S** becoming nature

We used to be young then, I and her, she was 16 and I was 21, she had quite a lot of meat on her though, those years we used to get together, sit together, when I got my car, we started driving around places, on a valentine's day, we went to for a movie together, came back to my apartment, I had lit candles, put on good music, all text book things, but hadn't read the book till then, on that day, we knew we were in love, and I don't remember how we began, but soon we were in bed, were kissing so much, it was so hot, we were naked, we were sweating, and for the first time for both of us, we were losing our virginity. She bit her lips, moaned and it was beautiful. and thus began a relationship, that lasted two years, every time we met, we had s**, in the car, in the sea, in her house even on the bathroom floor, our groins were welded together, if the heavens ever watched, we had nights out together, was thrown out once by a landlord, we had been through all things good and all things bad, we became one by mind, spirit and body, then it started changing, she found a guy who had the name of my dead dog.

something in alcohol, cigarettes and party got her attracted, i regret that she got into cigarettes along with me, but now she was 18 and she could make choices, they used to hang out and she confessed even to s** in a hotel room in a far off place with him, I asked her to come back, because my love meant a little more than s**, then she came back as he ditched her for a while.

and then it was never the same, we were fighting, most of the time, our love, our s**, and our plans had all failed, failed with an 'e', no chance of coming back.

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  • The relationship with this girl, appeared to be valued more by you and not by her. Hence, her cheating on you.
    You appeared to have your ups and downs together.But maybe, you should move on. Remember the good times with her and move on.You'll always remember your first.But how you remember those times, will determine how you now, move on with your life and begin a chapter, within your life.

    One love :)

  • You had your chance....you blew it...don't chase this w****

  • that's consoling... cheers :)

  • u should move on...n let her free.
    There are lot of girls waiting for you if you are a nice guy inside.
    All the best n forgive n forget her.
    Thats least you can do.

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