I was in my tractor when a tiny little bug sat on my nose...I smelt the bug to see if it was happy and it went up my nose...Then my crush walked over (He is half male half female) and I started blowing my nose to get the bug out and then he put his finger in my nose and pulled it out and I orgasmed! It was so hot! I always think about us sniffing bugs in the jungle and scooping each others noses! It's my hottest fantasy! My other fantasy is that he comes into my room and eats a bar of soap for me and does a dance with my underwear in his ears! Does anyone have similar fantasies?

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  • How can you get a o***** by a bug up your nose? It hurts like h*** for I got one up my nose last night ridding my Harley and I thought I was going to die before the little b****** got out. God I bet I blew my nose twenty times and the little f***** wouldn't come out till it came out on it's own down into my throat and then I spit it out, damn fly anyway.;.;.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    I think I peed a little bit reading this.
    You need to be locked up dude

  • I'm laughing so hard, holy s*** that's hilarious.

  • "he is half male, half female"

    Not the strangest part of this confession by all means, but I still had t read it a few times.

  • ...lol.

  • Fucken gobshite

  • You need help man

  • That is the stupidest f****** confession I've ever read. And I've read some really stupid ones !!

  • Nope...that one is all yours I think.


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