I f***** up. Really bad.

I'm just going to say it here because I need some place where people don't know me, and where they can judge me fairly.

Recently, what I had done was brought to light to several people, and I can't be anywhere near them for now. Several things had been done, and I just want you to judge me.

First, I made a lewd comment to a trans* co-worker of mine about their body. Needless to say, he deeply feared for his safety for weeks afterwards. I did attempt to apologize, but I'm not sure if my apology reached him.

I've consistently spoken in an objectifying and sexualizing manner to a lesbian couple that I know (though I was not aware that I was doing so). This, too, made them fear for their safety.

During a night of heavy drinking, I attacked a friend over a relatively trivial topic, saying quite a few unnecessarily harsh things. One of the things I said upset them greatly, and made them feel as if I intended violent action.

This is my confession. You may now judge me as you will.

Jul 5, 2012

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  • I think you have some anger issues, and possible boundary issues as well. I'd talk to a counsellor, and keep apologizing to the couple, and your Trans co-worker.

  • Wow!!

  • I don't think you are a horrible person, but you are sometimes impulsive and don't think about others before you speak to them. I'm not very good socially myself and also inadvertently hurt people. It takes patience to learn to take others into account if you are use to treating them as objects, like I was and like you probably are. Just make an effort to improve a little every day toward your fellow man. Yes from time to time you'll misstep, but keep making the effort and treating others better will become habit.

  • When you know better do better..but I think you are just a mean crazy prrson.

  • You felt bad about calling names against a co worker about their body yet you still continue to abuse people in some way.
    Wouldn't be surprised if you don't have a girlfriend.

    If you genuinely care and are sorry, you would stay off the alcohol and respect people for who they are.

  • you are a sociopath...and I don't care...one day, some dude is going to beat the crap out of you...then, you will be cured

  • You're judged! go my child and sin no more!

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