I'm a muslim... and i wont tell anyone

I'm a muslim...
and i wont tell anyone because i am afraid i'll be beaten or disowned.

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  • I think that's wise,in light of what's going on,around the world.I'm not stereotyping and/or judging you.It's a fact,that because a minority of Muslims are committing terrorists acts,the majority of muslims are being targeted and discriminated against,because of it.It hurts my heart to know this :(
    I think it's safer for you,not to disclose your religious faith,especially to people you don't trust and love.You don't need to,anyways.Your faith and religious beliefs,should be private and intimate anyways,btw Allah and yourself.It's just the way the world is at the moment.Stay safe and assalem milakem :)

  • U and the people who'd disown u are all retards

  • Self-hatred anyone?

  • I don't understand how someone can claim to follow a religion but have no pride in it.

  • No one who believes any religion should have pride they're ignorant scared playing nice just cause they're worried about a h*** that people made up to get u to follow rules

  • well u can scare da s*** out frm whites,u no what i mean huh???

  • I should come through this computer and beat the S*** out of you, and Suddam!

  • Don't hide who you are because of some racist bastards.

  • It's a religion u f****** idiot not a race and one of the more retarded ones

  • Be proud

  • So...thats you as well, isn't it?

  • Don't be ashamed of being Muslim - you've chosen the correct choice for your life.

  • Yeah ok have fun depriving itself for a story that's all it is

  • Maybe a few freaks out there would harm you, but not many, at least where I'm from (central IL). Jews, Muslims, and Christians need to develop trust, mutual respect, and peace. Maybe if you're surrounded by non-Muslims you have the opportunity to further this necessary process.

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