Caught My Husband Looking At Mens C**** On The Internet

I cannot believe this s***! I caught my husband looking at c**** on the Internet, big c****. WTF? I cannot begin to tell you how p***** and humiliated I am. I never thought my husband of seven years would be a perv on the Internet greedily searching for big c****. WTF?

I feel betrayed and shocked at that fucktard's behavior. When I asked him why he did it he said, "If you had a bigger c*** I wouldn't be looking at big c**** on the net." WTF?

I can't help it if nature didn't endow me with a big c***. My average size should be enough and my husband's c*** is not exactly a record breaking piece of man meat. But do I peep on the Internet at other mens' c****? Noooo. But do I complain about his c*** not being a super d***? Noooo. WTF?

Jun 25, 2012

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  • Im married, love my wife, enjoy s** with her....however I sometimes enjoy looking at hot men with hairy c**** on the internet.

    He loves you, he is just a typical horney man.

  • Either buy him a d****, watch it with him, or get over it. P*** doesn't mean he wants to cheat on you. Talk with him, see what he wants.

    I assume you aren't okay with a three way, so discuss other options. Changing it up in the bedroom could help.

  • Dude chill out its not exactly about you almost everyone out there looks at p*** and guess what yes even when they are or are not married no big deal the only thing you should be mad at is his respond thats it cuz if he not happy with what you got he needs to move the f*** on

  • Wait a minute...your husband, and you're a boy? let me get this straight. Are you gay?(I don't have anything against gay people)

  • Wow...nothing gets by you huh?

  • well aren't you a smart one?...-_-

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