I want to go l****

I thinkI want to to go l****.. Wheni was. In kendergarten me. And my. Bff would sneak under the table during recess and. Like touch eachother in the p**** we would grab eachothers a**** and. Well french kiss and we didnt know anybetter so we. Did it every day. And well its hard to believe but most the time we kindof f***** eachother soooo...yeah noone probyly doesent beleive me. But we did and well my ass is normal size and my titts r probaly bigger that ur head and i need opinions someone tell me if i should to l****. oh andi have too saythis before i leave the boys to men reading this think to my. Betifful titts in ur face and ur licking them lol. The umm im sorry for all the periods.

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