Served Hot Babes My J*** In Their Pizza

I work in a small pizzeria, sometimes I am the only one there. The other day 3 hot babes ordered a cheese pizza from me and they were so hot I went nuts thinking about having s** with them.

Since I couldn't to that, I snuck into the mens room with the dough for their pizza hid under my shirt. Then I jerked off and shot my wad in it. I squished the j*** into the pizza dough and with it hidden under my shirt went back into the kitchen and used it to make the pizza for the hot babes.

I was so excited when I served it to them thinking about how these hot babes would be eating my c** in their pizza. I overheard one say it was good and I got a h******. Man, that was so hot. I must do that again when I am alone in the pizzeria and hot babes come in.

I know that was probably a sicko thing to do but those babes were so hot I could not control myself. I still j*** off thinking about that day.

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  • I do the same to my wife every day, I j******* in her smoothie she makes for work

  • I did the same thing, but to my stepson. I can't stand the little a****** and so I've jizzed in his food, p***** in his orange juice, p***** on him while he sleeps and my girl is out working overnight, farted in his face while he sleeps and pretty much spit in his drink everytime I go get him one. Everytime I've p***** on him when he sleeps she just chalks it up to him wetting the bed.

  • for a start.... your a disgrace. disgusting. deviant. secondly fucktard it doesn't really count coz ur hep infested c** would be cooked and not fresh/raw with all ur little fuked up sperm swimming in it. so the girls would really just be eating cooked fucktarded b****, someone that does this must be a total loser. how would you like it if you found out some creep done this too a female in your family? your mum for example, ud probably j*** over that by the sounds of you actually you c***. f*** you.

  • I'm sicker than I thought. I read the title as "served hot babies my j*** in pizza".

  • I am quite literally laughing out loud at how you misread the title... I needed a good laugh considering the day I'm having. I love weird humour and that really hit the spot. Thanks!

  • Next time ur H**** I will send u some pics

  • HAHAHAHAHA i think this is halarious... im a girl and i probs should be disgusted, but i cant help but laugh.. we had some guy in my home town j*** in the KFC mayo and serve it out...

  • j*** in the KFC mayo?
    Are you serious?
    That's disgusting..

  • u inspired me. this hot b**** who rejected me came into the pizzeria where I work and I did what you did. F*** her. It felt so good seeing her snob ass eating my c** in her cheese and c** pizza, lol. Revenge is sweet.


  • This is just a phase you are going through. It's natural for guys to do crazy sexual things as they mature. I mean what the h*** you didn't hurt anyone and nobody is the wiser. It's not like you raped some chick. And it must have been so erotic knowing those hot babes were feasting on your j***.

  • STD's...

  • I'm a girl, and I wouldn't s*** on your food but I really wish some other girl does.

  • Oh, baby, do it on my face. Mmmmm.

  • I agree ! What a total a****** !

  • This has me worried. Last time I ate pizza out it tasted a bit salty and a pervy looking guy made the pizza. I hope it wasn't you.

    - Ms Polly

  • I hope someone jizzes in your food. :)

  • Bro that would be kinda like a girl doucheing in your pizza. How would u like that???

  • I would kinda like that if a hot babe with big rack.

  • Maybe you should not be in the food service industry.

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