Why is life a b****?

I want to kill myself so bad. Only negative things happen to me, whenever I want something it gets far away, I've never had a best friend EVER, nor a boyfriend (even though I am not ugly at all) and my job sucks like s***, family issues, money issues, nothing is going well, i've thought about killing myself but not like I am now. I want to die so bad! I want to kill myself, that way it would be easier for everyone around me.

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  • Get your s*** together and toughen up... Yeah..life sucks sometimes but that's the best part of it. Finding out who you really are scares the h*** out of some people... Clearly it has scared you. Easier huh? My friend killed himself months ago.. His brother still calls me weeping wondering why?? Let me tell you something...You're NOT worthless and YOU DO matter to someone.. Suicide is so 90's anyway.. Life is the new black.

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