Crystal Meth binge with a h***** in thailand

I just got back from Thailand. I was there with some friends, we got drunk and headed to town for party where we had some more beers. I ended up in a cheap hotel room with a h*****, we had s** or tried to have s** as I couldn't get it up which was definitely because of too much alcohol.

I asked her if she'd help me score some weed. She said that she couldnt arrange weed but could get ice (crystal meth). I hadn't done that before and I was drunk as f***, and she made a deal where she'd spend the next two days with me and all I had to do was pay for meth. THis was about the end of my trip I was way low on cash but I took the deal.

We left the room for this apartment smack in the center of town, there were bunch of Thai people chilling there more hookers and there friends I think. We scored ice worth 2000 baht and before leaving I took couple of hits from their private stash for the first time with them guys. The high was amazing, like nothing I felt before

We left for my hotel room where we spent the whole night and next day doing ice and listening to music. She said she was h**** and wanted to f***, but I couldn't perform, again!. That really put me in a foul mood and she kept trying to cheer my up by saying its ok and s***. maybe she was afraid i'd go all sentimental and stuff on her

She left later in the day, left me her phone number and said she'd come back later in the night with more ice. She had already gone through my wallet, I only had enough money for food so she said she'd get more ice from her friends.

She came back later, and we did ice non-stop for 3-4 days I think , we only stopped the morning I had my flight back to UK. I just left my room twice during tht time, once to get mcdonalds..the music in the mall felt so good ! and another time to score some ice frm the same apartment. Dealer wasnt gonna come bcz of police chekpoints. That h***** paid for the taxi and gave me 3500 baht for some ice. I passed two police checkpoints that night with meth and the glass pipe stuffed in my sock. My heart rate was jacked, but I made it a point to look the coppers in the eye and acted amused like a tourist would. and they waved the taxi on.

I promised to send her money once i got to uk, i didnt plan to and she knew tht too but she said ok. the morning of the flight she helped me pack and I borrowed even more money to pay for bar tab in my hotel room.

THE PROBLEM : I am back in uk, on the flight i went f****** paranoid arguing with friends, I was thinknig they were plotting against me and s*** but it was nothing serious.
I have lost abt 6-7 kilos, my jaws are all tightened up. I can't get an erection.
The worst thing is I cant feel happy anymore. I just want this to be over !!!

I can handle cocaine alrite, but meth is next level s*** !


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  • If your unhappiness is an ongoing problem that interferes with your life, ask your dr about antidepressants. Some help with specific hormone imbalances; maybe tell him you smoked meth too haha.
    I tip my hat to you though, pretty badass adventure lol.

  • Thank you for your confession. Do not use ICE again for fear of risk of addiction.

  • Dude - first of all get an AIDS test etc. full std. check. secondly eat well and drink lots of water. You are still alive your body just needs to adjust back (well your brain does) it might take some time as certain neural pathways and hormonal balances will take a long long long time to heal.

    Seriously get your sexual health checked out PRONTO.

    Good luck.

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