I gave a stranger a b******* for money

I have to say this, is killing me inside. About 6 months ago, I was living in another country. At first, my family sent me some money and I was working, but soon before I had to go I ran out of money and lost my job. I could have asked my family for more money but I didn't wanted to seem like a loser and a failure so my pride prevented me from doing it. Also, I was very depressed because I had just found out that the guy I was dating was married and with a kid (she actually called me to tell me that!!) and I felt like such a w**** and a home wrecker. Even though it wasn't my fault, I felt really guilty.
So anyway, there I was feeling very depressed, in a country that I didn't know the language very well, didn't have many friends and didn't have a work visa and I saw an ad of a guy that wanted some "company". I already felt like a w****, so I thought, why not. We started e-mailing and we agreed on a b****** for $100 dollars. I went over to his house and did it. He was geeky and treated me with as much respect as he could given the situation but I was feeling sick the whole time. He asked me to swallow and I almost threw up. I felt like I was watching myself in a dream, I couldn't believe that was me doing that.I still feel like is a dream that I did it. When it all ended, I felt so nauseated and numb. He was actually very kind and kept emailing me to be friends and "hang out", but I told him I felt very bad about it all and wasn't interested.
I haven't told anybody and I don't think I ever will. I'm still not sure why I did it and it makes me feel like s***, but it was good to get it out of my chest.

Jul 16, 2012

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  • You should be proud you have sexual command over that situation. Just imagine blowing someone you care about now. I think thats hot. Thanks for sharing. I understand you being in a bind. But like you said you also foubd out the guy you were seeing was married. So maybe this was your solution to getting money and feeling better about ur previous relationship

  • You did it for $. That defines you as a w****. On your knees b****. Now!!!

  • Y don't u get on ur knees f**

  • This happens more than you can imagine. I think you should notice he was respectful. You might try it a few more times and relax. Realize this is a way of exercising your personal feminine power.

  • What a filthy little s*** you are. You should be proud of that though, not ashamed.

  • You want to do it again

  • Why feel bad? You did what you felt you had to do... There's nothing wrong with what you did. An athletic person will get through life as a sports player if he can. That's using his body to obtain money. Women can use their body, too. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Haha I agree with the guy that's calling you a w**** super job at calling it how it is!

  • Wow you are a w****, you went over to a complete strangers house dropped to your knees and sucked his d*** then let him shoot his load right into your mouth which you then gagged down! I would say that qualifies you as a w****.

  • The poor girl was already torn up about it and was going through a hard time. how about let the girl get things off her chest in piece and find someone else to bully you f****** loser 🙄

  • Has, your so pathetic, u robably are calling her that because of how insecure you feel, tiny d***? daddy didnt love you? everyone hates you? just kill yourself

  • I know that's rite

  • You're a super j***.. who are you to judge your not God

  • Never said i was god just call em like I see em.

  • Oh come on, it's not that bad. The part of that story was that he was nice and respectful to you. You shouldn't regret it because a regret is just a mistake that you don't learn from. Did you learn from this? Yes. You learned that you value yourself and your body. It's not like you are going to go out and do it again. You tried it, it was kind of awkward and you'd rather not do it again. There's nothing wrong with trying something out.

    Give it time. Pretty soon all that will happen is you'll look back, remember it and laugh/jokingly face palm yourself and think "haha, oh gosh."

  • What else would you do then? Fell good about giving a Geek with a b******? That is definitely not the part of the story.
    She made a mistake that she cannot forget. But everyone makes mistakes, and most importantly, learns how to avoid doing that same mistake again in the future.

    You learned your lesson, but if you really where that desperate than that Ok. Just make sure you don't give anyone else a B****** unless the point of it is to make someone else feel good at your own will. :D

    Have a Free Cookie!

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