I want your ass!

There's a girl my school and she has the most amazing ass. i'm completely addicted to it! i think about it all the time and j*** off to the pictures of her ass that i got from her facebook. it's amazing! we're really good friends and we're real close. i've spanked her a few times and she has spanked me too. but now i'm craving for her ass 24/7. i wanna let her know this. baby i love your ass! i wish she lived with me so i could look at her ass and feel whenever i wanted to! I LOVE YOU BUTT! I WANT IT!!

Jul 5, 2012

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  • Gosh you guys are dogs

  • Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. Woof-woof? Woof-woof-woof. Woooooof, woof, woof, woof: ergo woof, woof. And woof + woof = 2(woof). Woof . . . woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. Q.e.d.



  • theres realy nothing as sexy as a woman with an ass thats too hot to touch. i agree with the idea that this op should be getting after this girl like now.

  • You gotta hit that dude. If she lets you spank her, especially in broad daylight, she is down to f***.

    You need any old excuse like "come see my dog" or some s*** lol and just take her to your house and bang her.

  • totally totally totally agree. you really do have to hit it and not ever stop. god how i love a hot ass and a woman who will let you have some of it

  • Not to butt in, but you should quit assing around and get that. In hindsight you'll be happy and not feel like an ass for leaving that opportunity behind.

    Dude, seriously, just man up and tell her how you feel. Something like baby I love your f*****' ass, can I please have some.

    Women love that direct s***. It excites them. Some pretend they don't like it and act all offended but they really love it. It shows them you are a strong, alpha male who knows what he wants and is not afraid to ask for it.

    Try it and put your deep-seated need to rest and win the ass, I mean the girl.

  • I totally was into the ass of a girl I was in school with, best fuckign ass I ever saw. Turns out shes a lesbian now.

  • that just makes it hotter!

  • And you didn't hit that? I never met a lesbian I couldn't nail.

  • Do you take this woman's butt to be your lawfully married wife? I can see it now.

  • I do!

  • I've known two women in my lifetime who had a**** that, for that reason alone, made them marriage material, and I mean that sincerely: an ass good enough that you'd marry her just to be able to say, "See that ass over there? I'm married to that s***!" Unfortunately for me, both were married (one would play, one never would) and unavailable for the ceremony suggested by these fellow ass-admirers. But god, yes, I would have married either one for her ass. Or both. :)

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