Am I A S***** Person?

My fiance doesn't please me sexually. Most of the time she's uninterested and doesn't make me feel wanted in a physical way. So I have started seeking out s** from strangers behind her back. I lie to her to get what I want because she can't give it to me. I really do love her and I have talked to her about how she makes me feel. Am I a piece of s*** for cheating? Probably, but I needed to get it out

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  • When you talked to her, did she ever give you an explanation? Does she have a low s** drive or is she not attracted to you? It really is important to fix your s** problems before you get married or you'll have to cheat to satisfy yourself for the rest of your marriage or end up in a divorce. It's your life, if you truly love her and want her in your life you have to make the s** work with her. If not, then don't dedicate your life to her.

  • If it's like that now, it will be worse later. Why exactly are you getting married?
    You willing to cheat when you have a family?
    Best time to get out of a marriage is before you're married.

  • Get a new fiance that you are attracted to.

  • Cheating is bad, not because of the act itself, but because it's a symptom of deeper unrest. Most of us have cheated, maybe not physically, but the thought of being with some else is quite common in the majority of people.
    Don't mistake loving her with being in love with her. It's clear you care about her, otherwise you would have any remorse about your actions. Maybe you two should spend sometime apart to understand what you really want and what is really important as individuals and as a couple.
    Good luck.

  • I don't know, but if you are, I am too. My boyfriend is like your girlfriend and my coping method was to start seeing my friend on the side. He makes me feel desired and loves s** as much as I do.

  • The OP asks a difficult question about a difficult situation, but this commenter gives the best answer. Sometimes, you just have to -- as they say -- do what you have to do. This is one of those.

    Just keep being discreet.

  • no. i am a female and women who act this way are stupid. never deny your man s** ladies or they will get it elsewhere. not all do but men are just h****. tell her you need and want more. have her come here and i will chat with her.

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