I gave my best friend a b******* and it's ruining our friendship...

I feel a lot of things right now. For one, I'm disappointed in myself (I think). I'm in college and rooming with my best friend. His name is Josh. I've known him for 11 years and we've always gotten along really well (yes, I'm male). Anyway, I made a mistake the other day that I'm really struggling with. We were drinking some beers, I got really drunk after about 6 or 7 of them. Someone came over, someone he knows but hasn't for very long. Anyway, after about five minutes he pulled out some cocaine.

I'd never done cocaine before. It cleared up the drunken haze I was feeling. We all did it, but I seemed to like it the most (or it's possible I just had the hardest time controlling my enthusiasm). The guy who brought it over left after about an hour, and then it was just the two of us. We got to talking about a lot of different things, and eventually the conversation turned to s**. Josh has a girlfriend (has never had a hard time with girls) and is definitely an attractive guy. I don't have a girlfriend and have struggled with this for years. It's not that I'm not attractive (I'm not Brad Pitt) but I'm surely more shy than he is. I've only had a few girlfriends in my life, and it's been a long time since the last one.

Anyway, I don't really know how else to say this other than to say it: the coke made me really h****. I don't know how it happened (God, I'm so ashamed), but before long I started asking him a lot of personal questions about how often he had s**, who he had it with, if he got a lot of blow jobs, for one. Then he asked me, "Why, you wanna give me one or something?" Before I knew what I was doing, impulsively, I told him I would. He said, "Whoa, I was just kidding dude!" but somehow, a minute or so later I was undoing his belt. And I did it.

The whole thing lasted about five minutes. Neither one of us is gay. But for whatever reason, he let me go through with the act. While I was doing it I couldn't believe it, but I kept at it. I honestly had fun doing it; he was rock hard and it made me happy to know that I was helping someone feel good. I finished it (meaning I brought him to o*****). He came in my mouth, I swallowed (that was kind of different), no mess at all. He then zipped up without saying anything.

Since then he hasn't said a word to me. After he came, he basically disappeared, and every time I've seen him since he's had a cold look on his face, not a word. What did I do so wrong? I mean, I know I performed oral s** on another man, but that's not immoral. I'm not gay, but I guess the fact that I broke my own "rule book" (if that makes sense) by doing this extreme thing is really bothering me. Also, I made a really stupid choice indulging in that drug; if I hadn't done that, none of this would have happened.

What do I do now? Should I try to talk to him? Should I leave it for time to heal? I'm just at a loss, and really down on myself. Things are different between us now, and there's no going back in time to fix this. Have I ruined our friendship? Oh God, I feel terrible. I guess it's only natural, considering how stupid I was. If anyone has any advice, I'd be so grateful. Thanks for reading this.

Jul 1, 2012

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  • He no longer want oral s** with you. Move on

  • Just tell for every man that soerms are countless and no one can stop them for doing jerks or having c*** even in many times just because that the sperms are countless and it has millions of it...

  • Honestly ...For your informations guys the deepest reason why the men really love s** is that because of their c** or e**********...You cannot explain how good was the feelings ng while c****** or e********** and most of the reason why you cannot stop jerking is because that the sperms are countless it is unlimited and Millions ...Men's Sperms are millions you can c** whenever you want to be because it is countless dude....Am I right ...? Who's agreed on me..?

  • Ok so. You're bi. He's bi. Yall blew eachother. It's chill man.

  • Well I say give him space cause u can't force ur friendship onto anyone. If he doesn't come around then he he doesn't, his loss cause u seem to be a nice guy... now, as per u enjoying sucking d***, you're at the very least bisexual.

  • Ha! gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • What is wrong with being gay?

