Got Even With My Asshole Brother

My older brother is an a****** and a religious nut. He always talks Jesus stuff and says people who aren't saved are going to h*** and that s** is a sin. But, he drinks like a fish and hides it from his churchy friends. He also has a wicked temper and hates my boyfriend, Ronnie.

Unfortunately, he caught Ronnie and me having s** in my bedroom, and my brother who is a lot bigger than Ronnie beat the s*** out of him and told him to stay away from me and never come back to our house. I was soooo p***** off about that. My brother even told my parents and I got in a shitload of trouble and grounded for weeks.

So one night when my a****** brother was so drunk he fell asleep naked on his bed with his c*** and b**** fully exposed, I took his photo with his c*** showing real well. I then emailed it to some of his churchy friends with the message "How do you like my righteous c***?" Hee, hee. I also emailed his photo to some gay single sites with my brother's phone number, lol, lol, lol.

Boy was he p***** when the gays started calling and his churchy friends wouldn't speak to him, lol, lol, lol. Serves the a****** right!


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  • Maybe your brother was just looking out for you and didn't want you to be the s*** you are. The greatest hate in the word is the hate that scumbags have for religious people, like the nazis toward the jews. People who don't even care about being decent human beings despise those that do care.

  • how can he catch you having s** in your room?? does no c*** knock in your house?? and thats pretty funny what you did lol but sick your his sister and taking pic of him naked....your all fuked up.

  • wow... now your the a******. i tink you went way over equel. you passed the line missy

  • he deserved it. now that is revenge.


  • You are very bad you are the a****** even though he drinks its not right to have s** at a young age how old are you? like 13,14,15? you have no right to ruin your brothers life for a s**** up YOU DID IF I FOUND YOU.....

  • You sound like an a****** yourself.
    How could you lower yourself down to his level

  • Easy, she came from a religious family...

  • You did the right thing. I hate those religious hypocrites. More of those weak believers in rubbish should get a comeuppance like this. You go girl!

  • Wow, what a hate monger you are.

  • You have a great sense of humor...however, I really feel sorry for your future husband...your evil revenge streak will be turned on him one day.

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