Help me m*********?!?!

I just turned 16 last week. I am still a virgin (trust me its not a easy thing to be D:) and I am currently in a relationship wit a 19year old boy who is no where near to being a virgin. We've. Been dating for 2 years now. But it all started when I was 10 and he was 13 when we starter liking teacher other. Tho I think half the reason he liked me Cuz I had already had t***.. then we started going out but neither of our parents approved of the relationship so we both decided we would wait a lil while. We both started seeing other people ( I started a lil later like 2 years). Then time went by. And we were back dating. Soon after awhile he asked could we F***.. Cuz ( I am a big flirt but I kno absolutly nothing)( he also thinks I'm not a virgin) I said no.. I'm Kinda not feeling it tonight. Then he asked again and again so I said sure how about in 2 weeks ok? He said ok. But now I have no idea what to do and my mind is goin crazy!!!! Please help ? I need ways to prepare for this!!!!! What should I do D:

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  • Just tell him you will let him know when your ready and not to ask again. If he accepts then you got a keeper. If not. Get rid of his ass

  • Say no!
    If you're not comfortable and feel pressured into doing it, DON'T DO IT!
    Seriously f*** him if he can't even have the patience to wait until it feels right for you!
    You deserve so much better!

    He shouldn't ask can we f*** lol. That just ruins the moment and you feel pressured, don't you? It should just happen when you BOTH feel a connection, when it feels right for BOTH of you.

  • Right she deserves a f****** guy who will tell her he loves her before she has her first pregnancy scare and moves to a distant city, you b****** can't honestly believe this s*** opinion get it over with and stop f****** flirting with guys unless your ready to put up the goods.

  • Well technically he's a pedophile. Don't do anything your no comfortable with.

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