  • My best friend used to make me blow him when I refused to after he tricked me into blowing him by leading me to believe he would reciprocate. I did it In another friends basement and he wasn't supposed to watch but secretly he did and told others about it. I know all the feelings you had. I had an erection the whole time I did it and I didn't want to stop either I just kept sucking.
    I felt betrayed and humiliated though after which is why I refused afterward.
    Plus being told on.
    The next time was when I stayed over he asked me to blow him again but I refused. He then got on top of me straddling my torso on the lower bunk bed and pinned my arms down. He kept saying you're gonna blow me aren't you and every time I said no he'd move farther up pinning my arms under his knees sitting on my chest until finally his crotch and briefs were right under my chin. He asked me one more time and when I said no he moved up placing his b**** inside his underware right under my nose over my mouth practically sitting on my face. I could see his p**** standing erect inside briefs and realizing the inevitable that his c*** was going in my mouth I nodded in submission. He made me get on my knees and suck him. This was only the beginning.

  • Same thing happened with me and my friends and. People I never knew were asking me to talk about what they heard I did in the basement

  • That’s hot

  • I hope everything is okay now. Update us😞

  • Hey man, now that some time has passed, how are you doing?

  • He is having more troubles with it then you. Don't take on his feelings. Coke does that to me too. Makes me h***** as h***. Tell him you guys need to talk and blame it on the coke and booze. You would never have done that blah blah and ask to him to forget it if he can and you guys never mention it again.

  • Just talk to him and try to work it out...he's in ths wrong but dont let him know that.

  • Who is he? i wanna seduce him and suck his d*** and shove my fat c*** in his ass and cumm all over his face

  • Me and my bext friend (for a long time) are straight, but I'd blow him anytime. I'd have no problem doing it, we've f***** girls together, watched p*** and jerked off together, no 2 dudes have ever gotten along better, nothing and no one comes between us - not sure I could keep it up for another dude blowing me, so wouldn't want him to, but if he ever asked, I'd have his b**** in my mouth so fast your head would spin, doesn't bother me one bit, and don't give a F if that bothers anyone. To boot, wouldn't matter if his b**** were sweaty & ripe or if he was just out of the shower, we're the tightest 2 dudes that have ever know each other, and the trust factor is high, if he said "I want you to blow me", I'd learn to give a p*** star b******* right on the spot & swallow every load he had, ha, not a problem in the world with doing it.

  • Don't listen to the idiots who are just trying to shove their religion and beliefs down your throat. I can actually give you real advice you can actually use. Males have a higher sexual tension than what other females do. This causes more males to sexually engage in different acts because they're curious as to what that experience is like. Many straight or bi-curious men experiment with close friends for the excitement of seeing what it's like. It isn't wrong or a "sin", it's perfectly normal. Your friend is just going through a stage where he could possibly be confused about his sexuality and instantly thought he was gay for doing that one little action which caused him to panic. He isn't mad at you or anything, he's scared that he doesn't know what's going on in his life.
    You can help your friend if you try to get close to him again and just say "Hey, we've been friends for a long time and what we did that night shouldn't come between that. You're not gay just because you were experimenting. You're only gay if you want to be."

    I hope that helped with your situation instead.

  • Good advice

  • Dude it's just him, he is jelouse that he enjoyed it and then through some miracle found out he was gay but he doesnt want to be gay so he blames it on you

  • I let my best friend give me head once. After that we didn't talk about it but he changed by saying he wanted me to f*** him. I told him why and he said cause he never had s** with a girl. He also realized that he was gay because he confessed to me only. So I agreed. Since than he allowed me to do him for often. When he turned 22 he had a s** changed and I was his only friend that knew. Since than now she let me kept f****** her ass and allowed me to c** in her p****. Now were still dating and getting married.

