Im fkn ur man b****

I'm f****** my child's father which is your boyfriend u stupid b****.funny,when u were out of town,we spent the night 2gether and he f***** me so dam good.we fkd in his car that ur always in,and just 1minute from your job b**** while u were at work!!.I'm not gona stop because I don't want his bumb ass but the d*** is still good to I hate u dumb b**** so there's no way I'm gona stop.every time he sees me he kisses and hugs me right when ur in the car,but u can't c what we do cause we r on a platform.b**** I'm never gona stop fkn ur man,my child's dad.

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  • Did it ever occur to you why you have to kiss this guy behind her back? maybe beause he is ashamed of your ugly ass. and having double D's doesnt take u anywhere. get a f****** job u stupid b****

  • It sounds like you are very angry and some how have chosen to take your anger out on your baby father's girlfriend. I know it is most common for girls to always feel angry at the other girl but I think the person who you need to feel angry at is the father of your baby for making her his offcial girlfriend and not yourself who is taking care of his child.
    I dont know how long the two of you were together but it sounds like the guy is having a real good time. he has his girlfriend on one side and getting what he wants from you. it sounds like he is usng you and you are so angr and confused that you think you are taking revenge but in fact you are allowing some guy who obviously prefers another girl as his mrs use u. this cannot be doing anything for you emotionally in fact its making lose self respect. you dont want to be some w**** who f**** a guy behind his girlfriends back you need to be the key women. the other girl is as stupid as u for making this guy believe he is somethig special but atleast we can say that she doesnt know. but what about you? you know he is ufaithful. so allow this petty game and find a man who respects you and makes you the key women. you can carry on lying to yourself that havig s** with him behind that girl's back makes you feel better but deep down you know that youre not acheving anything. I hope you dont take this in a bad way and take some time to reflect on what this is doing for your self-confidence.

  • When I envision this, I see a black woman and a white man going at it while his white girlfriend is "out of town" doing the black woman's dad.

  • Aother loser black woman that cant deal with the fact that her piece of s*** baby father is with another woman. Do u think uv won,or think ur winning? Obviously ur just p**** to him something he can f*** whenever he wants if you were anything more he'd be with you. Do u charge him for s**? Prolly not then ur lower than a h***** at least they have the good sense to charge for p****. The other b**** is ahead of you. Her car her job her man. Sounds like he wants a life with this one ur just a booty call a dumb ignorant hood booty call. Plz grow up u make black people look bad. ¥demonraiper¥

  • i think everyone needs to calm down
    she is f****** her baby's dad
    and not her step brother or watching her step brother while taking a shower
    or even f****** a dog
    like some of you white people on here (yeah i seen some storys on here) and most of you are f***** up in the mind lol
    so think before you talk

    and she is a grown ass women so she can do what she wants


  • It's people like this who make me ashamed to be black. -.-

  • Leave it to a black b**** to have a b****** child, with an admitted bum, and then keep f****** him, all while hating his girlfriend. A girlfriend who by the way is the only person who has a job in this scenario and is probably in some way helping to take care of the said b****** child.

  • my guess.....the girlfriend is white. im just sayin.......

  • You are one dumb b****...that dude is f****** another chick..and you are HAPPY to share have go to be the stupidest f****** dumb ass b**** on the whole f****** planet!

  • Suc my double DDs, B*****!

  • I'd do that in a f*****' heartbeat, baby! Where do you want to meet?

  • You're demeaning yourself by your actions, by what you wrote and by how you wrote it. Grow up.

  • if the d*** is good as she say how can she be doing wrong? you a whiteass wackjob.

  • This b**** you mention is that the one made you devote with your kid's father?If so I think you did the good thing to beat her but if not in this case.....ur that b**** to f*** someone else husband...

  • LOL...n******....

  • Lol cracker b****

  • I had decided to write an impassioned and lengthy criticism of the original post and the original poster, but then I read the one immediately above, fell off my chair laughing, and decided there was no possible way to improve on how concise and hilarious it is. Much less, how accurate. VERY well done.

  • Fck both of u racist dogs

  • TY....I call them like I see them..

  • it is so funny the way your treating her and she obviously deserves it and maybe even worse. i always love revenge.

  • I absolutely agree: this other b**** absolutely had this coming to her and you are absolutely doing the right thing. Knock her fucken ass out!

  • god you are so hot.

  • I totally love a woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. Yeah, I really totally love that kind of woman.

  • i think what you need to do is just give that b**** a taste of what your capabale of. tell her that when hes kissing her she needs to know that his tongue has just been in your p**** and deeeeep in your ass. tell her that when hes f****** her she needs to know that his c*** has just been in your p**** and even deeeeeper in your ass. and you need to tape record a phone call with him where you get him to say that f****** you is so much better than f****** her that its a joke. make him say he would rather f*** you than f*** her any day and make him say that after hes been f****** you he cant even get it up for her and that sad p**** shes got on her. you wont need to get him to even lie because you know that s*** is true. you need to work that b**** over and love every minute of it. go to work.

  • again...n****** monkeys crack me up

  • You sound like the dumb bit** to me, hun.

  • I really do LOVE your attitude, girl, and I admire your resolve. Every time you open those legs, you're weakening that other b****'s relationship with a man that she thinks belongs to her.......but actually belongs to you. You own that, and everybody but that b**** knows it. You GET that s***, and you f****** KEEP that s***.

  • U a dumb b****

  • And write me a check muthafucka!

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