I'm kinda proud that I kept my purity promise even during a h**** dream

(First, you should know that I'm a christian, and I have promise God that I would stay a virgin until marriage.)

Last night I had a lucid dream. For those of you who don't know what lucid dreaming is, it's the kind of dream where you KNOW you're dreaming, so you're aware that you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Well, I was lucid dreaming that I was sitting on my bed kissing the most gorgreous tall, built guy with perfect blonde hair. I recognized him as the guy I had seen that day on the bus, that made me aware of my dreaming state. Usually when I realize I'm dreaming I instantly wake up, but this time I kept kissing him on and on and on, it was a really long kiss, then he left for a while, and then came back and we started kissing again, at one moment I bit his lower lip and pulled back, so he tried to push me back so I would be lying on the bed, I was getting very arroused, for a moment I thought about "having s**" with him, but then I remembered my promise,so I pushed him away, and in that instant, I woke up.

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  • *facepalm* holy f****** s***, the church makes you feel bad about imaginary dreams now? You're just following what other people tell you because you think it will "save" you, if you're a normal girl who does no wrong to anyone then you're not in trouble in the first place for you to need to be saved. Why do you follow such a scripted faith that makes you feel bad when you think about breaking fruitless promises to a being that you dont even directly communicate with? Because you've been told the same stuff your whole life so that the only way you know? Or do you truly believe that those that dont have a paper from the government saying they're in love are "impure" and "tainted" simply because they act out of passion? I have s** with my girlfriend because I love her, not cause satan told me to

  • God is dead, forget your silly promise to him.

  • lol. shes a fuking r*****, having s** in a dream wouldn't be breaking your crappy wholesome promise. idiot. your no different from anyone else. s** is a gift, as long as you use it wisely and dont be a w**** everything will be fine.

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