D*** Envy

I have tried a few times but I am not flexible enough to do it.

I want so bad to suck my own big d***.It has satisfied hundreds of women in my lifetime and I feel like I have d*** envy.I am very envious of the hundreds of women who have enjoyed it and always praise it.They say its an awesome d*** and I can see it on their faces when its pleasing them.

I have tried sucking my own d*** to see what it feels like in a mouth but I am unable to do it.I am too inflexible.I just can't imagine having something I cant enjoy myself!

Don't get me wrong,I love my d*** and what it does for me...i just cant pleasure myself the same way it pleasures women.

Jul 12, 2012

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  • This is truly one of the saddest cases of tribulation and sorrow that I have ever read. I'm surprised you have the strength to go on in life. Persevere my friend....perhaps one day, before you pass away, ET will do a special on how you overcame this terrible affliction. Keep us posted.

  • I'm glad I cannot suck my own d***. I'd never get anything done. I'd never leave the house!

  • lose some f****** weight...lardass

  • I have no weight problem at all-am just not so flexible

  • Doesn't make sense..

  • Sadly, this is something some people can do, and others just can't. How close to your mouth are you getting when you try? Try again, but persist at it for 30 mins or more. If you still cant manage it, you're probably not going to.

  • it is possible without removing any ribs and rib removal is possible also. i am a contortionist. i dont frontbend tho. it is very possible for you to train and stretch to eventually get to the point where you can.....suck your d***. but it takes time and daily training. if you want help on this, you can go to contortionistsunite.com
    if you make an account you can see there are many front benders on there, and they can give you good advice on it. i just suggest that you leave out the reason why you want to be flexible.. :P

  • I'm 5'9" and 115 lbs and I can suck my own d***. I lie on my back, prop up my hips and bend my waist with my legs over my head. I can get 1/2 my hard d*** in my mouth. It's so weird cos I have a d*** in my mouth, but it feels so good! I come in my mouth too. Recently I started wearing my sisters bra and high heels when I do this.

  • I sure envy you..I wish I could do that.I am wanting to keep my d*** away from women as a protest,lol.

  • The only real physical way that you can suck your d*** is to remove a little bit of your lower rib cage. Cause thats what is stopping you from it

  • That is just impossible and self harming!

  • Am thinking I will harm myself,am not all that flexible!

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