I am such b****

I am so horrible to my younger sister she constantly taunts me and teases me and i just lash out ive told her on several occasions that i hate her and she's only seven i know it makes me an awful person and i cant control it she just drives me insane i know its going to have some sort of effect on her in later life and our relationship is virtually non existent its even effecting my relationship with my parents i just dont know what to do,today she told me things would be better if i was dead,and she meant it
i need to change but i dont know how

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  • Chase her while trying to vomit on her. I mean tell her you're going to throw up on her, stick your finger down your throat, and start running after her, while dry heaving. She'll leave you alone, after that.

  • Sounds to me like your sister is the one who needs to change.

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