In today's world, if were to tell anyone the stories surrounding the various rapes/sexual assault hate crimes I have been subjected to as a transgender person they would probably just j******* to it. Unless the person was trans too.

The last time I told someone about what happened to me, he asked me to describe it in detail, and to whisper it in his ear. We had been opening up emotionally about our pasts, and I had actually thought I had made a friend.

Ah, straight people. So moral and righteous. Blessed by Jesus, really.

Jun 23, 2012

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  • Hey, everybody! Hey! HEYYYYY!!!

    A rape happened. But that's not the important part-- it happened to a *transgendered* person!!! Oh sob, oh cry, this is the worst possible thing that could ever happen!!!! CLEARLY it's a Tragedy We Must All Grieve Over.

    Now start bawling like Old Yeller just died or you're a bigot!

  • You are a transgender person...and you have been raped? And you don't like it? Explain this to me because I have no f****** clue what you are talking about!

  • I'm really very sorry you've had to deal with so much ugliness, and I hope you find the love you want and deserve, without the attacks, and without people wanting to hear about them for their own personal, tawdry reasons. Best wishes.

  • I don't really believe that I will. This world wasn't designed for me, and most of the people in it wish I were dead, including probably most of my own family. I just don't hate anymore, and I'm grateful for that.

  • Tell me something. Is being a psychotic drama queen a requirement? Because that's most of what I hear from trans. Always trying to be just that little bit edgier than the next whatever-it-thinks-it-is-today, and crying when it doesn't get the applause it thinks it deserves.

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