here.

Jun 23, 2012

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  • You aren't bisexual, you are just 'lazy'. Instead of doing it with a guy then a girl, you want both at once. Very efficient. Fortunately for you they make a lot of accessories for lesbians.

  • WILL die of AIDs...but, hey, that's your life.

  • You're not alone. I'm a fan of guy-on-guy p*** and the thought of sissy boys and drag queens... I get more turned on watching drag than is normal, I'm sure. We all have our unique likes and wants.

    I'd say your sexuality of more "open" than bi. It sounds like you find several types of people attractive.

  • Why are you calling yourself bisexual? have you tried it with a girl? and I don't mean just making out with a girl. Making out doesn't mean you're bisexual. Even having s** with a girl once doesn't confirm it. You need to have tried s** with boys and girls and find both of them attractive all the time to decide whether you're a bisexual or not.

    Watching gay, bisexual, whatever p*** still doesn't mean anything. It's normal. I'm a straight guy and I watch gay and bisexual p*** sometimes.

    When I was 18 yrs old I had girlfriend but i would occasionally do s** with guys but I didn't find guys attractive, and after awhile I quit doing it.

    So I would say you're a normal teen girl who wants to experiment new things.

  • I have had s** with both genders and I do find them both attractive...I'm slightly more attracted to girls though. I don't know why I put up that I'm bisexual. <---Although the post before does point out that I am indeed attracted to different types of people.

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