There is no stopping the fire of l***

It was a good relationship, transparent, clear and I was her boss, she my assistant, she was important cos she was a manager, and I was a director, she was beautiful, she was hot, and her hair was wet, everyday in the morning, she smelled fresh, just like a rose, her lips were red, and she had a smile so wonderful, you wouldn't imagine.

She was married, had a son and a husband, all was great, and so was I, but no kids back then, I was young, my wife very beautiful, more beautiful than my assistant, but my assistant had the assets, the assets that were dying to jump out of those tight clothes.

How it began is still unknown, one day her hand was hurt and her thumb was in pain, she told me about her agony, in all my innocence I took her hand massaged her fingers, and turned her hands, pulled the thumb and the pain was gone, but the hands didn't part, it was a beginning, her hand in mine, looking each other in the eye.

And the next day, we held hand in hand, but a few days went by and the hands stayed longer, and it moved higher, and one day she came to my room, we looked each other in the eye, our eyes were locked and we came closer and closer till our lips touched, then we kissed in every opportunity.

One day we were sitting across the table and i felt her toes exploring my inner thighs, she came closer and closer and started rubbing on my throbbing p****, she told me she wanted to see it, i hesitated, told her it was not right, she told me she had seen many men in life trying to make use of her body, but for one whole year, i didn't even look at her wrong, and now her mind was filled with me and she wanted it badly.

I thought and thought, but she had already unzipped me, and she came below the table, standing on her fours, my c*** was in her warm wet mouth, I have got many a b******, but none like this, she was licking it as if it was the best icecream she had tasted, the precum came she drank it all, and then wherever we were, she wanted to suck, she was so good at giving head, i still think of her, whenever i get a b******.

She took me home one day, and we were alone, she said she needed a bath, she asked me to go to her bedroom, to which i replied negative, I know it has all been done, but if her husband comes by, then her life is doomed, but then she told me she wouldn't do anything, and took me to her bed, she showed me her toys, the games she played at home, and without knowing a few minutes went in talks, but then she placed her hand on my shoulder, and lay back on her back, i looked at her as her breath lifted and dropped her b******, i slid my hand through her shirt, reached her b******, and pressed them, she caught my d***, and she unzipped me, and now my erect c*** was in her mouth, i removed her completely, and started licking her p****, she was screaming, and then she wanted me in, i didn't want to do it, but the fire of l***, once lit cannot be contained, i had to do it, i entered her and what an amazing feeling it was, it was as if she had v***** in her v*****..

I was so hot, and so hard, i couldn't take time to take it, and she took it in, and this is the first and last time I met her, I meet her online.. maybe one day we will light the fire once again, though i don't feel its right.


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  • It is just disturbing when you think about the moral side of things too, after all aren't we all conditioned to stay away from what the society claims to be wrong, but then in the end we are all clothed and bathed animals, that's what we are. we take of the clothes, bolt the door and throw society out of the window.

    I would say it was the l***, once it is set off then there is no turning back.


  • You're a better writer than most on here.

    Yeah, best to cool off. But a nice story.

    For some reason, I too like the idea of f****** a married woman.

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