I want to f*** a fat girl

I saw this absolutely sexy looking fat girl this weekend. Upon seeing her I immediately became aroused. She had a beautiful face, perfect proportions, She had massive t*** and round hips, a bubble-ass and a gorgeous belly. I adore fat women. I can't live without them.

I wish I had good pickup lines or whatever so I could have talked to her. We were in a comicbook convention. The most attractive thing about her was her confidence. She was around skinny and fit girls but she got my attention more than anyone that weekend.

I wonder if she has problems finding men to be with.

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  • Fat girls are the best. They can rock your world in the bedroom like no other.

  • XXX!!!!

  • Cool, it's all good dude BBW are about the best f**** in the world, always h**** and so eager to please, plus thay suck a mean d***...

  • I'm married to a big girl and it's the best s** in the world!

  • Amen to that.

  • Oh, bro, you have no idea. BBWs can ring your chines and make your d*** sing operas. When they wrap it all around you and pull you you onto their mountainous b******, and your d*** dives into their deep and hot valleys, it's so f****** hot.

    Know this: skinny chicks with plastic b****** cannot match a BBW's bedroom talents. And, man o man, they suck some mean d***. And, yes, they swallow like champs. One night with a big beautiful woman and you'll know what heaven feels like. Nothing like it. No lie.

  • Are fat girls easy? If I f*** one will I bounce off the ceiling?

  • I've been described as an 'attractive fat girl'. She would probably like to hear about your interest in her. Surprisingly though, it's not too hard to find a f*** even if you're a bigger girl. Not that we're after just a f***, we love the relationship side of things too.

  • attractive and fat don't mix...your f**** were all drunk, my dear

  • oh they do my friend! you are just jealous because you couldn't please a REAL woman! oh wait you're probably gay so what you say won't matter anyway!

  • I'm sure tiny c**** have the same rule applied.

  • Or black

  • And you are a complete d*** who probably just f**** himself since girls (fat or skinny) don`t like a******* like you.

  • Give her a donut...she will f*** you.

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