Crazy lady raped me

I am now 22 and I can never stop thinking about when i was 12 and got raped.

I went to a baseball game with my dad, and he gave me some money to go and buy hot dogs while he went to the toilet. As i was queuing up, a big, creepy looking woman came up to me and said my dad needed help. She lead me out to the stadium exits, and i didn't believe her and started to walk back to the food stands.

There was no one around at the time and then suddenly i fell face first to the floor as she threw a huge concrete slab at my back, which winded me and left me crying on the floor.

She quickly gagged me with a towel, then dragged me to her pick up truck. At this point i thought she was gonna kill me, and she drove for about 45 minutes with me blind folded then eventually stopped by some old industrial site. She got out and tied me to a bit of piping, with a cloth round my eyes and a towel down my throat. She had this crazy laugh and started to rub my thighs.

After about 5 minutes, she got me completely naked and started to bounce on my p****. It wasn't erect, so she got mad and was hitting my stomach. She was screaming in my ears telling me to get hard, but i was just so scared and couldn't. She untied me, left my clothes and drove away. I had to ask a stranger for a phone to call my dad, and by the time he picked me up, i was very shaken. He started yelling at me where have you been and he was very angry, but i was to nervous to tell him, so i said my friend picked me up and i went to his house.

i was grounded for 6 months, and i can't even describe how angry my parents were. I don't know if i could ever tell anyone, the thought of it is scary.

Jul 18, 2012

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  • That... that is just messed up

  • That is the sadness thing i have ever heard!!! You NEED to tell your parents!!!! I know it hard to tell your parents but this is something they need to know!!!!

  • thats sad

  • So sad

  • You a got dam lie lol and you got this p**** above me believing you. yall both need counseling yall both act like b******

  • That's so sad. :(

  • Is this your fantasy, being raped by a creepy, old hag?

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