Something that p***** me off about my friend

There is one thing that p***** me off about my best friend. Okay so there has been some f***** up s*** she is going through right? So she goes to this chat site and she gets bf's there. Her current bf she has been with for a month and she tells him things before she tells me anything about her situation. She also calls one of her ex's who she also met in a chat room and tells him a lot of secrets and cries to him and all. She got all defensive when I said he could be lying about stuff and I just don't get it. She's defending a guy she's never met in real life and chooseing to believe him over me sometimes. I wanna tell her how it hurts me for her to trust all of these guys she's never met and tells them super confidential stuff the first month she is with them...and all of them have been a******* and they make up fake stories to make them seem like their not the bad guy and she believes it all. I love her and all, but f*** it's just wrong.

Jul 3, 2012

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  • Maybe she thinks of her new internet contacts as true friends as well as boys she goes out with..
    Little does she know much about who they are. I hope she has enough common sense not to meet up with these guys.

    You should tell her how you feel and suggest that giving out personal details over the internet is dangerous.
    She needs to be out there in the real world meeting guys.

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