  • Guys who read this and call him gay :D

  • The reason you are feeling guilty is because what you did is immoral. I don't say that because I'm perfect but there are things that God say is ok and things that are not. Deep down we all know that male on male sexual activity is wrong and is a sin. That isn't what I say that is what God says. Our society has become tolerant of this type of behavior and God says it's sinful and that is why there is guilt. Your concience and his is working like it supposed to. It's pointing you back God. He wants you to come back to HIM. He died for you on the cross to save you from what these actions do to your soul. Simply confess your sins and He'll forgive you!!! 1 John 1:9 says confess your sins to HIm and He is faithful and just to forgive you of your sins.! BUT 1 John 1:10 says if you say you are with out sin you call God a liar. He wants you to come to him! Simply pray to him. Confess it and most of your guilt will be dealt with. The rest will come from fixing it with your friend and time to heal the rest. Good luck and DON'T BELIEVE 1 PERSON THAT SAYS I'M CLOSED MINDED OR A BIGGOT! I have plenty of skeletons in my closet. God Forgives!!

  • The fact that you read the confession kinda shows you want it too. Get off your high horse.

  • Honestly,in my experience I realized that the reason why a man wants to be f*** is just because of their c**...When you are going to cut you would really like it and you cannot explain what's the feeling it was when a man is c******...And most of the reasons why they did this is that the men's C** are countless and men's have millions of sperms...When you are going to c** you are not wasted c** because it is limited and countless its millions dude...Every men cannot stop c******...

  • There is no God you r*****.

  • Really?

  • The bible is a 6-10 thousand year old "document" (age depends on who you ask) which was written in many different languages by many different people at the time that it was being authored.

    Then, over the course of 6-10 thousand years, it was translated into just as many languages before finally being translated into English...

    With different "versions".

    Please, tell me about how the bible is so accurate to God's actual message, which was of love and tolerance.

  • C** or Sperms are countless dude you cannot stop on c******..

  • Oh yes, how lovely. Don't listen to this person. His god is no more real than Zeus or Vishnu.

    There is a higher chance of Bigfoot existing than of Jehova creating the world in six days.

    Don't feel guilty about your actions. There is nothing wrong with same-s** sexual interaction. It was a bad decision to toke up the coke but that's all it was. I'm sure he's just feeling very awkward about the situation. Talking it out might work but it's all about how you approach the subject.

    Don't just bring it up out of nowhere. If you care for this friendship, it's best to try to repair it in bits and pieces.

  • You clearly know nothing if you think God isn't real so you better wake up before its to late dude God is real I can promice you that an God is good to his children even for those who dousnt believe in Him

  • You know when "judgement day" comes I hope your thrown into the deepest pit of h*** for your gay bashing, grammatical errors, and atrocious spelling. Seriously we live in day and age ruled by auto-correct and this biblethumping closet h*** can't even spell "promise"? You know what your right god must be real, because if idiots like you still exist; Then Darwin sure as h*** wasn't f****** right was he?

    I seriously pray, that five big gay guys fall from the sky while having an orgy and land right ontop of you good sir.

  • I was reading this because I just did this to my straight guy friend earlier. I'm gay and he's not, good thing about it is he knows I am gay and told me he just wanted to try new things fir his girlfriend has been out for two weeks now. He let me do it while he watched straight p***. We just laughed about it after. I know he's not gay but he repetitively told me he enjoyed it.

  • I have a similar situation. A really good friend of mine went on a tour with me away from home. My friend knows about me being gay, he has known for years. On the trip he repeatedly wanted head from me. Know that we are back home it is as if he completely flipped 180'and cant stop fixating about woman around our friends and colleagues. His distancing himself from me. Don't know how to handle this.

  • When I was a kid about 11 my next door who was older than me about 13 . I was young and curious he showed me his c*** and started to j******* then he told me if I sucked his c*** he would suck mine.needless to say I got on my knees and sucked his d***. When it was his turn to suck mine he told me too suck his some more so I did until he came in my mouth I spit it out I didn't know what the h*** it was. So that was my first sexual experience, I'm not gay have a wife and kids been married 16 years our s** life is awesome ,and from time to time I think of sucking that guy off and I get off. But I'm not gay

  • We did the same thing. We would camp out and one thing led to another pretty soon 4 of us were exchanging blow jobs. I really liked it . Not gay at all though but did go down in a few guys when I was 12.Even my friends 19 yr old brother.Still think of it

  • First, don't put all responsibility on you. It's not like if you had r*** him or something. There was some consent from what I can read.
    He also feel ashamed after what happened. I think you guys need to talk and state that none of you are gays ( nothing wrong with it, but why being perhaps perceived as something you guys are not ( from what I read). If that is what causes the awkwardness, then a clarification is necessary. Don't even bother to blame each other. You both did!
    He might be acting that way cause he don't want to repeat this.
    After, you guys should separate for a while. It's only a matter of time! He has been your friend for long time.

