I f***** my own life up with lies

I'm a lier. I lied and it f***** my whole life up, I lied about the way I ended up in hospital to a bestfriend amber she found out I lied, it was such a f***** up thing i shouldnt have done it, but I can't turn back time. My other best friend Kate too sides, and what was even worse was that shes bestfriends with my boyfriend Ian. I came to conclusion and tried to apologize to lying to amber but she just said no, so I said I'm going to move on. From then on things f***** up for me; amber brought back a lie I told her but she thought it was true, the lie I told her was the first time we hung out, she was talking about making out but I've never made out before so I lied and said I made out when i was on holidays but still dating Ian, but if I really dis cheat don't you think I wouldnt have just told a random girl I hung out with for the first time?! I thought she would just forget it but she didn't she used it against me, when Ian dumped me I wondered why he called me unfaithful, and it was cause she told him. I've lost a majority of the things I've ever loved and it hurts, what have I learned from this? I learnt that you can't just trust anyone and throw around lies like they wont come back and haunt you, im learning from this s*** the hard way, so im just saying don't lie, it will just f*** you up. Oh and what's worse is that I'm only 14 crazy experiences are s***.

I used fake names so I don't start s*** if anyone I know sees this

Jul 1, 2012

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  • I’m lucky I lie sometimes to my gf but when I tell her or she finds out she never blames me and just laughs about it

  • How do I know you're not lying?

  • Ordem

  • Sorry

  • you're also a lousy speller

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