Should I f*** my teacher

I really like my teacher I am female btw hes hit and nice. I know he states at my ass and my friends even said that he states at my ass one time he called me beautiful and whenever I do some thing stupid I never get in trouble im just thinking though if I f***** him I prolly would feel bad he's got kids
Wat should I do!!??

Jul 15, 2012

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  • I believe that most of the comments that encourage are right on but that you should procede with caution and be aware of and be mature enough to take responsablity for any possible negative outcomes....

  • if hes lookin at that ass he want to tap that ass im just sayin you need to work that man to do what you wanna do make him ur proprty

  • Idiot. If a girl tries to use her p**** to control me, I drop her like a ton of bricks. My wife has me without resorting to p**** prison tactics. My affairs know I don't care if they stop sleeping with me. Women don't control me. I don't control them. We get what we want without trying to control each other. If it can't work that way, it can't worl at all. It becomes history immediately.

  • If you really like this man, if you respect him, and if you want what's best for him, then you have to answer this question to yourself: "How often will I go visit him in prison?"

    You need to wake up and smell the danger.



  • yes........times two.

  • I think you should do it. Try it out at least 2 or 3 times and decide if you like it enough to keep doing it. IDK if you are a virgin, but older guys are the best. Don't worry about his kids or anything, having a little s** with him isn't going to ruin anything. Just don't tell anyone.

  • Anna's got this exactly right: do just what she says.

  • It could probably be one of the best things you will ever feel in your life. If you don't try it you will probably end up regretting it forever.

  • I like this last comment and I think it's true: if you miss the opportunity you may not have another one to do this same thing. You obviously have very strong feelings for your guy, and so it's not going to be just a casual meaningless thing, it's going to be REALLY hot and REALLY passionate and REALLY powerful. And it's clear to me that your guy wants you, because he's telling all the other girls how beautiful you are: he's doing that because he wants all of them to come to you and tell you how he feels about you. It's also probable that your guy is thinking about you a lot away from campus, and maybe even thinking about you when he masturbates. I'm not going to tell you what to do, and I can't tell you for sure that he's in love with you, but I think you already know the answer to both things because you're living it every day with him and none of us are. Look at him and see how he looks at you. What do you see?

  • Yeah no s***. You should find a better teacher.

  • i agree.......go for it.

  • Hope hes not your english teacher you stupid b****!

  • L****

  • I completely agree with you.

  • If you do end up in his bed, don't be a c*** and report the poor man for it. Ruining other people's careers is such a nasty thing to do.

  • Hahahahaha

  • Try him out and see how good he is in bed, then decide what you wanna do with him. If he's great, keep doing him over and over and over and don't worry about the family thing, and do your best to make him not even think about his wife and kids: always be sure to do things in bed that his wife refuses to do, and do those more than anything else you do. If he's not so great, then you have no worries because you aren't going to want him anymore.

  • WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Don't encourage this! Judging by this poster's writing she's obviously very young. Don't condone underage s**, especially not when the teacher could lose his job AND be prosecuted for statutory rape. She should leave her teacher alone - trust me honey, he's not interested in you in the slightest and would probably be mortified if he knew how you and your friends talked about him. It's all in your head. find someone your own age!

  • You're an idiot. For starters, you are ASSUMING that she is underage. NEWSFLASH buddy, I know 40 year old women with this exact same speech pattern. Just because she is as intelligent as a 13 year old, doesn't mean she is 13. And second off, would you be mortified about a woman you have refereed to as being "beautiful" showed a more personal interest in you? of course not. even the most devoted married man likes the attention of an attractive younger woman.

  • Hey it takes two to tango, and if two people want the same thing, it their business and none of yours.

  • I'm not certain that he'd be mortified -- he'd probably be aroused and flattered, and ready (and then he'd probably ask you to marry him) -- but that doesn't make it okay for you to do him. Stay with guys your own age and stay safe.

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