I let my bestt friend get away. We had decided that we wouldn't date for now, and we were just going to be friends etc etc. All well and good.

She was my very first kiss, and the only woman I have kissed since. She is now dating another guy, and while I can't be mad because we weren't dating, I'm so jelous and think of little other then winning her back.

I don't think he can treat her as well as me. I don't think he cares as much as me. I dont think that she even loves him as well as me and thatthe only reason she is dating him is because I didn't make a move.

Damn it. So I have resolved to wait. Painful though it is. If he makes her happy, and will protect her, then I will be happy for them.

Jul 7, 2012

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  • Forget her guess what she makes a big s**** like ur grandma

  • Lol at the guy who said "she'll never look at you sexually again". Did it ever occur to you, you hormone crazed idiot that that isn't what I'm in it for? You ever consider the fact that maybe there is more to a relationship than s**? No. I can see you have not. You shallow two dimensional stereotypical, hedonistic baffoon.

    And if respecting the boundaries set by chivalry and good taste is cowardly, then every man should be such a coward.

    This is a confesion of my own pain at not expressing my will to live and die for her, not of my regret that we didn't sleep together. This is a confession of my holding her friendship and life as far more valuable then anything els in this world, not a lament of not having s** with her.

    She is more then an object my misguided shallow excuse for a person. She is all that is good in this world.

    It shames me that you are a representative of the male s**. You are a disgrace to real manhood, and an emberessment to Chivalry.

  • Boo

  • you, my man, are a coward and a loser....NEVER make a hot chick a friend!...she does not look at you sexually again

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