I was molested and raped as a kid....

Hello so this is my story i am 22yrs old male and i live at home (for now) i was molested by my bro and sister... (not at the same time) with my brother it was from 7 to 14 and with my sister it was 5 or 6 to 12 at now it has been getting very hard for me to deal with i have cut before like 16or17 but stoped at 18or19 but i have started to do it again ( as of tonight...) and i have tryed suicide 3 times in the last yr... and i feel like my depression is getting in the way of my relationship.... and i have naver told anyone! but my Fiancé she is the only one that knows this... but how do i move on? how do i forgive and forget? what do i do?

Jul 12, 2012

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  • Stop cutting and trying to commit suicide because its not you fault, just STAY STRONG and i advice you and highly reccomend you to getsome therapy-talk to a psycologist or something or maybe a friend about it

  • Seek help, definitely. Don't harm yourself. You can get through this. Contact rainn.org - you really need someone to talk with so you can process and cope. They have resources available to you and can put with someone in your area that you can speak with.

  • I say, dont forget, dont forgive, just think that "NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO STOP YOU FROM BEING HAPPY IN LIFE". Including yourself. Tell yourself you cannot stop your life because something that happened beyond your control.

    If you religious, go to church and just pray.

  • it really was your fault

  • You need to realize that what happened to you was not your fault so you should not feel guilty about it AT ALL. It's a shame that your brother and sister would do such a thing and not to mention, a disgusting shame, but again, it wasn't your fault. You shouldn't hurt yourself. I know it feels like that's the only way to get rid of the pain, but it's not worth it. You need to talk to someone other than your fiancé about this, not that that's bad you told her, I think it's really admirable actually. I'm sure it was hard to, but just confiding in her obviously didn help much. Maybe you need to see a shrink(I see one and nothing horrible ever happened to me as it did you. I'm just a Whiney miserable thing lol) if possible tell your parents? Just anyone or anything to get this off your chest. Write about it, find some creative outlet to get rid of this pain. Just please don't physically harm yourself. Get married and live a good life, and be a good person(as im sure you allready are)you're worth it!!!

  • Are you on speaking terms with your brother & sister? If you are, then why not confront them about what they did to you & how it has affected you?
    Maybe they regret what they did & would like to ask for your forgiveness, but are afraid to raise the subject with you?
    If you do approach them but fail to get any satisfactory response, then tell your parents about the matter & put your siblings to shame! Good luck & do not in any way blame yourself for what happened to you as a child.

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