Foot Fetish at 13

Im only thirteen and I like feet. Here is what happened when I realized I liked feet. So I just graduated the eighth grade but a few days before graduation and after finals the whole eighth grade was in the auditorium watching a movie. I was sitting beside probably the hottest girl in the eighth grade named Jennifer. She told me that her feet were cold so she took of her shoes and put her feet between my legs. She told me to rub them when the teachers werent looking so I did. Her feet were so soft and small and for some reason it turned me on. Thats the reason I like feet. Is there something wrong with me? Comment please.

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  • Nothing wrong at all! There's nothing quite like licking and kissing a 13 yo girls feet. When I was 16 I used to get all oral on my 13 yo sister's feet and her 2 friends feet. I had to wear a condom because I would come without touching myself while licking or sucking toes. We've done this for 3 years, and I finally convinced them to tie me up and let me worship their feet while they're hot and sweaty.

  • Nothing wrong with that. If you find the right girl she will love that about you and will let you play with her feet whenever you like. In college I had a friend that I had a huge crush on, she wouldnt date me but she always let me play with her feet which was very nice. I remember we went to graduation and I got to give her a nice foot massage after it was over.

  • I liked feet since 4 I am 13

  • i don't think there is anything wrong with that

  • You are branded for life now....foot escape ever.

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