I'm a pedophile.

I'm 19 years old. I can't keep myself from thinking about little girls. I have tons of pictures of non-nude little girls showing their feet. I fantasize about them shrinking me to about an inch tall and eating me, stepping on me, spitting on me, blowing snot on me, p****** on me, and many other things. I sometimes photoshop blood onto their feet. I've never acted on anything or hurt a child.

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  • Hey dude whatever turns you on, as long as it's not hurting anyone!!!

  • Uhmmm..... Now I'm scared..... Sorry man but even though I respect your confession, I'm still A LOT creeped out. Please, please, please get some help. It's for the sake of children everywhere.....

  • You don't think I'm already in therapy for a multitude of reasons?

  • sick b******

  • Most of you are retarded!!! A person reaches out and this is how you act??
    Go back to the "hood" with uncle daddy and aunt mommy you inbred water headed morons!!

    You need help, seek psychiatric care to get this resolved before it leads to something that can ruin your and / or someone else's life!!
    You have not acted on this and recognize a problem, so far no harm no foul but seek help as you are on the doorstep of a very serious/dangerous problem!!

  • confession post is an FBI website, you stupid f****** j***...you will be visited soon by 2 guys in dark suits

  • Your sick... see a shrink or something.. turn yourself in....

  • You are a pedophile On the low you better hoe you aint in my neighborhood Crackers like you would get a one day eviction note from the whole hood

  • To assume that he is white is racist and proves you are an idiot.

  • Oh, I'm scared.

  • Like you say you have never hurt a child or have any seedy pics, how young r we talking, when I was 13 I had a relationship with a 19 yr old we had lots of dirty s** so it wouldn't surprise me if you could find a young girl willing

  • ^ WTF DUDE! Don't encourage someone to act on that!

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