Even my best girlfriends all say im nasty but i couldnt care less. i actually like being that. nasty means that i love s** and that i have lots of it and it means that i have more fun than all my girlfriends combined into one. so im nasty. how is that even possible to be wrong??? ill answer it you. its not.

Jul 1, 2012

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  • STDs.

  • S** is not nasty, and anyone who believes that it is nasty or dirty, is just brain washed by old societal ideas, or is to imatutre and has never experienced anything sexual before. s** is Natural, Beautiful and Plesureful and No one should speak negative about anything they have never experienced of lived through themselves.

    Viva La Nasty People!

  • i think your right and thank you for replying to my post. people talk about me all the time behind my back and even to my face and i know their wrong but it doesnt always help to be right when people say ugly things.

  • Nasty is good to me....better not get married will divorce you husband at age 32 because you will want more s** than he will give you

  • yeah i probly wont get married because guys are just too controling and they get their little feelings hurt when you let some other guy put his body inside your body and i realy dont need that f****** drama. its stupid but thats the way it is. thanks for writing on my post.

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