  • I wish I had a friend like you!!! Howdy!!! Well, for one this is the stuff that goes with college life. Experimentation. Don't be so worried about it ...let it go. You did nothing wrong but if your gonna indulge in drugs and drink this is the stuff that happens. Light up. Let us know what happens. Peace out.

  • Dude your gay bro,sorry to burst your bubble,bi atleast.
    get over it,it takes 2 to tango,dont blame the c***,tonsw of people do it,and don't wind up with a c*** stuffed down there throat.i performed oral s** on a friend once,s*** happens.move on,as far as him,he'll c** around.

  • Nope, you are wrong. Gay is being attracted to the opposite s**, as in holding hands, being in love, marriage, etc.. F****** a woman's a****** is no different from f****** another man's a******. It feels the same but it doesn't mean that as a man you want to go out on a date or whisper sweet nothings into each others ears.

  • First let me start off with everything WRONG about your statement. "Your" is a possessive term such as "That is your bike" the word you're looking for is "you're" meaning you are. The word is "tons" not tonsw. "wind up with a c*** stuffed down there throat." Really? The word is THEIR. There is used to describe the location of objects and others. Also, he's not gay just because he experimented with another male. That may have been the case for you but it's not for everyone.

  • Sperms are millions no one can stop you from doing jerks or c****** whenever you wanted to because sperms are unlimited..countless and there are millions of it...

  • I did this to my friend and im not gay but i was drunk

  • OP is a f*****. It's obligatory. But you're not gay.

    Dude... there are bits and pieces of each comment that are true (except the homophobes who are trolling).
    1. i know you're straight, but that really makes no difference to the issue. it's completely natural to a) get h**** on drugs, and b) want to experience s** acts with the same gender.
    2. yes, you screwed up. S** with friends is always going to be risky, whether it's dudes or chicks, but don't blame the drugs. Understand that it was your choice because you were curious. simple.
    3. your buddy blames you for the fact that he did something 'gay'. he doesn't want to have to deal with the fact that he chose to do it. I don't think you should talk to him about it further than saying: "we did it, it was a mistake, sorry".
    4. it will probably take him a long time to get over it, but he will, although your relationship with him will always be different.
    5. A few years from now, you're going to suck another c***, and probably not be bothered by it in the least. Just choose more carefully.

  • Sperms are millions and countless it is normal to c** whenever you wanted to...

  • Don't worry he will be talking to you real soon because he knows you liked sucking his c*** and will when ever he lets you from now on. Your status has changed from being his friend to becoming his little b**** and he will treat you like one , He doesn't have to be friendly and talk to you except to tell you he wants you to do it again .Since he is just getting his c*** sucked it doesn't make him gay but yu are a c*** sucker and a male and that means that you are the gay one but don't worry you like t suck c*** and will be rewarded for doing a good job

  • I think that your friend probably feels as conflicted as you do.
    He probably thinks what he let you do was wrong but he also enjoyed it.

    And no, it is not gay that you gave him a b******, it's fine
    my straight guy friends have blown me before and luckily it hasn't changed anything.

    I would suggest talking to him about it and tell him that you regret doing the coke

    good luck mate

  • Yes he liked it. I woke up thinking a g was going down on me. Turns out it was a friend of mine. It felt strange but so good I filled his mouth.!

  • Sperms are millions dude it is countless and unlimited you can c** whenever you want ...it will not be wasted because every men have a millions of sperms ...so many countless sperms or c***..

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